Bee Gees - The Change Is Made Lyrics

Look out my window.I can see tomorrow.
Just a whole way of sorrow when the change is made.
And I've been cryin'.
Oh, Lord, I've been cryin'.
But I'll go on a-cryin' when the change is made.
Well, I've been a good man. Oh Lord, Lord, I've been a good man.
But what's good's a good man after the change is made? Yeah!
And I'm not forgettin' all the love, the love, the love I been giving.
I've got to go on a-livin' after the change is made.
And I been a-cryin'. Oh Lord, Lord, I been a-cryin'
But I got to go on a-cryin' after the change is made.
And I'm not forgettin' all the love, love I been giving.
'Cause I got to go on living
After the change is made.
And I'm not forgettin' all the love, all the love I been giving
And I got to go on livin'
After the change is made.
And I'm not forgettin' all the love I been giving
But I got to go on living
After the change is made.
And I'm not forgettin'... [fade out]

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Bee Gees The Change Is Made Comments
  1. Jorge Leite


  2. Svein Grimstad

    When we say "one of the best Bee Gees songs", we may mean one of the 100 best songs, cause they have so many that is just as good in different ways, though Bee Gees changed their style sometimes, in the most smooth and successful way that any band had ever done. Barry said once that their songs are like their children. They have so many and they are all good.

  3. Mall Exploring

    Incredible bass playing by Maurice, the world's most underrated musician...

  4. Pierrotkiller


  5. Carolina Hernández de Zabalo

    Atractiva y desgarrada canción del álbum "Horizontal", ¡Fabulosa!!

  6. tete quiros

    min 2:13 tambien (tenue)

  7. tete quiros

    On the end of the song, those with a sharp ear, can hear the famous falsetto of barry !!! (min 3:13)

  8. tete quiros

    sobre el final de la cancion, quienes tengan un oido agudo, podran oir el luego famoso falsete de barry !!! (min 3:13)

  9. Sebastian Zmener

    Hey, if you listen carefully there is a falsetto at 2:13 and 4:14

  10. AntonioSaucedo22

    Dudes were awesome, weren't they?

  11. Dimiter Dimitrov

    Отново аз! Това е класика, която не омръзва!

  12. Thora Friganza

    Wow love this amazing soulfull rock/blues ballad. I love that guitar wow and Barry's both bright and raspy soul voice. Powerfull lyrics and song. How could they make so different kind of songs it's amazing. Possibly one one of their best (okay now I've said that of 100 of hteir songs lol but this one is really good and touched me).

  13. Dimiter Dimitrov

    Удивителна песен, с голям подтекст! Винаги я слушам с удоволствие, радост и тъга...

  14. john ;zoefie; scholte-albers

    the bee gees at their very best. Just hear that lead guitar by VINCE MALOUNY

    wayne legreeley

    my fav. bee gees tune

  15. Beddus (Bertus ten Caat)

    one of the greatest songs ever made !

  16. TheSoprender1

    You know, there's a grain of truth to that. Never thought of it like that.

  17. volker herbst

    In the years, were this song was up to date- we hate him. Today- its a great, a really great song and brothers: R.I.P.

  18. VentilatorBlu

    My absolute pleasure to share with everyone. Odd that the most underrated, underplayed songs are so often the finest.

  19. vuoto più scuro

    but they went after the beatles ... good ... but after them ... they have been second suit at that time

  20. jurr47

    Call me Jim and ...let me see...until now I think I sold...NOTHING AT ALL.
    But you can hear some of my work in my channel.
    We shouldn't be arguing here, I think we agree that this song is pretty good.
    I'll leave my comment on another song, one of those mediocre and overrated pieces with barry singing with that ridiculous falsetto.
    Notice that this is one of my favorite groups of all times. They made very good music but not all of them was exactly great.

  21. Linda HH

    I am with you Tony. I feel the same way! They were a clean band, not any real garbage or any of them running naked around town. The talent in their big toes could only equal the Beatles. They were a "good" group while the Beatles were "liberal and pushed the envelope." Just think of the number of albums they wrote, produced, and sang! It's really a no brainer. The BeeGees are #1 in my book.

    tim ester

    The only reason they are not the best ever and the beatles are still in the convo is because radio refused to play them after fever. Had they done so this guys would be considered the greatest ever because of the half dozen or more top ten hits the could/should have had in the U.S. with songs like You Win Again, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Secret Love to name only a few.

  22. Sandra Hawkins

    I liked them during this time but I absolutely LOVED them during the "disco" era. They grew in their music (in my opinion). Songs like Fanny Be Tender, Love So Right, How Deep is Your Love, Staying Alive, the entire Spirits CD, etc...all those songs were just absolutely wonderful.

  23. Siegfried

    The good work stopped at the end of the colaboration with Mr. R. Stigwood, who wrote the orchestration to BeeGees First and second, * the "Idea". A pity ...

  24. jurr47

    The best Gibb's songs are absolutely underrated, this is a good example.
    ...but their greatest hits aren't as great as they say. Many of them are mediocre and absolutely overrated.

  25. Tony Sketo

    If it was sang by the Beatles, everybody would say "WHAT AN AMAZING SONG"!!!
    Bee Gees never received the respect they deserved. What a pity.

  26. volker herbst

    At first: R.I.P. Robin! This song from the 2. LP is one of the best BGs songs- but unknown and underrated! Best time with musicbattles against the beatles (Sg.Pepper). At that time, we stones-fans (and real musicfans!!!) have had fun, but respect today

  27. Bryan Hutcheson

    Best Bee Gees period! :)