Behemoth - Entering The Faustian Soul Lyrics

...With a little fear I kiss the moonlight
How exciting is the thought
About having a taste of your kingdom
Which wakes up to life, at night...
When the servants carry me to the gates of Helevorn
Dreams about unlimited dimensions
Float over Thy Golden Palace
Snowcovered majesty, damned
In nocturnal solitude I pace, deeper into virgin forest
Among sadness and depressive thoughts
Visit firmaments of dead nature
In the glare of black mirror, asleep
Forgotten temples of gods (of forests)
Welcoming the son of godly Teuton, father of fathers
The source of the deepest darkness and magic
The mightiest emperor, cammrad of war
With blessings I join the caravan of my brothers
Like a thunder I strike into the Jehova's armies
I dance with holocauststorms in this battle
I set the holy fire of aurora borealis
This fire, this flame, this redness, live forever...

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Behemoth Entering The Faustian Soul Comments
  1. Savatanica

    Thou shalt..,Rising proudly...,Forgotten cult...and this one are,for me,the ultimate best songs of pure black metal

  2. Azken Egunsentia

    4:06 best part

  3. Richard Klinefelter

    It's fucking sad what happened to this band...and I'm not talking about the leukemia.

  4. Amduscias

    these screams sound pretty hysterical

  5. sebas379

    I listen to the whole album about every day :)