Behemoth - Christgrinding Avenue Lyrics

[Lead: Nergal]

Spreading sickness and disease among the men
Grubby creed!
What are ye but the soulless meat?
Cancer consuming Thy race from inside
No grace awaits Thee in the crying skies above

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil's work

Vultures attack!
May hell unlock overpowering might
Mourn not, my comrades!
Thou art fateless in the blinding light
On the altar ov liberation crucify the whore

Drink to crucifixion
For oppression is no more!

Slay the whore!
Make it bleed,
Make it weep
Let it die forever more
Slit the throat!
Let them rot
Let them pay
Let em taste their own blood
Make em crawl!
Upon this corpse
I shall feast
'Till no hope remains for the twisted mob!

Raise Thy sword of judgment, loose the iron rain
Beat the drum
No earthly power
May hinder nor stop Thee
Manifestation ov Mut
Protector ov Ma'at
I call upon the most divine
To spew forth this infecting dust ov life

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil's work

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Behemoth Christgrinding Avenue Comments
  1. Ethan Gauthier

    This is prolly the hardest behemoth album. I think it's a masterpiece

  2. Luca Petrino

    Quindi se c'è gente che si agita se lascio i commenti, quei commenti fatti sotto casa mia negli anni passati erano aggressioni fatte con premeditazione.

  3. Luca Petrino

    Ei, e quelli fanno i commenti, e io non dovrei lasciare nessun commento? Stiamo scherzando?

  4. Luca Petrino

    Io non ho sentito nessuno, invece, che ha detto visto che hai un problema vediamo se si può risolvere.

  5. Luca Petrino

    Perchè quei commenti sotto casa erano aggressioni che vanno avanti da anni. È necessario che i colpevoli si assumano le loro responsabilità.


    Happy Easter 😂😂😂😂

  7. John Toland

    I listen to Behemoth for how good the music is. No other band can get this kind of sound. So chaotic and heavy.

  8. elvisman2000

    We gonna rock down to Chrisgrinding Avenue
    And then we'll take it higher!

  9. Avik Roy

    Behemoth is killings

  10. Daniel So

    This is Christ Grinding Avenue for Dump Truck Heads


    I would sell my kidney just to hear this live


    The Reign Ov Shemsu - Hor

  12. MasloDziedzic

    Ale... Ten album jest absolutnym mistrzostwami miksu i masteringu. bęben z mistrzowskim atakiem, na twarzy, Ale nie boli za duża górą. gitary wyraźne, acz z dość (jak na ten gatunek) lekka górą, z mocą w dole, bas szklany, prawie jak stary korn. i wokal, który jest bliski, Ale nawet z kawałkiem przestrzeni. Ten szwed (bodajże) zrobił świetna robotę.

    Taka strata, że evangelion brzmi już mainstreamowo, niczym kupa.

  13. norbert nagy

    Hail Satan!

  14. norbert nagy

    Illuminati with motivation not succeed change nobody.

  15. Brandon Keys

    Anyone who thinks this style of vocals requires no talent, I say look into the lyrics under the description and just try to say the words normally with the pace of Nergal. If you can do that, then try doing it again with the amount of force, expression and effort he puts into it. A full breath every other line, as if you're pushing your diaphragm out your mouth. Gotta get the tone right too. Most likely your voice will crack and you can't keep up the consistency of brutality. This is no joke, these guys and other metal musicians don't fuck around. People who fail at growling death vocals sound worse in comparison to someone who butchers a song trying to sing normally. Anyone can sing, even if it's not well, but not anyone can do this type of vocals, you'll most likely start coughing viscously. Actually trying to do this until you can, if you ever can, is like an expectorant, it will clean out your trachea. You will have to do it, without damaging your voice too. It requires technique and practice. Great, song, great band, great that nergal recovered from illness. \m/


    You sir - make very valid points and I'm glad someone made them. Thank you

    Marin Simeonov

    hihii im a growler, Nergal, Johan Hegg and Angela Gossow are my main influences for growling, now i wanna growl this song :3

    Winand Callebaut

    You forgot he also plays guitar at same time as he sings.

    The Eye

    Just learn how to growl, its not for everyone.

  16. 4!RF0RC3 JU4N

    Kollias and Inferno are the elite and equally badass in my opinion. Nergals leads are just NO JOKE! I like Behemoth more but I love both drummers. The best of the best.

  17. Cadence Wallace

    Ah this song melts away my stress I positively love it!

    Brandon Keys

    Same here, Behemoth puts me at ease. Well when I'm not feeling like running around and pushing people. If I'm angry or frustrated, this always makes me happy! Keep calm and listen to death metal \m/

    Cadence Wallace

    @Brandon Keys One of the many benefits of Death Metal. Keep calm unless you're in the Pit \m/!

  18. sonsofsparda22

    For the GOP in America. For everyone that wants to claim violence in the name of god. Feed them to the LIONS!

    josh shannon

    Obama kicked the drone into overdrive in a way nobody expected! Targeted killings are the order of the day now


    When did the killings start? How many have died through targeted drone strikes on US soil? Get out of here with that

    Samael Levithan

    Feed them the Democrats, they're the terrorists!

    Red Terror

    Guys.. You're both just awful. Dems are shit and so are the GOP

  19. Zach Saxton

    My 2nd fav song from my fav album by them so pissed they played live here in texas but I missed :(

  20. Spencer Nelson

    that solo at the middle of the song owns all

  21. Daniel Oliver

    All right, I'm going to clear the air here. Both Inferno and Kollias are amazing drummers and it's pointless to argue over whom is better. That being said I think that Kollias is faster, but i think Inferno is much more creative. However for me the clincher is how effortless Inferno makes his parts look when playing live. The guy is so fluid with no movements wasted and not only does he look like he's not even trying, but he looks like he's bored! That's just amazing to me!

  22. Marc MacFarlane

    And you're still fucking around! You need to get a hobby.

  23. DaRude

    Cmmon man,swallow the truth.Inferno is way better than George Kolias.My opinion.Stop fucking around..

  24. murderaddiction

    22 Christgrinding Avenue is the place where we all gooooooooo!

  25. xokoyotzin93

    This song is appropriate for today lol

  26. Bumm

    That song had enough metal to rebuild the twin towers

  27. MishterSmiley

    This over and over again until the end of the internet.

  28. Decapitat0r

    It's all about opinion, man. No one is being a fanboy.

  29. Victor Rivera

    no, and you are a behemoth fanboy

  30. Rad eon

    Inferno is better and faster

  31. Nicolás A. Torrejano H


  32. Hadelkh

    yeah, i like them both, but inferno is more creative, kollias reached 300 bpm in a song from a band called ADE, but it was for a short time , but inferno reaches 290bpm in his solos, this isn't a big difference, i like kollias because he is very progressive, and technical. for me they drew. (sorry about the english, i know its horrible

  33. Zack Harris

    Derek Roddy is a monster too

  34. Victor Rivera

    ok i agree but listen to nile´s annihilation of the wicked just in case

  35. William Hunter

    I looked him up and listened to his stuff to test that theory and hes slightly better on double bass, but infernos drums and drum solos are far superior

  36. ShoeEaterThe2nd

    behemoth lives on 666 christgrinding avenue

  37. Victor Rivera

    george kolias beats the fuck out of inferno

  38. john robert

    It works great as rolling papers too.

  39. Headcasely

    Ahhh I've spent so long trying to find this song! I've been wanting to learn to play it on guitar but I forgot the name D: So very, very brutal >:3

  40. Luka rogošić

    Yes, I'm also a fan of a progressive aproach to extreme metal. It doesn't even have to be progressive, it can be classical, traditional folk, avant-garde, etc. I like to listen to all of that.

  41. Dolorosakil

    You listen to Akercocke?

  42. Socko Bee

    One of my favorites by Behemoth
    The ending riff is pure evil! so fucken powerful!

  43. Decapitat0r

    Hahahaha, same here! "BURN IT, PISS ON IT!!!"

  44. roflpwned

    i can never listen to this song before hearing "I DONT BUY THIS PILE OF SHIT" *tears up pages from the buybull* "PISS ON IT..."

  45. Luka rogošić

    Not all but most. Just like in any kind of music.

  46. Klaus Watts

    they are extreme metal you fuckheads:) black and death, but not blackened death

  47. Luka rogošić

    Death metal is being better because of it's technicality, vocals, speed, and heaviness. Black metal is better for being mystical, atmospheric, and having intelligent lyrics. Behemoth are one of the rare bands that have put that together and created something really fucking awesome and yet they sound original and interesting in each album. You can't simply deny that greatness.

  48. Joe Smith

    fucking brutatttaaaall

  49. Bruno Carriço

    Drink to crucifixion
    For oppression is no more!

    Slay the whore!
    Make it bleed,
    Make it weep
    Let it die forever more
    Slit the throat!
    Let them rot
    Let them pay
    Let em taste their own blood
    Make em crawl!
    Upon this corpse
    I shall feast
    'Till no hope remains for the twisted mob!


  50. AigreSonge

    Now we know that Kali recycled herself to be a polish drummer.

  51. skeletonchrist999

    @ixXFeArLeSsXx blackened death metal to be precise

  52. DemonizedAlucard

    @OvTheUnborn lmfao i love that reply XD

  53. hakushomelon0

    @ChosenPessimist27 cherrys>oranges

  54. bigsir333

    What the hell happened to the good "old school" Black Metal Behemoth ? doesn't even sound like the same band!!!!!!!!!!

  55. SpiritEssence

    One of their better songs on their album. great piece of work :)

  56. Friar Tuck

    "by the power of will" I love that line.

  57. 666Metalbassist

    This is church of satan not a paper waste basket, so please pick up your trash, its starting to attract ants and racoons, HAIL SATAN oh and the neighbors have requested that we stop parking cars in front of their house, you will get a ticket and towed nobody wants that HAIL SATAN! now to summon the four demons of the apocalypse MEPHISTOPHILES, BELPHEGOR, LUCIFER, - DOES ANY BODY NO WHERE THE NEAREST BAR IS? YOUR KILLIN ME ALL RELIGIONS ARE A BUNCH OF BORING CRAP! DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE A BAR IS

  58. Christopher Anton

    @OvTheUnborn lol -__-

  59. Christopher Anton

    he's singing scares the shit out of me

  60. OverGuyThat

    Amazing ^_^ such passion.

  61. Theshinnning

    @BradenWare I'd like to see you play or sing any of this lol

  62. paladineXD

    @MetalicStevie lol it should have been in the rugrats movie

  63. MetalicStevie

    *awesome intro, vocals enter* REPTAR!

  64. MickeeKarlsson

    @BradenWare Hahahahahahaha, can't stop laughing.. Look, in my opinion, religion only starts war and create people that commit genocides in the name of this so called "God". Religion is the worst muderer of all time.

  65. Lauri Eronen

    @ChosenPessimist27 oranges anoy me

  66. JesusPrototype

    One of the best!

  67. geoffrey prill

    2:07 ooohhhh fuuuuuuuuck......

  68. Nevin Hoben

    @BradenWare Someones ignorant about metal.

  69. OverGuyThat

    @BradenWare He saves the weak. And besides, organized religion is a joke anyway.

  70. Braden Ware

    I didnt know that banging instruments and screaming pointlessly counted as music...Just remember Jesus saves.

    The Great Prophesized AntiChrist

    Fuck Jesus.


    Braden Ware very nice of you to include jesus saves. It’s a great slayer song.

  71. Decapitat0r

    @joshhaehl7 Yeah, Inferno does have that effect on some people.

  72. Shmee

    0_0 ow... drums... give me heart attack...
    Just died a little...

  73. Earthworm

    @ZackAPack Jesus would probably be the most appropriate victim.

  74. 666skater97

    fuck christans

  75. Porkosaurus Pigtits

    @ChosenPessimist27 glory to trolololdom :D

  76. ChosenPessimist27

    @VoidOvNihil1134 Apples aren't anywhere near as tasty and delicious as oranges... fuck apples, their taste irritates me... they're kids' fruit... GLORY TO ORANGES!

  77. Suplex Jackson

    @KathyMetal92 To be honest you sound like even more of a loser for responding to someone named "completebastard". Have a lovely day, princess.

  78. Porkosaurus Pigtits

    @whoiswhobutwho what are you waiting for bud?

  79. Eric Kogan

    @TherionSamael same lol

  80. DocteurE5150

    @balckfrost shit, i thought you wrote "stay christian"

  81. MyThelema

    @completebastard You really live up to your name, you narrow minded fuck.

  82. AbominableK


  83. Pedro Paulo Wanderley

    @VoidOvNihil1134 How many musicians in metal compose songs as powerful and atmospheric as Behemoth does? At least from the bands you know...

    The Great Prophesized AntiChrist

    Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth, Black Funeral's got some Cult shit, the black mass visual experiment is a really good powerful, atmospheric video with Cult music. The black mass visual experiment is the most Cult atmospheric song I practice Dark religion to next to some songs from my own Cult religion.

  84. Suplex Jackson

    Wow, this blows all kinds of ass. Listen to real metal, kids. Not this utter faggotry that ironically has no balls.

  85. That Guy

    Oh, how I would love to walk down this street.

  86. xcardboardbox

    @VaryagsOfMiklagaard lol

  87. T.Remieres

    co za assy

  88. Jacob Frotten

    @BLinK4evr1 But Behemoth doesn't love you back. They want to feed you to the lions XD

  89. redcell

    This is just pure sex right here.

  90. Christopher Velez

    The one asshole who disliked this, Will be Grinded on Christginding Avenue.

  91. PrototypeC4

    I just jizzed on the screen

  92. ResistanceofLove

    Everybody has their opinions dude.

  93. shamone12345678910

    @Samhainmisfit123 care to give an example?

  94. shamone12345678910

    Bodom is good, but.. well at the same time they aren't because, well behemoth exists :D

  95. Josh Leonard


    Epic drums + car speakers = jizz everywhere

  96. liberate6969


  97. Soulless Ginger

    This song is the BEST way to get your annoying little catholic cousin out of your room

  98. KimiiiRaikkonen

    @balckfrost Slay me then :(

  99. DarkRealities

    I can honestly say without any doubt whatsoever. This is my favorite song by Behemoth. It's badass in every way.