Behemoth - Pazuzu Lyrics


Hark the howl ov pestilential wind!
Atem, devourer ov life forever blackening!

Sculpted in stone by the Assyrian wind
Semen ov Hanpa has vomited Thee forth
Reveal to us overwhelming might
Release Thy rage destroyer ov lies

Hark the howl ov pestilential wind!
Atem, devourer ov life forever blackening!

Unveil the primal chaos within Thyself
Daughter ov Anu slain, Lamashtu annihilate!
Reveal to us overwhelming might
Release Thy rage destroyer ov lies

Transcending the wrath ov The Great Black
Slay the reptile!
Slay I command!

May 107 complete the cycle
When aeon ov Seth emerges
The desert storms can not be tamed
When concubine ov chaos begins her dance
Reveal to us overwhelming might
Release Thy rage destroyer ov lies

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Behemoth Pazuzu Comments
  1. Ethan Gauthier

    Nergal, or whatever his name is, demonstrates a stellar knowledge of Mesopotamian lore. Not too mention an insane ability to captivate, inform, and provoke the listener.

  2. Viking Storm

    🤘 🤘🤘👹🤘🤘🤘

  3. joe ham

    hindu god

  4. Joshua Giron

    Respect 🤘🤘

  5. Finn O Faman

    This is so good

  6. Silly Goose

    this dude is scary

  7. Stahlkopf

    The Akkadian part at the beginning is just magic.

  8. Therese Becker

    Behemoth sind einfach nur Wahnsinn! Habe sie in diesem Jahr schon 2 mal Live gesehen! Unglaublich!

  9. Ceefax

    The bane of Lamashtu

    Keeps your kids safe
    Kid tested family approved

  10. Ahmet Bozbey

    Do you know how to summon Pazuzu

  11. Abu Haqqoni

    Arrrhhhhhh..... HAILLLLL..... HAILLLLL

  12. ha ss


  13. Orygen 0z 7z

    Listening to this since 2008

  14. Jesus is KING

    The heavenly arch Angels will defeat all of you demons and jesus will cast satan to the lake of fire. Praise Jesus lord and bow to God and repent from your sins

    Tyson bit off His freakin ear

    Hail satan, may he make jesus his cunt

    Jeremiah Galvan

    @Tyson bit off His freakin ear i eat ass

    Ryan White

    He's already in the lake of fire? Duh.

    Quag roth

    God is in hell breaking like a whore...
    as is your soul, cunt!

    Oberon Acolyte

    Hail to the King Satan. 666 lml

  15. Troll Hidden Cave

    Pazuzu has a dog head wings and clawed feet .

  16. Troll Hidden Cave

    I got a sigil of this demon!

  17. Mimi Inostroza

    like chavales

  18. Ramon Gomes

    daí vc vai tocar behemoth bepapapapapapapapapappapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapapappapa tum tum tum tum papapapapapapapapapapapapapappapappapapapapappapapapapappapapapap tis tis tis papapapapapapapapappapapapapapapapapapapapa

  19. Samael

    What language are the first 4 lines sang in?

  20. Ashura

    Needs to be Pazuzu's theme in SMT \m/

  21. Nathalia Nobrega

    foda dmais!!!

    Anonymous [BR]

    Nathalia Nobrega - Capirotão o negócio!

  22. JCosta

    Eeeeita cuzão \m/

  23. εε σ

    the guys sure love star wars :p X)

  24. King Pazuzu

    thank you behemoth for this kind tribute to me

    maybe i wont possessed you nergal...maybe i will let you and the band live

    Quag roth

    embarrassed much ... ?

    I am Aamon!

    Autumn Kilgore

    I would get possessed

    Swamp Raider

    Hail all of the Old Gods! They live inside us!

    Ryan Lehmpuhl

    @thebatmanover9000 HAIL

    Francesco Rubino

    Hail King Pazuzu

  25. stu pot

    I like heavy metal but that people is just straight up shit these guys need throat lozenges


    This is death metal, not heavy metal.

    Dr. FeelGood

    Its blackened death pal, sounds more black than death tho


    +natsu igneel maybe Fleshgod apocalypse is something for you?

    Ryan Lehmpuhl

    @Dr. FeelGood thank you.

  26. Falcon

    Keep kalm... Pazuzu God´s  here

  27. Justin Griffith

    Decapitat0r I like anime and I like death metal and black metal so my opinions of the music I like are invalid.....correct?


    Yes, that is correct.

    Nazgul 66-sic

    Justin Griffith I'm confused? if you like Behemoth, your opinion is 110% valid. AND correct. Opinions are actually facts. Some are wrong, some are gay, and then there is right. Behemoth is right!

  28. Justin Griffith

    I hate christians I can't get away from them I can't get away I wish someone could help me get away but I'm trapped with them TRAPPED hahahaha christians are thieves they stole a lot of thier material from the pagans and now there distorting history.....thier hypocrocy is driving me crazy thier lies are driving me crazy....wait what's was that? God answers prayers? Then why won't god heal amputees? Why do thousands of children die of starvation every year?

    King Pazuzu

    Jews are better (no kidding) israel is warm nice country with lots of metal bands coming is THE most historical and important country in the world


    @King Pazuzu I love you Pazuzu! I would die for you!

    King Pazuzu

    @Dada if i were you i would becareful with saying that because it really might happend


    @King Pazuzu If only it did.

    Mortuus Mutilator

    ow the edge

  29. ashtarothmyqueen

    Pazuzu were the protector of females giving birth, and the protector of children. catholic pedophiles labaled all Pagan Gods evil.

    Satan holds many aliases, Shiva, Oden, Enki,Melek taus(peacock angel) and more.

    the jewish made religions are fictional and stolen from Pagan alchemical procedures of enlightenment. jesus or jehova is not real.

    the Pagan Gods/Demons are the real Gods!

    Hail Satan our Beloved Allfather!

    Hail Ashtaroth-sama!


    Tyson bit off His freakin ear

    How do u know there is a god? It could be worse you could be a christian, but still, your saying in confidence that there is a god? U dont know, and even if there is, u dont know that. Noone does. All we know is we haft to lookout for ourselves. And keep our kids away from catholics 🤔😂😂

    Jojo Roig

    Ave Satanas!!!

    Swamp Raider

    We are the souls of the old pagans who were killed and tortured in the past, now it's time for our revenge. We must enlight all the people, my Satanist brother!

    Ethan Gauthier

    Na bro they are just archetypes don't let this shit go to your head. If you gaze long enough into the abyss, it gazes back into you. Same with the light. Don't lump people into mindless heards, as you are apart of one as well. Carl Jung can help u sort out your shadow.

  30. shadapakap

    I agree.

  31. addictive_candy

    this was made in fuckin' hell.. my favourite song.

  32. Chiara Zuccalà

    Well done humans. Well done.

  33. Handofcrom13

    Also the king of the demons of the wind in Babylonian mythology.

  34. B. Sheldon

    Why the fuck are you even here if you don't like it. Get the fuck out of here, your ignorance is very much not appreciated.

  35. Thyne

    Pazuzu, the demon who possesses Regan in The Exorcist film.

  36. Rabbit Of Persia

    evryone is arguing about this song and I'm like:
    'love thiZ song :)'

  37. Matt Weismiller

    Dissonance is part of extreme metal. It's suppose to sound "messy".

  38. MrMattmart

    Behemoth is one of my favorite bands, but this song just doesn't sound good. The first half of the song seems really messy and the rhythm is unpleasant.

  39. Cartman

    im on the satanic side of youtube again, fuck how did i get here?

  40. Breno Silveira

    Ave Lucifer!

  41. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    Can you have a definition of music? Music doesn't like to have a specific form to appeal to larger numbers. Nature can be violent so why not music? Music is not pop, rap/rnb..., music is art and art can be rough, harsh like Behemoth.

    Ethan Gauthier

    That was actually beautiful

  42. Erik Bugarin

    bieber lover!

  43. Deefboy95

    any arrangement of tones and rhythm can be considered music

  44. Lightbringer

    Behemoth = Awesome
    Karmablade = The new hope for REAL Metal

  45. Charles Henry

    I know right. Cant even blow the dj for playing it.

  46. SatAnn

    Anything can be my country knocking a bottle with a spoon is music...however not everyone is gonna like any art lies in the eyes and ears of the beholder....I love Behemoth.....Hail Nergal...!!!

  47. DivinexDragoonxRising

    An image, based upon that of Kalii-Maa... A fierce goddess of protection... Her name is mentioned here and there, all over the album...

  48. Matt Weismiller

    I'm a Protestant. I love Morbid Angel and Deicide. You're an idiot.

  49. mac347bomb

    I'm Catholic and I like this. Actually I don't like it, I LOVE IT :D

  50. K. Brown

    Pazuzu is not an it. He is a God; a protector of women in childbirth and was viciously attacked in the movie The Exorcist. Joy of Satan dot org; DEMONS

  51. Xellvar

    Christian, love the shit out of death metal...You name the bands I know most of them.
    Skinless, satanic as fuck....But some bad ass metal! \m/

  52. Matt Weismiller

    I'm a catholic and I love extreme metal, especially death metal.

    Andrique Domingos

    You have my respect dhasuhd god bless you



  54. Ryan Ross

    No, that's the drummer.

  55. kruxy

    Pazazuu the exorcism deity, I think pazazuu comes out in the movie Excorcist too xD

    irrelevant though, what I really meant to say is I fucking love polish metal !!! cowabunga \m/

  56. B T

    I don't understand how lol

  57. Deadhumancollector0

    the exorcist was awesome

  58. arkee71

    pazuzu makes a brief appearance in "the exorcist"..the movie alludes that pazuzu is the demon that they are dealing with

  59. arkee71

    you can see pazuzu in "the exorcist"..hes the demon in the room

  60. vicerexciser13

    I once dated a foreign exchange student from poland true story. I wonder if she listened to behemoth?

  61. Jali Nergal Darski

    en realidad ellos no son satanicos en realidad escriben estas letras porque ellos atacan a las leyes polacas porque el estado de polonia es controlada por la iglesia catolica nose si sabian eso

  62. Alexandre Ale

    como ser catolico escutando satanismo

  63. Jali Nergal Darski

    i'm catolic and i love BEHEMOTH \,,/

  64. Alchemical PranaBody

    Yeah, there most definitely is.. Do you understand why you like it? It appeals to in inner truth that no religion can take away.. Without our consent

  65. Silenius Rasputin


  66. Deathcrush8

    BIT LITUM !!

  67. Andelo Vuksan

    Epic music is epic,no metter what religion is...

  68. streakingcaddy

    well i think its normal to lidsen to this kind of musik and be christian.. musik as nothing to do with the religion you belive in. and it has nothing to do with the way you live.. i lidsen to this, and almhost all metall kinds, but that dosent mean that im saitanic or some thing! :P.. well sorry fore my english im from sweden, but i think you get the message :) cheers

  69. streakingcaddy

    it depends if you mean a real christian or a person that that says hes christian on paper if you know what i mean :)..

  70. Toaster Strudel

    Yeah, sorry I was just wondering how it looked like, and I guess I was wrong. Haha!

  71. Matt Lothe

    No prob. ^^

  72. Toaster Strudel

    Oh, thanks!

  73. Matt Lothe

    If you must know who Pazuzu is exactly: According to Babylonian Mythology, he is the son of Hanbi and the demon king of the southwestern winds.

  74. Toaster Strudel

    It is, I was just wondering how it looked like.

  75. Vesania

    I'm 90% sure Pazuzu is the demon in the Exrocist.

  76. pitthepwner

    hmmm u did ur homework. I gave up those vices a while ago, but for now....touche my friend touche.

  77. pitthepwner

    0:00 - 0:30 - Good
    rest-random ass noise
    Your Welcome ;3

  78. ramon martinez

    Yes you do

  79. panure depoulet

    Vos yeules les wops

  80. Toaster Strudel

    I heard Pazuzu in a movie -_-

  81. Decapitat0r

    That is not Pazuzu, it's Kali. Pazuzu is just the name of the song.


    ma per favore,nemmeno ti rispondo....Non mi relaziono con gli psicolabili e io con la chiesa cattolica non ci incastro proprio niente se vuoi saperlo ma nemmeno con i satanisti checche che baciano il culo a un caprone capito?Io non bacio il culo a nessuno!Caso mai a una bella donna,non ai caproni e tanto meno a un mentecatto di angelo caduto che si chiama Satana...per giunta cornuto =)

  83. Filippo Gatti

    Sei tu che non hai le palle, continui a seguire le cagate che si è inventata la chiesa.


    ....e fanculo a FilippoGatti MetalChecca!Ve lo do io il Satanismo a calci nei coglioni anzi a calci nell'inguine che voi metalsatanisti non le avete le PALLE ... ;)
    Voce Bianca questo sei!

  85. Filippo Gatti

    Fanculo a Cristo!

  86. Fabio1349

    that's of course NOT Pazuzu, that's the cover of the album this song is in...

  87. Ryan Ross

    Its 8 arms buddy.


    Puttanata bestiale da beoti decerebrati...FANCULO A PAZUZU!

  89. Toaster Strudel

    THAT'S Pazuzu? I swear I didn't see 6 arms on it o__O

  90. Lucia Silva

    @ChrisLycanVEVO Hahahaha you are funny xD

  91. horriblequin

    @ChrisLycanVEVO the lyrics...

  92. Sargasso90

    @dogun74 jęki twojej matki puszczone od tyłu

  93. Fristajlo228

    @dogun74 Growl

  94. X-147 Productions


  95. Decapitat0r

    @ThrashHard95 Metalhead or not, it doesn't matter. To each his own. Listen to what ever you want.

  96. Wojciech Ziembora

    @Decapitat0r I am metalhead. Also I love rap. I'm not metalhead anymore?

  97. stormsabre101

    After an attempt using a Sumerian dictionary, this is the approximate translation of the first verses:
    This seal of Great Watcher
    This seat of Pazuzu
    Since time immemorial
    House of Victory
    Any idea what they mean?