Beenie Man - My Life So Happy Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Man travel through hills and vally
Nough gunshot man skip and dally
Being through travel fox, clarks and bally
Push through many hard times like chally
Man a smoke weed from bread bag a wrapped tali
Now a straight sour beazle mi smoke from cally
Years of hard work now man have money
So days like days just a bright and sunny weh

Me and mi friends dem a link up
And a drink up, my life so happy
S a spade in a mi pimp cup
Grape tink up, mi life so happy
BMW weh tint up, Benz big truck
My life so happy
Clean skin gyal weh slim cut
Seh mi ink up, my life so happy

[Verse 2:]
Cloth dem expensive mi no go cheap
Benz and Audi mi drive mi no go Jeep
Have plenty asset and got money whole heap
But fi show off pon people mi no dweet
And mi just shoot set goal and go fi it
No more sleeping pon ground wid no sheet
Dem pocket yah not even blue lagoon so deep
And mi have a tank full a gas mi a go do street

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 1]


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Beenie Man My Life So Happy Comments
  1. RSD DSR

    Beenie man

  2. mimithatsm3

    Big mood...nice..2019

    Kylie Lawson

    mimithatsm3 yooo


    @Kylie Lawson ayooooo

  3. anna Linky

    Brap brap Mi boss love it de king of dancehall✔

  4. Stephanie Mayne

    Mi love all off your music dem and. Mi love yu to

  5. Stephanie Mayne

    Beenie man

  6. Stephanie Mayne

    nice song

  7. Andre Flint

    bad king 🕪🕪🕪🕪

  8. Stephanie Mayne

    nice song

  9. Stephanie Mayne

    beenie man

  10. Stephanie Mayne

    Beenie man

  11. Stephanie Mayne

    Nice song beenie man

  12. mimithatsm3

    Mi LYFE so happy...

  13. RK Reggae YardVybz

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    Produced By Moshouse Records
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    Artist: #Naazir
    Song :Roll Up [Official Video HD]

  14. Jean Gerald

    good job beenie

  15. George Gonzalez

    my life so happy mi single

  16. Andre Cambell

    beein man the king for the world best fashion and performance real talk Jamaica

  17. DMOW 93

    Zagga happe


    I love Beenie videos, the DJ does just make me laugh hard. Beenie know how to make people laugh.

  19. TlkDiTruth


  20. Stephanie Mayne

    beenie man

  21. Stephanie Mayne

    beenie man

  22. delon Thomas

    I made 25000 this year woow

  23. I PMAN 3

    NUFF Gunshot man skip and Daley bin through travel fox and Balley nuff a them youth yah no know them shoes they maddddddd.

  24. Paulette Abrahams

    love this one

  25. 20somethingsWorld

    just discovered this and i dont regret it

  26. Yorda Hodgson

    the best from 19 old long

  27. CANDIE

    Beenie time cyan dun ,,,,up up up !!!!

  28. Steve Barriffe

    The best dj

    Samsung GALAXY



  29. andre blackman

    hits after hits

  30. Vivian Vi

    luv that one beenie my life so happy

  31. jason prince

    love ths song

  32. Samantha Powell

    Beenie man I love this song

  33. boogie melody

    nice song  summer vibes . but were is the mercedes audi bmw lol   my life so happy

  34. Chantal Hylton

    is that bounty at the end??

  35. Levi Stoddart

    Can't wait for nottinghill this year!!!!

  36. Andrew Flood

    AWESOME VIDEO !!!!!!

  37. Javier Bonilla

    tune tune tune tune tune

  38. calvin crane

    link up and drink up I also love the #bmw  refference as I love my #320d

  39. calvin crane

    Awesome track #underated

  40. Demron Baker

    Jamaica greatest artist

  41. lenroy brown

    lol, beenie man drunk


    Yo Beenie,  Waapm to di hairline my yoot

  43. regina best

    love u 
    and your music

  44. Jamie Lawrington

    What on earth is this dogshit??

  45. Zaki Sp

    he always make great CHORUS 

  46. ebrima fofana

    whats the name of the riddim please....

  47. Jah Wise

    Link up...

  48. Minista Whisper

    Love dis song Blessins Bredren...

  49. Vendetta Fam

    da' song yah fi get nuff nuff pull up ina dance a swear ! it madddddddddddddddddddd

  50. Vendetta Fam

    #Music By FrassChild- Know Bout Spain Town 2014 Frass Child - Know Bout Spain Town - [Tendency Riddim] JUNE 2014

  51. Tauseef Green

    Mad thing doctor!

  52. Alicia Seecharan

    What on dat list.......... Oh gosh.

  53. funkateerkitty

    Beenie Man...your life so happy? den, why U SO SERIOUS & I naw see ya kissin n huggin wit an OOOman? Poor Lion. Praying for U Kingman. Jah guide and keep.

    Kayso Freeto

    dat why he so happy!  man no need no OOOman fi be happy, betta off wit out.  


    Keep tellin yaself dis. Pretend ya don't have a Mumma, Sister, Grandmumma, Auntie, or Dawta. If the world were run by Wombmen, there would be NO MORE war, mutilations of the innocents, kidnappings of virgins, and arms & legs chopped or Ghadaffi sodomized by a knife ON FILM by evil MEN, so if we wombmen were to take over...there would be peace, love, joy and NOURISHMENT for the world. Rethink your overstanding. Babylon has done a complete job on destroying the Family Unit. This I SEE. THINK about what you said yo.

    Kayso Freeto

    @funkateerkitty ya gyal but we make a betta music video so shut yuh mout, wine ya waist and enjoi it!!!

  54. TlkDiTruth

    Runnin Out Of Ideas? R U Mad? Beenie Man Is Jamaica Greatest Dancehall Artist To Dis Date....

  55. lantan

    Give Thanks - Lantan - Trending Now

    Jamie Lawrington

    Thanks?? you mossi mad too rarss.


    mii luv this music, soon time mii go link up , BIG UP BEENIE MAN 

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  59. gazapire

    Mi like a Song ya....,real life sitten

  60. Simphiwe Mhlawuli

    He is running out of ideas.

    Kayso Freeto

    still got more idea than you!!!

  61. c.savage 168

    lol beenie is a real  entertainer

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    He is AWESOME : ) zagga

  64. vinci5251

    UPPPP!! Zagga zow

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    Nice beat.  Like the flow,

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    Mi Like Dah Video yah
    Big Up Beenie man

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    anybody notice the buick swithces from left to right hand drive bout 1:00 into the song?

    Kayso Freeto

    dat why he so happy.  2 buicks!!!

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    Last time i checked stress does mek yuh hair fall out ...... tuff tune still 

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    Fun and carefree..your videos are always brings a breath of fresh air. Loooooove : ) zagga zow

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