Before You Exit - Strangers Lyrics

Started off
A thousand miles of interstate
The sun was setting right in my hands

Staying up
I swore that I would be okay
With compromises made in my head

But I lost my grip
So I let her slip

We had a little love once
But now it's in danger
We got a little lost babe
But that's human nature
Now it's too late to save us
Oh cause now she's a stranger

Fake a smile
So no one else could recognize
The broken heart that's under my skin

Say goodbye
Tried to swim but came to find
No water when I went diving in

And I lost my grip
So I let her slip

We had a little love once
But now it's in danger
We got a little lost babe
But that's human nature
Now it's too late to save us
Oh cause now she's a stranger

Now we're back to where we started, oh woah
Now we're back to where we started
Right back to strangers

We had a little love once
But now it's in danger
We got a little lost babe
But that's human nature
Now it's too late to save us
Oh cause now she's a stranger

She's long gone, she's long gone
Now we're back to where we started, strangers

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  1. BTS Luna


  2. Isabella Lopez amazing you are, ❤

  3. Treasure Ngcobo

    This song hits hard

  4. The crisis project

    What genre is this?

  5. Anh Phuong

    So beautiful a melody 🌼

  6. Michelle Lue

    Uh for whatever reason my BTS playlist led me here and........omg? this is so good? why haven't I heard of them till now?

  7. George Bakewell

    this song sounds wrong

  8. Yasmin

    I cry because I don't know how a heartbreak feels like, but I suppose it's like this vibe.

  9. Amjad The changer

    Most underrated band ever!

  10. Aditi Ravindra

    Can I just admit I was living under a rock this past 2 years like how did I not see this

  11. Dana Albakeri

    music is bad i give -10

  12. J Zulez

    Love their music! Great sound glad I stumbled upon them!

  13. Nguyen Chester

    This song: exists
    YouTube: *no*
    YouTube, 2 years later: *yeah ok whatever*

  14. yooseuls

    i wish i discovered this long ago :< stan best vocals

  15. Darsler

    2 years and one month later, this appeared on my recommended. ❤

  16. PeaCe Puia_20

    Trying to be the 1 millionth view 😂😂😂

  17. softkittyminseok

    My boys deserve so much love. This video is about to get a million views. 😭 Stream this people!

  18. realoeys

    love u guys

  19. Anieya Jones

    It isn't possible for them to make bad songs😊❤️😊

  20. 짜증날땐 짜장면

    *Tried to swim but came to find no water when I went diving in*

  21. 神哈哈哈

    这首音乐 配合着幽香的奶盖 让人欢快无穷

  22. Connie's Taylor

    But I'm not that big ..? Hello

  23. Connie's Taylor

    I have 500 a for u and fam k I just want to sit on it before summer ends and say thank u

  24. Connie's Taylor

    I have a hill higher then the lift lock s and thought I heard my name today

  25. BLACK Libra

    faves still good luck guys keep creating heart warming song

    black lib😘

  26. Niraj pokharel

    Thank god i found this i mean Thank Youtube, Thank my smartphone, Thank Before you exit, Thank my parent for giving me birth. ok thats too far.........

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    Am I the only one who secretly just want them to stay hidden so that it’s a beautiful secret 😭

    umaattitude cii aq

    same here

  28. Riya Raninga

    You guys are sooooo under rated

  29. Lessi Jeon

    Why good songs are always underrated?

  30. Fatima Zaheer

    OMG ! Why I've discovered such an amazing band so late!😭😍

  31. Shana Rabbit

    This hits me so good! **^**

  32. VK Lifestyle

    Heavy work 🥰

  33. Netheria

    Now we’re back to where we started
    Right back to strangers

    Wow... hits deep 😞
    Great song ❤️

  34. Darakhsha Aarzoo


  35. Swegcisu

    I wish you guys had more people listening to your masterpiece. It's so sad to see people sleeping on your music, they are truly amazing!

  36. dlinhh623

    Can't stop listeninggg ❤️❤️

  37. shubhangi mohan

    Why are they so underrated. ...I mean GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD !!
    Whether it's settle for less or silence ...Each song just pierces through your soul

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    Damn that beat was so good. Cloud 9.

  39. VK Lifestyle

    Ufffffffff. ......amazing work

  40. Adinda Faranissa

    Jk brought me to you.. Woww.. Your music is really good..

    IDolly ARMY


    Adinda Faranissa

    @IDolly ARMY yes

    IDolly ARMY

    @Adinda FaranissaMe too. I also know this group thank to Jungkook😆

  41. Michael Loves Pizza

    This is so beautiful ❤️

  42. Madhulina Biswas

    I miss you baby.It is sad I can't text you.Will love you always and ever.💓😘

    Madhulina Biswas

    I don't know whether we will ever be together or not,but the fear of not having you is terrifying.The pain comes back.The heavy numbness.

  43. Laine laquesta Quicoy

    Thank you for this song 😭😍😍 I'm addicted this song I love you ✨🤗

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    Am I crazy or are they moving in the picture?? 👀


    you definitely are crazy madame

  45. Enrique III Alipala

    All the love <3

  46. Gab rielle

    Ahhhhhh!!!! 💕

  47. OVERWATCH 꿀잼모드 연구가

    Reminds me of Kygo's music! Wonderful!

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    I absolutely love this song! <3

  49. Kairu Ladanan

    I wish at least one of their songs (past or future songs) get really famous.

  50. singingsweetie08

    As someone currently on the brink of divorce. Lack of communication breeds this same feeling..Feeling lost and not knowing where you stand with the other person, falling into that comfortable stage to the point where you are just two roommates living together, passing each other without speaking and the love you once had is missing. Effort falls to the wayside and it's to the point where it's near impossible to fall in love again. It's difficult. Marriage is so difficult. This song cuts deep.

  51. cedrickyle2

    love this music guys <3

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    Oof the lyrics hit really close to home

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    since 2013. these guys already has my heart. love you guys. keep singing.

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    ❤️Before You Exit.

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    Peace came to me :)

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    why do I want to fall in love after seeing NERVE and listening to this song ?

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    Before You Exit - Strangers Album

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