Behemoth - The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) Lyrics

Darkness spread its dark wings
Whispers of woods were growing
With every moment
I felt them paying enormous tributes
Powers, which were still alive at night
In the battle of light with dark earth
Spirits of their own nature fight proudly
Live by my side, feed young heart of mine
But I cannot ever see them
I don't know her powers, but I know it's great!
Loves, gives birth, kills - it's powerful!
She raises beautiful monuments by the Baltic
Lives when I sleep and lives in me...
At night raises over dreaming forests
She awakes Gods and Goddesses, unsilently
The night cock she is, whispers wolfish spells
The chants of bard she knows and hums them
Goblins of oaks and denizes of darkness
Bathed in the wine of a delightfull night...
And lives there, but dies at dawn ...
Dies in me with barbarous voice.
The dark forest enchant me!

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Behemoth The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) Comments
  1. Grishnackh

    times when behemoth do black metal.

  2. Jason Good

    🤘💀🤘 being buried in my Behemoth shirt

  3. Emrah Uncu

    Wow, that transition from a black metal song to a King Diamond song!

  4. Demonizer Necrokvlt

    This is the real Behemoth, not the trendy homosexual le epique satun Heshemoth


    People would take you more seriously if you weren't a homophobic asshole.

  5. Arturo Castillo

    Bands like behemoth are just eternal the old records sound like medieval evil and the new ones sound like satan diging in your brain . Fucking awesome.
    Behemoth rules!!!!

  6. RetroDeath Reviews

    one of the most beautiful acoustic riffs ever

  7. Peter

    Ale o co chodzi

  8. #Tiu Dollynho

    You can not record your vocals in the expensive bathroom.

  9. Michał Siatkowski

    Tam Doda śpiewa? : - ) pzdr \m/

  10. Patrick William

    Dark Medieval Times is better (just sayin) this album is great too

  11. Sigurd kylla

    old gold

  12. Agustin Garcia

    in the next album they should remake the dark forest cast me your spell

  13. Edd Briz

    @Daniel Jaime , Ya oiste !

  14. DsiakMondala

    Omg this intro. fuck yeah

  15. alchemy x

    Also, anyone who is commenting on videos like this and taking the ability to reply off so they don't have to DEFEND their position shouldn't fucking comment. If you have something to say, and don't wanna hear shit for it, maybe you should just not say anything, like KingNurk. Don't talk about things if you don't know a fucking thing about them. Morons. 

  16. alchemy x

    What kind of SICK FUCK would dislike this?! Fuck those assholes! IMPALEMENT TO ANYONE WHO WOULD DISLIKE BEHEMOTH! \m/

    Willem Dafuck?

    Damn straight.

  17. GothKitty96

    This song is FUCKING AWESOME

  18. Something Dreadful

    Did it ever occur to anybody that music is a subjective concept without any hard and fast rules about what is and is not good? It's all in the ear of the hearer.

  19. ax.desroches

    but behemoths are good ! the evolution after each album is amazing !

  20. Serpentina Dahlhaus

    You must not be familiar with black metal. This shit is amazing.

  21. 666inches

    This style of music is more boring than their new sound. Its okay because bands evolve and get better over time.

    RetroDeath Reviews

    I think you spelled beautiful wrong.

  22. Camilo Moya Official YouTube Channel

    pff you're crazy man

  23. waratthewarfield

    actually it´s the other way around... you don´t see fenriz as a judge for pop-singing show XD or headline comercial shit like ozzfest... nevertheless, i enjoy Behemoth very much, current and old, and their live shows are of the best i´v ever seen.

  24. waratthewarfield


  25. 69MetalDrummer

    FUCK no!! I am a fan of older shit!! From is the FUCKING SHIT legendary black metal here! You deserve to be fucking cast into the Dark Forest, you weak fuck!!


    69MetalDrummer amen

  26. RaaaawrProductions

    New behemoth is better you fools! xD


    RaaaawrProductions No

  27. kingplutoxiao1

    No black metal/Viking Metal lyrics.

  28. kingplutoxiao1

    Thats because black metal is the darkest form of metal.

  29. ElektrykFlaaj

    greatest behemoth's song for me \m/

  30. duderock009

    its better than anything mayhem , burzum and darkthrone ever put out.


    Lol kill yourself for that shit you wrote.

  31. Logan Brown

    @KingNurk No relation to your comment but I FUCKING LOVE ARCH ENEMY

  32. Lord Moss

    @ShaolinDynasty fucken aye

  33. Core703

    i fuckin' love tis album

  34. Vastonik

    lol these lyrics are about goblins and quests and magic. power metal lyrics

    Patrick William

    Vastonik so are the lyrics of Satyricon, Burzum, Summoning. Tbh most black metal is basically a lo-fi lord of the rings metal opera

  35. Diego Duarte

    old school black metal is better than the new one

    Tom Millard

    There newer stuff is good but this kind of back metal will always be the best

  36. Armando Santana

    This is amazing black metal. I wish Nergal would do some of this live.

  37. bloodshot557

    love those vocals

  38. themetalreview180

    @iloveursis Lol I like both but thats because I cant say no to good metal! New stuffs more accesable (sp?) but thats not to say its bad!

  39. iloveursis

    its better than the new stuff

  40. Nevadatyler13

    They are more tech death

  41. themetalreview180

    @Nevadatyler13 Look up The Faceless (its debateable if they are deathcore though)...they can acctually play the music and its not boring repetative down tuning

  42. Nevadatyler13

    COF is not bad I only like 2 songs by them lol....And yeah I have yet to hear a deathcore band\song that is any good

  43. themetalreview180

    @AngelofDeath889 Lol theres one good deathcore band (and its border line deathcore to death metal because they dont do but like 2 breakdowns an album) and thats The Faceless

  44. themetalreview180

    @VisionAndTheVoice I would say that they are alot of everything (goth, black, death, symphonic [not really a genre])
    wikipedia describes them as extreme metal
    but if you dont like them then high five haha

  45. themetalreview180

    @Nevadatyler13 O for not really satanic black metal try Immortal they are more twords mytics and stuff...or from what ive heard of them especcially "At the Heart of Winter"
    and metalcore isnt very good lol

  46. Nevadatyler13

    COF are called allot of things I just say black metal cuz its easyer haha....I dont mind black metal as long as its not satenest or Anti-Christ..Metalcore is okay not great but okay..Deathcore sucks I heard the band Suicide Silence and that got me away from deathcore for good nothing but noise

  47. themetalreview180

    @Nevadatyler13 COF isnt black metal its goth metal haha im technical i guess
    and i wish you said deathcore and metalcore....

  48. Nevadatyler13

    No I am not a fan of black metal..The only black metal band I think is okay is Cradle Of Filth..Black Metal and Deathcore are my least favorite kind of music

  49. themetalreview180

    @MetalHeadFilipeG96 Yeahhahahahh

  50. themetalreview180

    @Nevadatyler13 O im suprised
    do hyou like black metal?

  51. Nevadatyler13

    Ehh they are not my style

  52. themetalreview180

    @DeadThreadGhost Cool i really like the sound as well!

  53. Filipe Gomes

    ya, but they werent the best of all thats what im saying, still theyre one of the best for sure, and i prefer their death metal style now than their black metal one, but they have always been amazing

  54. themetalreview180

    @MetalHeadFilipeG96 Well when they were black metal they were still one of the best black metal bands
    up their with Mayhem and Emperor

  55. Filipe Gomes

    not THE best but damn close to it

  56. themetalreview180

    @arrestedshrimp SIIIIIII senor

  57. themetalreview180

    @DougHittTV eahsy

  58. themetalreview180

    @MetalHeadFilipeG96 Behemoth was best all the times hahaha

  59. Filipe Gomes

    Behemoth are better now, but their black metal days were awesome too, theyre one of the ebst bands ever in both black and death metal