Beenie Man - Wife Lyrics

No man no waan no boring gyal
So if you boring yo man a snore
Yo must be exploring gyal
So that yo man coming back for more

Some gyal just can never be wife
No matter how dem try
You a number one inna yo husband life
Anything weh yo want him buy
Some gyal a walk wid debit card
But your black card could a do buy
Gyal have disease and a spread it hard
Cut a 3-4 you and yo husband fly

[Verse 1:]
Man first choice, Why you a the wife
Why? Don't haffi have yo ring pon yo finger
Gyal a seh shi bling but tell are seh yo blinger
This gyal from California
Claim shi a wife true shi drive a range rover
Taxi a drive and a you a the passenger
She waan fight but you no inna wa shi inna


[Verse 2:]
Gyal yo goodie, goodie, hot like a ginger
Plus that thing meck yo bwoyfriend a linger
Yo scream out when him use him likkle finger
Gyal please look out fi suzie patinger
Waan tek yo man shi a squelchy like ninja
Seh shi waan ride off yo man like a scooter
A full time fi dem accept da truth yah
Dem a the past you a the future


[Intro x2]


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Beenie Man Wife Comments
  1. Tamika Horsforf

    She need to grow up she to immature for a dancehall woman sorry me not a fan of her but woman grow up plz

  2. Mello Wright

    Angel u choose to leave and divorce beenie man so it's time for u to move on leave beenie alone to live his life

  3. No1 Nicechick

    D’angel is trash she shouldn’t have ever got a ring 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. heather morgan

    Krystal is such a classy girl and she was not talking about any one person she was just speaking in general. She threw her corn she did not call any fowl.

  5. Sasha Wilson

    Honestly I don't like d'angel because shi too disgusting, very immature and unintelligent, she tries too hard to convince people that she's living happy and stressfree...big up Krystal for being a strong black woman and for not allowing d'angel to drag her to her level

  6. Saint of God!

    HIM MIXUP EEHHH!😯😯😯😯🙂🙂😀😀

  7. Natalie Thomas

    OOHHH LLLLAAAARRRD RICH go jump inna your fardda and Splash up ur madda. I'm tekin dat one🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    A wah du a battyman yah

  9. Tajae Robb

    I really love Krystal she is the epitome of a virtuous woman. Educated, classy, and eloquent.

  10. XqLusivaSoundsUKTV

    Big up, Richie Feelings, for pointing out the truth ..Lets some off these women knows what it means, being a real supporting woman to a man...RATE THIS TALK...

  11. Shian Pryce

    she too fucking nuff ......them jus bad mine ....kmft ...

  12. Shian Pryce

    mi Nuh like deh hair deh Nuh look good

  13. Voilet Malcolm

    I just dislike angel...she's a mature woman with a young son coms on man set examples..leave well alone

  14. Miss PAULETTE Miss P

    D angle me like her but she look mad

  15. Rosemarie Sameuls

    D Angel look like duppy she just need if buried

  16. Rosemarie Sameuls

    Krystal real lady big up d Angel a bam

  17. Crissy Todd

    Real talk mon


    beenie is not good for your son and girl krystal dust you go back up like dog a new government dust washpanties you recycle rabbits you are still stay wife dem recycle binyou bind them you can see how many go walk in come like to the first half dog


    big man woman or recycle like panties

  20. Dorothy Sheperd

    Crystal. Your bless girl

  21. Charlotte Smith

    A crystal is de first lady!!..very decent and nice

  22. Legecia Angus

    How bisce and cocoa reach inna this???
    🤣😂🤣😂🤣 The man say Krystal come out Krystal come out wid eh tea!!! A caah bother. 😂 Both of them are beautiful ladies thou.

  23. Shana Johnson

    Up mi girl krystal you are bless

  24. Trenady Chrisy

    Krystal a quote ole time days saying that doesn’t have nothing to do with intelligence; she’s keeps positive now because she’s with him, their will be more and it may hurt her just the same. I don’t know who could fall in love with somebody like beenie 🤦🏽‍♀️ which clearly states he’s an old dog 🐕

  25. Trenady Chrisy

    Krystal may have brains like a lot of women do but she’s just ANOTHER one ☝️ lmao 🤣 their will be others smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ beenie man a dog 🐕 what did Krystal say have to do with intelligence, illiterate people you’ll meant to say she’s being positive about the whole mix up, she just a quote old time days saying 🤦🏽‍♀️

  26. Jamilia Edwards

    Angel need fi excuse now shi a annoy mi wid r childish behavior kmt

  27. Jamilia Edwards

    D'Angel need fi excuse!! Shi nuh c di man park r? N shi still up ina di ppl dem a make trouble kmt,krystal a good girl

  28. Sweelen Simpson

    That man mix up usee,him is th sugar

  29. xiacole

    Dah man deh funny 😃

  30. RE Star

    D Angel a mad over Beenie and krystal mad the gal mi friend krystal mi belly kill the gal

  31. RE Star

    Krystal dont look at that gal she looking attention be yourself you a good woman she a gal

  32. Valrie Leslie

    Krystal a platinum gold😍😍😍

  33. etiyeh deborah

    Krystal is in a class by her self. There is no comparison she is so classy never have to take her clothes off for attention.

  34. Sandra Seven

    Why Jamaican man gossip so much damn.

  35. Erika Mysk

    Crystal is beautifull.very classy, unlike angel.she is the best wife or girlfriend ever.Hold your head up crystal your classy and beautifull.Beanie love you like cook food

  36. Shanikia Cunningham

    She's just a hater once was and still is you proclaim to be so bless and so stress free stop pushing your self for them to see and let them see for themselves.... To me obviously your not... #waste

    Love you Krystal 💓

  37. Derpfurr

    No need for women to be hurting others, the man play a huge role in this mess, he should be the one to settle these women he fell for, these are both mothers of his children, no need to have this going any further, let's put the children first. Please let it stop. Love and positive vibes is what Jamaicans need. I know D Angel is quiet till someone messes with her. Peace to all, respect is a sign of an intellectual person, never disrespect your ex nor his family, in the end, you are all family.

  38. colecia meredith

    Girl mek gal. move up and now her space

  39. Chrissy2Cute

    TeamKrystal all the way

  40. Derrick Stewart

    D angel should fight for her man

  41. Resultz Salon

    Drama drama👀This guy sound like a pantyhose on him waist and it’s itching him balls. Pure drama tea him a spilled and he ugly a rass when him a bang he ugly ass mouth. I tell ya, these Jamaicans love a drama and them murder rate top the worlds list! #GiveUsMarcusGarveyTeachings

  42. Resultz Salon

    Jamaican Women full a man drama

  43. Vanessa McDonald

    Krystal so intelligent,and D Angel out here acting like a spoiled child,someone needs to put this gyal in her place😾

  44. Zuki Boo#001

    All she can do is throw shades a wah suh............

  45. Zuki Boo#001

    And maybe just maybe its the total opposite maybe she was neglected as a child and seeks attention to make up for that which she has not been previledged......

    Hush mama anuh yere fault

    So it guh alkaline seh nuh nuff up yuh self but yuh eva relevant but gurl u nuff up ur ugly self and yuh nuh necessary

  46. Zuki Boo#001

    Dangel always acting up might cya Stan har she is like a spoiled child not getting her way she sickening I can't stand to here her voice cause she's just so provoking and then play victim I hope she provokes the right person one of these days so they can put her in Jersey place

  47. Claudia Neymour

    im sorry but a intellegent woman dont lay with a man with so much kids

  48. kenya saunders

    Dwl...a truth the man a talk krystal intelligent bad just bun them fi see seh beenie man move over to greener grasses.

  49. Rheyanna Williams

    Yessss!!!!! Krystal mi love yuh girl.

  50. Cherry Pie 33

    Ladies are different from gyal, krystal is a lady with class, dignity and integrity. I wont comapre both but angel is not in krystal's class so i dont see why is she trying to be her. Nuff love and respect to krystal i admire you, I admire your independence and how you motivate young people. Your personal is ypurs amd noone else.

  51. Mckayla Walker

    D'Angle need to worry mi still love ppl is no body to plz bcz every kn the best

  52. AmaRa Neter

    DaUm! Krystal CRUSH D'Angel with only a few words🔥🔥🔥

  53. Amanda Rose

    music no say nothing D angel people business and social media a do it do you you need a proper music career #look at spice # a just the truth me a talk

  54. Nacculate Vassell

    So childish of her. Krystal is very intelligent, educated, smart, beautiful, classy, well rounded. D' Angel has a ugly body.

  55. Rhianna Anderson

    Krystal is never going to replaced d angel even if she is Benin man wife know that love you d angel my girl all of Benin man kids don't like Krystal. Don't know Krystal so bye girl happy for you and Benin man have a good life girl d angel you will always be apart of his life you both share a child happy life

    Queen V

    D'angel act like she don't have no sense.

  56. Winsom Johnson

    Go krystal she is not in your league 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Reid Abigay

    am coffee tea lol

  58. M B

    She's not the first woman for beenie man,so she better hold him good because beenie man no fraid fi left she to,

  59. M B

    A position Krystal a look

  60. Sherine Hart

    crystal hot up people sah da one yah hot like fire

  61. Tashique Cargrill

    Krystal good gal u come mek she go sit down 😀 true she kool ups

  62. Sandrine Sparkes Connell

    D’Angel naah trouble nuh badda social messiah I mean media cause oonuh love come down n crucify pple. Mix up media couldn’t betta she is a business person and she is selling her business her song oonuh com in like grasshopper🧐 oonuh mentality too weak. Think how to help the ministry of security and help make Jamaica a better place to live work and support family togetherness.

  63. Samoya Bryan

    She a talk about bitch and she is a big bitch

  64. Samoya Bryan

    Y d angel can not leave beenie man along 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Denise Wiggins

    I love crystal intelligence. Wish her all the best

  66. Diedra Danielle

    I don't think Krystal comment was for D'Angel nor was D'Angel posts is for Krystal. D'Angel always saying stuff to create excitement, that's her job as an artiste. Stop pinning this women against each other! Look from when Beenie & D'Angel lef. He's dated plenty women after that . Krystal and D'Angel are different women and both have good qualities. Stop making pinning women against each other over a man

  67. Marco-Dean Davis

    Mmmmmmmmm y not

  68. Marco-Dean Davis

    Y am I watching this

  69. marie palmer

    Let go bitch!!!! It's all about Krystal she a wife

  70. marie palmer

    He is no longer yours

  71. marie palmer

    She cheated on her husband she need fi go sit down

  72. marie palmer

    Angel retarded

  73. Baby Lee

    Krystal you go hun

  74. Bergkamp VanPersie

    Dangle feeling left out and ignored boo hoo begging for attention dashing out on random school in the summer

  75. Philecia Graham

    Y'all hypocritical D'Angel never call nuh body name ....... suh krystal nah make sense rn

  76. Philecia Graham

    D' Angel yah go always be the first lady❤

  77. Shermz Goodz

    All my life mi neva know seh a man carry rass kmt

  78. Siggy McLovin

    Lol cooomee with theeee teaaa da man ya man 😂😂



  80. Paul Hivg

    krystal prettier than d'angel😆

  81. Paul Hivg

    😂😂😂nosa hawt daddy

  82. Kadeen Grant

    Dunce gal de angel fi get a life Crystal a educated woman she can't walk in a crystal shoe brains and beauty

  83. Ms. Lewis

    Now I can see why beenie man upgrade.. The x wife is trash.. The new gurl is intelligent and poise not to forget beautiful..

  84. Steve Govia

    I love d angel fuck kristal kmt

  85. Theresa davis

    D Angel need to move on and stop trouble crystal,get a life for yourself you have a son for beenie man you bless. The man done with you live with it. If you were doing your part him would not have left you,coming on social media and embarrass yourself. Get a man a go build foundation

  86. meaka hyatt

    Their is a reason why she is call x wife . She left her husband D'angel have class just live when school is on holiday.

  87. Latoya Walsh

    Both women are beautiful pon Di outside but real beauty is found within. And o D'Angel a behave right now she look really ugly and stupid. My girl show some class and stop acting so desperate for Beeniie and d world's attention. Remember u claim seh a u left him so act like it

  88. Latoya Walsh

    People aught to just leave Beenie and Krystal alone. D'Angel had her reign and its over because she is a grown ass woman and she made her decision. She needs to remember and accept this. Krystal deserves her chance to be with d man she chooses matters not who was with him b4. She have claaasss & if u ask me D'Angel have 2 step up a lot fi chat 2 har.

  89. Amalicie Morris


  90. Prettii Don

    Wow Krystal a good woman

  91. starchild sunlove

    Nonsense. Guys stop making ignorant videos like these. Instead uplift black women. Stop creating drama. Too many guys chat too's like they are embracing their feminism

  92. Royal Africa

    I like Krystal

  93. Pretty Youlanda

    Go Krystal mi rate u go girl nah fight over beenie Man U have him aready D angel look like she dead aready

  94. Pretty Youlanda

    Angel need fi go look a life she did have the man and still a bun Beenie him find a good woman go Krystal live u life to the fullest u can hole the Man wid angel can't be go look a life angel u body dun

  95. Mpho Makhalemele

    Big up Krystal...

  96. Richard Ellis

    And her songs are not 🔥 either

  97. Richard Ellis

    Angel boring yuh fuck and beauty without brains and hyping over an educated lady isn't cute..... They are both females and show some class.