Behemoth - Transylvanian Forest Lyrics

Pure paganism I worship in the woods
Forest's mountains never saw by human eye
Kingdom of the ancient and horned evil
Covered by golden wood and black thorns
My armor like a bark of old oak
I rape my wounds and blood flows down to the ground

Covered by the snow naked crowns of trees
Like crying mothers Slavonic worshippers
Pagan warriors hide in frozen wood
Like black statues born in the heart of winterevil
Ride on the thunders and moonstorms
Where the land is open for full witching moon

Mouth kiss the leaves fallen in the past
Fingers touch the frozen land
Pagan fears fall down on icy skin
Wild eyes filled with dark-red blood
Are staring into depths of virgin forest
Where my grave on unholy land

Covered by the snow...

Winds carry me through Transylvania
Virgin evil hidden in the blackest heart
I joined the ceremony of wolves
Where unsilent gods sit high on their goathrones
Now the majesty is ready for pure holocaust
The feast of Babylon whore and her wolf

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Behemoth Transylvanian Forest Comments
  1. ppnats

    At 2:15
    I can see Abbath listening and saying... this js a good riff to start a song.
    And then withstand the falls of time was done

  2. cooct baddo

    Oh brutal master!

  3. Metallicskull

    the crows in the beginning remind me of Tim Burton! also, they have changed so much since the 90s

  4. 17bomb

    The lyrics sound good

  5. Nicolas Sepulveda

  6. Godspeed

    The Drums are perfect.

  7. Toaster Robot

    Drums way to loud

    Gino Daly

    Black Berserker shut the fuck up

  8. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  9. Evelise Bansen

    old behemoth ❤

    Toaster Robot

    Behemoth ❤

    Gonzalo Gordillo coronado

    The old behemoth was excellent

  10. AndreZ

    genial papux

  11. ikiwyu

    Considering the fact that this is the final track on the album the drummer sounds really tired. The rest of the drumming on Storm Near The Baltic sounds fine to me but this track sounds somewhat out of sync.

    Toaster Robot

    Especially at 2:35

    cooct baddo

    You think they recorded all the songs in one day on exact order?

  12. Vojtech Vigh

    This is TRUE BEHEMOTH !!!

    Toaster Robot

    Fuck off with that

  13. Venantius

    Y makes it so much better and evil

  14. some1fat

    transilvania is the correct spelling

  15. Sternmayer

    chuj z tym

  16. Tyler Nall

    It's just tuned higher. They generally do that for thrash, hardcore punk..etc

  17. skodatigris

    old behemoth > new behemoth

  18. Kupson RWP

    kurwa nic nie rozumiem...

    Norweski Metal

    tu nie trzeba rozumieć trzeba to czuć

  19. Arak Drakoniz

    Is the drummer using a congo drum instead of a snare?

    Toaster Robot

    Washing machine drums (not mine joke)

    Muamer Mešić

    Arak Drakoniz lol

  20. Diar DZ

    @SitocawithSorento I agree , drums sound almost exactly like call of the wintermoon , and the song itself a little..

  21. Tiborka666

    @bbeboutuaa Transilvania is in romanian:) in english the "y" is for to say it correctly! Oh and it means through the woods!

  22. JOSEPH-K1995

    @TheSethSon thanks

  23. Jaime

    @JAMMA68 1995

    john jester

    Darkarts 94' tam masz :)