Behemoth - Chant For Εσχατον 2000 (2008 Version) Lyrics

Fly, fly high my Black Eagle
Let golden thread bind our eyes
May our minds and hearts blood unite
On your wings carry me over the abyss
Beyond The Reason and across the burning seas
Then, with your claw tear the earth
And usher me into the secrets of her bowels
Down to the light of the beginning and the end which shimmers
Circle! Round and round my Black Eagle
Let our senses be touched by ultimate pleasure
May the passion of hunting become all - devouring
Slash! Slash with your beak
Remove all gods from my way, and thoughts, and sorrows
And let me trespass the barriers of fear
Scream! Let the whole cosmos tremble
May echoes become my the sweetest mantra
Spirit of Freedom! Eternal Wanderer! Joyfull Solitude!
Higher and higher towards the stars of Awareness
Let worlds of imagination and fact become one
When I am you
And you are me..

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Behemoth Chant For Εσχατον 2000 (2008 Version) Comments
  1. budaroddy

    Disney Ads , i already know Disney was Satanic


    That is mahakali. The Hindu goddess.

  3. Athanasios Samaras

    THe starting melody is the same as that of vermilion from slipknot XD


    Wait that kali ? Wow the is a temple for her near my home.

  5. JL Molina


  6. Marcin Zujkiewicz

    Uwielbiam Behemotha super metal. Pozdrawiam wszystkich słuchaczy Marcin zujkiewicz

  7. Madara Uchiha

    artwork from India, title in Greek, the band is from Poland, and sing in English

  8. Fathom Darkness

    I heard this at knotfest i still have it stuck in my head


    Ive seen them live twice, they put on a great show

  9. Evgeny Kaminskiy

    Музыка Богов .

  10. FNC Danium

    So great!!

  11. Aiden Myles

    max cavalera is a dirty rape piece infant cock sheath ill never dive in

  12. Aiden Myles

    I am the one light

  13. Aiden Myles

    you get the shit kicked out of you and itr makes me the3 one true god while you struggle and are not so keen as that I am god

  14. Aiden Myles

    I am better then you

  15. Aiden Myles

    this band is my filthy fucktarded cocksheath. it is a shit sculpture I beat out of you while you are doing the time "breathing".

  16. Philippe Cirse

    We have emerged from the Void, we will return to Chaos. In the middle there is love, hate, dreams and the works of men

  17. George Ricketts

    So I’m curious about something. What are the differences between Chant for Eschaton 2000, the original from Satanica, and this version, Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v.? This is something that has been on my mind ever since I heard the two versions.

  18. bizhat

    beautiful - havent heard into Behemoth in a good year! this is bliss :3

  19. Edward Harshaw

    John 3:16

  20. Rainer Weber

    Behomot , friSS mal "n Husten--bonbon -----beSSer für die Stimme !

  21. Nikolai 512Bit

    Hail Ma Kali!
    Hail Satan!

  22. Ben new land

    Kaali maa photo is Black Goddess of hindu belief. Good versus evil. Kaali have killed thousands of evil demons in war.

  23. Mr.FinPC

    Saw this live

  24. no one

    saw them twice at knotfest and am hooked

  25. mario lulz

    Welcome to the metal.

  26. Slipknot Fan33

    Thanks For Making My Ets2 Delivery Jobs So Fun 😜

  27. Jimmy Marketti

    Who the fuck is ezkaton

  28. CMDR Kira Mikamy

    sticazzi che mazzata

  29. Tony Simons

    Looking forward to checking these crazy bastards out at the Knotfest Roadshow.

  30. Tequila Shot

    Whats going on with the drummer

  31. Szachowi Tytani

    Behemoth is the best!

  32. julian ramirez

    Espectacular cumple mis expectativas los mejores ,saludos desde colombia.medellin

  33. Linagv 2

    nearly broke my neck when I saw them live and they played this 😂🤘

  34. sagar jadav

    Goddess Mahakali. The death goddess of hindu tribe. Album cover..

  35. danilo Soares


  36. Kenju Hitryule

    Finally some black metal to be proud of

    Bojan Djordjevic

    this is not black metal

  37. Sanu Mukherjee

    Jay Kaali Maa!! 🙏🤘

  38. Dustin D

    When I am you and you are me 🤘🏻🖤

  39. Wąsaty złodziej lizaków chupa chups


  40. Mike Awram

    Fuck ya thats the sound ov metal

  41. Anaal Sex

    That is a riff and a half.

  42. TheVillain794

    Kali Maa 💀

  43. guru angel

    Real shark Says yu all are walking to close to shimney man 44crosses welcome to saints patrick

  44. Vinicius

    Old behemoth = Devil's machine
    New behemoth = cringe

    Mr Slinky dragon

    In your opinion.


    @Mr Slinky dragon sure

    eric enders

    God fucking forbid a band show progress and inner reinvention. That is what Adam's core belief system of spiritual choice pretty much is, so I think he can help to push the band anywhere he sees fit, kid.

  45. jerry mckeehan


  46. Grégory DENIAU

    Excellent !!!
    one of the best song of Behemoth

  47. Underground Metal Shop

    Fly, fly high my fucking Black Eagle... yeahhh!!!

  48. Eli

    fun fact: the album cover is a rare photo of the drummer

    Aman Rawat

    That's Kali MAA
    Our Indian Godess


    Aman Rawat I think we knew it wasn’t the drummer


    Eli HAIL FUCKEN SATAN!!!😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..\666/!👹

    Gee Money

    That's good shit hahaha

    Jose Cervantes


  49. Uto Punk

    i love this one. My favourite. am going crazy when they play it live!

  50. Angus TJ

    <3 <3 <3

  51. Vasilios Petris

    199 mortals are doomed at Ezkaton

  52. pope88fb

    Really loved this song till I discovered Deicede's Holy Deception. Basically the same riff, but more badass...

  53. Douirbcvrvlrjvc

    IMO this is their best drums' sound to date

  54. Zonefire 15

    I used to listen to behemoth a lot

  55. Rohit Kumar D Yadav

    0:27 she is god in Hindu religion Kali maa


    I seen behemoth at the slayer tour I didn’t care for them till they played this song at the end

  57. Metalupyourass

    Anyone know the god on the cover art? What does It mean and represent? I think It could make for a pretty badass tattoo.

  58. Christopher Norris

    0:58 Wasn't expecting that final, dissonant chord in the sequence. Does anyone know the interval between that and the lead (it's the low note, which bends up)?

  59. Pedro Henrique

    I am from Brazil, and I am here to pay all my respects for this FKN Incredible band!!! HAIL BEHEMOTH!

  60. NeonKnight

    In this time Behemoth kicks ass, compare to all they release since demigod. I like how they used to be raw and catchy

  61. Quag roth

    you stole my birth right

    dumb cunts

    I still have all the powers

  62. fenomeno

    Carmen quae contra Romanam Ecclesiam machinantur

  63. Wade Guidry


  64. Umid Dey

    I am convinced that Inferno is not a human being.

    David Surran

    There are lots of drummers this good.lots

  65. Irvin Kubat

    I use this song when i enter my moms basement

  66. Worldin Pains

    I like the original release more. Much darker feel... :P

  67. dolar bullterrier

    Z jakiej to płyty ?

    Ciacho x

    Thelema 6

  68. michael an

    Definitely deserves a fight against Whitechapel -- Mono

  69. Mark Novak

    Zajebisty Utwór!!!!

  70. sejdr

    why isnt it on behemoth channel?

  71. michael an

    and when I find out when the US laid more sanctions on russia

  72. michael an

    when hillary becomes president

  73. Eminem 101

    I am a indian and the picture on the thumbnail is our goddes mother kali.

    Jeswin Thomas

    Hail Kali Maa

    Eminem 101

    Jeswin Thomas You know hindi??

    powersurge five


  74. Romuald Croissant

    very good song !!!

  75. kyle cheatham

    God made Satan. God will ruin Satan.

  76. ladushky scholoniepher

    Saw them last Monday; so so so awesome.

  77. Ben karper

    they worship laxmi Goddess hindu deity.

  78. zoshi, the enlightened one

    This is better than the shitty stereotypical Satanist stuff that's been coming out. This actually has tempo.

  79. Shivang Upadhyay

    The album art is an inspiration from indian goddess of death “ Kaalika Maa”. The Maa in that is mother in hindi, which also means mother of death. People worship this goddess by singing her song in “raaga bhairavi” which will sound more like metal !

    Devanshu Arjun

    @TheMonkiekitty none can "kill" the one who was there before the beginning, and will be there to end it all over and over again. None can kill Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the world.

    Scientist Walter

    Death is pretty thicc


    Hail maa kaali


    Fuck Hinduism


    @GodsOfValhalla fuck Odin

  80. Captain Galaxy

    Great Satanic metal storm!! Good choice.

  81. Isaac Dante

    my school banned this song on the school computers so when i gotta study i cant listen to this. even tho their other stuff isnt

  82. Abu Haqqoni


  83. elsoldeluznegra

    esta version es mucho mejor que la de satanica imi...imi..imi...imi...imi.....imi.....imi......imi.....imi..........imi........imi..imi

  84. TheArchDemon

    I wonder what made behemoth decide to switch from a black metal sound to a more death metal sound

    eric enders

    It's called progress, son.

  85. Keymo Embryo

    is there any other Behemoth songs that have this kind of kick and speed right from the start?
    a friend of mine played a Behemoth song once in his car, and I'm pretty sure it's this one but I want to be 100% that it was, cause that jam was fuckin' killer

    William Martinez

    Ora pro nobis Lucifer has that kind of speed and it's awesome

  86. Anatol Grincevich

    мой первый трэк, с того момента и полюбил

  87. Damien WerWolf

    Great song

  88. Kanwer Vikram

    This is some Hindi goddess.i think

  89. pedro de backere

    Behemoth rules

  90. Lesba Zyra

    That opening is so good! Great music.

  91. siddhant koirala

    Why one of a Hindu destructive goddess's photo is their album cover..????

  92. Mariana Meneguetti Muniz


  93. Ahoshi araiza

    Brutal !!! aunque no suena mucho a Death Metal... ¬¬

  94. FNC Danium

    so good


    Une délectation auditive ! !!
    Trop mortellement bon !!!

  96. Kamla Yadav

    wtf with this band,kaali ma is goddess, don't look her as a devil or Satan.....

    TheDarklander II

    "satanists" like to play with foreign gods as to taunt the monotheists.

  97. Christopher Laster

    Made me wargasm

  98. Scott Moore

    One of my favorite songs....I LOVE Behemoth!

  99. Gareth

    Back when Behemoth wrote good music.

  100. xXxCARELESSxXxz

    perfek for a dog fight!!! (with airplanes^^,)