Belinda Carlisle - Half The World Lyrics

Only one shadow on the wall
Just one candle burning bright
I hold your picture to my heart
I'm alone inside the night
The sun comes up in China... the lights go on in Rome

Half the world is waiting for someone they can hold
Half the world is praying they'll never be alone
Everytime you leave me a part of me goes too
And half your world is waiting here for you

I reach across an empty bed
I hear your whisper in my ear
But like the sun without the moon
It's half a dream without you here
The train that takes you from me
Brings somebody home

Half the world is waiting for someone they can hold
Half the world is praying they'll never be alone
Everytime you leave me a part of me goes too
And half your world is waiting here for you

Baby the earth stands still
When I'm lying next to you
No matter where you go
Our whole world's inside this room
The sun comes up in China
The lights go on in Rome... oh

Half the world is waiting for someone they can hold
Half the world is praying they'll never be alone
And everytime you leave me my heart breaks in two
And half the world is waiting here for you

I'm waiting here for you...

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Belinda Carlisle Half The World Comments
  1. Harjinder Chaggar

    I will always wait for you, Pam, doesn't matter what you think of me?

  2. Tan Nguyen

    Der song der man nie vergibt

  3. Дмитрий Петров

    Хоть поёт не по русски зато песня класс

  4. Дмитрий Петров

    Песня просто класс

  5. Stefan Richter

    vor 27 Jahren hörte ich diesen song zum ersten Mal. Ich war unsterblich verliebt. Wenn ich ihn heute noch höre berührt er immer noch mein Herz...

  6. Ismi Haidar

    Wow.. Almost forgot this song..

  7. Jack Blakeney

    It's not just the lyrics. Its the musicality, the emotion and the era which brings me to tears

  8. MC Intruder VZR

    The most beautiful woman.....Belinda.....

  9. Federico Gentile

    Slowly... very slowly... it's finally touching me after more than 20 years of giving it a try.

  10. Дмитрий Петров

    Ребята поставьте класс этой песне она просто молодец

  11. Daniela Chazarreta

    Amo está canción la sigo escuchando hasta siempre. 27 julio 2019

  12. Michael Sebourn

    beautiful song thought of every human that believes in love ,i believe love is power

  13. Дмитрий Петров

    Белинде ставлю 5+ за её эстрадное творчество молодец она ,заслуженная артистка США

  14. Дмитрий Петров

    Красивая песня ностальгия приятно слушать её

  15. Eric Harrison

    Classic song.

  16. Дмитрий Петров

    Она прелесть

  17. Дмитрий Петров


  18. Дмитрий Петров

    Моя ностальгия

  19. Дмитрий Петров

    Белинда молодец по музыке ,женщина классика ,приятно послушать её

  20. Дмитрий Петров

    Успокаивающая песня😊😊😊😚

  21. Nick Violoncello.

    This lovely song deserves many more views than it's gotten.

  22. Marc Havenner

    This song always reminds me. Beautiful!

  23. Nicolas Ávila Germán

    Excelente un temaso❤❤💑

  24. Дмитрий Обнорский

    Женщина классика лучше Мадонны


    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous no more words ❤

  26. Siggy Blowers

    Wow Belinda you are so so true in your song..

  27. Дмитрий Обнорский


  28. Lorne Thompson

    WHY HAS IT BEEN SO LONG THAT ANYONE HAS COMMENTED THIS GREAT TUNE, MEANING & VIDEO?!?! I have no words to describe how this song can be any better than what's in my thoughts & opinions here. Amazing & talented she is & always will be!!!

    Mark R

    Lorne Thompson The one and only Belinda.

    henry veinot

    I agree with you here any time to talk with ! Contact anytime !

  29. nicole wong

    nice song

  30. alexandria nguyen

    Best of 80's . Belinda Carlisle has amazing vocals .. best female vocal of all times.. I invite everyone to enjoy our channel: Australian parakeets* Stars

  31. august fontana

    Belinda has the the whole package beautiful voice talent and oh yes! stunning beauty.

  32. Юлия Реденс

    🕯🌎🕊Love forever...💓

  33. retrorhythms

    Has Belinda ever performed this one live? It's a beautiful and timeless gem (one of many great tunes on 'Live Your Life Be Free')!

    William Stinn

    I've searched and have not found any vids.


    I'm guessing because of her pregnancy at the time that she didn't do any promotional appearances for it. But I wondered if she might have done it in subsequent years during any of her shows. I did the liners for Edsel's CD reissues of Belinda's solo album catalog a few years back, and told (co-writer) Ellen Shipley how wonderfully fond I am of this gem!

  34. Dave

    Takes me back to my childhood. It's hard to believe this was the kind of music I was listening to and enjoying back then. Things kinda started going downhill not long after this era. In came the rap, bitches, bling and ass and the whole lot went south.

  35. Tim Kelly

    stood in the desert in Iraq, 1991, this song came on Armed Forces Network, never forget that song, really hit the heart with distance, love and missing those dear....thank you belinda for being you!


    Deffo a deployment song i first heard this in 98 when hubby was in the far east on deployment, at the time i lived with my parents so the line 'my whole worlds inside this room was apt. Still play it when he goes away.


    American Forces Network (AFN)

    Paul Taylor

    I hear ya fella, I served in the Gulf in 91' to, I was just a kid there to do a job missing his GF - This track has a particular special meaning.


    Thank you for your service, veterans!

  36. spededpat

    Beautiful unique voice, beautiful woman...

  37. New Chapter

    yeah , totally in love with this.

  38. Familia Reis

    Linda Música, perfeita harmonia entre a voz e a beleza de Belinda. Amei !!!!

  39. Hyoe Nakagiri

    Perhaps the most poignant ballad I have ever listened to. Watching the sun set on beautiful Torbay UK 25 years after hearing it for the first time...still brings back memories of youthful days.

  40. john aldine

    she is absolute perfection, what dreams are made of

  41. nwmrt

    Todra Gorge many years ago on a walkman, watching the marijuana field on the opposite bank

  42. vxy357

    Great lovemaking song/ video.

  43. Анатолий Аларь

    Ты мой алмазик, солнышко,

  44. The2005rwb

    Re-release it, it could and should be a hit today.


    Chill out song

  46. charlottesmom

    Didn't even know I had this beautiful song on my iPad, loved it the first time I heard it!

  47. Poptown

    Why EMI Video Japan?

    Hyoe Nakagiri

    Very good question - not sure exactly why, but I can say that this Japanese fan was traumatically moved by this piece 25 years ago. Likely to strike a chord with more than a few of my compatriots.

  48. fafi philou

    àdorable Belinda !!!

  49. Paul F

    My very favorite video of Belinda's, and such a beautiful song... She was pregnant with her son when she did this.

  50. havok8686

    One person must be sad.

  51. MrFraz231

    I get it , people just want to be loved ? A very insightfull song, it makes me feel for the human race, and how lovely we all are?

  52. Egmont Gavino

    exelente video.

    fafi philou

    très romantique comme toujours !!!

  53. elena Sal

    I always wished I looked like her and was as skinny as her when I was younger. I would still love it lol


    elena Sal

  54. 1701spacecadet

    Beautiful song. Tho probably not one to listen to if you're a bit depressed.

    fafi philou

    moi c'est l'inverse je ne peu pas m'empècher d'écouter cette chanson et d'autres les larmes coulent ...

    Mark Dooley

    I get down alot but not because i'm missing someone, so no problem for me. I really love Belinda's vocals on this song and the lyrics are great, I would say it is her most underrated single and the album is one of the best of the 1990's i.m.o


    Actually i play it when i am missing my hubby!

  55. Mark Edman

    Beautiful song!

  56. thehawk

    She was beautiful when she was young!


    She still is now, only older.

    Bluddy Brilliant

    Isn't she beautiful now then ?

  57. HorroRviXenKate

    love this tune , a very underrated track

  58. TheThorpester

    One of the greatest songs ever written IMO.

  59. victor hugo luna molina

    Hermosa canción!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Okan Aybar

    Still listening, still loving her after so many years.

    Lawrence Evans

    @Okan Aybar Aren't we all.

    Keith Oakes

    @Okan Aybar Same here mate. I'm 31 now & I've been a fan since I was 12! I was listening to all the usual chart crap, then I heard Heaven is a place on Earth & I thought oh, so that's how music should be done! Then I bought all her albums & been hooked ever since!

    Lawrence Evans

    Well done, good for you!

    Okan Aybar

    I am 42 and I listen to her since 16 :) wish I could shake her hands one day.

    James Zeilenga

    I was at a concert in Indiana and they were selling roses and you could bring them up to the stage and give it to her. Looking her in the eyes while she is singing and taking a rose from you... unforgettable!

  61. Tim Kelly

    i waiting here....

    pepé demagio

    @Tim Kelly great tune, sadly it didn't chart highly... i have ALL her records

    Tim Kelly


  62. juicer67

    How can any one woman be that beautiful?


    Genetics, Make up, better understanding of human health, pharmacology, the breeding of beautiful women among successful merchants and conquerers. The list goes on.


    @Amadeus Airbrushing techniques, editing, and cosmetic plastic surgery (don't know if that applies to her at all). Make-up becomes more important a lot of women when most of them get a lot older (like approaching 50 or 60).

  63. Jester Jenkins

    Sweet melody and great sincerity. :)

    Дмитрий Петров


  64. MegaMikss


  65. viktoria westrin högström

    och tio miljoner tycker att du är värdelös. jag vill inte ha dina multipla orgasmer. jag vill ha mina egna. de är bättre...

  66. Cursi

    Beautiful :)

  67. Jules M

    Que bella es  Belinda - la tenia olvidada pero este verano la volvi a descubrir.  La amo.

  68. Muhammad Ismail

    20 years later and I still can feel the song touching my heart. Hope everyone can find love :)

    Suzana Pathalee

    Muhammad Ismail ..i just love her

    Ismi Haidar

    Love u Belinda..

  69. Miro

    beautiful song, excellent voice

  70. Toma rodica-toma

    she is a beauty...and one of the best voice!

  71. Melody Yongco

    Love, Love Love 

  72. Justin England

    Beautiful song :)

  73. motorclip

    BELINDA CARLISLE "SUN" new single 2013!!!!

  74. gogofan1000

    beautiful belinda

  75. gatocatchat


  76. gatocatchat


  77. fafi philou

    exelent !!!

  78. Tom Č.

    Nice times, the ninetees

  79. MitchelGant

    Its time to bow down to Queen Belinda.

  80. gatocatchat


  81. Анатолий Дергачев

    Прижал бы к себе покрепче, это любовь моя навек.

  82. Love is Space

    Beautiful words to this song.........

  83. Jackie Waugh

    I love the song .this song makes me think of my boyfriend Ron i love him so much.

  84. Анатолий Дергачев

    Я под эту песню засыпаю и сплю крепко и вообще в такую женщину не влибиться - ЭТО ЖЭСТЬ!

  85. lailaitaipei


  86. Descargamx

    I'm almost sure that more than half the world is waiting for someone they can hold... and never be alone

  87. BeckyTarkan1971

    what a beutiful woman!!!

  88. Darth Belal

    bittersweet, passionate and sophisticated, this song is the pinnacle of love songs....

  89. A Whiter Shade of Pail

    this song was in my head during a very troubled time a few months back... i hope its message can be felt/appreciated by many.

  90. bri k

    beautiful video beautiful song beautiful lady