Before You Exit - Clouds Lyrics

Time tried to stop one
Cold cold night in June
Somehow I knew you
Kept on dancing through

And you jumped on a flight in the
Darkest of blues, took a trip to paradise
Through the stars and back over the moon
Oh, tell me it's true, oh

Please just tell me you're alright
Are you way up in the sky
Laughing, smiling, looking down
Saying "one day we'll meet in the clouds"
Up in the clouds

No one I knew stood
Half as bright as you
But now you shine on
The perfect avenue

And the light that you left it helps me to see
A way through all the bitterness
A way to who I really want to be
Oh, light up the streets, oh

Please just tell me you're alright
Are you way up in the sky
Laughing, smiling, looking down
Saying "one day we'll meet in the clouds"
Up in the clouds

Some nights I still hear your whispers
And your memories they hang like a picture
Oh, and you'll always be just like a sister

Some nights I still see your smile
Your number I wish I could dial
Oh, but I can't wait to talk for a while, oh

Please just tell me you're alright
Are you way up in the sky
Laughing, smiling, looking down
I know one day we'll meet in the clouds
Up in the clouds

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Before You Exit Clouds Comments
  1. O.A

    Don'r let them be gone.remember all of them.all of the loved ones in the comments.

  2. 멜폭스

    뭐야 이 사람들 왜 안뜨는거야 진짜 노래들 쭉봤는데 너무 좋음

  3. SY L

    It makes me mood

  4. Narkissa Alyns

    Rest in peace Kobe Bryant and his daugther Gigi Bryant.

    Condolences to their family and friends.

  5. L Yen

    Here because of kobe this songs hits even more harder now:'(

  6. Dylan Roberts

    Incredibly beautiful song. She would be honored. Nice job guys.

  7. Jake the Raccoon

    Beautiful song. Christina grimmie we love you and miss you

  8. Trish Velasquèz

    Where have I been for the last 15 years!

  9. syaz

    am I the only army who didnt come because of jungkook

  10. Abby Moe

    Listen to this song with captions

  11. Zahra'a A.R.


  12. chaimaa bne

    the day Goo Hara dies , i was out i didn't know about her death yet , but i was looking at the sky and there was some beautiful clouds, and this song came up to my mind i start singing : "Please just tell me you're alright
    , are you way up in the sky" while smiling even if i felt sad vibes in the air , then i wondered who joined the sky today , it was a beautiful day...

  13. shafira sandy

    This is so sad

  14. Aljon Jhay Carino

    Rest in Deep Peace CHA IN HA😭🙏🏻💕

  15. Journey Welborn

    R.I.P Christina Grimmie 😭

  16. Journey Welborn

    im not crying you are ;-;

  17. MusicalMax

    This song is so beautiful.

  18. Puggy_Dee

    Rest in peace sulli, hara, and...
    Jonghyun. Hope your doing well. ❤

  19. singularity v

    i'm crying at the beginning of the song

  20. Hyunin's Lemon :3

    Most of the armys are here because of jungkook but I'm here because of jonghyun, I just miss him so much... And this song reminds me so much of him... I hope when I die he will tell me I did well... And then I will tell him "no jonghyun you did well"

  21. soulminho


  22. Purple heartn

    My heart just broke 💔

  23. Vitória Hoffmann

    Kim jonghyun 1990-2017 😔💔

  24. Amjad The changer

    Some nights I still see your smile
    Your number I wish i could dial
    Oh, but I can't wait to talk for a while, oh....that just so 💔

  25. Milk Tea

    I feel so relaxed listening to this. It made me forget about problems and actually relax. It’s beautiful ❤️❤️

  26. Sara dreamer

    To all my dear people up in the cloud 😢

  27. Irene Baechu

    The moment I heard this song, I really loved it not because of any artist recommendation

  28. banana split

    life isn't meant to be lived alone...

  29. Lottie Haleck

    This just brings peace to my soul

  30. KittyPhom GMS

    01/06/20 x1 disbanded😭💔my heart aches so bad. Swing Entertainment announced that x1 officially disbanded this morning😭💔I cant believe this is actually happening. I felt like the world stopped. I can’t stop crying rn. I’ve been crying since this morning. My whole body feels numb. Everything hurts. I don’t want to let go😭I don’t want to say goodbye. I don’t want to leave them. Im not ready. I don’t want them to leave me. They were supposed to be together for 5 years not 5 months. I was supposed to protect them and I failed💔they’re my happiness. They make me smile, laugh, and forget what’s happening in my life. They also make me go ‘uwu’. When I’m sad, they make me feel happy. Now all my happiness is gone. They are the only one who could make me happy now. Nothing else can’t. I’ve been with them since Produce X 101. This is really sad. I will always be with X1 forever. I don’t want to except the fact that they disbanded😭💔I want to forget about it but I can’t. They are my world. They should be together forever! Being happy with One-its. The members is happy when they are together. They worked really hard to debut and be in X1. I don’t care if the votes were rigged! All I know is that I love them and I support them! I will always be by their side. Every single day! DSP media didn’t even know about the disbandment. Only 2 companies wanted them to disband. But the rest wanted X1 to keep on continuing. Yohan said that we One-Its should be happy without X1. How? They’re my happiness😭 I don’t want to lose them like I lost the other idols😭💔 losing x1 and any other groups and idols feels like we’re losing someone we love so much😭the hardest thing about stanning groups is losing them when they disband. Basically splitting apart😭💔well I guess words could kinda describe how sad I am. But not that much. I’m literally pouring my heart and soul into this long paragraph. It’s a bad start of 2020 already and it’s only been 6 days and stuff like this is already happening. I guess Kpop is still stuck in 2019, since 2019 was a really bad year for Kpop and fans. I signed the petition for x1 to come back. I hope this works. Anyways back to my emotional paragraph. Yohan quit or stopped Taekwondo to be in Produce x 101 and X1. And they’re DISBANDING?!? THEY WORKED SO FUCKING HARD! I THINK TWO OF THE MEMBERS LEFT THEIR GROUP TO BE IN X1. OTHER MEMBERS ALSO LEFT THEIR GROUP TO SAVE IT. BY IT, I MEAN THEY ARE TRYING TO SAVE THEIR GROUP! SWING ENTERTAINMENT CANT JUST DISBAND THEM! X1 WAS ONLY TOGTHER FOR 5 MONTHS! why is this even happening😭💔I cant take it anymore. I wanna fly my butt all the way to Swing Entertainment and beat them up. X1 and One-Its, it is like we’re a big family. Ight, imma head out. Goodnight everyone. Imma go and cry myself to sleep😭#ThankYouX1 #WeTrustX1 #FlyHighX1🦋
    Han Seungwoo🦋
    Cho Seungyeon🦋
    Kim Wooseok🦋
    Kim Yohan🦋
    Lee Hangyul🦋
    Cha Junho🦋
    Son Dongpyo🦋
    Kang Minhee🦋
    Lee Eunsang🦋
    Song Hyeongjun🦋
    Nam Dohyon🦋
    Let’s Fly High Together🦋
    One-it don’t forget about X1. Dear X1, don’t forget about us please😭💔 we will always support you. We will always love you. We will always be by your side. Stay safe, don’t get sick, smile, think about us, think about the members, don’t forget to eat, drink water, sleep well, and don’t stop doing what you love to do. Remember, we love you 3000 and we’ll be by your side. Until then, we will meet again❤️🦋 don’t forget us, don’t forget me, everything about me🦋❤️ 01/06/20

  31. Bayden Dadez

    Rest In Peace brother I just wanna know if you’re happy #LL12 10/26/19

  32. Hannah Clarke

    I know a lot of people are here cause of jungkook but please remember that this song is for Christina Grimmie

  33. Julie Jobe

    sulli, goo hara, jonghyun, Cameron boyce, Christina grimmie, x, lil peep, etc. this song reminds me of all these beautiful people and I hope they have a special place up there

  34. kookie's FuNtaee


  35. Anaïs Martel

    This song reminds me of my grandpa that past away 2 days ago 😞❤️

  36. 태태tete


  37. Merry Yang

    I’m here because i felt broken. I’m here because i wanted to cry. But the tears wouldn’t come out no matter how hard i tried. I’m numb.

  38. clear pearl

    I don't usually comment on songs, or videos in general, but seeing many people sharing their stories, I want to share mine too.

    One of the most important person in my world and I, are currently out of reach.

    My father, who left when I was 8. We tried to keep in touch with each other, but never really managed to. Since my mother was (and still is) a workaholic, most of my childhood memories are with him. I was always closer to him, and when he left, a void remained.
    To this day, I am 16, and I still don't have any news from him.
    I wish I could see him, and if not now, maybe later, "up in the clouds" like this song says.

  39. Archie Aguilar

    This song just broke my heart. I can always feel if the singer really feel the song. And when I read that it's for Christina Grimmie, I was like "that's why.."

  40. ire aut

    This song brings everyine together who lost someone, sad, but a bit beautiful too

  41. Sir. LoneWolfy

    Who tf it's those Koreans guys?

    jungkookbiased ;

    Sir. LoneWolfy,!They are very talented South Korean boys and thanks to one of them, I could find this beautiful song ☺️

  42. Ariana Mar

    Before anyone recommended it, this song was originally written for Christina Grimmie who was shot and killed in 2016


    what do u mean "originally", this song is about her

  43. Army's Jams

    If you are in a place called "Heaven", I would come to you like a sweet monarch butterfly. If Heaven is indeed a real place, I would be running around with you in a field full of Lillies, Daisies, Magnolias, Jasmines, Roses and every flowers you could think of with the rainbow shining brightly as songs of birds are heard throughout our time together in "Heaven". I would embrace you into my arms so gently yet so strongly, stare into your dazzling eyes and shower you with all my love. We would be able to do everything in "Heaven" that we weren't able to do in this world. We would be freed from pain and sorrow, freed from anything that could ever hurt us like how this world did. There would only be smiles, laughers, happiness and joy because we both would be together forever in a place called "Heaven". If we are together, we would never ever cry. But you had left me first, my love. Are you really in that place described as "God's Kingdom"? They say good people go there, so tell me what does it look like in Heaven? Have your fears and pain gone away, my love? If Heaven is a real place, please wait for me at Heaven's Gate and we would both be happy then. I miss you so much Leo. It's been almost 7 months since you've left me and it still hurts. My heart still aches everyday by your absence. When I come home and you are no longer there to greet me with your licks and barks, my whole world falls apart. I miss your fur, your barks, your licks, you energy, your everything. I just want to have you back, my son. You are not just a dog, Leo. You are my everything. I love and miss you so much.
    02/05/18 - 6/05/19

  44. c r a z y g i r l ッ


  45. Park Elyeol

    I was so surprised that this is one of my favorite songs and Jungkook's listened to it..

    jungkookbiased ;

    Park Elyeol same ✨

  46. Breanna Hines

    A friend of mine just recently took his own life and I'm feeling a little lost right now. This song is really helping me deal though. It feels like his song now.

  47. Eclipse Dragon

    “You’re number I wish I could dial”
    This part just breaks my heart

  48. Erin Bunbun

    I lost my childhood dog and best friend only a month apart a few months ago , this song is so beautiful n hits home . ♥️

  49. qhumejimin 22

    who watch this in 2019?

  50. Rub Ii

    When I listened this music a remember my sister rest in peace nada you always stil in my heart ((

  51. 김혜경

    kinda disappointed people only know this song because of jungkook :/ my mom sang this song to me before she died and this song holds a special meaning to me... (I’m not mad at army’s because I’m an army myself but like people don’t always bring up bts in everything)

    jungkookbiased ;

    That is sad, but there is something good, and that is that anyone who came here for Jungkook, like me, can now listen to this beautiful song, share and have mixed feelings ... ✨

  52. xZx

    I’m not here from Jungkooks tweet, I’m here from a Jonghyun tribute I watched a while back. It’s been 2 years now and it still breaks my heart

  53. J j kook

    jonghyun 😢😪

  54. empty h

    jonghyun ah, are u ok in the clouds? we miss you.

  55. Toni Odejimi

    rip Jarad Higgins
    for a soul too beautiful for this planet

  56. feel blue

    I love this song ❤💬

  57. angie dracul

    Whoa randomly found the song.. played it, was about to play it again thought to check comments before writing.... really surprised, kookie recommended this song? didn't know, what a co-incidence, was uploading kookie's pic on cover of my FB..... what the hell .... kookie what's happening today ur name coming up in everything..... what... is this normal !!! the song is very touching.... wasn't my intention to mention him more than the artist of the song...but am really shocked right now ....

  58. Mel

    I’m here for JungKook

  59. katana s

    stop saying “im here bc of jk” YES WE KNOW. IM A FAN TOO? But pls stop it’s DISRESPECTFUL. lmao stop

    jungkookbiased ;

    disrespectful why? I didn't know Christina. We all come here for different reasons, mine is Jungkook. Please do not get upset because you have no reason to do so 😂✨

  60. Rara M

    I came here from jungkook tweet 😊💜

  61. Dong Miscala

    This song speaks my experiences sometimes!!!
    This song and the artists deserves better!!!

  62. Songbird Forever

    I so hope, that in the end, we all meet up there with our lost loved ones.

  63. Taehyung.

    Fly High Juice Wrld.

  64. well , I'm alive

    RIP all the beautiful souls that left us this year
    Cameron Boyce, Sulli, Goo Hara, Juice Wrld :( You will be remembered forever.

  65. Amber Raes

    Kim Jonghyun I miss you 🥀❤️
    Please let me know if you are alright that’s all I want to know. Let’s meet someday in the clouds, then I can finally see you, admire your beauty from close up. You can sing songs to your fans and live in peace without worries. When you get a new life as human being on this earth, I wish you the best life ever. Without any bad things. And we shalows will be the first ones to recognize you.
    I love you angel ✨❤️

  66. Imnotdead YET

    My dog died on Easter Saturday 2018, she was 16 and had a fear of men after we rescued her from forced breeding and abuse. She was so sweet and i wouldn't wish death of a dog by a 2 year struggle of tumours and dementia on anyone, no matter how terrible they are. R.I.P Emily

  67. AhhHhhHWaEeeEe YEHET

    Fly high angel 👼🏻 you are loved and missed Jonghyun ❤️

  68. SHINee 케이팝

    I always think of Jonghyun when I listen or hear this song.
    It's soon 2years I am so lost and sad. I wish it could be different.
    I miss you angel

  69. Thomas Evergreen

    RIP Bucciarati cri

  70. Luis Zeero

    gracias joncok :v

  71. freya anderson

    When I get older and we meet again, tell me I did well!- key to jjong

  72. Jenlisa

    I dont know why im here


    I miss you Jonghyun 😔

  74. 정국이를 사랑하는 아미

    why do only good people has to leave this world early ?

  75. 정국이를 사랑하는 아미

    RIP my angel

  76. Blonde Twins

    Rip Christina
    Rip Sulli
    Rip Goo Hara
    Rip Cameron Boyce
    Rip Jonghyun💔
    "Please tell me you're alright"

  77. Lindsey Adams

    Reading the lyrics I am now falling apart in the washroom at school🙃😢

  78. kjgkndgs

    Sound like Liam (?
    Que buena canción

  79. Rawan Mohamed

    Me just crying while thinking about jonghyun, sulli and we just lost goo hara. How the world became so cruel?

  80. 은애이

    First Sulli now Hara,
    I can't take this community where idols can't feel safe to talk about their problems and where people just brush it off like its an act well it fucking isn't. It is serious and we are losing so many beautiful souls for stupid reasons that can be fixed.

  81. 김태형이ᅵ

    I know this is dedicated to Christina, but it means so much more to me. All I can think of is Christina, Jonghyun, Sulli, and now Hara. I hope they are all doing well. Your fans will meet you again, but until then, we can cheer you on from here. We love you.

  82. Faith Destiny

    11-16-19 Rest in Peace Brandon. You were the best friend I could ever ask for. Despite me missing you every single day, I hope that you're doing well and there's a happy afterlife for you. I never got to remind you of how much I loved you, but one day I can hopefully tell you again. ♡

  83. Ellane Tatum

    I used to listen to this song when Christina Grimmie passed away. I still listen to this song and I miss her so much. I hope you're happy up there with your mom. You will always be missed, Christina.

  84. the frapchinkhanh

    rest in peace, Hara.

  85. Emotionalgirl 05

    I discovered this song casually on Spotify... I thought that I was listening to it for the first time... Than I remembered... Jungkook. My Jungkook. I recognized it and... I started crying because this song remembers me about him and Jonghyun...

  86. blackpink Bts

    Go hara, sulli , jonghyun Rest In Peace my loves 🌹❤️

  87. dreamway127 luU

    happened to listen on spotify last night. now it has been my favorite. tried to research it, then found out how sad this song is. may she rest in peace.

    this song really comforts me, this is brilliantly made & sung.

  88. Young Saitama

    R.I.P me.

  89. Charlet

    This is a masterpiece omg~

    I know this is dedicated to Christina but we'll always love you Jonghyun ❤️
    and of course Sulli and Christine~

  90. reflections


  91. Thokozile Sakala

    Am in love your voice😘💝

  92. Kristine Aquino

    Jungkok brought me here💜

  93. MAR_VESIS ༊

    I finally found this song from BTS Bon Voyage. I didn't know this song is for Christina Grimmie... I heard about her and I realized she's from the Voice and have her own YouTube channel. I have two kpop idols I know and I missed them :(

    Rest in peace Christina, Jonghyun and Sulli 😔

  94. minhosfootlettuce

    💞Jonghyun and Sulli💞

  95. King Diana

    Everyone talk bout Jungkook here.. i wish i could see the comments which people left here thinking bout someone before JK came on twt with this song on. Anyway... i wish that he at least dreamed bout me and we meet there.

  96. hannah

    What a beautiful voice and message 💜

  97. Geghe Wibisana

    Are you thingking about someone, even you never meet
    But still loving deeply

    Dylan Roberts

    I've never been so inspired by anyone to the level of Christina. Never knew her until after she died but she was a legend.

  98. Yoanna -

    Missing my love so much...~~~