Bei Maejor - Bundle Of Joy Lyrics


[Verse 1:]
You Call Me At Work, So I Know You Got A Something To Say.
Well Hurry Up, I Only Got A Few Minutes Left On My Lunch Break.
You Take A Deep Breath, Then Say I Don't' Know If You're' Ready.
I Said Your My Girl, So We Both Know You Better Tell Me.
She Said Weve' Been Together For So Long.
In Thinking In My Head, What Has This Women Done Wrong.
The Phone, It went Quiet. I Screamed Out Come On.
She Said, We Are Going To Be A Little Family.
Congratulations Baby You're' Going To Be A Daddy.

Do You Mean What Think You Mean [?]
She Said Yeah, Were Having A Baby (Yes)
And I Couldnt' Be More Excited.
I Said Do You Know What This Means To Me To Hear You Say That You're' Having My Baby.
(Yeah) And I Wouldn't' Wanna Share This Joy With Anyone But You.

[Verse 2:]
I Can't' Believe I'm Going To Be A Dad, Going To Give My Kid What iNever Had.
Never Walk Out The Door On His Mother, Cause I Love Ya.
It's' Going To Take 9 Months To Make It. But A Lifetime Of Raising.
Oooh This Is Such A Blessing, A Little Piece Of Love From The Heavens.
I Pray The Doctor Says That All Is Good I Swear We Going Move Out This Hood Girl.
Tell Your People That I Got Us And That's' A Promise.

So Girl Weve' Been Together For So Long.
Every Trial Weve' Been Through Has Made Us So Strong I'm So Sure, I Know You'll' Be The Worlds Best Mom.
I Know You Will Hold Up Baby This Is Real.


[Verse 3:]
You See Straight Up, It's Liek Chance Of A Lifetime.
Probably Won't' Sleep Much In The Nighttime.
But It's' Cool Cause We Added On The Lifeline.
I'm So Lucky The Light Shinned On You.
From The Moment I Seen You I Knew There Was Something Different.
Always Knew That You'b Be The One Id' Have My Kids With.
Now It's Al Coming True.
Baby It's So Beautiful.
Having A Baby.
Wouldn't' Want To Share This Joy With Anyone But You.

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Bei Maejor Bundle Of Joy Comments
  1. Estrella Verbeck

    I really love this song.....

    Quinten Layden

    Estrella Verbeck same this song is amazing

  2. JAC671

    2019 and still a banger

  3. Sasuke Uchiha


  4. John Barry

    2018 and bei maejor still goin strong

  5. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    Congrats! Okay, best wishes!

  6. Yrvin Sanchez

    I don't have any kids or wanted kids but i'm glad someone feels the same way i feel about when i have my first child.

  7. Leo Palacios

    Jan 08 2018 ❤❤❤❤❤

    preston dunlap

    Leo Palacios bro i was in my feelings like i was 25 when i was in the 10th grade bumping this 😂😂 still get the feels 💯

  8. eeeVeee

    All these little hoes happy cus they got dik down lmao

  9. Sarah Grande'

    omgg so sweet and awww so cute ♡

  10. brendenmaejor

    @rami416 yes there is. 

  11. rami416

    Is there an instrumental

    NaturallyKoily Kuteness

    @rami416 Its really Beyoncé's song...If I Were a Boy....if you remember that's what the melody of this song is from.

  12. Asierramoore

    Great beat and lovely voice.

  13. OfficialJayvill

    I just showed my ex this ha

  14. Jasemine akra

    this song made me smile

  15. mariolopez993

    Cnt wait to b a dad! :) soon wit my gf :)

  16. LLeweLyn Cabugao

    i aLways pLay This sonG when i WAS preGnant

    Tyrone Blocker

    wHat diD You sAy?

  17. Baby Boo

    Im 22 and no kid, yet this song puts me in a good mood(:


    What about now?

    Baby Boo

    Still no kids and already gonna be 25


    This is a good song though. You're awesome for replying back.

    Gustavo Hernandez

    How about now ?

  18. Jasmin Vera

    Love This Song !<3 Ready For My Baby Girl To Be Here Already ! I'm Due On January 15, 2014 .<3 So Close !<3

  19. Terry Siriphone

    How is he glamorizing ten pregnancy. Its sharing a beautiful story. He's not saying go out and get pregnant. People these days. I'm 26 and relate to this song like and art not advertising getting pregnant

  20. David little

    I don't think the glamorizes teen pregnancy, the way I see it is that he & his girlfriend have been together for years & are prolly around the age 22 (came to mind) and they're starting a family.

  21. Marybeth S

    This song is so cute.. but songs like this "glamorize" teen pregnancy. Teenagers listen to Bei, so it seems like he's encouraging it. I know its just a song, but still. Still a fan tho :)

  22. Astrid Ramirez

    what is wrong with you ? Your barley 12 enjoy your life take it slow !

  23. Mireya Rangel

    My little gurl Was Born in
    O 8 - 2 1 - 2 O 1 3
    And I Love her
    My babydaddy is Such a perfect daddy Bht iM 16 And iM learning To Be a mommie For My Beautiful Little gurl ♡♥♡♥
    My nena is
    Yareli Mireya ♡♥♡♥♡♥
    Ari Rangel ♥♡♥♡♥♡
    My Babydday is
    Salvador ♡♥♡♥♡♥
    ILove My Little Family ♥.

  24. amyah hawkins


  25. MrBroosh

    hope you had a healthy delivery!

  26. Dee Dee

    Your only 12!!! focus on ya education hun

  27. olivia Gee

    I would of haded my baby on 2/22/13

  28. Lxe K

    Awww i love this song, its gets me really emotional. I told my boyfriend to listen to it and he said "Baby, i want a baby!" i was like awwwww! <3 lol

  29. Giselle Castillo

    10-05-12 3c;

  30. Lala Xiongg

    This song omfg t^,^t

  31. Jocelyn Navarrete

    that nice hope u keep it up with the baby and take good care of it :)

  32. Jocelyn Navarrete

    i love this song thinking of my cuzin lol she is like 7 months i cant wait till see the baby boy :)

  33. Aknica Ramos

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Just yesterday October 17, 2012 I found out I was pregnant! Im soo happy and so is my boyfriend. He is more excited than I am. God blessed us with a gift from heaven. <3

  34. DAminecraftMAGIC

    soooo... how many girlz r here?

  35. Tiffany Ann

    I love this song! <3

  36. Embryoniic


  37. mo Has

    Lovely song.