Behemoth - Hello Spaceboy Lyrics


Spaceboy, you're sleepy now
Your silhouette is so stationary

Spaceboy, you're sleepy now
Your silhouette is so stationary
You're released but your custody calls
And I want to be free

Don't you want to be free
Do you like girls or boys
It's confusing these days

But moondust will cover you
Cover you

This chaos is killing me
Space fucking boy

Spaceboy, fuck you
Space fucking boy

Bye bye love
Bye bye fucking spaceboy
Bye bye love
Fuck up Spaceboy!

Bye bye my love

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Behemoth Hello Spaceboy Comments
  1. KasiVisio

    Don't you hate when some space boy comes from space to disturb you

  2. Obeť Meteroizmu

    fuck bowie..

    Mr. Spock

    Obeť Meteroizmu Fuck you

  3. Kamil Kowalczyk

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but this song was featured on Antichristian Phenomenon EP, not on Thelema.6 album.

    kraig keller

    ...which appeared as bonus tracks on the american version of the release.

  4. Dianna De La O

    me imagino a bowie oyendo a estos tipos en aquel lejano 2000, no a cualquiera le pasaba sus canciones

  5. Edd Briz

    No rest in peace bowie , Hail nergal orion inferno !!

  6. Nachtjager

    fricking clowns


    call me insane but i like this :)

  8. Danyel Bais

    influencio a propios y extraños,una pena, pero fue un grande de la musica
    y se lo reconocio en vida..
    muchas perdidas grandes en lo artistico,esperemos salgan y crezcan nuevos valores en el rock

  9. Maxxxwell Demon

    pues no me gusta David Bowie pero si Behemoth,
    Rest In Peace David

    Across ken

    A pesar del estilo de David B. y del año en que se hizo la canción es un tanto oscura, creo que esa oscuridad influenció al grupo a querer hacer un cover al tema de Bowie. Ambos temas excelentes aunque estilos muy diferentes, igual, no a todo el mundo le gustan ambas versiones y es respetable.

  10. Kalin Phillips

    RIP David Bowie!

  11. blum ·

    Des génies scjsfhufezgyfgeyz

  12. hvitekristesdod

    Love The Bowie song, love Behemoth, but this is pretty bad...


    i think Bowie likes that!! :)

  13. KingNurk88

    Man, Nergal is really a fucking genius! No boundaries, that´s what ART is all about!

  14. Annette Myers

    Had to see how behemoth did it. Thats exactly what Bowie was saying to Spaceboy, um... Are you just standing so stationary for a reason dude... Shit.. come the hell on Spaceboy!!! Alright , stay here and get buried under dust. Bye- bye Goodbye, Fuck you , Bowie said the same thing with sounding like shit soooo

  15. Marcelo Bassalo

    Nice but I still prefer Pagan's Mind version the better.

  16. sanforizedbutthead

    I´d love to know Bowies opinion.


    Too late.

    David Lockwood

    I imagine he'd like it, he liked all things weird 😊


    @David LockwoodSo true.

  17. Alberto M.

    I love Bowie but damn, this is awesome \m/

  18. DJ Vampsin

    Cool man (◕‿◕)✋

  19. promisedlandcc

    im a drummer you stupid little boy...go bug mum instead!

  20. promisedlandcc

    Thats exactly the way I like it...I keep my life personal.
    No im not a massive superstar but I make a living at it.

  21. Andy c

    no subscribers, no video views, wow. you must be so popular where youre from. 30+ years experience. pfft. my left nut has more talent than your whole decrepit body.

  22. Andy c

    who are you then? enlighten me. of course you are this international superstar more popular than behemoth. you're either a pubescant little turd behind a screen acting big, or a middle aged creep with nothing better to do than critisize other bands and other peoples opinions. and by the way, this is better than the original. and i like most music thanks. and i think most people would agree you're a fucking idiot.

  23. promisedlandcc

    Just looked at your channel..your just a silly little what's your thoughts on a decent tune? Enlighten me!

  24. promisedlandcc

    ...and sold more records than this clowns!

  25. promisedlandcc


  26. Andy c

    if youre a musician for nearly 30 years then give up, never heard of you.

  27. promisedlandcc

    Been a metal fan and a musician coming up for 30 years and I'd say I know a well done tune...this ain't's terrible!... Worst cover I think I've ever heard....hang your heads in shame!


    Let's hear your band

  28. phatmanXXL

    Im a huge metal fan, but ugh

  29. Des K. .Des K.

    Great cover!

  30. Katie B


  31. TalkingGoats

    ... and they probably do it WITH David Bowie lol

  32. jamiebetts2007

    this is pure lolz

  33. MotherWar7891

    can it be bought? i need everything by behemoth

  34. MotherWar7891

    i wish i had this version of thelma.6

  35. brnleague99

    Y'know I don't want to come right out and say Behemoth is smoking crack, but....

  36. Zach Roesselet

    i do, it's creep and behemoth!

  37. Zach Roesselet

    best behemoth song i've heard for a while :)

  38. TalkingGoats

    Its being interpreted religiously. Really listen to it.

  39. amaurythewarrior

    it's one of those what the fuck cover

  40. batdog3

    i'm not sure what i'v quite gotten myself into here but i do believe behemoth and fucking space boy do make which i believe is something i would call along the lines of.... A LINE OF SOME MOTHER FUCKING WIN.

  41. Sexy Rexxy

    this song makes me feel on crack

  42. Sexy Rexxy

    this song makes me feel on crack

  43. october666w

    i like more the original version.

  44. RsAssassin9754

    love it. puts me in like a weird trace.

  45. Mitchfynde


  46. Earthworm

    HAHA!! Only just stumbled across this, what a gem! Two of my favourite artists - Bowie & Behemoth! Maybe one day we'll see them on stage together, now that would really be something to tell the grandkids about!

  47. BodomChildBreeder

    sounds like akercoke.. and theyve covered them too

  48. AV KAV

    D. B. would also like this version, well done