Bei Maejor - Just A Feelin' Lyrics

Yeah, I can feel it I can feel it.
Use to be so close now I feel like we so distant.
You're telling me its nothing so I'm hoping that I'm trippin.
Hoping that I'm trippin.
Cuz Its really just a feeling that you're seeing someone different.
Girl you got me sippin Rosay bottles I been tippin back to back to back to back.
Now I'm sittin here just wishin.
Sittin thinkin reminiscing. Like you say that you been workin.
Thought you said yall closed at ten but I cant really be certain.
Cause this liquor got me dizzy if there someone girl that isn't, tell me, look me in my eyes, is he someone from the city.
Do you love em do you like em have yall ever gotten busy.
In my bed in OUR bed girl I know I'm moving quickly.
But this feeling stickin with me got my skin feelin so itchy Baby.
If you did this too me then we clipse ain't talkin movies and no rappers I'm just saying what is this?
Can you explain?
Can you tell me where you been?
Girl I'm not gunna ask again Nahhh.

Ah Was it worth it was it worth it?
I know I make mistakes I know I know I wasn't perfect.
but tell me what I did that would make someone deserve this.
Girl I said I'm sorry so lets not bring up the past.
Snatch the mirror off the glass.
When I told you you could go didn't think you'd be so fast.
Vrrooom Gone like you racing got your heels all on the gas.
look I need another shot I cant take it baby tell me.
Lets just keep it real talk me how you really feel.
If you're thinking that its over baby tell me I can take it
Wait I'm lyin so don't tell me that just tell me well be fine,
If you cant don't say nothin girl just leave it in my mind
Cause the more I think about it don't know what Id do without it
Girl its really just a feeling really just a feeling
part of me is hoping other half is been concealing so this ain't really my style
but I need to hear you need me girl the way you hesitating girl got me feeling like a G. BY CJ Salazar

Its Really just a feelin.. So I'm hopin that I'm tripin..

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Bei Maejor Just A Feelin' Comments
  1. Mofo Shots

    I remember when this dropped..euphoria

  2. Javier medina

    I miss the vibe this gave me when I first heard this this kid was a problem 🤯

    Modmon !

    Javier medina this tape aged well

  3. Moonlight Numxaboo

    What is the sample?

  4. The Lorax

    Woke up this morning and this song was in my head, so weird bc I haven’t heard it in like five years

  5. Brian Gates

    Still relevant

  6. th vocals tv

    Ive got the feeling from all my old flexes and i got the hell away everytime it never fail..thanks for this song jukebox boy..this shit helped me stop blaiming myself..on guilt trips..the blames on both need to split the difference...

  7. Chepkwony Chesiyna

    best song for today

  8. Adrian De la Cruz

    Jennie 😏💕