Before You Exit - The Butterfly Effect Lyrics

Here we are, tears are dripping to your lips
Who would ever guess we got here from that kiss
Now you say everything that you would change
But we pushed too far with no chance to erase

Like the butterfly effect
It was only just a speck
That made into a brokenhearted mess
Like the butterfly effect
It's so easy to regret
But I would never change the way we left, whoa
Though I wish you never broke my heart
I don't want a brand new start
I'm not me without my scars, whoa
Though I wish we never fell apart
It made us who we are
And at least we left a mark

Don't you dare say it was all a waste
'Cause we would never be the way we are today
Now we find beauty in all the pain
There's a reason for the rainbow through the rain

Like the butterfly effect
It was only just a speck
That made into a brokenhearted mess
Like the butterfly effect
What you get is what you get
But I would never change the way we left, whoa
Though I wish you never broke my heart
I don't want a brand new start
I'm not me without my scars, whoa
Though I wish we never fell apart
It made us who we are
And at least we left a mark

Like the butterfly effect
Wonder if we never met
Would I have lost my heart inside my chest
Like the butterfly effect
It's so easy to regret
But I would never change the way we left

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Before You Exit The Butterfly Effect Comments
  1. Tuğçe Karakuş

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️🎈🎈🎈❄️❄️❄️
    (From turkey )

  2. Océane

    This is so beautiful I cried! You inspired to write my owns song too :)

  3. ValleyoftheWind

    Wow, first 3 seconds had me. This song is so sorrowful. It's... so good.

  4. May T Tay

    4am and crying. You touch people's souls, even the ones that are so lost that thought they we're unable to exist in this world. I Love you. Honestly, i do. Thanks for embracing our wounded hearts.

  5. Eman Saad

    I love iiiiiiit 😭💕

  6. Vante Tv

    Magical moments ♥️

  7. Hussein Ali

    This song so beautiful and soothing, I just love it

  8. Ecstasy

    Perhaps after this I'll cry at night in those flashbacks 😍

  9. Sovereign Integral 3.0

    We wouldn’t have our wisdom without the pain. 🙏🏻❤️

  10. Hammody Cj

    this song is so soothing, brings back old memories ❤
    I appreciate the composition and the vocals it's mesmerising,
    you guys NEED recognition for this !!!

  11. ophelia 1

    sooooo beautiful song im crying😔😔💛💛💛💛

  12. ouma ima

    so sad💙 beautufil💙

  13. Wantedragon

    Omg I've known you guys since like 2014 and it's incredible how much you have evolved, what an amazing song

  14. Saito kun.

    Thank you, you MAKES me fall asleep without any Exertion after i was fighting the insomnia, thank you!

  15. Emily Gilstorf

    The lyrics, his voice and my feelin's are making this song amazing. This is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of songs I've ever heard. Good job, keep creating, we love you :')

  16. ola rashad

    *extraordinary you*..

  17. Lavanya Maheshwari

    I'm not kidding. This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.
    Such deep lyrics, such a beautiful composition.

  18. Nin The Frog

    Well thank u YouTube for recommending me this beautiful song

  19. Endah Apriliani

    wonder if we never met. Would I have lost my heart inside my chest 💔

  20. Ghemary Liz

    You made me cry a lot while listening to this sad song

  21. Atheer Oth

    1:44 What a beautiful voice! The melody and the lyrics touched my heart 💜

  22. angel is so bored

    Da title reminded me of butterfly fly away by miley cyrus 😍 only me?

  23. Paridhi Kejriwal

    I love this song more than anything else...this song creates such feelings that are unfathomable and indescribable... so happy to have been able to experience the loveliness of this song

  24. Shauna Rae

    Every Part of my Soul Aches. In a Beautiful Way. 💕🖤

  25. angie weathers

    We've all been there .. ❤🙏💎

  26. Linh Nguyen

    im a monbebe and i heard they wrote monsta x's someones someone coming out tomorrow so im here to check them out and this is really good??????????????? i really cant wait for the song

    Linh Nguyen

    update: someones someone is soooo good and im here again since ive actually fallen in love with this song

    Joaquin P.

    @Linh Nguyen the song have before you exit vibes. i love it so much

    Linh Nguyen

    @Joaquin P. now that ive listened to many before you exit songs i really agree!! they make such good music and im so happy to have found them

  27. Bts Paved The Way.

    I wish this song had more views it's for real a true masterpiece I can't seem to understand how others haven't heard it yet.
    It's an amazing song fr I can't sleep without listening to it.

  28. obsession byEXØ

    Being comforted by this for a while now 🌱💛

  29. Alfred Kahale

    But I will never change the way we left.

  30. masah dabbas

    its honestly honestly a masterpiece,I love it so much !!!

  31. ARMY BTS


  32. ARMY BTS


  33. T R A S H

    One word: Beautiful 😘😍

  34. Gogobts Army

    The more i listen to this the more depressed i feel.. it's like i ve just gone trough a break up though i ve always been single af

  35. Gogobts Army

    How is this song not a hit yet.. it's like the best heart breaking song i ve ever heard.. from the guitar to that rainy backgroung to your heart warming angelic voices.. your voices are soooo soulful like i can feel everysingle word it's like m the one living that sad story
    Edit: i forgot to mention the violin :3


    This is simply beautiful.

  37. SoieLuvs MonstaX2NE1AteezLittleMix

    I sit here in my room with headphones and the tears just flow💜😢

  38. Reginå

    "Though I wish you never broke my heart"
    never knew i'am soo broken until I hear this line 😞

  39. BTS A.R.M.Y

    In fact I’m happy to find this beautiful song to describe my situation and so sad at the same time cause I became this 💔

  40. MsBananahsplit

    3:09 the start of an eargasm ❤️

  41. Bana Najjar

    in loooove

  42. Bambooing

    I'm in love with Before you Exit now. My full love and obsession over this now

  43. Midnight Mint

    This is amazing. You are underrated. Your voice is stunning.

  44. 태번

    "I'm not me without my scars " offff 💜💜💜

  45. The Pentagon

    the bridge part got me on goosebumps 🤯

  46. Nada Mamdouh

    *i love it*

  47. Neelufar P.Naziri

    beautiful, deep, and impressing lyrics and performance! "I am not me without my scars"... is a very positive perspective on most heartbreaking events! luv it

  48. Mala Zain


  49. Aarik Ibanez

    I did a small cover of this beautiful song on my channel and would love some feedback. Thank you so much <3

  50. Aarik Ibanez

    If anyone here wants to sing this beautiful song I made an instrumental track you can use :))) I hope you like it!!

  51. Perla Marquez

    The moment the song began I don't know what i felt but the song comforts me..

  52. Yaya Kuchta

    pedihnnyaaa hatikuuu😭😭😭😭

  53. Firzana Basir

    love this song! ❤️❣️

  54. Cat From Hell

    I can't stop listening and sobbing help

  55. N P

    3:11 hit real hard

  56. Iffat gulshan ara


  57. Lessi Jeon

    His voice is soooo beautiful!!!

  58. Cat From Hell


  59. Ana


  60. Swarnim Gupta

    It's was a lovely song and your voice man , it's beautiful.

  61. Israa 8

    So beautiful Im speechless thanks youtube recommendation 💙

  62. miss nooob ftw

    This is soo beautiful it made me cry ❤️

  63. K. Suliman

    Everything about it, from vocals to lyrics, every fucking thing, too beautiful! I'm glad I accidentally clicked 🙌🏾

  64. Defsgirl 94

    This is so beautiful im crying

  65. Ellisa Talma

    This song ❤️❤️

  66. Cthulhu Mythos

    What a beautiful song!

  67. Triple Dots


  68. lucia angelica-luna

    Can someone do a piano cover to this

  69. auntie

    it’s 4am and i cant sleep...this song makes me think about my un/missed opportunity and about what happened since then...

  70. Hardstuck Eboy

    thank you youtube <3

  71. 贝墨

    Youtube has been pushing this in my feed for weeks. Glad I clicked

  72. Rawan ta

    put it in anghami please

  73. IIUnosesII

    This song is just simply... magical.💛

  74. May

    Well, you brought back things that i hid deep down inside💔

  75. Camille Duterte

    Heard this for the first time! On point lyric

  76. 千尋

    im in love 💛

  77. Naomi

    This reminds me of Life is Strange and now I'm hurting all over again.

  78. peachy

    this song reminds me of this guy that i like. he knows that i like him and i’ve liked him on and off for awhile. he’s one of my good friends that i’ve known since i was in grade school. he claims that he likes me but i’m too scared to be with him because he isn’t nice to me at all. he also isn’t the best when it comes to women and relationships. i would rather have things stay the way they are now before i get hurt. its really hard to get over him.

  79. _ToTheMoon_

    This is one of the most beautiful & emotional songs I've ever heard ;;

    You guys are truly magic 💫

  80. kie

    I've listened to this song so many times, and i haven't once not cried

  81. nhien

    This gives me chills; it's such a beautiful song.

    "Now we find
    Beauty in all the pain
    There's a reason for the rainbow through the rain." ❤

  82. Gloaming Hope

    This song is so soothing 💜 i listen to it everytime i need a hug.

  83. Vasti Alvarez

    this is so beautiful❤

  84. Vasti Alvarez

    i'm gonna cry;(❤

  85. Vasti Alvarez

    i'm so obsessed w/ this song!😔❤

  86. P I P S C H T I C K

    Life is strange anyone?
    No? Just me? Okay...

    Hauntingly beautiful song tho ❤️❤️

    angela is typing...

    I was looking for this comment lol

  87. Mai Lê

    Keep going guys. You are amazing

  88. Mai Lê

    I am so in love with this song

  89. Lenny Morgan

    *when youtube recommendations are actually good*

  90. Luke Pham

    Playback speed: 0,75x
    Thanks me later :)

  91. heart beat

    i'm so glad i listened to this 💙

  92. yana


  93. AJ D

    Riley i'm starting to think that you're really heartbroken?

  94. Madear Puhu

    lütfen keşfetmeyin. lütfen lütfen lütfen.

  95. Nhat Nguyen

    Oh feeling so lucky to know you guys, amazing band!
    Keep moving!!!