Behemoth - Day Of Suffering Lyrics

A call to take your hand
For I'm at one with the dark
How dare you come for me
And again you must die

So ancient curse known to me
Behold the powers I unleash
Upon your throne
Know my words, feel my hate descend

Lord of light
I will swarm against you now
Gods perverse
Wickeds at my side
Thorns to lance your every word
Now I crown you king in pain


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Behemoth Day Of Suffering Comments

    L'original de MORBID ANGEL est nettement meilleur!

  2. Walter Alejandro

    abyssmally better than original

    Idan I

    Walter Alejandro that made zero sense

  3. Juan Negrette

    This is wicked shit love it


    Fucking chills. This is so good.

  5. Ale Majoro

    Like it!!

  6. Amy Dunne

    I like how they made it in their way. Now that David Vincent is gone because death metal is just not in him anymore I love Behemoth. They are incredible. I'm also happy this generation has a great band continuum great death/black metal. Steve tucker is back and I couldn't give a crap . Hail Behemoth!!

  7. Mark Balledo

    it depends on you if you don't like the cover.. my opinion.. i like this

  8. Arek Thorne

    sweet cover

  9. Decapitat0r

    This is awesome. And to all the idiots saying the original is better and how this sounds different, NO FUCKING SHIT. The point of a cover is not to sound at close to the original as possible, but to play the song while adding some twists to the song, which Behemoth did here. It's fine if you don't like it, but come on, people.

    Total Metal Rejection

    Decapitat0r lol


    hellz yeah

  11. PrettyStoned

    this is one of the worst behemoth covers but still good :P

  12. Fenrir Kveldulv


  13. Scrambles the Death Dealer

    @LordKellicos I like it. I think behemoth is badass.

  14. LordKellicos

    This sucks just as bad as any other of Behemoth's attempts at covering a good song.

  15. thychaos

    orgininal is way better.

  16. malyfromhell74

    great cover
    szacun Behemoth. Kurna zawsze o Was mówiłem - To obiecujący polski Morbid Angel (druga dobra kapela po Vader na nasezj polskiej niwie) (MA mam całą dyskogragfię, Behemoth tylko słucham w porywach, ale zawsze z entuzjazdem i wypiekami na twarzy) .

  17. karkass4

    obviously the original is better. Behemoth tends to crap down the musik and rhytmic patterns in typical black metal way. disgusting

  18. Riversofgore

    @plus18ification learn how to spell

  19. John Ducharme-Savoy

    @FundamentalAlienat ya this is a pile of shit compared to morbid angel.

  20. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    On what grounds have you the right to call me a douchebag?

  21. Mike Whittington Jr.

    @RobbKongMetal999 douchebag! you are a waste of life

  22. o lo

    feel my hate descend

  23. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    I don't drink whiskey, though...
    I'm into all kinds of hard rock, from LED ZEPPELIN to DEEP PURPLE, etc.
    Mainly I'm into the older hard rock and heavy metal but I have a passion for thrash and early death metal...

  24. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    I'm very outspoken and passionate about Metal...
    My SLAYER shirt is my favorite shirt...
    No gigs... The last big acts to come here were Li'l Wayne and REO Speedwagon with Loverboy... So, yeah... Slim choices... Damn, I hate Kentucky...
    Metal has helped me cope with the bullshit of the daily Kentuckian... I hate to sound conceited but listening to the brilliance thrown into Metal makes me somewhat superior to the trash I'm forced to live with...
    Keep it fuckin' metal!!!

  25. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    My true metal ally moved away and I'm cursed to this hellish torment I call my neighborhood...
    I'd love to purge this place in a great flame...
    This song (either/both versions) would be appropriate for the torture I'll inflict upon them all...

  26. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    Thanks for agreeing...
    It's good to hear someone out there has an ear for good music...
    Where I live, it's dominated by stupid kids who listen to pop that's irrelevant and stupid... They also listen to country...
    I consider myself a rare breed: a Defender of the Faith [METAL!!!]

  27. BAD WLAD

    Competent, but Morbid Angel was and is 10x the band Behemoth will ever be.

  28. RobbKong Riot-Activist

    I feel both versions have something to offer...
    I like both about the same...
    Has anyone seen the performance MORBID ANGEL did of this song with Phil Anselmo? It's kick-ass...

  29. BrutalEpicMetal

    I like the vocals better in this song, I like the guitar playing more in the morbid angel version, and everything is about the same.

  30. turgore

    i prefer the original even though I like behemoth more than morbid angel.

  31. Magdalena

    good cover