Bee Gees - Love Me Lyrics

I remember times my love when we really had it all
You were always there to make me smile, help me when I fall
Ooh, I can't believe you're leaving me
When there's so much more to say - I can't let you go
Ooh , ev'ry time I look at you I still can feel the glow
Let it be, let it grow

Love me , please , just a little bit longer
Together we can make it
Our love is much too young to break it
Love me , please , just a little bit harder

All I ever wanted was to have you to myself
Then I see you standing there in the arms of someone else
You know a man can stand so much
And it's more then I can bear - I can't let you go
Ooh, ev'ry time I look at you I still can feel the glow
Let it be , let it grow

Love me , please, just a little bit longer
Together we can make it
Our love is much too young to break it
Love me , please, just a little bit harder

Never even try to see things her way
It's hard on a woman when love ain't no love at all
And when she walks away (no no) - and she probably will
You're gonna be sorry, begging her , please

Love me , please, just a little bit longer
Together we can make it
Our love is much too young to break it
Love me , please, just a little bit harder

I think I can work it out
I can't get enough
I want you tomorrow

Love me , please, just a little bit longer
Together we can make it
Our love is much too young to break it
Love me , please, just a little bit longer
Together we can make it
Our love is much too young to break it

[repeat and fade]

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Bee Gees Love Me Comments
  1. Michelle Wood

    I love it

  2. Edward Prawdzik

    Robin had an identical falsetto to barry but hardly used it

  3. Edward Prawdzik

    Barrys falsetto cuts like a knife here

  4. Jorge Sait

    Siempre quise bailar este tema con algún amor de mí vida . No pude.

  5. Neita James

    This song was going through my head.I'd heard the other version.this was not as clear it seemed harder .don't hate me I realize they did this on more than one albumn., I love them all just first time I clicked on this version. Googled it about six albums pop up including one female..ull listen again see if it get clearer.and I can understand robin better. Afa, n.a.JJ.

  6. Sarah Félix

    Wonderfulllllll music......nostalgic

  7. Jen Mangabat

    i love this song...

  8. hello hi

    Missing robin... no one can ever sing like this.... love robin..

  9. Keisha Nicole

    This song is so AMAZING 💜 I often come to this song Too Much Heaven to listen and Emotions.❤️♥️ LOVE Bee Gees. Such a tremendous song well song ‼️

  10. Lili


  11. Jsn

    1:26-1:56 this speaks too hard for me, some bee gees lyrics are very relatable for me it just blows my mind.

  12. Eunice Acquarelli

    LOVE BEE GEES FOREVER!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  13. harunotodoroki

    Love robin’s voice

  14. Eunice Acquarelli

    💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭 LOVE ME FOREVER , MAGIC!💎💎💎

  15. Eunice Acquarelli

    Há qta Saudade dos meus 17 anos tantos Sonhos,qtos Planos tanta Vida! Love me!❤❤❤❤

  16. Lisa Sands

    Love me 😍😍😘🎶🎵🎵🎵

  17. Johnnyboy5520

    I've been listening to these guys since 8 years old (around 1980). My father would play this album (still have it on vinyl) at least once a week and I remember those times like yesterday. This music is eternal!

  18. Giancarlo Juarez

    2019 presente.

  19. Derek Roberts

    The 60s progressive voice of the BeeGees found his way into 70s R&B but still his own style...

  20. Sari Giannini

    I ❤ Bee Gees

  21. MimM

    My clubbing era was the 2010s. Music like this makes me think that if it had been these days where it wasn't all drinking, being obnoxious, and whoring to heartless music, a gentleman like me might have been a bit luckier with the ladies.

  22. Rossella Misantoni

    È Grande Robin con la sua voce è Fantastica.

  23. hello hi

    Me also, I can't let u go.... Robin.... missing so much....

  24. loretta

    The music today (if you can call it that ) lacks the raw emotion that was put into it back in the day. I'm so thankful that I grew up with real artists who were truly gifted.

  25. Imelda Ennis

    The emotion in Robin's voice...OMG so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  26. hello hi

    Robin is the best!!!

  27. hello hi

    I miss robin...

  28. Li Lise

    Who's listening to this in 2019? 😆😜😆 I am! 👍💙👍

  29. Víctor Manuel Medina García

    Sin desmerecer a los demás robin era único,la verdad

  30. Alicia Lynch

    Who’s still listening this song in 2018. I love it

    S King

    Alicia Lynch, me I listening to it...

    M A

    2020 now

  31. Luna Lovegoood

    I was looking for a concert/video of robin singing this song and i can't find any 😭

    Li Lise

    I don't think you'll find it on youtube. I believe they never did it live, too many other songs in their catalogue. And Barry would get the lion's part, of course.🤔

  32. Juan José Medina Gordillo

    Graaaaande robin

  33. ابومروه عبدالكاظم

    oh my hard ,she '''s gone

  34. Daniel Lotito

    me.llamo Daniel lotito fanático desde muy joven igual que otros conjuntos escuchando su música con los minicomponentes en esa época que tan no vuelven más éxitos totales y en simá en los boliches se escuchaban estos temas de mi juventud gracias por los.años de su existencia

  35. Claudio Custodio

    Pra min foi o melhor bee gees.

  36. Mariana Teixeira


  37. sergio nava

    this version sucks..!!! ivonne elliman is 100 times better..

    Boris Ortiz perez

    Do you know this song was writed by bee gees to ivonne elliman like others song .samantha sang an other do say that stupid thing. Your a shit mam.

    Li Lise

    @Boris Ortiz perez Let him be. Either you "get" something or you don't. I most certainly DO! 💘 Robin was TOP! 🦅🦅🦅

    Boris Ortiz perez

    @Li Lise mybe understand you.idea.excuse me .so much pasion for the Bee Gees music.was the genius.and me emotion so much. God bless you.

    Ken Perk

    I don't think she sang this. She did sing If I Can't Have You on the Saturday Night Fever sound track.

  38. Pedro Aurelio dos Santos Paula

    O melhor álbum. Linda música

  39. Paula Lucas

    Lovely song. Só sweet so tender a good One to dance with the owner of out heart

  40. Marta M

    So touching song !! And what a Voice ...

  41. Edivaldo Chagas

    Musica maravilhosa. LOVE ME.

  42. Luciano de Caiado Castro Moraes

    Os melhores de todos os tempos !!!!!

  43. eunice aquarelli dalla pria

    Bee Gees, fizeram e sempre farão parte da minha Vida! Love Forever Bee Gees!

    Gina Mahoney

    Love is powerful....let it live forever.....<3 xo

  44. Viviana Pompei

    Se acerca otro aniversario pero seguis vivo mas que nunca!!!! Los genios nunca se van.... Gracias por regalarme tu voz inigualable es magica. y angelical love me Forever me Robin!!

  45. Joanna Kreps

    Tak jest lubię słuchać Bee Gees

  46. michela derry

    what a song! A sad song

  47. Lida del Puerto

    ...épocas románticas que ya no volverán... <3

  48. MeloLand

    Wonderful song...

  49. darren thomas

    My love of this song coincided with being ditched by my first love. I don't think the incidents were related. I still love the song though. Those vocals ! if there is a heaven it will sound like this !

  50. Aurelio de Sousa Lima

    Quando eu cansar de ouvir essa música a vida já não terá sentido pra mim.

  51. lsd2772

    "I...I...I miss it. Can't get enough I'll love you tomorrow." 😓 My favorite part of this song and so hauntingly sung by Robin


    According to it's
    I think I can work it out
    I can't get enough
    I want you tomorrow

  52. Nader Bolandi

    they performed the song better than Yvonne Elliman ...I have listened to this song 100/000 times and it is still new and distinguished for me......thanks Robin Francis.....

  53. cecilia canteli

    Unicos e irrepetibles!!

  54. Dica Jr.

    I love the Bee Gees ...Barry,Maurice & Robin Gibb sentimental voice! Salvador,Bahia-Brasil..


    this song will always remind me of someone. "Stop the time" hope your happy and doing well my friend .

    Gina Mahoney

    💘 Love....

  56. Moore Money


  57. MimM

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! :(

  58. Marchu Stopp

    amo a Robin Gibb

  59. Lilian araujo nieves

    beautiful song, Robin is my everlasting love.

  60. TheTurron01

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, tantos y tantos años buscandola, por fin la encuentro, la canción con la que me enamoré por primera vez y nunca se olvida!!!!!!

  61. ajoruram

    ¡¡¡Me emociona tanto la voz de Robin!!!, Y todo sobre él me gusta e interesa. Robin único e inigualable.

  62. Bo Poldervaart

    Wonderful !

  63. Alain Sekerci

    A l'ombre des dollars
    le Palace de la rue du faubourg Montmartre à Paris et jusqu'au Croco club à Miami beach le disco est roi

  64. Alain Sekerci

    A l'ombre des dollars
    sous le soleil brûlant de Miami beach tout le monde veut sa part de soleil

  65. Alain Sekerci

    A l'ombre des dollars
    Alexandre Vartanian et Mirella Conti ensemble dans une belle histoire d'amour

  66. Alain Sekerci

    A l'ombre des dollars
    the book
    USA Miami beach 1979
    un roman policier écrit remarquablement par un auteur talentueux

    Debbie lim

    Alain Sekerci

  67. Richard Gottheil

    from     Richard      gottheil    love   me

  68. Richard Gottheil

    from      Richard       gottheil     love      me

  69. tom543222456

    This song really should of been released as a single and had air time, I know It would of hit NO. 1


    +Tom D I agree. It was Yvonne Ellimann who released her version of this song as a single, and I thought hers was rather mediocre. Robin sings with such emotion in this version!


    @drmjr78 Much better version, They do for sure !

    Dave Gro

    +Tom D     in what year?


    @Dave Gro 1976, "Children Of The World"

  70. Taffy Jones

    Perfect. Listen to them all the time.

  71. Angela Nazzario

    Only Robin could do this song, also. So sad is his voice. Feel like hugging him to make him happy,
    So sweet a person Robin is.

    PANINI Bhardwaj

    Ms Nazzario (Angela),
    What you've said about Robin
    touched my heart.Though its
    hard to say who's my favourite
    BeeGee,yet Robin will always
    hold a unique preference,his
    twin Maurice notwithstanding.
    P A N I N I
    @+91 9315967274.

  72. Aaron Spacey

    Fantastic band and fabulous songwriters . Very underrated group !!

  73. Richard Gottheil

    from    Richard     gottheil    love   me

  74. Richard Gottheil

    from    Richard     gottheil     love   me

  75. Okema James

    I can't let go every time I look at u I still feel the glow......let it be let it grow

  76. Devoted2as

    Makes me cry, meaningful and beautiful song, done expertly. Of course!

  77. darren macdonald

    When I get to them pearly white gates in the sky all my family are going to be there waiting and behind them the beegees!

    darren macdonald



    darren macdonald - Jajajaja, me encanta tu respuesta!!!

    Dave Gro

    why is pearls and gold so interesting to god and people after you die?darren

    Dave Gro

    ajoruram, who's speaking Chinese here?

    Dave Gro

    that was the joke.

  78. Julio Murriel

    como bee gees no hay otro que grandes!!
    love me!!

  79. Richard Gottheil

    Richard   gottheil  love   me

  80. Yvonne White

    Memories,   Beautiful song

    Ms K. Johnson

    Yes it is. :)

    Yvonne White

    @Ms K. Johnson Love it...

  81. jesus Rodriguez

    Robin has a very beautiful voice...bur for me the most beautiful moment in this song is when Barry sings alone with his falsetto voice

  82. Morfeo Moebious Tricerátops


  83. Juan Trezza


  84. Kaushik Ganguli

    Maurice lived 12.22.49 - 1.12.03. All of them are immortal. They are legends.

  85. allymayful

    A first for me. Very soulful, beautiful song.

  86. Valérie MARC

    So beautiful with Robin's voice !!!

  87. Bebot*1943




    Humberto Miranda

    17 años que se fue Maurice

  88. Melissa Green

    Robin's lead... ♥ No one will ever have a voice like his ever again...

    M A

    I agree

    Mark Bennett

    He should have sang lead more in the late 70's

    Neita James

    This was a harder version sorry really could not understand half what he was saying don't get me wrong. I love robin all the brothers, it was kind grabbly. It need be soften can be the quality not as good liked the other version was much clearer there's about four plus somebody else did this.there was times when robin voice was softer here not so much. Sorry. Will always love all the Gibb brothers. Afa, n.a.JJ. please don't chew my head off not every song sound same we all have off days, rip Andy, Maurice and robin.

  89. mavrick best

    Robin...Robin..Robin....the immortal voice....

  90. gloria dean

    sex in motion with run away emotions!!!

  91. gloria dean

    sex in motion

  92. A L

    Luv it! Yes!!!!!

  93. Димитър Дамянов

    Bee Gees-Love Me

  94. Michael Thomas

    Nice tune.

  95. musicteach86

    Love you Robin.

  96. Lembit Roos

    R.I.P. Robin

  97. Nur-Ruhizan Noh

    Robin's most emotional vocals. We will all miss you dearly

  98. xboyindahouse

    R.I.P. Robin Gibb