Beirut - A Candle's Fire Lyrics

Light a candle's fire
Carries a good name
What would you ask a campfire
That scares me just the same

And knew you had it all along
An endless need for games
Don't forget a candle's fire
Is only just a flame

I, it's certain from afar
Failed to pull my weight
But you and I traveled through the fog
To arrive at our front gate
At night we rest beside the fire
And smile upon your face

Just don't forget a candle's fire
Is only just a flame

If I had known
That to carry on that way
It wouldn't show
In the creases on your face

If you should go
But you carry on my name
Just let it blow
In the fog of Bishop's Lane.

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Beirut A Candle's Fire Comments
  1. Wioletta Paradowska


  2. amanda Domingues

    Música que toca a alma!!! Amo demais...Beirut, sensacional!!!

  3. Beatriz S

    Such a beautiful song. This voice is mesmerizing...

  4. Stephanie Earnshaw

    Great song

  5. Mariana Possari

    Quantas vezes da pra dar like aqui??

  6. Carolina Mundim

    Amooo ❤️

  7. SideWindCentral

    Lol I got flagged for copyright but the Spotify playlist said royalty free :P

  8. Gang Kembang


  9. Francisco Nazar

    Does anyone recognize de font?

  10. Jalen7j

    idk if im tripping or not but i think this may be the Trippie Redd Qs and Ps sample

    Take this L

    Jalen7j Uzi???

  11. Marco Reko

    enciende el fuego de una vela
    lleva un buen nomebre
    que le preguntarias a una fogata
    que me asusta igual

    y sabia que lo tenias
    una interminable necesidad de juego
    no olvides el fuego de una vela
    solo es un flama

    esta lejos
    fallo de sacar mi peso
    pero tu yo viajamos a traves de la niebla
    para llegas a nuestra puerta frontal
    en la noche descansamos al lado del fuego
    y sonrio sobre tu cara

    no olvides el fuego de una vela
    solo es un aflama

    tenia que saber
    ir por ese camino
    no demostraria
    en las crestas de tu cara

    Si deberias de ir
    pero cargas mi nombre
    solo dejalo soplar
    en la niebla de la linea del obispo

  12. Queen of Pentacles


  13. Michele Regina Henrique

    Essa canção e como perfume. Me faz lembrar tanta coisa boa. Banda de um estilo único, singular. Ninguém faz igual

  14. King Of Da Kingz

    Light a candle's fire
    Carries a good name
    What would you ask a campfire
    That scares me just the same

    And knew you had it all along
    An endless need for games
    Don't forget a candle's fire
    Is only just a flame

    I had sit and from afar ?
    Failed to pull my weight
    But you and I traveled through the fog
    To arrive at our front gate
    At night we rest beside the fire
    And smile upon your face

    Just don't forget a candle's fire
    Is only just a flame

    If I had known
    That to carry on that weight
    It wouldn't show
    In the creases on your face

    If you should go
    But you carry on my weight
    Just let it blow
    In the fog of bishop's lane

  15. Maria Cruz

    I can't be the only one relating this with the soundtrack of final fantasy 7

    Victoria-Rene Vazquez

    you must be

  16. Diobon Fulkmat

    What a blast to the past.

  17. Quéren Hapuque

    Maravilhosa! Amo Beirut

  18. Gabriela Nicolau

    beirut nos leva para uma outra dimensão. É inexplicável. Sinto um mar de amor e leveza.

  19. Bruna Sierpinski Trento

    Beirut é de uma perfeição e delicadeza! queria tanto um show.

    Jairo Ribeiro

    eu tbm <3 meu sonho

  20. Aylen Vera

    ❤ La Amo

  21. Kamila Maciel

    tantos BRs que curtem❤

  22. Giampiero Bazzu

    this song strongly remember me Have you ever seen the rain by Rod Stewart

  23. Michel Lisboa

    Que música linda meu deus

  24. Mariana Cavalcante

    I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

  25. Corundum _

    This song doesnt seem to be on iTunes. ;-;

  26. Natalia En.

    great to come back

  27. God Of Gaming

    this reminds me of coldplay

    Fenekt T

    But Beirut is better than Coldplay!

    God Of Gaming

    @Fenekt T won't argue there

  28. Italo Diblasi

    but you were light, you traveled through the fog to arrive at our front gates <3

  29. Wanessa Ferreira


    Thayna maria

    Uma Brasileira 👏👏

  30. Riff Spitter

    i'm becoming a hipster... but i like it

  31. Álvaro Martínez

    Música instrumental con vídeos de paisajes

  32. Avoyd Music

    Cadê os Br que curte Beirut

    Daniela Miranda

    BrunoDz6 Riptide aquiiii

    Carla Luna

    mais uma! Amamos Beirut e iremos protege-los! 🙋💕

    Capitao Disprosio

    eu gosto desta musica

    Cledir Louzada

    <3 estamos aquii

  33. Isaac B

    Huge metalhead and punk fan, but this is my favorite album of the last 10 years. It's just perfectly composed and ethereal.

  34. Kilotile

    Anyone else heard this in The Three Stooges movie released in 2012?

    Bryson Spahn

    I can't believe this is fucking real



    Sandvich BreadonsGuy

    Yep. I thought this song was made by the composer of this movie.

  35. hendrix br

    música bonita do carai

    Daniel Dank

    +hendrix br é mesmo né mano pqp


    Nie wiem o co chodzi, ale zgadzam się w 100%

  36. Yedek Semih

    Ulan bu kadar güzel şarkılar yapılır mı Allahsız mısınız siz ?

    Gabriel Pln


    Yusuf Demircan

    Aynen be :)

    asdfed sdsd

    İnanması zor değil mi ?

    Beyax x

    @Gabriel Pln ok boomer

    Beyax x

    katılıyorum urfa ceylanpınardayım ben barış pınsrı harekatınjn ordan babamın işi için bursadan taşındık burda kültürlü insan yok üzülüyom burda türk görmek güzel oldu☺

  37. A. C.

    Una de mis canciones favoritas del mundo mundial de Beirut <3

  38. Julio Salvador Sierra Camarena

    like it

  39. Michelle B

    Have you ever seeeeeeen the raaain

    Queen of Pentacles

    you've killed my song!!!! I still think it's perfect

  40. Joao Paulo Domingos.

    beirut why not play this song live

  41. Osvan Salinas

    I love this song!!!!!

  42. Jeanne A

    Oh, acenda uma vela que carregue um bom nome
    Por que você pediria uma fogueira?
    Me assusta da mesma forma (...)
    Só não se esqueça que o fogo de uma vela é apenas uma chama.

    "So simple and incredible"

  43. Large Fried Raviolo

    every one who listens to this song probably rides fixies and uses vintage filters

  44. Contrariwise37

    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain???
    wait wrong song


    My thoughts exactly!!!!! xD


    yes!   :D it's  truly this! 


    I HAVE seen the rain. It extinguished The Candle's Fire.
    Then I was sad. :(
    But it was a trick candle, like they put on kids' birthday cakes, so the flame came back.
    That put a Sunday Smile back on my face.
    But then a sudden Rip Tide came in from Santa Fe, and it's No Dice for my candle again.
    Screw it - I'm having Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route), taking my Elephant Gun to Nantes and spend my Idle Days playing My Family's Role in the World Revolution. Maybe while I'm at it I can find My Wife, Lost in The Wild (or maybe in East Harlem).
    And that's what happens when CCR goes to Beirut during lunch.

    Ariel D'Bowen

    I dont know why the people say that

  45. HuckleberrySlim

    ah I thought of it! this is gonna sound a little weird, but the horn melody in the intro reminds me, vaguely, of one of the refrains from the score of Terminator 2 

  46. Camilla Gonçalves

    oh light

  47. mello

    A heart-on?

  48. PewuTV

    OK, it's your opinion :)

  49. JoeMartinMusic

    I've heard of Radical Face, thank you very much. There are bands that I like, but don't have such an effect on me as Beirut, The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel (not really a band, but whatever) can.

  50. PewuTV

    You obviously hadn't heard about Sigur Rós. Or Woodkid. Or Radical Face. Or other many awesome bands.

  51. Carolina Machado

    The Three Stooges movie had this song play in bittersweet moments :3

  52. Carolina Machado

    Bittersweet moments in t

  53. Great Joke

    This song this song, it sets my soul on FIRE!

  54. Rogério Mendonça

    Esse início lembra "Memory of a Free Festival" do primeiro álbum de Bowie.

  55. Rosie Shelly

    Does anyone know when they will do a worldtour again, I missed them last year :'(

  56. Lovly

    Uuuuh I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

  57. Sergio Pinguinha

    this is my new alarm clock, so i can wake up in this shitty world with some joy.

  58. Pedro Dias


  59. Amanda Brasil

    Amazing... My heart jump of joy!

  60. TheBenchPressMan

    Wish the lyric was "the endless need for gains" - need them muscle gains

  61. HappyImmolation

    I can't be the only one who thinks this guy sounds like Ringo Starr.

  62. mrbilly1298

    Perfect song to put on reply on this lonely Valentines Day. Hope you all are doin better than i am right now...

  63. trailzy

    ur heart's a perv :P

  64. orangesporange

    Very similar, yes.

  65. ranXerox09

    2:08 it just me or that part sounds like "Have you ever seen the rain" by Creedence??

  66. marymeenzs

    they're great omg

  67. Christopher Koffel

    Thanks, much love!

  68. strange galaxy

    ok, keep up the hope. Everybody needs something to do, I guess. Cheers!

  69. Christopher Koffel

    Troll bait detected. I'll respond anyway. And it's annoying. So this is my call to make people aware about it (obviously just those who read my comment) in hopes that it will halt over comments that prevent people from being open minded towards this kind of music because of the "pretentious listeners."

  70. Christopher Koffel

    I hate to get into this argument but after reading through these emotionally charged comments, I feel it's relevant. I probably don't understand what I'm about to get into but here it goes. Would you all listen to yourselves? Please. I get it. Beirut is amazing. Honestly and truly, I get it. I love them like nobody's business and have the utmost respect for them. But some of our fellow fans are just unbearable... Some of these comments are just so pretentious and over dramatic...

  71. Juliana Paiva Guimarães

    O som, os instrumentos...incríveis!

  72. Dean Drake

    How cool I heard this song in The Three Stooges movie.

  73. Jan J

    Everytime this song starts, I can't help but think it's This is the Day by The The

  74. Diobon Fulkmat

    huaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhavdfdsbgjsff bbbbbbbbbb OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YoooooooouUUUUUUUUUUUUU DICK!

  75. Noemí Quiroz

    beautiful song! Beirut makes me cry, dance, sing, smile and after think in my life and how much they've help me to do all this things...!!!! ahh! I love they! I love this song! I love my life! Beirut! beirut live forever!

  76. Hanzo

    three stooges brought me here lol

  77. JoeMartinMusic

    The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel

  78. Alpha

    Who are the other two bands?

  79. JoeMartinMusic

    Ahhh. Beirut are one of only 3 bands that can truely make me smile :)

  80. Faith Mackey

    I think this is my new favorite Beirut song. So beautiful.

  81. trumetyu

    have you ever seen the rain?

  82. Cookie Nibbler

    Ineffable: Adj; something too great or extreme to describe

    Just thought it was a neat word.

  83. TheEstherinator

    FUCK you... wait until you lose someone close to you. Guess who won't care about YOU then...

  84. wdm2112

    Not everyone believes in the same thing you do.

  85. Can C

    does anyone care about ur loss?? dont fuck my mode here

  86. Jan J

    The beginning of this song reminds me of "This Is the Day" by The The.

  87. Lauren Smith

    Yeah. Maybe music is the only thing that can help him with this right now.

  88. VB 007

    sou pequeno,mas conheço uma boa música
    quando ouso uma... e ela é uma delas

  89. JetXGorilla

    If you listen to this album in order, I think, it tells a pretty sad story the way I interpreted the lyrics. A guy's afraid of commitment, his girlfriend leaves for a while and during this time he decides he wants to be with her, but in the end he was too late and ends up having to move on.

    Pretty great stuff. Makes my signed ukulele that much more special to me ;)

  90. rebelagainst84

    Yep, that's true. It's a very nice song.

  91. spacerecorder

    exactly. I got it immediatelly as I play Creedence Clearwater Revival with my band often. nevertheless, this song is so nice too..

  92. rebelagainst84

    I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day? Anyone get that?