Bei Maejor - Trouble (Remix) Lyrics

It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

Face like 10. Shape like 8. And I gotta blow you out
She taste like cake. Wait... Look... It's your birthday...
Well then you shouldn't of left home in the first place...
Came with her friends the designate driver...
And I never met a woman that's so innocent to lie...
Don't know if you believe but you the illest chick alive.
Ya brain tell em sick of it I call it ill advised.
And I love you for your mind...
But I'm afta summthin different...
For I take you any deepper...
Put a mattress on your feelins...
While I'm back here.
Just twisten shes fellin she tease she ain't ready to fuck she loves fuckin with me...

It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

[Trey Songz:]
I told you...
Not to wear them pants
That make yuh ass poke like that.
Real nigga fuck around and stroke like that
I told youuu.
Not to touch right there when I'm driving this car like that
You gon' make a real nigga have a heart attack-
Don't do it no.
Got my eyes on your legs
And my mind on your head
Know what you said-
Buh girl you gon' do it though.
Gon' do it slow
Don't do it fast
See the way you move, your ass in trouble.
But she likes the attention.
Hang around a nigga cause the pussy on lunch-in
She know what I'm about
She know I love her mouth
Cause she don't run her mouth.

It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

[Bei Major:]
Go up to my room, you've been such a, such a bad girl
Such a sexy naughty girl
You know what you doing baby
Go up to my room girl
You've been such a, such a bad girl
Such a sexy naughty girl
(Oooh, oooh)

Oooh ohh look like somebody need a time out
But just in time cause I need something to rhyme bout
Sit in the corner but keep poking that behind out
I put a belt on that ass you'll never get them lines out
I'm too real you can forget what they lying bout
I drop my pants you gon' think they let the lions out rawrr
Somebody cool as bedonkadoodle, blow out suck in
Sound like I'm eating ramen noodles
Hot and heavy I'm sweating profusely
Keep my shades on medusa couldn't seduce me
Hold up and let me turn the camera on
And I'm a put a twist on it like it's m. night shamalyan

[Hook - part:]
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

[J. Cole:]
Yeah, invitations in the whirlwind
We both bad at it
Told myself no more hittin' niggas girlfriends
That's my old bad habit
Here you go, wearing hat
Already know, what I'm staring at
I mean from top to bottom your body is problem so
Somebody better take care of that
And who
Better than, the nigga in the lettermen
When your man ain't home, you can let him in
Late night let em in
I ain't gon tat-a-tale
Damn your ass bad as hell

It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)
It's gon' get you in trouble
(Oooh, oooh)

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Bei Maejor Trouble (Remix) Comments
  1. sarah fairbrother

    Still banging 🔥

  2. Tom Lec

    Crap totally crap song

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    D D D DAMN YO A$$ BaD As hell!!! Uh

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    2019 here

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  7. Ciarra Alexander


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    My song still 🧘‍♀️

  9. Jasmine

    This remix > the original

  10. Nicholette LeBue

    J Cole killed it too

  11. moh69er

    2019 where u at?!

  12. Cesars Santiago

    2019? Song

  13. Teknical Gamer

    I feel like J. Cole should've been given an extra 20 seconds

  14. Antoine JOHNSON

    Wale bodied

  15. gaby

    NamJin tus dioseeeees. <3

  16. Daniela Alvarez


  17. Shadow Bass

    Why doesn't this have more views?

  18. Shawn-Paul

    Love this joint

  19. i eat pears

    Who here for namjin

  20. shawn stafford

    Still bumping this shit in 2018. 👍✌

  21. Chante Moore

    2018 still think it’s good 😩❤️

  22. DJKiKs

    Rosin had the hardest verse

  23. VeganBítchcraft

    This song makes me move instinctively. ;) The original was good, but thissss

  24. Bhanu Singh

    5 year down the line...still dope...this song never gets off my playlist, since the song was released till date..💥🔥🔥▶

  25. Sammara Ferreira

    NAMJIN 💜

    Gizele P


  26. Joshua Jimenez

    anyone heard not a regular person from A BOOGIE

  27. Nicole Ortega

    I love this song it will never get old!!!!

    Antoisia Fletcher

    Nicole Ortega i agree

  28. Sugarbabydoll B

    a bored lady could get U in TROUBLE.....

  29. Francis Sullivan

    This is not better than the original. There are a lot of crazies running loose here saying the remix is better, it's NOT.

  30. katiiee .xOت

    it's insane how much I still love this song

  31. Eric Ford

    I want to be in trouble with Trey...

    Chloe Montgomery

    Eric Ford i see you got a haterrrrr

    Robert Pugh

    Eric Ford you and me both

  32. Nelson Alcala

    trey songs killed it I was expecting t pain to kill it but nah after trey I change the song

  33. Wiiliam Robinson

    Trey verse tho

  34. Keston Turner

    Sick so many vers in this song!!

  35. D Michelle

    T Pain needs to stop

    Trap King Chrome

    D Michelle loool

    zakard aridi

    Stfu t-pain is the best with or without autotune

    katiiee .xOت

    😂😂😂 yessss. I just said this to my bf. I'm like "yeahh corny ass def killed his part for me" lol

  36. Jackie Bae

    Love it better than the original👌

    Wiiliam Robinson

    Way better

  37. oefjoef

    Trey songz <3

  38. Bella Signora

    I hope you are in the studio, because I played this song death! This was sooooo smooth! Nice, fresh, and true. Loved it. More please! Thank you.

  39. Chris Markey

    Straight Fire!

  40. Avera

    We need to bring these kind of songs back! Fuck that dumb nay nay

    Joshua Jimenez

    harken ikr

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    This is what u start Friday night off with.

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    Two thumbs up!

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    At first wale sounds like T.I. For some reason but da remix is way better than da original :)

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    More better? damn, learn some grammar...

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    why didn't he put this out instead of the original..

    Lamaj Cherry

    David Williams because this is the remix

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    i love this song ....

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    Check my version of Trouble remix on my page channel. Hit me up on twitter @Djlouis360

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    better than original 100%

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    t-pain killed it

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    i love this song

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    about time

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    wale was first verse bruh

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    it needs wale

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    haha wtf T-pain killed it how is that possible

  56. Dalin Davika

    how can I download the MP3 ?

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    How does this not have way more views than it already has? This one's better than the original. Everybody who hasn't listened to this is missing out.. seriously.

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    2 dislikes, some people obviously must of thought Justin Bieber was in the remix or something lmfao.

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    this my RNS

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    Its Always The Remix Better Then The Original

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    When People Make A Remix To Songs Its 100 Times Better Then The Original Like This Song

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    please nicki minaj stop folowing me and staring me like that =_= !

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    J Cole WHAT THE FUCK?!! you did NOT go hard on this song, what happened?

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    hott :)

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    Killer remix... I have found the future.

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    and 0 disliking assholes!!!

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    @NIGGAROBERT1 The second part after Wale.

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    Looks like T-pain stepped his rap game up...

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    @EdemVEVO thats cause the original version has been out longer! duh

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    this version is more than better than the original, and only 1.406 viewers? wtf???

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