Behemoth - Satanas Lyrics

On fire of darkness
rise a scream of hate
Sathanas want vomit
on son of God's face
your eyes have wrath
and promising a slaughter
the angels of Lucifer
are ready to destroy


Sathanas revenge's started
and the heaven is burning
God angels are deads
and the survivors are praying
the sacred cross is breacked
and demons are smiling
because your lord Sathanas
raped the mother of false


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  1. Good Mourning Black Friday

    2:15 Is so epic

  2. james melton

    just dial archeael if you dare

  3. james melton

    fuk you lucifer I want my life back

  4. RealMetalGaming

    The song is about how the seeds of doubt that have been planted since time immemorial, with allusions to John Milton's Paradise Lost. How this music video relates to that I haven't figured out yet. Perhaps it's a representation of how the elite are trying to silence "doubt", but that's a bit shaky as the song portrays the concept of Doubt and Rebellion as an ancient unstoppable force. If the girl in the video somehow represents that then it doesn't really make sense why she is so timid and afraid. Perhaps the video is a critique on Sin? The whole point of Satan in Paradise Lost is to be a tragic example of how rebelliousness can be taken too far. Perhaps the faceless people represent the Sinners? The girl represents the Sinless. Just like in Paradise Lost, Satan loses the Angelic War, so he descends upon the newly created Earth God has created and introduces sin in the Garden of Eden. The chess could be representative of this. How an angry Satan loses his battle against God so he takes his vengeance on his creation, corrupting man with Sin. It goes even deeper with symbolism. Why is the Sinless person portrayed as Ugly? Is because Nergal finds the concept of living life free of sin ugly? Then why make represent Sin in a corruptive way like this? To show how it can be taken too far (just like how Satan is portrayed in Paradise Lost?). Many people just love the music, as do it. However, this album is so fucking deep in terms of lyrical meaning it's insane. Honestly a masterpiece of an album.

  5. Tony69Gan Gan


  6. Eddie Suttle

    This song live is so brutal it had the hole pit floor moveing when I went and seen them in Cleveland Ohio a few years back 🤘💪

  7. A Vampire

    Looks like Angelina Jolie with Down Syndrome

  8. Zolzeja

    this is what happens when u take drugs kids

  9. Данила Ермаков

    Чертов шедевр!

  10. brandon McCarver

    Ave Satanas, ave Behemoth!

  11. Hit you with dat Long Bone

    I took a fatty shit just now and it sounded better than this song. These guys must suck off goats 🐐.

  12. Paragon 027

  13. eddie winebauer

    Did this song start out quoting the shaft riff?

  14. Mamun Abdullah

    it's... just amazing


    Sina Dağı'ndan indim
    Bir alçak mafya üzerine ihtişamı serbest bıraktı
    Mesih ışığının olmadığı barınaklara
    Tek bir ışını hamuru ömrüne sürdü
    Ey tatlı Salome seni çağırıyorum
    Sağlam teklifi ortaya çıkarın
    Senin sevgin olmadan
    Çok eksik
    Saygınlığınla beni boz

    Rapture ov cehenneminde çürüyorum
    Bölme parçalanması çözülür
    ben seninim
    Aşağıdaki öfori

    En küçük kapriste güneşi kazımışlardı
    Ve böylece içimdeki koyun insandaki kurt oldu
    Gemiden çıkan sinek benim
    Böcekler gibi düşüncelerim
    İlahi yaraların fahişeleri
    Cosmos ile sıkıldım sevgili yaşlı düşmanım
    Bu evren hiç yeterli olmamıştı
    Spring ov hayatını kurtarmak zorunda kaldı
    Levye kırıldığında dere ovmak

    Rapture ov'da çürüyorum…


    Я сошел с горы Синай
    Высвободил великолепие на толпу негодяев
    Чтобы укрыться там, где нет мессианского света
    Проехал один единственный луч в целую жизнь
    О, сладкая Саломея, я зову тебя
    Принеси твои отвратительные жертвы
    Без твоей любви
    Так неполно
    Коррумпируйте меня своим достоинством

    Я разлагаюсь в восторге от ада
    Растворить разделить распасться
    я весь твой
    В эйфории ниже

    При малейшей прихоти они пронзают солнце
    И таким образом овца во мне стала волком в человеке
    Я - муха, вылетевшая из ковчега
    Мои мысли как насекомые
    Блуждающие раны божественные
    Мне стало скучно с космосом, мой дорогой старый враг
    Этой вселенной никогда не было достаточно
    Вынужден освободить весну от жизни
    Когда дамба прорывается, льется потоком льда

    Я разлагаюсь в восторге ов…


    I descended from the Mount Sinai
    Unleashed the splendor upon a scoundrel mob
    To shelter where no messianic light
    Drove one single ray into the pulp ov life
    O sweet Salome I beckon thee
    Bring forth thy heinous offering
    Without your love
    So incomplete
    Corrupt me with your dignityI decompose in rapture ov hells
    Dissolve divide disintegrate
    I am yours
    In euphoria belowAt faintest whim they would impale the sun
    And thus the sheep in me became the wolf in man
    I am the fly that flew forth from the ark
    My thoughts like insects
    Whoring wounds divine
    Been bored with cosmos my dear old foe
    This universe has never been enough
    Compelled to liberate the spring ov life
    When the levee breaks gush forth o' stream ov iceI decompose in rapture ov…

  18. Rayan Mroueh

    Astaghfirullah so this is what crazy satanist listen to. I dont understand how someone can enjoy this

  19. AlberTesla

    Can I play this in mosque?

  20. BeardBoo

    "My precious!"

  21. Comanita Andrei

    0:00 - 0:50...fuckin amazing intro. everything about it.

  22. Phillip Jordan

    Where does Behemoth find these unique looking woman

  23. Jon

    somebody fix that girls face.

  24. Ducu

    Lmfao that woman looks like a moth

  25. Samson Gaming /Vlogs

    H A I L S A T A N

  26. momo niikura

    Is it my imagination or does the girl have an alien face? :|


    Her face has been altered with CGI. Her name is in the credits at the end if you want to look her up and see what she really looks like.

  27. Ashley O bot

    They should have made this song 6 minutes and 66 seconds long.


    @Ashley O bot i m confused

    Ashley O bot

    @Ducu it always is at first but then you get used to it


    @Ashley O bot so where are you from? And how many seconds does a minute have?

    Ashley O bot

    @Ducu 100 seconds a minute. A hundred minutes is an hour. 10 hours is a day. 10 days is a month. 10 months is a year. You just lose the whole am/PM stuff and use the military time formula with the "zero nine seventy" way of saying its 9:70 or some shit like that.

    Ashley O bot It was even mentioned on The Simpsons

  28. ZOO PAC

    Satan will be annihilated all over this universe over and over until they vow to bow!

  29. MiKY

    1:40 greetings from poland <3

  30. Виталий Беликов

    матрица работает для не прозревших

  31. flaming roch

    I tickle balls, an erection, of hell

  32. cowboy from Norway

    I studied in that bloody palace on the 13th floor 👨🏻‍🎓


    the woman stumbling around in this video kind of reminds me of Rachel Ray. she's stumbling around going " they don't like my cooking! my soul is damned! and the Satanists are hurrying to find the nearest bathroom after trying one of her recipes shoving her going "Get out of the way! Your recipe sucked, I cant stay off the toilet!"

  34. Charles Stingley


  35. Evan Davidson

    great video

  36. Francisco Gonzalez

    I showed this song to my girlfriend.

    Now there is no Dana, there is only Zuul


    Lmao bruh nice reference



  38. Andrei Andrey

    The national anthem of Anton Lavey

    Rock & Roll Fan

    Behemoth are not traditional satanist. They are spiritual.

  39. UDB RHT

    Howdy Gubamints

  40. marlyn mandolin

    Thank you its like medicine...

  41. Hurrem shaikh

    I always imagine the intro of this song being played at the beginning scenes of the crow

  42. Artur Papryka

    Cool baseline.

  43. shafin khan

    Any intellectual can explain Neath Milton's tomb?

    Mike Carter

    Milton was the author of Paradise Lost which offers a very good, even definitive, look at the archetypal Lucifer. Milton died in 1674. Lucifer is the first and eternal rebel.

    d Bass

    @Mike Carter not exactly the first. Shiva was way way more brutal, his followers actually believed that we live in dark ages, kali yuga, lasting for some insane amount of millenias, where ppl would be torturing themselves and each other on the whole planet period. So its not western be-friendly-to-trees-and-bees modern approach but rather self-destructive with small ups and downs in absolute bloodshed numbers over centuries. Therefore they sometimes offered mindblowingly brutal types of meditation states to get away from this materialistic world altogether. Passed fully only to a closer inner circles of followers-believers. It had become widely available (usually misinterpreted as well for apparent reasons) to european folks only in XIX century and quickly after that anti-catholicism, anti-protestantism, anti-orthodoxianism and anti-christianity in general got all the hype. Crowley certainly read ancient texts and mantras and verses. Probably it doesnt work, but even repeating certain mantras out loud could feel really dark subjectively. Fun fact - 'hatha' yoga kinda popularized nowadays is originally composed by Shaivist (in)sane poet and guru.

    shafin khan

    @d Bass wow ...can you suggest me a source

    d Bass

    @shafin khan actually its hard for me to suggest one source 'cause ive been kinda digging both 'dark' western traditions and hinduistic, buddhist, taoism etc traditions of India for quite some time now lol. And practised yoga as well, even ayengar yoga (which is considered 'kind', 'good' and 'friendly'). The thing is, what in western culture is 'evil' can be 'good' in hinduistic culture and vice versa. And there are many contradicting shaivist and buddhist and hinduistic points of view. I like Bloodywood, they feel like modern shaivistic metal but without ancient mantras.

    d Bass

    and for 'classic' shaivist traditions usually i just listen to some of the mantras and read regarding information as well (in wikipedia i.e.), there are lots of contradictory interpretations of them lol

  44. TwoGunnerOptic

    Weird flex, but ok 😃👌

  45. HBT Trap

  46. K555

    Nice Audi commercial... 1:50
    Rest is not interesting to watch for me.

  47. Treasa Music

    Listen To My Song FUCK SZA by me Treasa Aldrema

  48. Sam Ein

    Can anyone of you guys explain me what is the point of the video?

  49. CaptainNehoc

    Just a typical Tuesday...

  50. Leo Vinchi

    oh yeah this is good

  51. Black Magik

    Learn how to sing bro.. This is trash.

  52. Xylan

    Angelina Jelly

  53. Artin Nemati

    This is true !

  54. Sam Shelton

    Congrats Behemoth, you've managed to reach about 1/32th of the market. And that's really not bad in a 20 billion dollar industry.

  55. 666FeetDeep

    2:26 what's wrong with the sound?

    Viva la LDA

    It’s part of the video, it’s supposed that the girls is having like an attack or something like that

  56. llvllrllvllorgan

    somehow an alien found their way into a satanists video. ... wow that sounded speciesist i know but once you let one kind of species in you have to let them all in....👽 thanks for giving my species a shot👍 when we conquer earth we will take this into consideration👽

  57. Rico Flores

    Satan's church .love u Levine .youfucked up though .youfycked up

  58. Кирилл Чупахин

    Behemoth great band

  59. Southern Outdoor Channel

    This song feels like it wants to harm me I like it

  60. CHAO

    That's awesome

  61. XxGoodSpiritxX

    A Message to those whom God chose to listen

    Over the last couple of years, I keep on getting dreams and visions fqrom God, and even rare cases angels.

    About the end times and more, Recently God gave me a dream of heaven and hell. And I saw Jesus Christ on the judgment seat Judging the souls according to what they did either good or evil. And He keeps showing me in dreams and vision, to warn people that they must get ready. I need your help to warn people, something tells me God is picking you for some reason, and he needs you to also get this message out to more than just one person. He is getting very serious lately, and showing me that people need to turn from all kinds of sins now. Because the demons are getting worse, because they know their time is up and they will go to hell soon. And all this im saying is 100% true, God Keeps giving me many dreams, like the eclipse happening, the blood moons, the sun turning into a black hole, and even Worm wood the Great Asteroid. God showed me that he will bring a Asteroid named worm wood to hit a 3rd of the earth. For A Reason, and that part is even mentioned in the bible as he showed me in the dream of the future. And He even showed me, what it will look like when he returns to judge the world. And its true everyone will see him, but many will not make it to his eternal kingdom. The end is near, and even more people are starting to see that. Iv been also getting dreams of volcanoes, earthquakes and that everything that we know, will be burnt up at the final judgment day on earth. God is going to destroy the earth, once he takes all his holy people. And the day he comes, many will be afraid of him, but to those whom he chose will receive eternal life. I do not know the day or hour, but he said that we half to get ready now! And Pray we will be able to stand before him the son of man, when all takes place on the earth and in heaven. So he wants you to help me get this message out, and he is not kidding. So please help warn more people, Do what ever you can to warn, but if they dont believe then leave them and let God handle them. But if they do listen then show them even more things and also warn them to spread this word.


    "I hear the voice telling me too but what I must do is unjustifiable to what life can be I must bring FINANCIAL FREEDOM so the world can see a true spiritual that need not go to university's or be a billionaire to make it to the top but offer plenty to the now and the future." JC

  62. Dd Stois

    On dirait un clip pour SF

  63. Zombie Fairy

    such a nice relaxing video

  64. Rudi Ardianto

    Foolish music ever...i hate behemoth...they have to go to hell with their master(satan)

  65. papi chulo

    I can't understand a word he staying

  66. Jimmie Mulder

    En het was omgekeerd , ze had een mooi leven . Het is hem die daar zo loopt

  67. Wade Johns

    Walking to class in bright green shirt on that states love everybody

    My earbuds.<<

  68. Armless Soldier XD!!!!

    Hail JESUS¡!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Frost Ov Black Throne

    thank for the top fun nucler blast

  70. Frost Ov Black Throne

    @UCoxg3Kml41wE3IPq-PC-LQw thank for the top fun

  71. Autumn Kilgore

    That's creepy that would be some strong controlling people scary that's real life kind of

  72. Keyboard man

    She look like alien lol

  73. Dark v3k

    Damn amazing 🤟☠️

  74. TheOneWhoEndures

    LOL these guys are just silly and weak. Seek JESUS only.

    German Martinez

    The weak ones seek jesus, They dedicate their whole life to a fairy tale because they fear torment.

  75. hum copyright wale hai

    fuck u satan

  76. Big Pen

    where did you find this alien-women for video?

  77. Spyros Athousou

    Behemoth?U sound like a bitch,also u are not scary or demonic i can make u pray to me

  78. John Saunders


  79. Matias Alberto Hernandez Garcia


  80. firdaus5437

    Why is solo part is being cut short?

  81. Alexander29854


  82. Tsako Tsako

    Fuck satanists

  83. Bobby S.

    Satan is my father, son, and Holt spirit. Amen

    shafin khan

    No he is not

  84. Dale Griffim


  85. Synonymous

    Fuck this kind of video

  86. Slayer Repentless

    Why is her face like that?

  87. Alfonso Gutiérrez

    better is nattramn, from Silencer........better

  88. ᐁǾẄḠɅߓǾᐁ

    I have no true identity. For I am just a scattered soul.

  89. ᐁǾẄḠɅߓǾᐁ

    That girl is exactly like me.

  90. Jayson Ledesma

    Long Live GOD'S band

  91. Chrysi Meow

    So basically a lost brocken individual is looking for someone to ease her pain yet nobody is willing to do so so she finds comfort to a groups of satanists?

    Nigel Mcmillan

    Chrysi Meow your point being . ?

    Chrysi Meow

    @Nigel Mcmillan noth i wanna realise the meaning of the clip

  92. Ross Smith

    You should clear your throat before you start singing.

    Nigel Mcmillan

    Ross Smith you should try it sometime and see how your throat handles it without the proper way of doing it . Or are you to busy being an arse to try it ?

    Ross Smith

    @Nigel Mcmillan hahaha

  93. Anette Herberg

    0:14 what's the location?


    Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. It's a Joseph Stalin's gift for Poland.

  94. Dot.Dot. seven

    I want a kpop group and behemoth on the same stage

    TBH I just want them dead

  95. ElectroDr

    My dream is to see Nergal dressed as a priest in a cassock in one of his future videos.

  96. Алексей

    im. ave satana

  97. Senor Prince

    A behemoth song and video to match on sucking shit. Couldn’t have guessed. Absolute trash.

  98. John Saunders


  99. Selina lina

    Do they write lyrics