Beirut - The Rip Tide Lyrics

And this is the house where I
I feel alone
Feel alone now

And this is the house where I
Could be unknown
Be alone now

Soon the waves and I found the rolling tide
Soon the waves and I found the rip tide

This is the house where I
I feel alone
Feel alone now

And this is the house where I
Could be unknown
Be alone now

Soon the waves and I found the rolling tide
Soon the waves and I found the rip tide

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Beirut The Rip Tide Comments
  1. cuca Beludo cuca

    Essa musica e otima

  2. DM Martijn

    beautiful song! Trigger my soul

  3. Aureo Arroyabe

    Lindo vídeo!

  4. João Rodrigues

    Lindo.... como todas as músicas dos Beirut

  5. Elaine Azevedo

    2020 - ❤

  6. Marilia Dalabeneta

    Beirut has been my daily friend since 2008. Went to school listening to beirut. moved away listening to beirut, went to college listening to beirut.
    Now I am introducing it to my work mates in the lab where I work.
    Love Beirut. Please replace the show canceled in Dublin. I've been waiting for 8 years.

  7. Janderson Vinicius

    2020 e eu sinto sua falta Lucas

  8. Alper İnaç

    Neyse ki Türklerin keşfine açılmamış bir şarkı 🐣😊

  9. Klenlim Fonseca De Oliveira

    adoro escutar essa bela canção quando estou pra baixo, ela me faz perceber que nunca possamos desistir dos nossos sonhos.
    mesmo que esses sonhos sejam difíceis de realizar.

  10. Maggie Make up Nails

    Time passing by. I come and go.2020 and still here

  11. Supergifts ΓΙΑΝΝΑΚΟΥΡΑΣ

    When the music express the soul !!

  12. Özge Şeker

    Gökyüzü gibi, uçsuz bucaksız deniz gibi. Baktıkça huzur bulduğum Mavim


    Mavi ne gelsin

  14. Daniel Castro

    A música é de 2012, mas só me lembra o fim de 2016 por causa da novela q passava na globo.. sdds

  15. Breard Didier

    I love Beirut's melodies and beautiful arrangements. Greetings from Paris!

  16. Giulia Moncy

    Love it... ♥️

  17. Uma jornada Real Val

    É a cara de Paraty essa música :)

  18. Daniel Barry

    Mark Suicu

  19. gramofonçicegi gramofonçicegi

    anlamasam bile çok şey hissedebildigim şarkı 💜💜💜

  20. M M

    Difting without an anchor through your ambiguous region...

  21. Kung Fury

    Probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard

  22. da costa

    My dream life here ❤️🇱🇧

  23. :-:

    How could you not like this?

  24. Guilherme Santos

    Pq tem tanto brasileiro nos coments?

  25. Renan f

    Me faz, refletir, amar, viver, sorrir, viajar num mundo onde só há eu e ninguém mais ... Eu me amo...

  26. Rodrigo Dias

    Nao sei explicar o que sinto quando ouço essa música .. só sei que é Transcendental ..

  27. Rei delas

    Música muito dahora

  28. Fabrícia Feitosa Barreto

    Que raridade essa canção. Obra prima em notas musicais💕🎶

  29. Pedro Marques


  30. sarahx87

    barbie brought me here

  31. Alexander Bertallo

    How sweet...


    Never gets old...fabulous song:)

  32. George Padilha

    Ouvindo em 2019 música poderosa

  33. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Tha life in seel Water Is Major

  34. Vanessa Barros

    alguém em 2019 ouvindo essa preciosidade??

    Esdras Alberto

    Agora 2020

    Daniel Arbaiten

    Ouvindo e tocando

    Pretinha Pimenta

    2020 and forever

  35. Lohan Muller

    Helô e Pedro #ALeiDoAmor ❤️

  36. Rodrigo Dias

    Essa música transcende a nossa alma para um lugar que nem eu mesmo sei explicar onde é..

  37. Çekim Eki


    Hotline Miami

    Lan şarkı naptı sana

    Çekim Eki

    @Hotline Miami Anılar kilitlemiş sana
    Resimler delil gibi bana

    Hotline Miami

    @Çekim Eki aga :'(

  38. Grace Hoppus

    Wow about to hit 7 million!!!
    wow a punto de llegar a 7 millones !
    uau prestes a atingir 7 milhões!!

  39. Nate

    Grammarly brought me here....

  40. fofoca lizando

    Me lembra meu amigo Augusto que partiu...

  41. Letícia Lima

    Já ouvi essa música em algum lugar mas não lembro aonde foi

  42. patricio villalon

    Acá en chile escuchando beirut me Encanta su sonido fúnebre <3

  43. Ulysses Pereira

    Beirut é muito arte pela arte, incrível.

  44. Deer Dear

    this song is everything to me


    beirut - the PENALTY

  46. Emannuell De jesus


  47. Danielle Merriott

    This song hits something deep inside my heart. 💔

  48. Pauline C

    Cette musique est magnifique et son clip .... woaw <3

  49. mamrot jean-christophe

    Magnifique musique de Beirut...

  50. Hijack New

    I had lost my lover for a month. The only doubt in my heart is that why did you leave me alone. I love you so much, more than anything in world, cry

  51. Angel fish F

    De mais!

  52. joelma s dos santos santos

    ❤❤saudades ❤❤

  53. nurşah tpz

    Ömür boyu zaman zaman dinleyeceğim, dost şarkım .
    Teşekkür ederim

  54. irene fernandez

    This is the kind music that manages to get into souls

  55. Denis Santos

    Sempre que estou profundamente TRISTE Vejo esse clipe me toca profundamente essa MUSICA💔🎶🎼😭

  56. Maria De Lourdes

    Essa música quando eu fico ouvindo ela da vontade de viajar para um lugar bem bonito e pensa nas coisas lindas que tem no mundo essa música é muito legal😊

  57. De Tudo um Pouco BR

    Ouvir essa musica em 2019, com a sociedade brasileira perdida.... ...traz um certo alento

  58. Jady Rodrigues

    Um verdadeiro hino. Me toca profundamente (assim como todas as outras músicas de Beirut) <3

  59. Liliane Melo

    21 de abril de 2019 o que dia em que me apaixonei por Beirut ❤️

    Altair Vieira

    Demorou, hein kkkk... Mas nunca é tarde

  60. Matthew Snyder

    Says more in its opening instrumental than some artists say in a lifetime.

  61. Sebastian Rieger

    die beste nummer aller zeiten und das beste video, danke gott

  62. Eduardo Miquelin

    Fantástica... Amo!!!

  63. Cleiton Rc

    Uma obra prima viva,Beirut gênio...

  64. Guto Cesar

    Música que te faz pensar em amor ,na vida,nos erros ...

  65. Our Bad Taste

    So here is a long story: im spanish, last christmas i made a present for my mum: i bought tickets to see Beirut in Paris. She was crying, she (and I) loves Beirut. Yesterday, we saw Zach in the early morning at the gate of the Theatre Le Gran Rex in Paris. We couldnt believe it. He was alone smoking a cigarrette. My mother and I came to him to say hello. He was so nice and a calm person. We talked with him like 5 minutes and we explained him our story. He was smiling and my mum crying. I asked him: are you going to play Rip Tide? Is my favourite. And he said yes. So.. We continued talking a little bit. And we said bye to him. So.. The same day, at night, it was the concert. The theatre in Paris was full of people, tottally complete. The band started playing... At the 5th song, in the middle of One song and another, he changed his French talking and he said in spanish 'esta cancion va para nuestros amigos españoles'.(this song is dedicated to our spanish friends) We started screaming THANKS! And all the people were looking at us. I didnt expect it. We are so lucky. My favourite band dedicating to me my favourite song in a Paris theatre. We will never forget it Zach, you are such a nice guy, i wish you all the best, you made my mum happy, and you made me happy as well. Gracias.

  66. Larissa Araujo

    I want people to play this song at my funeral when I die.

  67. Alê

    Tão linda, mas me bate uma tristezinha...

  68. Ju Bowie

    Cheio de Brs

  69. Hovo Hovhannisyan

    This is the best music and video, this song gives the answers to your questions in life

  70. Su Tash

    let's be like water, my love. Let's dance together the complex dance of the ocean until our bodies dissolve and learn to beat the constraints of shape

  71. Matthew Snyder

    "I always felt that The Rip Tide wasn't fully able to project its own ambitions in song form.. no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone... I wanted more, as I often do with my music, and this is not a bad thing. Growing to accept a song's limits is part of the process of creating and loving them. Which was why I was so excited to see what Houmam (Abdallah) had dug into when he picked "The Rip Tide" out of all others for a video. The concept fit, and the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself, now available for others to see and feel it much more as I had in the process of writing it." ~Zach Condon

  72. Iggs Wanna

    codfish makes you not feel lonely. Codfish. yes.

  73. james mulhall

    Beautiful! I'm going to see Beirut live in Vicar St Dublin Ireland in August!! so excited!!

  74. João Batista

    Hino oficial da minha vida..

  75. Pablo Italo Santos

    Quase 7 anos depois e esse clipe e essa música ainda me emocionam

  76. George town

    Fevereiro de 2019

  77. Jimmys Flower

    beautiful music jimmys family

  78. Jimmys Flower

    fantastic music

  79. Husain Karrar

    The most beautiful 4:33 of music ever written

  80. João Batista

    Hino oficial da minha vida... Song of my Life..

  81. Haldun Tantur

    3yıl önceki yorumumun üzerine bir yorum bile konmamış.Hayret.Kendi yorumum üzerine 3yıl sonra tekrar yorumlamak,yorumlayamamamak???

  82. Mini Music Movies

    great film, beautiful color storm !

  83. Jorge Armando

    vengo por dianinivlogs ! ♥♥♥

  84. Fine

    This song always give me the most MASSIVE nostalgia and I don't even know why.

  85. Moisés Trindade

    Música que provoca sinestesias maravilhosas em qualquer pessoa que para pra ouvir direitinho. Desde que fiz isso não consigo parar de escutar

  86. WarlegganFangirl1984

    A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.—J. A. Shedd.

  87. Carlos Murillo

    to my funeral

  88. Maely Silva

    The ocean is magnificent, so is life.

  89. Leite Agostinho

    chanson qui rappelle de bon moment

  90. guanche26

    you guys are epic!!!!!

  91. SAD NOOB

    Sad ein

  92. Оленька

    love all your songs, match with my reality

  93. Abraham Cervantes

    Soy su fan desde Toluca Edo de Mex.

  94. Abraham Cervantes

    Que puedo comentar? La fotografía hermosa, música del corazón y paz.

  95. Renan Felipe Cascaes

    Such a beautiful song.

  96. Victor Henrique

    Essa música me trás uma paz! ❤
    Isso é inexplicável! ❤