Beirut - The Peacock Lyrics

There's an answer for I'm cold again
Back in the sand just like those soldier men
And even once I fell down in the narrow lanes
On the ground I lay
And I would say
Infernal heat can't take the sound in here
Shake the trees see what falls out of them
In a city where nobody hears
A birds call fine fine winter's here again
Calls and sings berlin, berlin
Among the camp we're done with him
We'd shoot him down
But then but then
Where should I begin, begin

He's the only one who knows the words [x8]

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Beirut The Peacock Comments
  1. Sergej Lovrekovic

    there's an answer for i am cold again


    bigger than anything, triumph over sadness, lust for life <3

  2. Filippo Mazzini

    My absolute favorite Beirut song. I'm very melancholic and nostalgic yeah.

  3. Jonatas M. de Sousa


  4. themadcaplaugh

    undoubtedly one of my favourite songs of the 2010s, beauty in its purest form. weird how i'm not really a big beirut fan, but this one song gets to me every time.

  5. Diego Duran

    This song touched my soul and more at the end.

  6. Ignatz

    such a carm happy song warms my sould

  7. Javi Gallego Rodríguez


  8. tannerin

    I like how you can subtly hear the reed organ being pumped in the background.

    Pedro Freitas

    oh yeah!

  9. Léa Kirova

    Aaaaand I'm crying like there's no tomorow...

  10. WaifuCT

    What the hell? This isn't my channel..

  11. Curious Language

    Does an entirely different song with the same name count as a cover?

  12. Ina Norgauer

    can somebody say me the message of this song ? :) please .. it's very important ... :o

    Victor_ Silva

    no one can say. He's the one that knows the words....

    Victor_ Silva

    but we shoot they down...

  13. Cameron Miles

    eclectic is definitely the word

  14. Patricia Rosales

    i like this song

  15. Michał Trela


  16. AuditoryScience

    bold statement considering the barebones structure of the song. Id say there is not a song that speaks powerfully. In due time all have become my favorites

  17. AuditoryScience

    that surprises and disappoints me. Like a g.w.bush handshake

  18. Jack R.

    What? For one I think that "to each his own" applies extremely with music, though I personally hate that Katy Perry music, I think that some people are probably just as moved by it as you and I are by this song, of course, we are allowed to critique it, but to say it can barely be called music may be more than just an opinion but an insult to people who enjoy it.

  19. Bret Martin

    I'm in the middle of my day, MULTITASKING.... My 19 year old son sends me this link...

    (I'm 50)... Haunting.... His music taste is brilliant.... Eclectic- wow.... What a TREAT
    Bret Martin

    Nico Las

    I just love the fact that you signed your comment! <3

    The Recluse

    my dad is cool like you. keep it up!

  20. lulibear16

    My favorite band + my favorite subject = awesome.

  21. susan boyle

    This song just makes me think..

  22. Jack R.

    Katy Perry did a horrible cover of this

  23. Ilsimeone

    ufff, the song stopped playing some 60 seconds ago and I still have goosebumps :-)

  24. Marco

    The lyrics of this song is related to WW2?

  25. Amorstopineed

    why is this song.... 2:27.... so fuckin short

  26. Baxter Foskuhl

    I got this for my birthday on vinyl! (best birthday present ever.. .)

  27. kinkykane0607

    The only one i loved/liked (whatever) off riptide.

  28. Ellie Paisley

    These guys are amazing... How come I've never come across this amazing band before??? They are just the sort of thing me and my family would listen to!!!

  29. verneukteaap

    hmm.. ok then :3
    but What About beginning Every Word with A Capital?

    BTW: if you really are the true Fryersmuck, i apologize for offending you and probably a couple of burnmarks..

  30. verneukteaap

    Your not the real Fryersmuck Ò.ó

  31. mdilla11

    That's sad, because i'm mentally handicapped. Straight, and trim, but mentally handicapped.

  32. mdilla11

    You're talking nonsense mega raptor. I never disputed the double edgedness of the swordness, though it is silly. I simply had conferred that the original vestibule was wildly overblown and melodramatic, a sentiment that stands the test of time sturdily, and without resolve to be precise.

  33. TheDreadedKattie


  34. TheDiceMan6

    @victorrotolo is it "motion picture soundtrack" by Radiohead?. . for me it is. . .

  35. mdilla11

    God you are overdramatic... double edged sword my ass

  36. pemchem

    Reminds me of fall or winter.

  37. Suki Hyman

    simply stated, wow!