Behemoth - Wolves Guard My Coffin Lyrics

Delightful night...
When the fullmoon lights cemetery's valley
Winds of frost strike my tomb
When I am in eternal sleep
When wild storms dwell
Wind blows through the Baltic
Instincts unleash the war inside
And strike the sky with holocausthunder
Mountains sleep, the forest
Covers freezing land where I was born
Now I walk among the castles
Watch the streams of frozen tears
Spilled with blood of forefathers
Nightbreeze feed my spiritual form
And spirits gather, floating in the mist
My eastern empires spread wings of winter
Visions of destructions ruin and tragedies
Tasting pure sin, fade into the pit
And walk through my beloved, endless woods...
I summon all the beauty Evil
To rape the bodies of your disciples
Too long I hide in shades of woods...
And now I build my beauty Hall
Wallachian tyrant, I bring a winter
I come with frost and burning hate!
Follow the Gods of Eastern Lands
Being the battle which blows the earth

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Behemoth Wolves Guard My Coffin Comments
  1. José Juan Muñoz

    BM Behemoth is awesome but brings nothing new to the table, on the other hand; as DM they created their own sound and made themselves a top band in the genre

  2. Smoke x

    They were really good at black metal, I didn't even know that.

  3. Zita Bložienė

    Delightful night
    When the full moon lights cemetery's valley
    Winds of frost strike my tomb
    When I am in eternal sleep
    When wild storms dwell
    Wind blows through the Baltic
    Instincts unleash the war inside
    And strike the sky with Holocaust thunder
    Mountains sleep, the forest
    Covers freezing land where I was born
    Now I walk among the castles
    Watch the streams of frozen tears
    Spilled with blood of forefathers
    Night breeze feed my spiritual form
    And spirits gather, floating in the mist
    My eastern empires spread wings of winter
    Visions of destruction's ruin and tragedies
    Tasting pure sin, fade into the pit
    And walk through my beloved, endless woods
    I summon all the beauty Evil
    To rape the bodies of your disciples
    Too long I hide in shades of woods
    And now I build my beauty Hall
    Wallachian tyrant, I bring a winter
    I come with frost and burning hate!
    Follow the gods of eastern lands
    Being the battle which blows the earth

  4. Mindgrapher

    Mine too

  5. Oscar Santiago Vanegas Perez

    No puedo creer como nergal cambió su forma de cantar y se pulió tanto escuchandolo en 2019 🤘🤘

  6. RetroDeath Reviews

    3:14 - 4:05

    And there you have it, folks. A moment that you'd never get in newer Behemoth. Although I love both of their styles, this one CRUSHES in atmosphere.

    Mr. Wen \m/

    It isn't even EVIL or BRVTAL, it's just good...

  7. Jan Lemuz

    Cuando todavía era behemoth

  8. Enki

    not saying its bad but it sounds like weird BURZUM cover band

    Jakub Zdzienicki

    The song structure and drumming is completely different from Burzum.

  9. devoured6by6humans6

    Thanks be to satan that they got out of that cringy 90s black metal shrieky shit.

  10. RetroDeath Reviews

    I prefer their earlier more black metal sound, but I love both styles. They're fucking amazing.

    Post Mortem

    Looking at all these comments here saying new behemoth is not as good and complaining, got to this comment and found that I'm not alone thinking Behemoth is great in both black and death metal. (but also for me I prefer black) Hails!

  11. Erick Alvarez

    Stop saying that old Behemoth is better than new Behemoth. Both are good. When will be the day that I don't find any comment from 'metalheads' about any song, any album, any band, or any other shit is better than other. That's simply bullshit.

    n n

    "Stop saying that old Behemoth is better than new Behemoth." But it it. This has atmosphere and spirit, the new stuff is sterile and antiseptic. you can like new stuff, but you liking it isn't gospel for the rest of us.

  12. Nigger Faggot

    Old Behemoth best behemoth


    666 Likes :D

  14. Gjallmundr

    Black Metal Behemoth was great but now Death Metal or Blackened Death metal Behemoth is good but not great

    kevin panduro vivar

    feels more comercial isnt?

  15. William the Conqueror

    Too bad they switched to Death

    Toaster Robot


    Jakub Zdzienicki

    Black Berserker  Not anymore tho, they've reached their peak with the Satanist, so far the new tracks are shit

    M. W.

    . The first four albums are the best. After 1999 they just became a generic death metal band.

  16. yous think this is cool and its nice song you are wrong just know hell is i been there and its not a good place to be in you gonna be toucher everyday 24/7 and there maggots never dies and the fire never turns off so think about that how you going be when yous is there? thats pain for life


    Maybe it was a production of ur head, and theres no hell or heaven.
    Theres only god and his love in us
    ofc. theres lucifer too


    lol, what drugs are you on?


    its madness

    Elmo Crider

    Yet your cover photo has u with a cig in hand. So much for not damaging the temple

  17. Warpath

    why would you turn into a retarded bring me the horizon cover band after once producing music of this calibre. using legacy to feed junk music and poofy merchandise to new generation. this 'evolution' is a disgrace to every fan or member of this so called band.

    Ritual Sounds

    +Warpath omg you are cult as fuck

    Toaster Robot

    Youre the real poser here

    Cosmic Soup

    What a necrolord you are.

    Cosmic Soup

    Are you one of those guys who thinks Mayhem stayed in relative obscurity because they were just too elite to get any bigger?


    Warpath Go fucking slit your throat you elitist piece of fuck shit.

  18. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    back when they kicked hella ass

    Lil Tito

    @Christopher Fish They still do IMO

  19. Gore Crown

    Behemoth are great, you shouldn't be arguing about wich of you loves them more, but you should be sharing their music and making the word of metal greater every day!

  20. 30billyclementine

    congratulations u can spell.
    "wooo everybody look at me im a true fan" get over yourself.
    i like all the stuff myself but snobs like you would not consider me a true fan cos i dont have long hair and have the same look i had wen i was 15 cos im scared if i change now that would prove i was wrong complex.

  21. raul vasquez

    ah the black metal sound

  22. Евгений Ванчугов

    Oh fucking hell ! This is realy true black metal \m/

  23. Windstorm

    I love This song , i love this album and i FUCKING LOVE BEHEMOTH <3

  24. Fuelled by Hate

    Soooo happy Nergal changed his vocal style. Not digging it.

  25. jean-sebastien belisle

    I suggest that you buy demonica and chaotica on amazon, there both a compilation of the old behemoth in two double cd's. Happy listening to the blackest of the black. Hail Behemoth!!!

  26. breezizzle

    Haven't heard all their old stuff but 'fields of haar megido' is good I reckon

  27. QuietHero

    ive seen a behemoth cd at the local extreme music store and it has a different cover than this...does this album have multiple covers

  28. darkKyrios13

    Ah yes, Young Nergal. \m/

  29. 30billyclementine

    fukin fukin FUKIN yeeeaaawsss

  30. rockntroopen

    wow i didnt knew that behemoth was that kvlt....

  31. Félix

    this sounds much more like black metal. holy shit! tis good also

  32. Venantius

    That album sucks so bad that it's not even an acceptable change. It was a commercial change so the band could sell out. That album was Industrial Metal..

    Varits Vq

    I'm so confused

  33. Tooner5003

    The old stuff and new stuff by Behemoth is tight.

  34. tim gray

    i remember seeing them perform one of their last black metal shows. the year after they were death metal crap and played with fucking despised icon...........

    dylan hook

    I loved despised icon (guilty pleasure)

  35. Petter Olsen

    hey thumps up if u like the old behomoth better
    fuk the new album

  36. Konrad Sharon

    finaly someone that is sane i think the same!! you actually took the words right out of my mouth!! and the same with the NEW morbid angel album!!! is maby not "oldschool death metal" but is so high quality album and great i think

  37. i_k_n

    From the pagan vastlands

  38. Biake22

    what is behemoth's best black metal song? before they went death

    Jakub Zdzienicki

    This and Grom

  39. bloopyist

    Trigger-depency is fucking weak, not "heavy as Hell".

  40. Martin Giguère

    I don't get why T.B.M. fanboys have against the change of Behemoth, I mean , they went from true black metal with the dirty(awesome) sound to a Blackened/Death Metal technically awesome & stuff , i mean they didn't change for pop or something :P

  41. Matt /Walt

    thank god the production value evolved too

  42. Josue rodriguez

    Lol these Vocals do sound like shit. Nergals voice is much better now.

  43. MetalMateen

    change is good unless you make some ridiculous change like from metal to pop (cough Metallica)

  44. Jacob Mariani

    Very Well Said man i said the same thing about morbid angel

  45. Tyler Newstead

    @ericwilbert Preach on!

  46. kamijo666

    I love the new behemoth stuff, but this one is crazily orgasmic! Old stuff BANZAI!!

  47. Dansoi Lasam

    Good old days of Behemoth. Be it old or new Behemoth, it's still Behemoth!

  48. Zach Potter

    Damn, good ole black metal.

  49. rober639

    incredible song behemoth the best

  50. xXkaimeratechxX

    Does anybody know what tuning this song is in?

  51. Sexy Rexxy

    @AtheistFarmer thank you for supporting both sides Ov the Legendary band that is Behemoth.

  52. 30billyclementine

    is rite mate, often when a band changes its because they have "sold out" but sometimes thats not the case, if a band is doing what comes natrualy too them as behemoth obviosly are then nobody has the rite to critisize them.

  53. B H

    @ericwilbert I don't have a problem with bands changing style either, but when they change style to pander to a wider audience for the sake of making money, or water down their style, making them less heavy, controversial etc., it also pisses me off.

  54. rolly_g

    @rolingajayalday Im going to go hear this whole album RIGHT now.Long time since i have heard this

  55. shockofhyperbole

    @wrarwimadragon The only singer Behemoth ever had is Nergal.

  56. wrarwimadragon

    I think they got a different singer at some point.

  57. Truman Bartram

    @Gsidez10 Very respectable man. \m/

  58. shockofhyperbole

    @666deathghost Bolt Thrower is death metal last time I checked.

  59. sglasspool

    @TheMightyWet Yes, but you can't continue doing that if you want to make it on any sort of level outside of the trv kvlt black metal circles.

  60. Worst Than Hitler

    Holy fuck this is awesome! Much respect, long live nergal leukemia lost!

  61. TheMightyWet

    @sglasspool some bands record in poor quality beacause they want that athmosphere in their music

  62. Nihilfist

    God I hate their death metal material, but this is just bloody amazing.

  63. Ian Bucklowe

    I now have a head ache >_>

  64. sglasspool

    @GesiorSB Yeah, I fucked up on the communist thing. You missed the point of the last post though. The point was that the album (as well as almost all early black metal) sounds this way because it was recored on poor, shitty equipment.

  65. Gezzior

    wtf are you talking about?! communism in Poland ended in 1989, this album was released in 1995, so where the fuck was communism in 1995? you should better shut up and don't interest in history of Poland.

  66. ferdin12

    Marduk isnt bad either

  67. Mathias Haugan

    @turgore lol, burzum are not the first ones lol, its venom, and no its not burzum-music, this is way better then it is today, even tho they are great today

  68. First Last

    The instrumentals are fantastic, I just can't get grooving with the vocals, sadly. I will admit, I like these vocals more than other Black Metal bands. I am starting to get into Behemoth's newer stuff (Late 1990's and on) so I may end up liking this eventually...

  69. turgore

    I'm glad they moved away from this Burzum-esque music. Now they are one of the best death metal bands. It is very different but very good.

  70. sglasspool

    This is a neat blast from the past, but they could have never survived if they tried to stay with this sound. Black metal bands today that try to sound like this really just seem like they're trying way to hard to sound under produced. It wasn't an asthetic, it was having shitty recording equipment in communist Poland.

  71. ericwilbert

    It's really low for people to bash bands that change. Honestly, i like the way Behemoth changed. They're still heavy as hell, and they play their old stuff live as well! Just because bands "change" (i call it evolving) doesn't mean they suck. In actuality, if bands stayed the same, those fans that bash them for changing would bash them for playing the same stuff album after album. No one's ever satisfied, and it's kind of sad. This is just my observation of what I've seen of people and music lol

  72. metali10

    great track!

  73. Denver Fernandes

    @Skip775 u hav no idea wat u jst said.....

  74. Avarakedavra

    HAHAHA, Haven't heard this song in forever. My ex used to have this on a blackmetal playlist before bed and this song would always make me jolt awake. Sigh... \m/ Love it though. \m/

  75. specialchoch90

    @wintersunmetalhead Yeah Hipsters rule \m/\m/ >.<

    Stay Fucking Metal!!!

  76. David

    @Skip775 You're right, this version lets new behemoth down.

  77. Schairidan Eikemo

    I really do love this, but I can respect them wanting to try their own sound. This does sound like a lot of SBM bands, and just as good as what is up North. It's just nice to know that they do go back to their roots live in concert.
    Good song|m/

  78. InfernalNightlord

    @SHNetnis No,i mean when they turned into Death Metal,Its not bad music,but i prefer their old Black Metal stuff !

  79. noe rojas

    I can't believe how much Behemoths style has changed

  80. gutsfucking

    Dzieci Sventevitha nienawidzą boga krzyża!

  81. 5654ng2b2n22f6jmf3632g4

    yes, he's the leader, so he will always be part of behemoth.

  82. Ofir Neumann

    133 against 2... that will be an easy fight :D

  83. Profanum

    behemoth old and new i like =D

  84. ih8makinusernames

    This was back when /behemtoh truly could be called black metal. amazing how far they have come.

  85. Yomagnt'ho

    @TheEddyMetal On a side note about BMTH, I actually thought their frontman was a crack addicted woman first time I saw him.

    But Behemoth never released a bad album, just their black metal releases are the gems of the horde.

  86. demonfox231

    man im glad i got the special edition to this album go choatica there 1 of there best albums

  87. Sqorm1349

    i enjoy old behemoth just as much as new behemoth its like listening to two different bands equaliy as talented but in different genres

  88. EpsilonX


    job for a cowboy aren't pushing the genre forward, they're just turning into death metal, but not good death metal. they're not skilled enough to make death metal.

    and bring me the horizon are ruining metal, simply put.

  89. TheEddyMetal

    JFAC isn't pushing the genre forward. They just stole their style from Suffocation.

    BMTH. What's good about them? Instrumentally and vocally they suck.

  90. TheEddyMetal

    I agree with you 100%. Sub-subs I have no favorite. Way too many for me to put in the time trying to figure out what I like more :P

  91. Gsidez10

    Well, although i love black and death, i honestly wouldent compare them. Both are amazing, but for different reasons. the emotions that death metal and black metal trigger for me are vastly different. for me, the best sub-sub genres for each are ambient/depressive black and techincal death, because i think they best represent what each genre is (to me of course).

  92. EpsilonX


    hmm.. i honestly don't know what i was trying to say there. i just don't really dig death metal

  93. TheEddyMetal

    Black metal rarely has singing in it, so I don't understand your reasoning there. Almost all metal besides metalcore and shitty bands are dynamic.... But w/e I guess.

  94. EpsilonX

    somewhat uninteresting, and lacking dynamic. Plus, I prefer actual singing. (i don't have a problem with growling, i just like my music to have singing in it.)

  95. EpsilonX

    well i never said it was good, but i listened to a lot of different types of music then. i now think bmth are awful, and i hope oli loses his voice and never regains it, or takes a vow of silence or something.

    anyways, i've also heard some hate eternal, suffocation, cephalic carnage, dying fetus...kinda stuff. it's just not my thing anymore. i'm not searching for heavy music, i'm searching for interesting enjoyable music. Black metal strikes me as interesting, but i find death metal to be

  96. TheEddyMetal

    I love Death. Deathcore isn't death metal. I like some deathcore, but the mainstream like Job for a Cowboy, BMTH, and Whitechapel just suck ass.

    Carcass has many similarities to Death, even though they're usually associated more with Grindcore than Death metal. I would check em out if I were you.

  97. EpsilonX


    well i used to listen to a lot of opeth cynic cryptopsy morbid angel cannibal corpse death well as deathcore like job for a cowboy and bring me the horizon. i just don't like any of it anymore. i still like death though, for some reason.

  98. TheEddyMetal

    I do agree with that though. I do listen to what sounds good, not what's necessarily difficult to play, but simplicity often doesn't hold up to technicality in terms of how good it sounds, at least imo.

    I doubt you've listened to much death metal if you say you don't like it. Death metal is incredibly diverse. An open mind. It's a good thing to have.

  99. EpsilonX


    well, in my opinion, death metal is a bunch of technicality and effort put in but doesn't get a good result. black metal is simple, and enjoyable to listen to. I don't listen to music thinking "oh this song is so hard to play, it's awesome." i think "this song sounds so good, it's awesome" i personally don't think most death metal sounds good, and thus, black metal is 100 times better to me. for example, the song transylvanian hunger. simple, yet very effective.

  100. TheEddyMetal

    To you, but to anyone who prefers musicians playing more challenging music, no, and this is coming from a guy who likes every subgenre of metal, except metalcore. I love black metal, but it has nothing on death metal; however I do prefer behemoth's straight up Black metal to their blackened death metal. I find that to be plain terrible.