Bee Gees - Let There Be Love Lyrics

Let there be love, so I can be loved by you
In Paradise Avenue
Let there be life, so everyone lives to love
Let it happen to me and you

I am a man, so take me for what I am
I'll never have everything, but let there be love
Let there be love, let there be love

I can be nothing, I can be something
I've got to give you my life
I'm tired of living without your giving
I've got to get you for my wife

Feeling's getting stronger
Can't hold on much longer
I never begged, but I'm begging now

Let there be love, so I can be loved by you
on Paradise Avenue, oh yo
Let there be life, so we can live to love
And let it be both of us

I am a man, so take me for what I am
I'll never have everything, but let there be love
Let there be love, let there be love

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Bee Gees Let There Be Love Comments
  1. Nealix D.

    One of my favorite Bee Gees songs. Why it wasn't a number one hit is beyond me.

  2. boots ss

    ILove Bee Gees forever,Reminds me my teen age days.WOW

  3. Nagymihály István

    Nagy együttes kár,hogy nem éltek örökké.

  4. Mahmur Marganti

    great song

  5. Osvaldo Pagnoni

    fantastico brano anni1968

  6. Veronica Ng

    very nice, I like it

  7. Lida euguenia Flores.a.

    I love these because song is very beautiful love you my love

  8. benny gunawan

    my lovely song . . .

  9. joexpoe

    i love to sing and play this song on my flute!

  10. Gert Aabo

    Great song and a superb voice from Robin.

    Christopher Todd Durnil

    @Gert Aabo um - that's Barry singing lead.

    Gert Aabo

    yes you have reight

  11. Dave McDonald

    Great song.  I really like "Run to Me" from the same album

  12. Mariann Sletten

    Fantastic song!!  I love it :)

  13. Filomena Sancho

    Wonderful romantic song where Robin's voice sounds superb! The Bee Gees, the most amazing band of my teenage years! Why not a tribute to them? They surely deserve it because they will remain in our memories forever. Thanks Bee Gees from the bottom of my heart .I still listen to your music all the time and emotions never end.

    Ivan Duarte

    100% Agree whit u Filomena the greatest ever what u think about lamplight the album "Odesa" the lyrics simply ....Amazing!!! Or saved by the bell 1 of my favorites

  14. robert bennie

    A request...Best of the Bee Gees volume two album complete.  


    A very beautiful and touching song!! Bee Gees the legendary group!! No group can copy that perfect harmony of their voice!! Love Bee Gees forever!!

  16. Wie Chiang Lim

    Sungguh senang rasanya ada seseorang yg sepakat,musik/lagu memang bahasa universal,kita tdk selalu hrs mengerti arti lirycnya,tentu kalau paham lbh baik,nada/irama lah yg memberi arti bagi kita.
    Terima kasih telah merespon baik komen saya. Semoga anda selalu berbahagia.

  17. Indiaz Arch

    Setuju.. The Beegees tetap menjadi sang legenda..

  18. Wie Chiang Lim

    semua kenangan 35 thn pd masa lalu mucul dlm pikiran,spt kaleidoskop,senang,kesedihan,nostlagia,lagu yg tdk pernah pudar dimakan waktu,begitu juga dengan Tell my why nya...

  19. Wael saeed

    The Bee Gees are not only an exceptional group but also a musical phenomenon worth studding cause if you take a look at the brothers' career you realize that the way they are developing their music is beyond belief !!!!!!!

  20. Wael saeed

    البى جيز عبارة عن فيضان من الموهبة

  21. william huber

    im a bee gees fan from time i was a little kid in 70s i love this song let there be love the bee gees my favorite group of all time love all there music brings great joy to my heart i remember having a record album 45 the bee gees vol 2 close now william m huber

  22. VINGgirl1

    I got this album when I was about 13 or 14. It was after my sister bought me the Saturday Night Fever album. The music was different but I enjoyed it as well. After that I was a Bee Gees fan for life. Love this....thank you for posting!!!!

  23. martianshoes

    @MrGanassa My older sister came home with this album in has never grown old...the Beatles had to have listened and been influenced by it...

  24. torr macfarlane

    this album is my first choice for desert island album. Every track is a belter, lov it to bits. Searched for 20 years for a copy on cd. Most played album in my life ever, and ever will be. 4 ever, bee gees best.

  25. william huber

    this is my all time favorite song im a bee gees fan when i was a kid i remember buying bee gees albums i love all the bee gees songs from a -z let there be love thats all of us need love careing around the world


    podrían poner la letra en inglés de Let there be love por fis?

    Ivan Duarte

    M Parece increible q nadie t haya contestado despues d tantos años la letra simplemente es maravilosa fasci ante yo podria traducirte llevo muchos años viviendo en E. U.

  27. Thanaghii Belge

    Not one of the greatest but THE Greatest group on the planet. They will always be my idols.

  28. Gerard Dalenoort

    This is the first begin song from the long play Idea from 1968.It whas the first Robert Stigwood partysipation between the Bee-Gees and Robert Stigwood.And there know what's happend.A couple of hits from the Idea long play staying weeks into every part of the world number one.

  29. banleng1

    A wonderful song for mind and heart. Erich

  30. Dicky Bergwerff

    Thanks for posting this great song ,bringing back so much memories when i was in Basel on holiday in the wintertime 1969 -1970 ,i was only 15 years old ,was there with my sister and we had a great time there,
    Danke Gerd

  31. sharmadd

    i have a lot of childhood memories in this song thanks for posting.