Behemoth - From The Pagan Vastlands Lyrics

From the land which hasn't enter yet
Into the history
From the depths of swamps we are bringing
Proudly our name
At night, kissing the moonlight -
- rebel children living in twilight
Like wolves...
...some named us so...
Union with people from the sign
Of the half-moon
To crush the golden walls of
Earthly heaven,
To strangle the pestilence...
To the lands of the mighty Empire
Others even think about with fear
We invaded a state with sword
In our hands
Roma means nothing
In the land of Slavs!
Today forests sing about the legend,
Long forgotten spirits
Whose names nobody remembers now
Waiting their day to reborn
Their visions of the past
Are torturing our souls
Whispering in the dark...
...they will come here again
To reign supreme
Believe my words...
From unremembrance
From Fire and Water
From the sacred woods
Ancient Wolves gather
From the burnt Arkona
...From the Pagan Vastlands!
Black horse rides across the sky
With a sword we will open the amber gates of Nawia
Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidza Chrystusa!!!
Dzieci Svantevitha nienawidza boga-krzyza!!!

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Behemoth From The Pagan Vastlands Comments
  1. Henry Santos

    2020 ECUADOR

  2. Dean Rossiter

    Great album sounds like this band had some graveland influence s

  3. Juan Bautista

    polacos? great!

  4. Juan Bautista

    great pagan black! 90's

  5. Necro Goryptor

    Oh the good times when metronome was not trve kvlt!

  6. Chrisgoatlord

    Masterpiece of old days .

  7. Caleb Vinson

    This is the avatar on black metal promotion!!!!

  8. ComeToThySelektor

    New behemoth sucks ass

  9. Kevin McNeil

    So much better than the garbage they shit out today

  10. Mr. Hurnich

    lots of trve kvnts in this comment section

  11. Livio Gore

    Encoded really bad. Check another version on yt

  12. Mason Yoder

    Hail to the ancient ones

  13. Kacpeh Nattskot

    Tuve suerte de comprar este demo en formato CD. Disfrute bastante escucharlos en mi toca discos. Se escuchan mejor en ambiente oscuro, es una lástima que está banda se haya ido por caminos comerciales. #behemoth #blackmetal #trueblackmetal

  14. muhd nasron

    Bought this demo and Holocaust zine from Tomasz of Pagan Records back in the 90s. Miss the original and true Behemoth.

  15. Avinash Mishra

    Play "From Horned Lands T…"

    on Amazon Prime Music

    "From Horned Lands To Lindisfarne"

    they came from the cold north
    carried on the wings of waves
    no one knows the cult
    bloody acts were only a legend...
    eternal hate and horned sodomy
    came to the lands of virgin's goodness

    moonless night showed me their return
    I saw drakkars between the silence, in the dream
    when the witches called the spirits from forest
    from hornedlands to lindisfarne...

    lords of the fjord, turned daylight
    into december frost, fathers of ice
    proclaimed the new century, marked the paths
    which I follow now, enter the forest
    like you open your veins
    in the night of the pagan union

    witches among the night, lead me to the horned moon
    I entered my evil soul to fortify my frosty hate
    freezing breath of the blackheart fill the interior
    pagan wings rise me over the evil palace

    massacre will be the beginning of iron holocaust
    evil enters the skies for the return of sodomy
    black snow covers the horde of christ
    winterwinds destroy jehova's palace

    ancient spirits proclaimed the return
    coldnights await like hungry wolves
    the powers join among the mountains
    the oaks sing funeral songs of frost
    I drink the blood for all pagan souls

  16. Urban Grandier

    Why the hell did he change his vocals. Shit, this is killer wintery black metal. 🌨️🌨️🌨️🌨️🌨️🌨️

  17. Orange Ice

    Nergal was trve musician being in school age. What a talented artist, he actually deserves respect.

    joseph bvr

    This band is bad ass

  18. Kyle Phipps

    666th like. Merry Christless and Hail Santa

    M ania

    Kyle Phipps hail Santana

  19. BethesdaCSR

    When Behemoth was actually its beautiful message of pagan mystery.. now its a moneybags scheme promoting edgy athiesm to teenage neckbeards.

  20. John Bathory

    Back when they were real.

  21. Anti christ

    Para mi, es lo mejor que saco.behemoth,

    J Robles


  22. Raven Genobreaker

    Esto es behemoth , lo que vino después esta muy lejos de serlo .

  23. aaron walker

    Original '93 demo release by Pagan Rec (Pólska). For me their best demo and along with ...and forests dream eternally and Sventevith their underground bm 90's heyday


    im fucking offended

  24. Charles Baudelaire

    frozen black metal! great! cold music!

  25. Sokturne

    Great album I bought it when it come out in 90's, this is very similar to the first album of Immortal - "diabolical fullmoon mysticism"

    M ania

    Sokturne my exact thoughts.

  26. José z.s.

    Solo hasta el grom luego asia adelante es una mierda de puro mercadeo puro fashion...perdio su escencia...tal vez lo vieron mas por el ingreso monetario y se vendieron al mejor postor...y he ahi que se fue a la mierda...

    Manuel Martinez

    José z.s. Asi mismo aqui aunque la producción no era excelsa era mas oscuro y se apreciaba mas el arte que plasmaban despues del grom me quede en incógnito

  27. carlos boot

    best ever

  28. Darek Sobolewski

    Szacun dla tej plyty. Jako pierwsza i jedyna otwiera wrota do piekla. AVE

  29. Lukas 666

    Uma perfeição de som, sem dúvidas um dos meus discos preferido de Black metal!

    Thiago Rodrigues

    Melhor álbum do behemoth e esse mano

  30. Thunder EC

    Sin duda este álbum debe estar en la colección

  31. Eric S

    What year did this come out?

    Metal Albums

    ericstolen 1994

    Eric S

    The_Floo_PL ok thanks


    Una joya del black metal !!!

  33. I want to force a vegan to eat meat at gunpoint

    Better than the trash that they became.

    Jared Morse

    NaziFruit all Behemoth is great

    Kevin Tiedeman

    Fuck off!

    Soul Rupture

    They sold themselfs.

    Zyklon B still and know god

    @Soul Rupture exactly. I mean just at their wiki page. Posing on a Masonic tile floor, we know who your master is Nergal.

  34. Marcus Soares


  35. Sarah Gamboa

    Um clássico do Black metal!!!

  36. Stephanie marichal


  37. edghar martinez

    El nuevø Behemoth
    Ya perdiø la esencia
    Del Black Metal
    Se fue por el caminø del capitalismø⚰

    José z.s.

    edghar martinez a si es estimado..ahora ee le puede comparar hasta con lady gaga...

  38. Giorgi Sandodze

    rip Behemoth

  39. JrhJ vital

    Fields Of Harr-Meggido

  40. Maksymilian Bathory

    My fav album of behemoth ! Hail trve bm

  41. Funtorture

    Need to burn moar churches to obtain trve kvlt

  42. Dra'nakyuek, Destroyer of Worlds

    I can really dig every kind of behemoth. The Black, the Death and the blackend death. But imho "the satanist" might actually be their best album.

    U Dub

    Dra'nakyuek, Destroyer of Worlds Agreed bro 100%

    Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana

    Fuck no.

  43. ChildoftheKoRnf9

    I take it kvlt is the br00tal of black metal?

    Varg Viriathus

    ChildoftheKoRnf9 Only the trve kvlt

    U Dub

    sorta. I know what you're saying though

    Jakub Zdzienicki

    Yeah, pretty much

  44. Satanic Werewolf

    GOOD DEMO!! Hail Baal Ravenlock lml

  45. GIGIM XUL 218

    печально, начали за здавие закончили за упокой, опустились, опопснели, этот альбом шедевр, остальные труха...

  46. Matt Clark

    Monetising a demo album that isn't your own work? Pathetic

    Metal Albums

    i dont monetize it, its just youtube with fucking ads everywhere

    José z.s.

    The dance of the pagan flame....true evil true not its wind of angel of god....true its SATAN.

  47. GlitterPanda Gamer

    wow havent heard this in years.... smoked a j and remembered all about this. im enjoying the shit out of this. just like i used to

    Robbie Whittle

    Walter Skinner I was just thinking the same thing while hitting my bong haha

    Germanic Darkness


  48. Michael Gomez

    medio album conchetumare, esto si era black metal...

    Patrick Luther

    maldito black metal de antes enfermo, devastador e infernal...

  49. Straight Edge

    Black metal sounds like a crappy genre. The music style is played with low quality. That's why the albums in black metal sound raw. Reasons why this is a character of the genre is because the bands didn't have the equipment high budget studio do. Also they didn't want sound like nwobhm at the time. Venom the inspiration for black metal wanted to be extreme. Bathory are the Pioneers of black metal and Viking metal. Celtic frost played a big part in bringing the artistic side of black metal.They also brought ambient black metal. But Norwegian black metal is true black metal. I don't like it as much. I do like some bands not all. But all I'm trying too sau is black metal is dark but is the most important extreme metal genre. If not then their be thrash, death and other sub genres in metal period. I prefer the order black metal band though. They were about shock. They didn't take religion too seriously


    ble ble... and all of this was born from black ppl playing theeir own blues in usa...i dong giva a shit about who were first playing bm` like second vawe (norwegian vawe) but now there is ne style odf playing this music.. much more mature and elegant but still raw !

  50. Dani Viviane

    o maravilha de som


    TRUE BLACK METAL........................ PERFECTION........ Not the same now... :(((((

    christian chrissi

    you have right thats black metal cult and not the shit they played today

    Kevin Tiedeman

    And what the hell is "true" black metal?

  52. Portuguese Thunder

    blown away by this demo. so fucking kvlt

  53. Alexandra DM

    I can not believe how much has changed Nergal's guturals over time.

    f я o s т ı

    i've never heard nergal use gutterals, except a couple times in demi god. gutterals are a type of death metal vocal, all death metal vocals arent called gutterals. Jared dines has examples of the difference

    Abalam Metal


  54. Jay eM

    would love this without that damn shitty drummer


    He's an incredibly talented drummer. You probably don't like this style. That or he just sucks on this album which is possible. I haven't listened to all of this yet

    Jay eM

    @SuperKevents super off time. checked out this guy's later works with Hell-born which are pretty good but this drumming is very offtime. Inferno joining Behemoth gave them the backbone they needed.


    @Jay eM My mistake, I thought this was inferno. The playing here isn't bad, but I did notice he was late like you said

    morwen angelus

    wtf you talking about turd, this is just how it is supposed to be

  55. patrick rens

    not very good if you here the last 5 albums is this garbage


    well, you need to notice than this was released more than 20 years ago... Nergal was 17 when he recorder this.


    At least this isn't boring crap like Behemoth is now and has been for years.


    :) also find behemoth albums boring , after thelema they did nothing good for me..

    Abdul Qahhar Faruq

    we have trve norvuegan black metalheads over here...

  56. El Rey Bob

    Hey guys prefer Behemoth with Black or Death Metal? Grettings.

    Varg Viriathus

    Dead, Dead on a bed.

    Marcel Costa

    Definitely Black


    Prefer it like my men: black


    To me, the first era ended with Grom and the second era (the "Death Metal" era) started with Pandemonic incantations. And though P.I. is not as much a Death Metal album as all the albums that followed, it still has more of their modern sound than of the old folk influenced Black Metal. But to answer your question: I like both eras. The BM era is very atmospheric and underground sounding, just as I like BM to be. The DM era is the kind of DM I like most: technical, with very clean production that fits the technical material very well. Those eras are just two different bands to me.

    M ania

    Death metal is the sell out music. All modern “black metal” is actually death metal garbage. Gone forever is the absurd and nihilistic days of black metal glory

  57. Catezano

    True Behemoth

    Kevin Tiedeman

    All of their stuff is amazing! Stop being so stupid!

    Charles Baudelaire

    cold and dark this band!, black metal of course!

    g robles

    @Kevin Tiedeman Agree with you 100%.
    Stupid little kids.

    Nate Johnson

    @Legionario de la 501 so many edgey little scenelords now listening to black metal from before they were even born. Black metal is the new emo

    Bloodthirsty Ginger

    Nate Johnson modern kids can’t handle anything like this and we all listen to music before us

  58. Jurgen De Bondt

    magnificent still

  59. Tomé Silva

    Trvest of kvlts.

    Ihor Wulf

    This is not Trve Kvlt-480 p

    Bogdan Arsic

    it needs to be atleast 50p