Before You Exit - Silence Lyrics

Why's everyone always talking?
Noise in my head
But it's nonsense
I can't feel love

Don't overthink how we started
Knew from the second you walked in
This could be something

Everybody's looking for love to start a riot
But every time I look in your eyes
The world gets quiet

So let it go
Let it fall
Let it fly
We'll keep on trying
'Cause I knew I was in love with you
When we sat in silence

I'm wide awake while I'm dreaming
Seeing in your eyes what you're thinking
So please don't worry

Know that I'll always be waiting
Do you believe what I'm saying?
I'm in no hurry

Everybody's looking for love to start a riot
But every time I look in your eyes
The world gets quiet

So let it go
Let it fall
Let it fly
We'll keep on trying
'Cause I knew I was in love with you
When we sat in silence

Sat in silence
Sat in silence
Sat in silence
When we sat in silence

Sat in silence
Sat in silence
Sat in silence
When we sat in silence

'Cause I knew I was in love with you
When we sat in silence

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Before You Exit Silence Comments
  1. Xiang Xiang

    Love #SaveG too

  2. Simon Williams

    This is such a special song, so different from all the other buzz.

  3. ibra Suwilem

    I’m a lonely introvert spending one more day without talking to anyone as I enjoy this song.

  4. Stony P

    I had an eargasm, beautiful beats, melodic ditty

  5. Blc ME

    Make similar song again 👍👍👍it's unique of all your songs.. 👍

  6. lesley.l

    Just looking for car listening music. This works.

  7. Ruchira Agarwal

    Deep, Beautiful lyrics, superb song 💞

  8. svt is my bias

    this was a song i had on repeat when i was in love with this really close friend of mine, who was only in love with me. this song gave me peace and realization that i do love that person. but it was only to prepare me for the pain that came after.

    just when i wanted to send this to him, he said goodbye. but was worse, in silence. 🙃

  9. minut minut


  10. Dana Albakeri

    you look like an apple

    Blue/Two Paint/Hands

    Oml thank you!!!!

  11. W/


  12. Dream Wish

    *this doesn’t sound like silence to me*

  13. Lj Spencer

    Hey fellow B.Y.E fans. I need help finding the violin music sheet for this song (I'd rather not play by ear, that'll take forever). If you can help me find it I'd appreciate it (:

  14. Raj Naidu

    😱 this is really cool😎

  15. Paulette Noel

    Beautiful song

  16. Z3DIVN SweR


  17. LaSymphony

    Don't we all wish to communicate without words and be understood for once? ('; 💐🌺💮🌻🌼🌾👉😊👈🌾🌼💐🌻🌸🌸💮🌺💐 And have better conversations that goes beyond talking about things that doesn't make sense to living life on the long run. Haha: I am a simple person that likes simple conversations that starts with a hey. 🍯. how are you doing? That ends with a silence that is incredibly long, semi- uncomfortable to comfortable as it is the silence I have grown accustomed to or somehow learned to love and accept over the years after trying to explain what is going on but nothing really ever seems to come through the eardrums or heart of another? 🔈🔉🔊♥️🔊🔉🔈 So it would be amazing if there was such a person or we as a collective can communicate with telepathy or heart alone, ❤️🔈🔉🔊🎶, let us disregard the linguistic rules when we try to explain that which cannot be explained with words, or even sound, alone, but needs to be felt with the 🙏💓🙏, and so how do we call this? Explaining the inexplicable truly is a form of art that needs to be mastered in life as well, 🦵🦶👉🌺👁️👃👁️🌺👈🦵🦶!

  18. Hoàng-Jayden

    Just chilling with this song

  19. Svetlana Colosova

    The Most beautiful Song I‘ve ever heard ❤️

  20. Aman deep

    Loved it, thanks yt for recommending this gold ❤️❤️

  21. Deeya Hafiz

    Too dreamy 🖤

  22. Katniss Everdeen

    This is missio's butterfly, I m sure of it!

  23. tetereva daria


  24. Amal Alhadid

    A whole fucking year to find this masterpiece? FUCK YOU YOUTUBE !

  25. daniel liankhuma


  26. Olivia Sanford


  27. Sam Stock

    It's hard to believe that this came from a band that used to make rock music. Their music has changed so much over the years, but as always, it's still amazing.

  28. Bernera Rin

    Do ull know that feeling when yesterday feels like years ago and years ago feels like yesterday...
    That is what im feeling listening to this

  29. Andrea Espericueta

    I LOVE IT!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  30. gO dO drUGs

    I knew I needed a song like this in my life but never knew it existed in suCH a beautifully soothing way ...I am in love with this song <33

  31. Riddhayan Mukhopadhyay

    How are YouTube recommendations getting so good?!??!

  32. Sur Shikhori

    this song is just wow!!!💓💓💓💓

  33. Norah Fittleworth

    This is going to sound cheesy I know but still I gotta share this, this song holds so much meaning for me that it's almost my holy grail. I was mulling over what I want to do with my life for months when I came across this song. And something just clicked in me, this song helped me realise my dream, and it was to travel. I always loved travelling, especially when I am by myself. But I never thought it could transform into something this serious. Ever since that I started planning rigorously about where I would be going how long would I be staying at a place what I would do at that place and how much would it cost, how will I make that much money, how much time would I need to make that much money, yada yada yada. And tbh it's so fun doing it! I have started saving up, and it isn't easy at all but hopefully I will be able to leave for a 8 month trip around the world next year, all thanks to a song that helped me realise my dream

    Lisa Bouclee


    Splirby U

    Congrats! I'm really happy for you and I wish for you to be able to make your dream come true and travel and enjoy your adventure! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


    Best of luck to you, hun!

  34. Nabila Doc

    I am forever stuck in a trance <3

  35. Sera Ben


  36. Ivory S

    Beautiful song


    The instrumental used just like old tones, so glad to hear incorporating that melody to this song.

  38. Kira M

    I thank you youtube recommendations for bringing me here. This is beautiful!

  39. Kimberly Kweki

    your music is so pretty😍😭😭❤❤❤ pretty and beautiful

  40. saba ahsan

    those words....i really wanna say
    but i couldn't.☹

  41. Sima saikia

    I was in love with you when we sat silence ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Roar Nana

    Found this song, fell in love with it and don't regret

  43. infinite inspirit

    I've been listening to this for days

  44. D1ZZY DUDE

    why is this only being recommended to me now?

    Ice Queen

    D1ZZY DUDE same question.

  45. deliana febriani yusuf

    2hour just for listening this song repeat😍

  46. Known as EB

    Her eyes hid in pain while her presence was controlled by sane

  47. deliana febriani yusuf

    Sweet voice,beautiful song and music😍👍

  48. Hikari skygirl

    Wow... last song i heard from this band is I Like That. Damn from I Like That to this! Dats soo cool

  49. Marianne

    Amo, amo, amo, amo, amo, amo mucho esta canción ❤❤❤❤❤❤✨

  50. Kk Gestes

    One minute i was watching Jk sing clouds by them and now I HEAR THIS .....WOW THIS BAND IS AMAZING.Thank Jk for showing me this beautiful and amazing group💜

  51. Himanshu Bhandari

    Take me home m here

  52. Klaudia Julia

    💙 👁 👁 💙

  53. youXX nugget

    Anyone went on this because of the beautiful thumbnail? Welp I’m glad I did

  54. SAM S RSM


  55. mr. mister

    I need a hour long version please!

  56. nora sea

    Well, She be Shy

  57. Ruchira Agarwal

    In love with this song! So deep and romantic ! 😊

  58. Za Ra

    When we sat in silence .”

  59. ella beaming

    I was here 🦋
    An infp's anthem song.....
    22.41pm _16thsept
    Bella 🌙

  60. TJ 5

    Love that butterfly though }¡{

  61. Rajen Sharma

    Extra ordinary band love you keep it up 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  62. Etch Jonas

    Well, I like this one.

  63. L. MorningStar

    First 4 lines are me ,
    Else I'm Single but not lonely.

  64. Connie's Taylor

    Coming from a quiet Intervalt . That doesn't have any freinds . I hear u k

  65. Francis Mausley

    Diggin' it... "...the sign of the intellect is contemplation and the sign of contemplation is silence, because it is impossible for a man to do two things at one time -- he cannot both speak and meditate." ~ Bahá'u'lláh, Baha'i Faith

  66. Eunice Ocampo

    Love this!

  67. l̷̬͐o̸̢̐ṣ̸̕t̶̲̿

    Can i use this song in my video? Credit will always in the vids


    When I hear this song I feel like I'm in love but I'm single since i born 😀💔

    Keth :v

    oh God I feel you

  69. Sasha Faith

    I knew I was in love with you, when we sat in silence

  70. Minh Truyền Nguyễn

    Silence mode: On
    Before You Exist: I'm in love with you~

  71. only 1 true

    Yes indeed

  72. Lam Ha.9

    This song remind me about a romantic memory between me and the former boyfriend.. And when i really listen closely, it clicked. Me and him, we never sat in silent together :) so Why i keep creating the illusions of a past love ? and then it clicked . I realized the lyric is not about « him«  whom I have been trying to get over with for a year , it was about me need to be reminded that I should be in love with myself. Ihave tried n tried to find love from someone else but i have forgotten about loving me. That’s why chaos keep happening and i wonder why or what haven’t i done enough to get the happiness.
    « Everybody tries to find love to start a triot » and then only when sitting in silent, when we ready to face with the truth that we can give such big love to someone and everyone but it seems so hard to remember to love and take care of our inner self. Maybe that’s why we can easily upset because it seems what we look for even when we are head over heels with someone, therés something always not right then we create doubts and we keep back n forth w the unknown fears .Maybe it’s because we didn’t know and understand about ourself enough so maybe the love we think we give so unconditionally to the other person, is not exactly pure love like we thought, maybe we even force love to satisfy the ego . Be loving and be a real friend to yourself, real love come from you to yourself first and it will be strong enough to let you share with everyone else.
    But definitely share this beautiful song, love the feelings and recognition it brought

  73. Frankie Akino

    Where have you been all my life? I wish I’d found out about this song earlier

  74. lychee kate

    this is so calming i love it <3

  75. Achu Unknown

    There is nothing ever before me nor after me...

  76. malk elfayoumi

    Best recommendation ever ✨☁️

  77. Esoteric Ray

    Sometimes I hit like right when the music starts... like this one

  78. Mai Mohamed

    I'm glad this was in my YouTube recommendations😍🎶✨😌

  79. Mishkaat Fahim

    BYE 💘

  80. Megan Lee

    YouTube recommendation is doing a great job recently , awesome song

  81. Mokshita Kotte


  82. pia nime

    Idk which is more beautiful that painting of butterfly...or the song more


    YouTube recommended this song but I'm not complaining... I'm glad they did

  84. Julianna Dela cruz

    Seems like this band keeps on fighting and growing over the years. It's rare to see this kind of artist who has passion and love with their craft💜

  85. Aquartzy


  86. angelic • 1300 years ago

    Jungkook has taste first tomorrow tonight and now this 💓

  87. hi how are ya

    I came here from a cute joonie edit :3

  88. GoldenHeartLoves BTS

    Your style is totally my type. I'm so happy to find you.
    Please continue your precious work. You deserve more and more love.


    Was waiting for a beat drop, didn't get one but wasn't disappointed either :))

  90. sean yang

    This is amazing
    Can't wait to hear more gorgeous works of yours

  91. joanne batilo

    wow u started a movement

  92. Vasti Alvarez

    is so beautiful❤