Behemoth - Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica Lyrics

Eritis sicut dii
Thus sermonized the serpent ov Eden
Thus struck the breath ov the Earth
And thus flooded the blood ov the soil
Slither into the gaping void!

I worship Thee, O vicious man!
Now mark my words ye mortal race
Feed my wrath with lion's gore
Feed my envy with the fat ov lambs
As the wicked ways will flourish
Behold the monuments ov God decay

Lex Divinus, I stamp to dust
I despoil the holy books
I desecrate the angelic verses
Like dead leaves wither they to ash
As I am leading the hosts ov stars
Onwards, embrace the Sur

In absentia Dei we sermonize
In ecclesia Satani
Thy might is right!

I have watched the birth ov planets
I have witnessed the death ov worlds
I've conducted the choir ov stars
I have ridden the tail ov the comet
As I've transformed
From God to ash
From dust to Man

In absentia Dei we evangelize
In absentia Christi
We spread like swarming plagues
In ecclesia Satani
Thy might is right!

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Behemoth Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica Comments
  1. Midna Yuzuriha

    Me encanta <3

  2. Eduardo H

    Great song!!! but a very simple video for Behemoth standards

  3. Tamina Kroschke

    sorry ich bin bisl durch wind . ich wollt dich mit an seiten ab , nicht verletzen !!!! Schwarz!!!!!! das hab ich auch voll Schwarz !!! is schön . so mit Totenschaedel und sowas noch paar Särge dazu Schöne Schwarze Kreuze aufn Kopf strehnd. (das heist eigentlich anders ) .Ist schon was Feines!!!!! :)Mein Denny Gukt auch zu was ich so anstell . ich soll kein Quatsch machen . Sonst is er wieder eifersuechtig. siamesisch!!!!!!!!

  4. Madison Flores

    I’m at my lowest point in my life, and I recently started listening to this album front to back on repeat.
    Not to be cringe, but I’m so happy I’ve delved into this band. Nergal really speaks to me and I like his satanic ideals and idea of freedom. His interview and helping me establish my piece of mind so so much.

  5. Distant Darkness

    perfect , as always

  6. Ден Шалапутра

    the end of the track looks like music from the game "blasphemous"

    Iraklis herplak

    good game!! Someone should show this to behemoth members

  7. Stas Iva

    No Undead can collect enough Souls to become Unhollow after this video

  8. kappa

    why is he playing an ltd and not an esp??

  9. Pero Peric

    You need jesus haha

  10. Tamina Kroschke

    Es gibt welche die haben Angst vor Blackmetal ,Extrem blackmetal. Die geben sich als Metaler aus und sinds aber garnicht!!!!!

  11. Tamina Kroschke

    ist zu Gefaehrlich . !!! . ! Mein Denny ist auch so geil durchtrainert .!!und sieht auch so aehnlich! Geile Kerlchen!!!!!! ich guk .ich kanns nicht lassen! geknickt!!!

  12. Kane's Cauldron

    God damn, I love Behemoth videos.

  13. Heathen Heart Records

    Behemoth has the best videos in metal

  14. PJ Jimenez

    They deserve more views than crap Youtube Vloggers!💯🤘🏻

  15. Jimmy Marketti

    Traditional images of angels are really demons demons look like winged angels real angels look like gargoyles or behemoth

  16. Jimmy Marketti

    Angels are demonic and demons are angelic

  17. oirad jafari

    Grandi melodie. Mi piacciono così.

  18. Skuld Gramr

    So that's what the Death Eaters ended up doing after the defeat of Lord Voldemort...

  19. Endrui999 Co

    Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

  20. Samuel Silva

    Muito louco ...behemoth...

  21. Marcelo Muller

    Cross my heart and hope to die
    May my end come tonight
    Across the dark, into the light
    May death again us unite ....ohhhh wait this isnt sentenced song?


    Sadly not,hope they reunite sometime,i miss m,and their songs,one of the best underrated bands ever

  22. Władimir Putin


    Stefan Dużo

    Ale trzeba być pierdolcem by tak pisać każdy ma swój gust jak się nie podoba to po ki grom hejtujesz ????

    Władimir Putin

    @Stefan Dużo no ma prawo ,wyrazilem opinie .Słuchaj nawet dźwieku odkurzacza jak ci sie podoba :)

  23. Gwarancja Jakości

    Dzień dobry przyjaciele Polacy.

  24. ArgieGrit01

    See? It's says catholica in the title of the song. They're not satanist

  25. Stelios z

    ecclesia is an ancient greek word meaning "to gather and decide" the diabolic catholic church has nothing to do with it.. in Greece we still use it for "church"


    Idk if English is your 2nd language or if I'm just misunderstanding what you're saying, but that's a bit contradictory. You say "ecclesia" has nothing to do with the church but then proceed to admit it's still used for the word "church".

    Stelios z

    @TheSilael i said '' nothing to do with the catholic church'' greece we have orthodox Church that used to have that ''gather and decide'' mentality , inherited by ancient greeks ...ofcourse that was many years ago..before greece adopted western style ''democracy'' which is no democracy at all...

  26. Татьяна Соколан

    Крутой клип

    Gareth Bale

    Hello mom

  27. Orion Silverstar 191

    The Christian religion has persecuted millions of people, broken up indigenous families, destroyed ancient cultures and more.....I say let their Churches burn.


    Yeah no

  28. Austin Spradlin

    Honestly, I feel like you're on the verge of Nergal's dick but y'all just don't want to admit that the guy has a point and is correct. The songs kick ass and Nergal is well educated. He knows the false and the truth. He knows the hypocrisy and the propaganda. Behemoth shows that and shatters your pipe dreams.


    1:00 me when someone says they dont like Metal

  30. Heathen Heart Records

    Best song from the album in my opinion

  31. daniel gin

    if satan exist than i believe Jesus our savior also exist..

    xXxOGFuckingBigPersonality69xXx REKT

    satanists acctually don't believe that a horned beast lives somewhere in hell. Satan is what they call what is inside of us; our deepest animal nature.

    Frank DeFalco

    Follow Satan and live you wildest worldy fantasies. Follow God and live forever

    Dakota Lenzi

    Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus

  32. s vs.

    best behemoth song

  33. Swagat Santhosh Pillai

    This by far my favorite behemoth song followed by god=dog and ov fire and void

    Olivia Quezada

    Ov fire and the void is my favorite when I'm stoned

  34. Jimmy Marketti

    The clean guitars are great mix do more



  36. Jedediah Hoffman

    Kinda seems to me they are toning it down some. Not bad, but I hope they don't tone it down any more....

  37. Filthy

    So much feeling in this song!

  38. Almir Islamovic

    plantest dying and gods born

  39. Almir Islamovic

    I am kani! my father is baal! I am coming from the land of baal!

  40. семен слыпаков

    що то за хуйня така ...у пшиків дах знесло

  41. Pinky

    La puta de Babilonia es uno de los grandes dogmas que involuciona al hombre contemporáneo

    Oskar Toledo

    Así es, juntamente con el resto de las sectas que nacieron de sus dogmas, incluido el satanismo...

  42. JRW3

    Behemoth will tear your soul apart🤘💀🤘

  43. Lee Strutzel

    You guys suck.

  44. Serjio Tankiu

    Thanks i feel blessed

  45. Aero Space

    inferno at 4:18 lol

  46. Collins Finny

    Great artist. A beautiful behemoth ...telling the ..truth

  47. piotr maksimczyk

    nice but i think guys your'e stuck in the same place :/nothing suprised me sorry!truely sad but i think You are rise to stand up and show your power

  48. Rub

    I didn't really dig behemoth's new album tbh. It had some good songs for me since they kinda made a return to their black metal roots. But when I think of behemoth, I think of albums like Demigod or Zos Kia Cultus. If they do make a new album, I hope it's gonna be something heavy as demigod but still with the black metal spirit. I wanna hear another song like Horns Ov Baphomet or Slaves Shall Serve. Love behemoth still.

  49. Spacefish

    AMA and Buildboard: Billie Eilish - Alternative Rock
    Behemoth: ???

  50. Bastian Lang

    oh, there is Pinhead...

  51. Irek Siwy

    Sepultura i Death + Behemoth

  52. Don Sal. T.

    well the catholic are definitely diabolical, they have a statue of moloch in rome now

  53. D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    Webstore developing? HAHA

  54. infernus galli

    Reverse Cross that drummer symbolizes at 4:19 is shining more than my future.


    Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica    ENGLISH FRENCH LYRIC BehemothEritis Sicut Dii
    Eritis Sicut Dii

    Ainsi sermonisé le serpent ov eden
    Thus sermonized the serpent ov eden

    Ainsi frappa le souffle de la terre
    Thus struck the breath ov the earth

    Et ainsi inonda le sang de l'âme
    And thus flooded the blood of the soul

    Sloither dans le vide béant!
    Sloither into the gaping void!Je t'adore, homme méchant!
    I worship thee, O vicious man!

    Maintenant, marquez mes mots, race mortelle
    Now mark my words ye mortal race

    Nourrir ma colère avec gore lion
    Feed my wrath with lion's gore

    Nourrir mon envie avec les gros agneaux ov
    Feed my envy with the fat ov lambs

    Comme les mauvaises manières vont s'épanouir
    As the wicked ways will flourish

    Voici les monuments de dieu en décomposition
    Behold the monuments ov god decayLex Divinus, je tamponne la poussière
    Lex Divinus, I stamp the dust

    Je dépouille les livres saints
    I despoil the holy books

    Je profaner les vers angéliques
    I desecrate the angelic verses

    Comme des feuilles mortes se flétrissent
    Like dead leaves wither they to ash

    Comme je dirige les hôtes ov stars
    As I am leading the hosts ov stars

    En avant, embrasse le soleil
    Onwards, embrace the sunIn absentia dei nous sermonisons
    In absentia dei we sermonize

    Dans ecclesia satan!
    In ecclesia satan!

    Ta puissance est juste!
    Thy might is right!J'ai regardé la naissance des planètes
    I have watched the birth ov planets

    I… J'ai regardé la naissance des planètes
    I have watched the birth ov planets

    J'ai été témoin de la mort des mondes
    I have witnessed the death ov worlds

    J'ai dirigé la chorale des étoiles
    I've conducted the choir ov stars

    J'ai chevauché la queue de la comète
    I have ridden the tail ov the comet

    (Comme j'ai transformé)
    (As I've transformed)

    De dieu en cendres
    From god to ash

    De la poussière à l'homme
    From dust to manIn absentia dei nous évangélisons
    In absentia dei we evangelize

    En absence du Christ, nous nous répandons comme une invasion de fléaux
    In absentia Christi we spread like swarming plagues

    Dans ecclesia Satan!
    In ecclesia Satan!

    Ta puissance est juste!
    Thy might is right!Eritis Sicut Dii
    Thus sermonized the serpent ov eden
    Thus struck the breath ov the earth
    And thus flooded the blood of the soul
    Sloither into the gaping void!I worship thee, O vicious man!
    Now mark my words ye mortal race
    Feed my wrath with lion's gore
    Feed my envy with the fat ov lambs
    As the wicked ways will flourish
    Behold the monuments ov god decayLex Divinus, I stamp the dust
    I despoil the holy books
    I desecrate the angelic verses
    Like dead leaves wither they to ash
    As I am leading the hosts ov stars
    Onwards, embrace the sunIn absentia dei we sermonize
    In ecclesia satan!
    Thy might is right!I have watched the birth ov planets

  56. xoupana1234

    tudo revoltz pq os pais obrigaram a ir na igreja qdo crianca kkkjkjj

  57. drozdek

    what shitty masks they wear, bunch of posers...

  58. Alistair Galadius

    Pinhead is a christian, hum okay !

  59. Oxidized tears Droplets of apathy

    En nomine Patris Lucifer Excelsius, Ave Domine Satanas, Ave Domine Satanas. be glorified and exalted, Great Morningstar; divide the skies and reveal your face to us, Great Ruler of Earth. Hail Satan.

    TJ Maxwell

    Can I get a translation for that cool sounding Latin?

  60. Anomitro Bhowmik

    Great bands make great music out of only few notes ... combining those into riffs and chords... Brilliant

  61. Dr S4T4N

    This is new look of Mgła ?

  62. Tînjală David

    profesor: today we are going to learn latin
    Me and the boys:

  63. Radek Gmyrek

    Super zespół

  64. SoundSelector


  65. rogerio vilela

    i like this

  66. Calin Chirtes

    came here for naked girls, very disappointing.

  67. TC Swag

    So fucking badass !

  68. troller scammer

    do u guys listen to it because its hard or you listen to it because of some bullshit religious satanist garbage?
    dont get me wrong, im atheist

    Abyss the exe file

    I listen to it because I like the music, I feel like most of their fans are the same.

  69. Natanael Wagner

    bad religion

  70. Ashkan M

    Love Nergal's vocal \m/

    Khal Netherfields

    it is truly something special, he is one of the greatest there has ever been.

  71. Имя фамилия


  72. dawn robertson

    🖕they are wastes of flesh.

  73. Gump2155

    And that's what happens when you battle a porcupine!!!!

  74. Justin Se

    Metal reign

  75. Alessandro Fava

    Can't get over how visually (and heretically lol) stunning this video is

  76. Lex Estabaya

    is that cronus?

  77. Lata Bisht

    Lila ek Padam

  78. The Ultimate Cadet

    Şuraya bi Türkçe yorum bırakayım da dinleyen Türkler üzülsün. Bi tek sizin mi müzik zevkiniz güzel sandınız orospu çcouklşarı

  79. Сергей Грибенюков


  80. Emmanuel Fernandez

    I'm going to kidnap this entire band so I can have them play this song as my alarm clock every morning

  81. Slipknot fan 101

    I only know about these because they're touring with slipknot and if i wanna go im gonna have to like these too and so far they're not too bad

  82. Sultan

    Thats some evil looking hijabers

  83. Felipe M. Carneiro

    Amazing song and video!!! From Brazil!!!!!

  84. Piotr Wołczok

    Zajebisty klip 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  85. Jul Mou

    One more incredible song from behemoth!you rule guys!

  86. The Riddler

    Is that pinhead?

  87. tykol sk

    Tie blbé, úbohé reklamné vygumovanosti, ktoré všetkých urážajú svojou primitívnosťou treba vypíliť a zlikvidovať. T.K.

  88. Jay Johnson


  89. Chris Hall

    Absolutely LOVE that commercials for Pureflicks air before this video >D

  90. Carlos Martínez

    Fucking beautiful...

  91. Oxidized tears Droplets of apathy

    Hail Satan! En nomine Patris Lucifer Excelsius, Ave Domine Satanas... Ave Domine Satanas. Fuck the xhristian fuck the xuslim.

  92. Taba To

    Music for baby. :/

  93. Liebe hat Klauen

    Im just here to explore this. I really love the sound in their live videos but i still need time to find it in this version

  94. Suchandan Ghosh

    Jesus Loves You.
    God is for you not against you .

  95. Яр ПаганецЪ Jaar Paganus

    "Giutar band`s time is lost" They sayd it for The Beatles. What we have see now?

  96. bobak

    My favourite song <3

  97. Jhon Jhon

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  98. Влад Горлач

    стрррах как дико и уфффффффффффф!!!!!!!!!!!!!