Bei Maejor - Trouble Lyrics

[Bei Maejor:]
I told you, not to wear that dress to the club tryna dance up on me
I told you, not to push that thing on me
If you know I want it

That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

Baby I told you, not to wear them heels that make them legs look so sexy
I told you
Not to wear them heels that say I'm ready come get me
Ay Ay,

They gon get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
They gon get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
They gon get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
They gon get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

Go up to my room, you've been such a, such a bad girl
Such a sexy naughty girl
You know what you doing baby
Go up to my room girl
You've been such a, such a bad girl
Such a sexy naughty girl
(Oooh, oooh)

[J. Cole:]
Yeah, temptations in the whirlwind
We both bad at it
Told myself no more hittin' nigga's girlfriends
That's my old bad habit
Here you go, wearin' that
Already know, what I'm staring at
I mean from top to bottom your body is problem so
Somebody better take care of that
And who
Better than, the nigga in the letterman
When your man ain't home, you can let him in
Late night Letterman
I ain't gon tat-a-tale
Damn your ass bad as hell

That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

I told you not to stare at me like that while I'm performing
I-I-I-I told you
That's that's gon' make us til the early morning

That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
That's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh

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Bei Maejor Trouble Comments
  1. Marty Lemons

    A beautiful song love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Fernanda de Min

    Jsjsjsjjs es nornal que la mayoria de comentarios mencionan el Namjin por su cover? ;-;


  3. RedSox

    I didn’t realize both Bei Major and J Cole would be this sexy in the video I want both of them in my hotel room for Christmas. Just pausing the video @ 2:25 makes me want to melt.

  4. Min Tae Kookie

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not even a soul:
    The comment section: 45% A.R.M.Y
    35% spanish/portuguese people
    20% other

  5. zayno tarik

    My [email protected] 💞💞

  6. Birdie

    Big classic I’m still bumping in 2019

  7. Саша Нэко


  8. Cek Poen


  9. y'all are whores

    Bitch I didn't know they sampled this shit. I like it though

  10. Tttinberwolf ANDRADE JR

    •X Yeah Toonz•X

  11. Су Бин Ли

    PM and Jin
    Oooooooooo myyy
    Father and mother

  12. Jeff Bezos

    it's lucky lucaino son

    Jeff Bezos

    real name lucaino tocura

  13. Eireee17

    This was the cut. Wondered what happened to him musically. He's a cutie to 💛

  14. Min Nayeon

    this is song namjin. plagiatt

  15. mintyoongurt


  16. Алексей Коростелёв

    печаль помогает выйти из депрессии

  17. Алексей Коростелёв

    Ваащщщщеее офигеннннная тема!

  18. _ NJYHJTJ _

    RM & JIN brought me here

  19. Thudas22

    This dude didn’t go nowhere! 😂

  20. Benji Franks

    This was a good time in music, and in life...

  21. La galleta de Jin uwu

    Me gusta más como les quedo el cover a Nam y Jin :^

  22. pArK cHiMnEy

    So Jungkook was made by a cover?? disappointed.

  23. Montiero December

    Abraham mateo gave Austin mahone the gang green from the lord
    Austin mahone said if you died he wouldn't go to the funeral so
    Abraham mateo ruined austin mahones brain
    Jennifer Lopez hair is falling out from abraham mateo Spain texas

  24. Brendaa Garcia

    2019 anyone ?

  25. Carlo Jones


  26. Alexyss

    Namjin anyone 😂

  27. hkzy aor

    I like it still

  28. Min Suga

    Я от Намджинов

  29. FUK U

    IDK how I ended up listening to this. To bad these guys are gay

    Diamond Brown

    FUK U j.cole is a married man with 2 kids.


    his voice more innocent than rm's

  31. Eliza Ruiz

    La de bts se escucha más pervertida por los gemidos de Jin bien sexy

  32. Kim McDaniel

    This song reminds me of this man I like to call bus stop he got me in so much trouble



  34. Ladi Aguilar

    2019??? Anyone???

  35. Jeon Jungkook

    May gawd, NamJin brought me to here 😂

  36. Christy Ann Cormier

    Crowley, Louisiana 70626 337-296-6428. Acadia Parish

  37. MC Rivas

    Why that first chick look like she related to dude!! 🙂🙂

  38. Jesmar Nicole

    i- no puedo creer que namjoon hizo un cover de maejor ali hace años, QUEDE LOCA

  39. joana choquevilca

    2019?? Namjin ??😍😍😍

  40. Christian BigJohn

    Hella late but fucks with it.! Smooth.

  41. Hi I am Duck

    am I the only one who wanted to listen to this song?

  42. Ok Jimin

    N A M J I N

  43. Charles Dorsett

    Sound like Tory Lanez

  44. ლ Lee Hye Ae ლ

    El cover de RM y SeokJin no tiene nada que ver con esto xd
    ¿Esta mal que me guste más la versión de RM y Jin que la canción original? ;-;

  45. ChiLL

    2019 with it !

  46. oYummy- Park

    Perdón,pero el Namjin lo hizo mejor * c va *

  47. LTK. Nova

    Where’s his old songs like “Gone” “She ain’t you”. Why isn’t it on his channel

  48. Nyah Show


    Where y’all at


  49. Aracely AL

    Tu y yo sabemos que nos gustó la versión NamJin..

    ლ Lee Hye Ae ლ

    Como lo supo :O xd

    ლ Lee Hye Ae ლ

    Namjin tus patrones >:D

    Aracely AL

    Asies 💅

  50. Brandice


  51. ¿Podemos Conseguir 1000 Subs Sin Subir Videos?

    n a m j i n brought me here.

  52. mayte - chan

    2019 and Ain asked me why he got more groans and how Jin lent himself to that? (IT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH THE SONG IF NOT WITH THE COVER NAMJIN)

  53. Danny Jones

    Jcole brought me here I don't know who TF them other niggas are

  54. cjay G.

    Still knocks.😎🎤🎼🎵

  55. Min Yoongi

    gIrL iTs gOn gEt iN yOu iN tRoUbLE

    jin at the bg: oOoOOohhHHhhH~

  56. Hailee Miller

    2019 anyone?

  57. Jennie Kim


  58. Nayeli Villanela

    Me gusta más el cover de Nam y Jin que la canción original . Las cosas como son xd

  59. xXxitsvaleriexXx 10

    Jin and rm brought me here I-

  60. Realnigga Turner

    Mtv jams 2012 brought me here .... Highschool years smh 😁

  61. RJ 1993


  62. Deontea Mcneil

    Ouuuuuuuuu Ouuuuuuuu

  63. Dark Night Devil

    Quien esta acá por Namjoon o Seokjin

  64. Tae Tae's Foot

    Namjin brought me here lmao

    Mia Kagura

    Me too 😊
    And they sing/rap it better 🤫🤭

  65. Bts Khan

    Rm and Jin recreated this and the moans at the end is the new National anthem

  66. Danny Jones

    Nobody absolutely nobody brought me here but myself ion know who TF them other dudes are 😂😂😂😂

  67. Alyssa Caporusso

    The namjin is real

  68. Jooh Vitória

    sorry my bae, but u look like miss vanjie out drag

  69. Talia Seays

    My. Lil. Sister. Love. Cole

  70. Nicole Andrea Rivera morales

    En primera vine por el cover namjin y en segundo también por que me gusta la canción original, namjoon hizo un cover pero pidió permiso para cambiar la letra. Creo que la letra original es más explícita mientras la otra solo dice perra y ya xd

  71. honey moon



    Namjin is officially dirty.

  73. Magen Martin

    Damn yo mad memories

  74. Wade Barth

    2k19 !!!

  75. •ItzAbby•

    I highkey prefer Namjoon & Jin’s version

  76. DaFlashlight Clay

    Parasyte anyone?

  77. POtato Are KAWAII

    I think I been watching Trouble from Rm and Jin so much that this came up.

  78. Racoon

    Didnt get it, is this a song or a chord?

  79. Zestii Perfect

    2019 <3

  80. Arianna Cade


  81. Hannah E

    Who listening in 2019

  82. Satelllliiiiiiiteee

    They look related

  83. gIrL_ByE

    So um yeah i was um......brung here from bts and jin was right its gon get you in trouble😂

  84. кιм. ѕαяιи

    Esta es la copia de la vercion. De rm y jin o que no se o esta es la origin???

  85. Bernick Dieguez


  86. Monica Vazquez

    Oh, me quedo con el cover de Jin y Nam. :'o

  87. Mimi Subs

    Well, I'm here bc of Namjin cover. Sincerely, the versions even with the same audio, got a big difference, in the voices, and the sweet moans of Jin.

  88. G mon

    Y donde estan los gmi2 de jin)??

  89. taemin taemin

    Esta chida la rola y todo
    Yo también vengo del namjin cono tu :v

  90. •litzy army Winged•

    Viva el #NAMJIN

  91. -; Lovely ;-

    Aguante el namjin

  92. Sergio Lopez

    Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎉!

  93. Tanisha Reddick

    This is an underrated song

  94. Nicawesome •

    Wasap? So seductive.

  95. Jimin's Jams

    *that moment when you realize that rm and jin didn't make the song trouble*

    Mia Gosh

    Yeah i even I was surprised that it was a cover 😅😂

    Jimin's Jams

    @Mia Gosh 😂😂