Bee Gees - Angela Lyrics

Angela, I'm still alive
Angela, I'm still alive
The sun and the sea
The darkness in the way
All the pain don't get no better
It gets stronger every day

It happens to be true
That I still pray to you my love
Voices in the night, don't help
My searching for the truth, my love

And when I'm lost
And high above the storm
I hear your name
I'm empty inside, I'm empty inside
And where are you

Angela, I'm still alive
For the two of us
I'm still alive
You've got to imagine us
All the world was on our side
We had the power of the universe
And we were ready
We were ready for the ride

Moonlight in her hair
Her eyes the wonder of the age
But all I mean to you my love
Is just a spotlight on an empty stage

And through it all
One fire in the rain
Keeps burning on, keeps burning on
I can't stop my heart
It's beating for you
Reaching for you
But you are gone
I'm empty inside, I'm empty inside
And where are you

Angela, I'm still alive
For the two of us
I'm still alive
Angela, I'm still alive
Angela, I'm still alive
Angela, I'm still alive

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Bee Gees Angela Comments
  1. Jan Walters

    Of all their music, never heard this one.  Their voices and harmonies are unbelievable!!  The kids today (2020) can learn from this!  Heavenly!  too much!!  Love the Bee Gees!

  2. luvlite cloud


  3. Bobik

    pierwszy raz uslyszalem ta piosenke, wow. BEE GEES i tyle w temacie.

  4. Angela Green

    The lady is very beautiful and all of the brothers are so handsome. Robin is hot as usual.

  5. Анатолий Павлов

    Тёлка вдувабельна

  6. UberDurable

    Just heavenly!

  7. Dennis Eudela

    The falsetto ad libs by Barry at the ending part of this melancholic, emotional song appears to represent a progressing outburst of painful but hopeful "crying"!
    Such beauty!

  8. Angela Green

    Just to let everyone know... my name is Angela. ♡♡♡

  9. Angela Shevlin

    Think they were singing to me 💕

    Angela Green

    Me too!

  10. Joyce Tyner

    This song is very GOOD

  11. ArthurLee

    One word: MAGIC!

  12. Hector Ramos Ventura

    Adoro ésta canción, los Bee Gees, mis ídolos.

  13. Zev Feldman


  14. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing Sad Love Song🥀I Love This song it's amazing & so are The Brothers Bee Gees🥀☝️🥀

  15. spices house

    Wonderful & magic

  16. Grazia Marletta

    Indimenticabili, immensi, stupendi.

  17. Paul Schliker

    Great song, stupid sunglasses Robin.

  18. Rimi Tlgrf

    Classic song legend Bee Gees forever

  19. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Es un encanto de canción,muy tierna,fresca,la he escuchado poco,pero cada día q pasa me gusta más ,,Estos Bee-Gees,,son increíbles,,,grandes hermanos por siempre...😚😚😚

  20. Barry Jones

    Absolute brilliance again and again . Always impressing us . Terrific voices . Fab videos

  21. Heloy Ribeiro

    Nothing is more rewarding,
    than to live life,
    with the certainty that we practice,
    the good at all times ...

    We live in a wonderful world,
    which is full of beauty, charms and adventures.
    There is no end to adventures,
    that we may have simply,
    we look for them with our eyes open ..

    The beauty of life,
    It is not in the great achievements.
    But in the intensity of the little moments ...

    Thanks! ... Great Video and Beautiful Music.
    Nice work. Show!...

  22. Paris Amor

    Como no seguir escuchando a Bee Gees.....como no escuchar este tema que llega al alma...Los ame..los amo y amaré BEE GEES...

  23. GibbForever

    Bee Gees in Reinkultur

  24. Mario Kleif

    Barry gibb sei un dio!

  25. Mario Kleif

    Nessuno canta come Barry gibb! Nessuno è grande come Barry gibb! Viva Barry gibb per sempre! 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇮🇹

  26. Cristina

    I'm still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mix-Biee gees . É ótimo tem toda as músicas lindas e lembranças e paisagens. Adorei 👏👏👏👏👍

  28. The1grapeape

    Oh wow, I missed this song back then. I remember them from the sixties and seventies. Guess life got real during the time it came out, marriage, kids, rehab, lol!

  29. poisoninyourcoffee wolvesoftheforest

    What a relaxing lovely song with perfect voices and three elegant gentlemen!

  30. Mario Kleif

    Barry gibb sei il più sexy del mondo! La tua voce è la più bella del mondo!

  31. Mario Kleif

    Conoscevo una certa Angela, una bella bionda ma che non ci stava con me! Mi ha umiliato! 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇮🇹

  32. Mario Kleif

    Barry gibb sei un dio! Un mito! Sei un re! Lunga vita a Barry gibb il dio della musica! 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇮🇹😎

  33. Mario Kleif

    Una grande canzone! Bel video. Davvero siete grandi bee gees! 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇮🇹😎

  34. Sandy Bratcher

    I love sir Barry Gibb

  35. Lisa Scott

    Beautiful song, I've never heard this before. Barry, Robin and Mo had such amazing voices and perfect harmony. Bee Gees always. 💗💗💗

  36. Leonilda Roman Lopes Dias


    Luiz Cruz


  37. Kk Khor

    Sleepless raining night with this song ...

  38. Ellen Ludtke

    They were THE BEST! Beat out the Beatles with with their creative lyrics! And Barry’s falsetto in this song is seriously insanely off the charts. I love Adam Levine, but come on — Andy’s, and Robin’s falsetto were sooo off the chart! And we still have Barry who I’m not sure but had highest range. Anyone reading —- just listen to one song.

  39. Thamrin Joenoes

    Still one of my favorites song from their Album "ESP" back 1987, Even after 32 years still sound fresh like it was released yesterday..............

    Lucas Lima

    Overnight is another beautiful & underrated gem from ESP too, beautiful sing by Maurice Gibb.

    You Win Again too without words, and the title track.

  40. Angela ribeiro

    Ângela o nome da minha esposa....amo muito.
    Ângela name of my so much....

  41. GibbForever

    Best Band in the world for all time

  42. Kim Bergeron

    Love the way Robin looks here.

  43. Maria Angela Oliveira

    Que pena,queria tanto saber o que quer dizer a musica e linda eu so tinha ouvido uma vez

  44. The hoosher

    2:31 maurice with his DEATH stare

  45. Kevin Hickey

    the 80's were the greatest and the Bee Gees were the greatest!

  46. Samira Cristina

    Barry amou alguma Ângela rsrs. Linda canção

    Márcio Prates


  47. Diana González

    Muy Bonita Cancion !!!!!

  48. Svein Grimstad

    Barry Gibb is the greatest man in the world! He looked better than ever at this point, at 41 he was still young and more mature looking. He look tough! I will rate his voice at NR 1, best in the world!

  49. Consol Perez

    love this video!

  50. GibbForever

    Beste Gruppe aller Zeiten.

  51. Kalman Borbely

    Nobody will able to sing like those guys!And this song is about missing a true love which we will rarely can find in our times...

  52. Catlu1732

    Uh oh, none of the wives are named Angela...I wonder if any of the wives questioned this? :)

  53. Theo Phonchana

    Song: Angela
    Artist: Bee Gees
    Album: ESP
    Year: 1987
    Label: Warner Bros. Records, Warner Music

  54. Gary Walsh

    A slowburn classic. Masterfully written, produced, arranged and performed. A very affecting, moving vocal performance by Barry Gibb. His falsetto at the end just slays me.

    Dennis Eudela

    The falsetto ad libs by Barry at the ending part of this melancholic, emotional song appears to represent a progressing outburst of painful but hopeful "crying"!
    Such beauty!

  55. electrictom

    I came across this song by accident while following a YouTube thread which exhibited a quick 20-30 minute glimpse of their hits spanning 50+ years of recording together.  I am a semi-pro musician and followed pop artists like these guys since the 60's.  Where was this song in the 90's????  What a beautiful groove that escaped the world's notice!!!  How did I miss it?  Almost missed their 1993 hit, "Paying the Price of Love"; which I caught on an old Saturday night radio station dance mix in Detroit while recording off the air.  These guys just seemed to get nearer to perfection when they reached their 40's and 50's!!!!  Who would ever thought that their tenor voices would be so popular??  Great song-writing by the Gibb brothers!!   Miss you guys!

  56. Mr. C Jokey

    And who is Angela? This looks like from the 1990's - you sure it wasn't released already?

  57. Theo Phonchana

    Song: Angela
    Artist: Bee Gees
    Album: ESP
    Year: 1987
    Label: Warner Bros. Records, Warner Music

  58. Thomas Francis

    Always thought it was hide your love I need my ears checked

  59. Jayson Byse

    Amazing Album E.S.P.

  60. Eduardo José Gasparini

    Angela, era assim que minha saudosa mãe era conhecida e gostava de ser chamada. O nome de batismo dela era Angelina.

  61. Mario Kleif

    Barry gibb è l'uomo più famoso e più importante della storia! Di tutti i tempi! Barry gibb è più importante di Napoleone, di trump, del Papa, di Hitler! Barry gibb sei un mito! Barry gibb sei più famoso di dio! Barry sei un mito!!!!!

  62. Larry Wilson

    Warner Bros. really should have pushed them more. There were so many obvious hits they could have had off their WB albums that they just ignored, like this one. Those were the best albums in their career, and they should have gotten more respect.

  63. Mario Kleif

    Come canta bene Barry Gibb! Una bellissima canzone degli anni ottanta. Barry Gibb sei grande!

  64. Mario Kleif

    Una bella canzone, Barry è Robin cantano sempre insieme e molto bene! Peccato che Robin è Maurice siano già morti. Ci resta solo Barry, l'ultimo baluardo! Non mollare Barry!!!

  65. BuiIdMoreFences

    I'd do her

  66. reinaldo eguerson albornoz aravena

    lo mas grande de la musica mundial, Bee Gees

  67. parisjok

    they all knew how to sing from the heart, soul, mind, and their gut. Robin said he sung always from his heart. something that makes all of their songs sound so good and perfect to us

  68. Jill Damron

    I just discovered this song. Beautiful!

  69. Kristin Ollermann


  70. Miguel Carreño

    hermosa cancion,

  71. Miguel Carreño

    hermosa cancion,

  72. Sanjay Kapoor

    My most favourite song of d magical TRIO
    can never get fed up of dis classic

  73. Tumbur Tobing

    Totally sweet

  74. Pasquale Brunelli far they still alive in my brain and heart... that's what i call it music ever.

  75. David Deutscher

    The Bee Gees would not have become legends without Barry.

    Maureen Milligan

    Thay were the wind beneath his wings

    Jons T

    Be careful with statements like that... You'll draw the ire of Robin fans.

    Nigerian Prince

    so false, Robin and Maurice were SUPER talented, with Robin definetly having the best voice of the 3 and Maurice being able to play so many instruments. Be careful with what you say

  76. vallella6.6 oso panda

    woow una canción con mi nombre !!! y luego es de los grandes !! bee gees 😍

  77. ArazÔzarA Official

    2017 I'm still alive...

  78. eileen bailey


  79. Adam Williamson

    love them guys always

  80. mircea roman

    i knew an angela once, she was hot, probably still is.

    Angela Christy


  81. parisjok

    this song is soooooooooooo vert sexy and the brothers are bringing in more sexy

  82. Kerstin Reinhardt

    Barry,soooo good looking.❤️❤️❤️😍

  83. Patricia Cervantes

    Lo mejor de lo mejor. Esta bella canción la pasaban en Stereo Rey, Puebla, Mexico. La máxima dimensión del radio.

  84. Kerstin Reinhardt

    Could watch this in repeat for hours..😌

  85. Kerstin Reinhardt

    Can i somehow safe this Video to watch it offline??

  86. Kerstin Reinhardt

    Wundervoll.mir fehlen die Superlative❣️❣️❣️

  87. Janaina celular

    l love berry bee gees❤❤

  88. Milana S.

    Zur Erinnerung an die größten "Gibbs Brothers" aller Zeiten!!!

  89. Francisco Jose Simarro Simarro

    Bee Gees tienen un toque personal musical inconfundible.

  90. Francisco Jose Simarro Simarro

    Canción de 1987...muy moderna en aquellos tiempos...y en estos.

  91. Francisco Jose Simarro Simarro

    canción del E.S.P. Álbum. Maravillosa!!!

  92. Theresa Rhoden

    I know that is not my daughter all I said was it is my daughter name did not mean nothing by it sorry if I upset you

    Gary Stump Sr

    You have nothing for which to apologize. She was in the wrong. If it's actually even her.

  93. Ken Bradley

    I'm going to be honest, with all of these songs being released, songs that I and alot of people have never seen or heard before, The Bee Gees may make a well deserved resurgence, this song in particular was very well done , video was excellent and the vocals were, like as always, amazing.

    Brian Marienau

    This is one of their best. From the Album ESP

    Kerry Donk

    Ken Bradley I just listed to a song I’d never heard before call “Bodyguard”. Robin songs lead and it’s beautiful!

    Joyce Tyner

    I always want to phone Dick Ashby to discuss this song.... all the demographics from World~

    Joyce Tyner

    I wonder what was also released at same time that it didnt succeed more.

    Joyce Tyner

    @Kerry Donk I think Barry.

  94. Mariela Benitez

    del disco esp gran tema

    reinaldo eguerson albornoz aravena

    ESP tiene grandes exitos, como SIZE

  95. Evan Bakerian

    Great song! I can't believe this wasn't a hit!

  96. parisjok

    looking very much like the true awesome down to earth sexy rock stars that they were. love this sexy song that just seems to hug me just the right way

  97. Theresa Rhoden

    that is my daughter name

    gizelle russ

    Not true. I am the woman in the video and you are not my mother.

    Gary Stump Sr

    Might want to actually read and comprehend what was written before you bite somebody's head off. Where's your proof?