Belinda Carlisle - La Luna Lyrics

I remember when I met you
All the stars were hanging in mid-air
In these moments - nothing mattered
But the way you caught me in your stare
We were walking - we were talking
We were laughing about the state of our lives
How our fates brought us together
As the moon was rising in your eyes

On and on the night was falling
Deep down inside us
On and on a light was shining right through

Ah La Luna La Luna
The night that we fell under the spell of the moon
Ah La Luna La Luna
The light that will bring me back to you
The light of La Luna

In the hotels, in the cafes
All the world was made with romance
In the harbor moonlit water
All the ships were swaying in a dance
Then you held me and you kissed me
And I knew I had to be with you
You didn't ask me you just took me
to the tiny bed in your tiny room

On and on the band was playing
A song of surrender
On and on the sun would soon break thru

Now I walk along the streets of Marseilles
the winter sky is cold and gray
and I don't know why I left you that day
And I don't know where you are

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Belinda Carlisle La Luna Comments
  1. Daniela Zapp

    1990....Lied meiner ersten großen Liebe und mir 💕

  2. Туманный огуречик

    Драчили всем союзом на неё

  3. lhflores

    Que bonito recuerdo :-)

  4. Mymka61

    The best rock-singer and most beautiful woman ever!

  5. Marcoluigy Luigy

    me too, so beautiful

  6. Zahra Rizqika

    One of my favorite songs since childhood. At that moment I didn't know the lyrics meaning. Now I'm 40.

  7. Pele Xponton

    LOVE LOVE this song :)

  8. Piotrek Janek

    Fajna nutka :)

  9. twoeasytoou tomorrow


  10. xaxa835

    I’ve been in love with her since I was 12 , 44 now

  11. Jane Saunina

    God damn, she’s sooo hot!!!! Love this song so much❤️

  12. Tammo Sachs


  13. Jorge de Oliveira

    A luz da lua.

  14. 루나TV-식당서비스의 모든것

    My mame is luna~
    I'm manager in korea barbeque restrent and teaching service in YouTube.
    My korea name is sun-mi.
    19 year's ago i felt in love la luna
    i changed my name~~~luna! ㅋㅋ
    I' m glad to hear la luna~♥

  15. Beyhan MEHMEDOĞLU

    Great song and singer from my childhood to the present as if the time had been frozen in the 80-es.

  16. Tomasz N

    People from those times had something inside

  17. Tomasz N

    Great, still, in 2019

  18. Tomek

    Pozdrawiam Avalkiza

  19. agus tupang

    I love this song so much, thx god give me happines and wellnes, gracias from pontianak indonesia peace and love always

  20. Beyaz -_- Martı

    Herkes bilmez bu şarkıyı.

  21. introzip

    Felt back to 1990? I think this song is from sountrack of Copa Italia Football WorldCup 1990

  22. Александр Максимов

    Лучший голос,отличные и душевные песни,да и просто красивая и роковая женщина!!!

  23. Таня ST

    Боже, вот это песня😍 голос, необыкновенная девушка. Я помню маленькой была и увидела этот клип и влюбилась и в клип, песню и певицу. Слушаю Белинду и сейчас. Короче, офигенная она и сейчас👍🏻😘😍


    okay ST i need help in the kings English

  24. Cinek400

    A laguna laguna
    Rozjebała się
    I na lawecie stoi znów

  25. golsun1

    Она Великолепна !!!

  26. Peter Sutherland


  27. Mert

    Türk yok sanırım 🇹🇷

  28. ü௱尺ΛЛ ƐㄈƐ ƐЛGü尺Łü

    She is.. wonderful.. (♡-♡)

  29. Wave Heart Soul Art

    Magic, beauty, depth, music, voice, ecstasy, love.

  30. Naty Salfate

    2019❤️ que romántic.. Que Misterios trae la luna.

  31. Rusandi tompell

    Wong jowo endi suarane😂😂

  32. Julian Blake

    Damn, no woman can get any sexier and more beautiful than this for me!

  33. Fredo Joaquim

    Ah! la Luna, la Luna... and the lovely Belinda. The moon, the moon.

  34. Mr Nab

    Тетка неплохая, но с сыном пид-сом не повезло ей

  35. Harry Styles Prince

    Damm she is so gorgeous!! I Love her voice and her eyes! 😍

  36. Truth Peace

    1:53 favourite part ❤️

  37. Truth Peace

    You don't get singers like this anymore. Sad times.

  38. Real Real

    Realmente me encanta esta canción y el video 😍

  39. ig : ianakmak

    Still boomsz

  40. Lilla uwu

    I've been looking for this song for so long... god it's beautiful

  41. mrdavidw123

    Just saw her last night at Penn's Peak in PA.  She was fantastic.  Non stop entertainment from beginning to end.

  42. Robert Iksinski

    good memories Belinda its a sexy gilr

  43. Дмитрий Петров

    Услышал ее по радио монте карло она так нравится

  44. ferlianto anto

    I wish she live in 2019

  45. Erika Bruggraber


  46. Gabriel Monsa

    te lo dedico a vos mariana speraggi, perdón por amarte tanto. me enteré qué te casaste y formaste una familia, te deseo lo mejor, y perdon por amarte tanto. que seas muy feliz.

  47. Юри Узунов

    Една истинска жена,съжалявам ,че никога няма да я опозная !!



  49. koldaussie

    If this song were sex... it would be the most sublime form of tantra ever thought of. I know everytime I hear Belinda's voice in general, but especially in this song, my ears start drowning in bliss.

  50. Andrew Michael Grogan

    Anyone seeing her october 2019 Manchester???

  51. ikaros2006

    I was 14 years old when this shit came out and...boom! I fell in love to her!

  52. Yenchey

    Aaaa, Laguna Laguna, rozjebała się i na lawecie stoi znóóów


    Omg, wygryw.

  53. александр осадчук

    Песня класс УУУУУХ.

  54. Dev _C

    Indonesia 2Racun *hey siapa kamu*

  55. Toca Boca Rocks

    Girl, are you a beautiful sheep?!

  56. Filip Czyz


  57. Joshua Howard

    Omg, so underrated.

  58. Евгений Полонец

    Детсво вспомнил... Белинда ОГОНЬ!!! 💓💓💓💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥

  59. Robert Wiegman

    Belinda at her best :)

  60. Dilara ŞİMŞEK

    Aya bak bizim için doğuyor

  61. Klaudia Kapusta

    Jak byłam mała to jak się myłam to śpiewałam tom piosenkę


    a ja Pana Kleksa :P

  62. Pol Mak

    Why do the men look so gay

  63. Erika Bruggraber


  64. Mauro Gussago

    wonderful girl

  65. Music Boost Your Mood

    I really imagine if I could have a wife as GORGEOUS like her ..

  66. Marc sa

    such a great song, the whole runaway horses album it´s so beautiful.

  67. Steven Ross

    She looks like she's trying to shoo away flies with her hair at the start.

  68. Freddy Galvis

    This song isn't as good as heaven is a place on earth☺😀😃

  69. Sharry Dilran

    So great and hot song... adorable ❤️😍

  70. Bengy Argumez

    I am Mexican boy and i like this song

  71. Jimmy Pangestu

    AFAIK this is song from year 1989.... it's alteady 30 years... damn....

  72. Tomasz Romanowski


  73. Alex Gun

    Her beauty is almost unrealistic in this video

  74. Zlatko Jokic

    2019 Epic Belinda Carlisle

  75. just me

    who is here in 2019??

    mantul murah

    @Johanes France Lagu gue jojing tahun sekitar sebelum tahun 2000. Lagunya yang sering juga diputar di tempat jojing yang lain ada 'heaven is a place on earth". Tapi lagu laluna ini yang emang ngetop banget tahun 90 an.

    mantul murah

    @Johanes France lagu top


    just me anan mi

    hedzwan rafidah

    @Johanes France tahun 1989.. Dari malaysia ke

  76. StaRMaestroS

    She is so god damn beautiful in this video clip with such an angel's voice.
    PS: Stephanie don't break up with me over this comment pls

  77. AdevărulNU PoateMuri

    I think she is an alien human host!She look like an reptilian!

  78. Rodrigo Andres Valenzuela Huaiquil

    solo quiero saber de ti,, amorr mio

  79. Rodrigo Andres Valenzuela Huaiquil

    el tema de mi primer amor,,,elsa mayer

  80. Simon Moine

    The most Beautiful woman of all time

  81. hani sari

    duo youbi sister - hey siapa kamu (indonesia) mirip

  82. ศิลา อิงควงศ์

    Dance กระจายเลยที่The Palace

  83. ü௱尺ΛЛ ƐㄈƐ ƐЛGü尺Łü

    She have a beautiful eyes 😍😍😍!!

  84. ü௱尺ΛЛ ƐㄈƐ ƐЛGü尺Łü

    I'm in love this singer and music so much 😍😍😍😇😇😇❤❤❤!! 70s are wonderful

  85. Βουλα Μεγα

    Υπέροχο τραγούδι πανέμορφη γυναίκα. Μπράβο της.Είναι φοβερή

  86. Luna Košutić

    My name is Luna 🤭

  87. Mariol5 Słota

    Kocham to

  88. Mihkel Saulin

    belinda this bed are to big for you