Beirut - East Harlem Lyrics

Another rose wilts in East Harlem
And uptown downtown a thousand miles between us
She's waiting for the night to fall
Let it fall, I'll never make it in time [x3]

Sound is the colour I know, oh,
Sound is what keeps me before your eyes,
And sound of your breath in the cold,
And oh, the sound will bring me home again [x2]

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Beirut East Harlem Comments
  1. Marina Krešić

    there is a special feeling when ur listening to beirut. it is like the song is bringing back memories u have never had and times u never lived in.

  2. The_kings_play

    Reminds me of that other song that sounded like beirut

  3. Jennie Horne

    Plus, I haven't any good guides nor help.

  4. Jennie Horne

    Sorry, I've had allergies to, and lived in dusty spots with animals and pollens, spores and mold all my life. That takes erratic and strange tolls!

  5. Abigael Sihotang

    This song is so relaxing..
    Still hearing this on my daily life.

  6. Alejandro

    The crazy thing, I’ve partied in East Harlem before!

  7. Alejandro

    <3 🍷

  8. Hey BoSs

    Where is the trumpet part?

  9. mike lee

    Grace was waiting for Rich but he never made it in time😖

  10. Larz Gustafsson

    Not bad at all.
    Greetings from Sweden

  11. Rich Vein

    2019 anyone? /

  12. Amrish Adrin Johan

    So repetitive , no feel

  13. Gabriel Montigny

    la vérité il patiné sur l'eau avec des saboooooottttt c'est des amis a lui qui l'on vue

  14. karla

    I love you all for all eternity

  15. Championette

    LOVE!! 💜

  16. Jerónimo Aldasoro

    Impresionante esta banda, no puedo parar de escucharla desde hace 3 meses! Gracias!!!

  17. Valerie Jones

    nother rose wilts in East Harlem
    And uptown downtown
    A thousand miles between us
    She's waiting for the night to fall
    Let it fall, I'll never make it in time
    Another rose wilts in East Harlem
    And uptown downtown
    A thousand miles between us
    She's waiting for the night to fall
    Let it fall, I'll never make it in time
    Another rose wilts in East Harlem
    And uptown downtown
    A thousand miles between us
    She's waiting for the night to fall
    Let it fall, I'll never make it in time

    [Verse 2]
    Sound is the color I know, oh
    Sound is what keeps me before your eyes
    And sound of your breath in the cold
    And oh, the sound will bring me home again
    Sound is the color I know, oh
    Sound is what keeps me before your eyes
    And sound of your breath in the cold
    And oh, the sound will bring me home again

  18. summerinspringville-hill

    This is lovely but I prefer the live version...

  19. herve le pelley

    Superbe chanson. Quel bonheur ce groupe si peu connu en France. C'est dommage...

  20. Kevin Bundela

    2018 anyone?

  21. aboutashow

    What's the meaning of this song? What does the rose represent? There's already a song about a rose in Harlem that's decades old, and in that song it thrives. Why does this one wilt?

    Andrés Núñez

    Creo que habla de una chica.

  22. Yasmin Ribeiro

    this song breaks my heart every single time i play it and it's still my favorite

  23. Yasmin Ribeiro

    This song is not the same now he's gone

    Israel Siqueira

    Yasmin Ribeiro you know I'll never be gone, darling. I know it's hard, but we'll stay together. Love ya

  24. luzineia Lancha

    linda musica!

  25. Esther Grigoleti

    great ❤

  26. Thamires Carneiro

    Amazing <3

  27. still flowing water

    my history teacher played this song in class 5 years ago
    coolest guy

    Kristian Stanley

    that's funny, a history teacher got me and my best friend into these guys when we were in high school



    Taylor Humphrey

    He's a hero

  28. Konni Chiwa

    2011 🙍😍

  29. Claus Holmen

    Never get tired listening to this song - and now my 14-year song is singing it while on holiday away from Ipad and radio.

  30. ProtestSong68

    2:10 and 2:20 are magical moments that make shivers run through my spine


    The same to you...It was some energy...

  31. NoJoyinLife

    I miss my ex partner

  32. Pablo Saez

    es como para pasear en bicicleta :)))

    Slow Life

    Pablo Saez best description ever😁

    Mirna Salas

    Pablo Saez
    En skins justo Rich va en bicicleta 💔

  33. fla la

    *<3*   *<3*   *<3*   *<3*    *<3*

  34. guido arci camalli del antica compagnia portuale

    love ma save agnesi ora adesso

  35. sarahgoldfarbtv

    This song reminds me of my best friend



  36. isadora salvaterra



    @isadorawittmann which episode is the song in ? Never noticed before!

    Joe Brooks

    Series 6, episode 2, Rich, he's on the bike going to Graces house.  


    Ahh niceone dude, I never went back through 5-6 never took to the 3rd cast. May recap now though! Thanks for getting back to me

    Gabriel Nascimento

    +isadora salvaterra skinssssss :'D

    maya newing

    omfg that bit where rich is riding his bike to graces house (i think)

  37. Fernando Egui

    Kinda Devendra Banhart...

    ian z

    kinda miley cyrus...

    fla la

    @ian z L.o.L.  *:)*


    Poppy. yeah. not Beirut's finest aspect.

  38. Volker H.

    @MyLoveAndHappiness1- ur so right!

  39. Guidinha Pinto

    Thank you Polskimg :)

  40. MyLoveAndHappiness1

    Why are they NOT famous?!

    I mean, they TRULY deserve to be more know than Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, or just about any other music star in the U.S.

    Why is our generation of good music going to waste?

    Anywho, Love ya Beirut. You are the true music celebs.

    Christopher Spellum

    MyLoveAndHappiness1 Most people don't like thinking. They would just rather be spoon fed easy music that sounds like everything they have heard since they were 5. Just appreciate the fact that you love it. F*** everybody else.

    Hink Olgen

    because not being famous is the best thing to keep your real fans behind!!


    hey, you can’t compare people like Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus to beirut.....they have completely different sounds and are completely different genre. Nicki Minaj is literally mainstream rap... don’t hate on popular things because you think it makes you look cool. it’s not cool. it makes you look like a pretentious asshole. if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it. they’re making art whether you like it or not. And if your argument is that Nicki Minaj or Miley shows too much skin...seriously? In this day and age, you’re gonna complain about what women do with their bodies and sexuality? Come on.

  41. Jazmin Hunt

    Its funny. I only heard about beirut in a ze frank vid for a split second and now Im just in love with their music

  42. Dor Amit Fridman

    2:20 and on is practically the reason to wake up every morning

  43. LeoNil

    Amo. Sossego para a minh'alma!

  44. Dominik J.

    Beiruts music gives me wings, I feel so slightly and it feels like im flying. I see the world in a different light.
    No im just kidding, I am high...

  45. Justin Francesco

    Julian Plenti approves

  46. LunasLurgy

    (Thank you for the upload)

  47. LunasLurgy

    This is absolutely stunning. It's an Icarus song, that's for sure.

  48. Hamza Jbara

    magical .......................i wanna just to fly and dream about the starts and i feel drunk rightnow

  49. Madelyn Mojo

    their music is magical *.*

  50. aurelianalchemist72123

    His voice is like an angel...

  51. Fryiffy

    Oh, you.

  52. ibizapao

    221069 is an insult too...

  53. Todd Scott

    220,454 is an insult

  54. Todd Scott

    20023004000 is an insult

  55. Todd Scott

    200200 is an insult

  56. shakemeshakeme

    shake me shake me indeed!!

  57. miuuuse

    thanks for whole album!

  58. J.J. & Jeff

    this man and this band is absolutely genius, beautiful

  59. Jared Cady

    Another rose wilts in East Harlem...

  60. Dronto Ottrond

    I suggest an implosion.

  61. Skotoso

    Nicky, go to bed, you're waking the neighbors.

  62. maneatstaco

    my penis IS actually a building....its very uncomfortable and the people inside like to leave the lights on.... help me

  63. jmefrusci

    Beirut remembers me to BIBIO...

  64. CJ Rhodes

    this is a good song

  65. Jared Cady

    Off one of my favorite albums of all time

  66. Austyn Doty

    Not unless you play a weird instrument!

  67. Mark Lehmann

    Somebody with a different taste in music than the people who liked it.

  68. MissFreethinker

    His voice makes me want to creeeeeeam.

  69. Madeline Parrish

    I have been to East Harlem, wow, am I in Beirut now?

  70. e404909

    καταπληκτικό! ακούω αυτό το τραγούδι όλο το χρόνο

  71. sombrilla


  72. Gabriel Doro

    why can i only see my own views?

    Tarek Habre

    Gabriel Doro lol same here

  73. Sora657

    They are outnumbered by a lot..

  74. Sora657

    This song have me a boner from the sexy brass O.o

  75. Maximiliano Šprem Guerrero

    This It's like If happines had a soundtrack.

  76. Maximiliano Šprem Guerrero

    Y si se pasan de largo y llegan a Santiago de Chile sería hermoso.

  77. evanezer999

    @califbozo terrorist attacks must hurt

  78. UnciaSeptim

    is this slower than the album version?

  79. Benjamin Jack Kata Finau

    is that a Hurdy Gurdy at the start of the song?

  80. JackNJordProductions

    i think the dislike bar speaks for itself...

  81. JackNJordProductions

    my poor replay button...

  82. cafemoonrock

    Love the ease with which he sings it! Beautiful sound!

  83. matudilo

    sound is the colour i know

  84. Maximiliano Šprem Guerrero

    @rubilokisse If doesn't, It's not Heaven

  85. Rubi lokisse

    That is it is played in heaven?

  86. becca smith

    @itssaturdaysaturday jesus doesnt exist bitch

  87. dan lor

    @georgedfable Thanks for an excellent album Beirut again, the hope in Mexico City
    thank you google translate

  88. Alex Rey

    This gets played at my job, and its awesome

  89. farah wut

    @CookeMonster24 no. why? lol he's more of my friend.

  90. CookeMonster24

    @MusicMrsLove Do you ask your teacher for fashion tips to?

  91. Bu Ub

    I paused my porn for this.

  92. Anna Kowalska

    i didint understand a word, except 'gracias beirut'. and i agree ! :D

  93. Baxter Foskuhl

    Another rose wilts in East Harlem,
    downtown, downtown,
    there's a thousand miles between us,
    she's waiting for the night to fall,
    Let it fall,
    I'll never make it in time.

  94. Polskimg

    @califbozo Shake me, shake me. Skyscraper.

  95. califbozo

    this song makes my penis feel like a skyscraper