Beirut - August Holland Lyrics

No, I lost the ramparts and now
I want to send back the sound
Watching the sunrise in Laos
Why don't you turn back now?

No, up where the air rushes out
I hear an endless sound

I wanna be there now
I wanna be there now
I wanna be there now
I wanna be there now
I wanna be there now
I wanna be there now

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Beirut August Holland Comments
  1. Kelsey Lynne Lester-Perry

    This song gives me major goosebumps every time I hear it. Zachary Condon? Genius.

  2. Filipe Alencar

    A simple lyric ,a great song

  3. Nanette Winston - Armstrong

    I just heard this song at a hotel courtyard in South Bay area, CA on their music system. I Shazamed it!
    I love this song.

    I think it means, in Laos/Vietnam war , the Sunrise (Sun/God), "why don't you turn it back now". Saying to God why don't you fix the evil here now? "No, I lost the ramparts", I lost my safety' ?

    Maybe does anyone know? "Up where it's endless sound", maybe meaning I want to hear the Angels and Peeps in Communion/Communication with God, knowing ALL is being taken care of down here on Earth/Humanity? Or maybe there is no sound, maybe there is Peace up there (maybe that's why it so f'd down here). Not knowing anything here because abandoned and/or hyjacked (Humanity). However, I don't think so, I think God is in trouble, like us.

    This song seems kinda modish and late sixties feel to me. Cool so happy People are still Creative!

  4. Angelica Ramirez


  5. Serj

    It sounds like an outtake from "The Rip Tide"

  6. Poorly Made Dog Videos

    this might be my favorite from the new album. i have to listen to the entire thing a few dozen more times to be sure, though.

    Colonel Mustard

    Well said