Bedingfield, Natasha - Hope Lyrics

Remember morning always comes
As night surrenders to the sun
No matter how dark it may become
Don't stop your light from shining on
'Cause nothing's ever over till you say it's over
And nothing's ever finished
Not unless you walk away

You see I've got hope

Oh oh
I've got hope
So you could use a little, use a little
Leave it when you've done it
And I won't let go
'Cause with a little, with a little it can go a long way
Hoooo-ope hooooo-ope, hoooo-ope
I've got hope

It's easier to say you can't when you know you can,
It's easier to let go then to hold somebody's hand
But if you do, then you might just understand yeah
That it's okay to not know where you're gonna end

I've got hope
So you could use a little, use a little
Leave it when you've done it
And I won't let go
'Cause with a little, with a little it can go a long way
I've got hope
So you could use a little, use a little
Leave it when you've done it
And I won't let go
'Cause with a little, with a little it can go a long way

Ooh oh oh oh oh, you need hope
Oooh oh oh oh oooh, I got hope

You see, I've got hope
So you could use a little, use a little
Leave it when you've done it
And I won't let go
'Cause with a little, with a little it can go a long way
I've got hope
So you could use a little, use a little
Leave it when you've done it
And I won't let go
'Cause with a little, with a little it can go a long way
I've got hope

Give me hope
I need a hand, I need a hand, I need a hand

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Bedingfield, Natasha Hope Comments
  1. Gail Baker

    I haven't had hope for so long. I feel all alone in this world, even though I have 5 grown children, and 6 wonderful grandchildren. Only one of my kids talks to me on a regular basis. I lost my Father, then my brother, and then my Mother just 8 days after my Brother passed. This all happened in a 5 month period of time in 2011. Music is my escape, and it pulls me out of the deep depression that I'm in. I love her music so much. I only wish that I could get some hope!!😢

  2. Toni Anjelica

    Thank you.

  3. Para Bina

    What happened? Is she dead or what?

  4. Dr. Siege

    Who the heck disliked this video

  5. Andrea Patane

    I wonder if Natasha Bedingfield used my made up good/evil half-blood witch character's first name on purpose when she wrote this song 4️⃣ years ago at the time that the single was released in the iTunes 🏬. 👍🏻 if you're baffled.

  6. Havid Jibril

    saya kesini gara gara tugas Bahasa Inggris.

  7. Andrew Weller

    So talented...wish I knew about her earlier.

  8. solus spiritus

    Searching "hope" it's depressing how long I had to scroll down to find this.. stay positive everyone

  9. Babba Cacca


  10. cloud8


  11. Vodkila

    *10 years later*

    aging who?

  12. Shadow hunter

    Listening to this in 2018

  13. Felipe Lopes

    Que Vibe Maravilhosa ouvindo essa musica ❤️

  14. Ingy Badawy

    I love this song

  15. elam garak

    Beautiful. And cute belly button.

  16. Matt Nelson

    What a beautiful song! We all need to have hope I sure do!

  17. The Music Box

    Whoa, that was fantastic! I feel like getting back to work making some music right now. Keep up with all your excellent videos!

  18. Frauke Schmidt

    I need some of that hope. I'm suffering from severe depression.

  19. Benjamin Cyrus

    She is great and so positive. LIKED

  20. Manasi

    Please keep Making more music like this. You are seriously the kind of singer that world needs. I love your songs. At the very least i will always support you.

  21. Nessa Cavazos

    I love her music she's so inspiring

  22. Nessa Cavazos

    I love her music she's so inspiring

  23. Nessa Cavazos

    I love her music she's so inspiring

  24. Azrabelll Chowhani

    Thanks for the great song! Really inspired me a lot! A great song for the school assembly.. Keep up the good work and may God bless u!

  25. Heavy Metal Geologist

    Natasha, I love you don't get me wrong, but that atomic zipper sound in this song is clouding your beautiful voice...

  26. Danny Grijalva

    I never seen this video

  27. Andrew Flood

    i luv this song !!!

  28. Yawina Rada

    What i like about N.Bedingfield's songs is most of them carry a message about being positive in life, in love, in etc haha... (unwritten, pocketful of sunshine, freckles, happy, single, hope, wild horses etc etc) :-D

  29. Samar Iqbal

    She's like fine wine and I am losing my hope mentally. 😍Please help me!😉

  30. Nambuya Winfrey

    I got hope

  31. nour nour

    Your voice & your music are full of sunshine! Love this

  32. Mad Max

    this song and it's background music.. ❤️

  33. Markus Zemke

    You work together with NESTLE and makes advertisement for her products. NESTLE the child employment promotes in Africa. NESTLE financed wars. NESTLE steals water springs. Now you try to place yourself as a good culprit because you donate 20% to a beneficent organisation. Hear ieber for the moment on murderer to support.

  34. Destiny15xx

    I really don't know how to song isn't famous, it's amazing

  35. Ann Wrd

    How in he works had not heard this song before? Wowwww! Beautiful!

  36. Shinoj Cv

    She deserves more views and likes than this . For me she is the best singer songwriter ..

  37. Esme_vlogs

    i sang this in my school assembly

  38. Maya Goldsmith

    America has tried to make me feel so crazy and incompetent, my view now is if I am mental and if they do view me as crazy it must be a reflection on them and their definition of freedom. Because I see nothing wrong with me nor does my God who has assured me that nothing they put me through will be wasted or in vain, he told me there is a lesson in this...I'm being used to teach which is a blessing 10xfold 👁.😇 I played along with their test and games for the longest trying to find the heart of the matter now I've had enough and God is instructed me to walk away. With all that being said I GOT HOPE 🙌🏾🕊😇

  39. mark Luther king

    when she said dark i was convinced she might be back in NZ

  40. thefluffyfella potato

    her voice is amazing I don't understand why ppl aren't listening to her music

  41. Michael Verzeilberg

    Didn't know about this song Untill now 😢Why! Its Amazing I missed this kind of music, lyrics something with meaning and talent and certainly an amazing vocal.

    💖Thanks for your words of Hope Natasha Bedingfield. Now spread the word with many more of your majestic songs.

  42. Emerson Novatos


  43. Chris Koufalas

    I like how she says till I say its over, too many people think we have to just leave it to the so called universe to fix it or let it all be natural instead of hanging in until the end, we shouldn't listen to weak words that have been taught for too long and instead follow great lyrics like this, I live this way so when I heard this song It made me like Natasha even more than I did before, I hope the cd places still have her albums in store because I don't do online shopping, society has a give up attitude before you even try. e.g are you sure you want a relationship because relationships are really hard, the fear of failing before you even try is a weak way of being taught, plus you only get one chance at life so when you are going to do it, I like how she says even though you maybe suffering you should say this isn't good enough and I can do better despite the shit situation that I find myself in

  44. Lisa Blore

    this is really true i have recovered only a few days ago after having mental health

  45. Ricardo Reyes

    hermosa, me encanta

  46. Berkay Zengin

    I miss you Quinn

  47. Icytins

    It's not her fault that there's no room for great music and actual talent in this circus of untalented misfits that we praise, now-a-days. Natasha is yet another great musician/singer being strangled by mindless music for the masses. I do wish she would make music and concentrate on her channel, though. I think she will find that she has more fans than she realizes. All you need is an active channel, Natasha. <3

  48. Michelle Gonderinger

    i love hope😄😄

  49. ozan çatbaş

    love this song.. your voice.. the lyrics.. everything is great..

  50. Vinicius Henrique


  51. Maria V

    I love Natasha Bedinfield! Please check my version of her song Soulmate. Thanks in advance!

  52. Robbie N

    I think Natasha should listen to her own song and hold on to her career! Nothing is over til she says is over! Make more music girl, get it together!!! Don't let the music industry dictates who you are or what you need to do.

    Nijia Johnson

    Robby -N I agree the 90-2000s kids are still here listening and waiting

  53. Ivan Orville

    i love her voice... i love her music... Hope for Natasha Bedingfield y'all!

  54. Matheus Manzan

    I miss you Natasha

  55. Fragmented Heart

    hope is just lie people sell so they can watch leave you eyes and you grow gray and give up life meanness hope a twist joke......

  56. Jacob Van Wie

    If anyone is hopeless and doesn't know what to do look up tianeptine sodium and lithium orotate. Neither of them are dangerous and together they are really uplifting

  57. Jay Michale

    Damn, she's good. She's deserve more than T. Snake

  58. Jarred Evans

    ONLY 16 COMMENTS! Natasha needs more exposure.

  59. Rick Killpack

    she cant sing

  60. rory lawson

    This is a great song!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am a transgender female and when time get really bad I play this song and makes the day much better.

  61. Shantelle Robinson

    its good song

  62. Shantelle Robinson

    it good song

  63. Tobo S

    One of the most cruelly underrated songs of the decade. Rachel Platten, you're not Natasha Bedingfield, you never will be Natasha Bedingfield, we want the original back

  64. MrLoqy

    very inspiring song :)

  65. Kaylonni Banks

    I love her voice

  66. Jim K

    y is she the only artist that sounds the same in a song today oppossed to when she put out pocket full of sunshine

  67. Rachanese Rainey

    she reminds me of Rachel Platten

  68. Avril Lavigne Fan369

    this should have lots more views! so underrated!

  69. Quack The Duck

    THERE'S LIKE NO VIEWS?? It's probably cuz she hasn't uploaded in a while...

  70. Ehab A.

    i feel so bad for her , she's so underrated


    not a popular as they should be

    Tammy Lutz

    +fisherwomen1515 true she Awesome

    Tim Lee

    she used to top off the charts before its just that she disappeared for some time

    Arnold Mogieliński

    Well, she was quite big back in the 2000s but she hasn't released an album in 10 years almost and that's how the business works...She still got loyal fans like me for instance who check from time to time what she's been up to :)

    Sia furtado shakira lene nystrom beyonce trowbridge

    I know she is awsome love her so glad shes coming out with a new album

  71. AC Fake

    Liked for good lyrics and that reality style not that "mainstream" crazy style.

  72. Furkan Taşkın

    Natasha we need new music 🙌

  73. lisarm100

    This is beautiful!

  74. Andrea Markovic

    I like her voice but not the tunes - too tech for me.

  75. Cafer Ince

    "nothing is over untill you say it is" sounds like a control freak

  76. Ameerah Juddi

    I like to listen to old songs, and this is one of my favourites. I've been depressed for a long time and I still am, watching and listening to this makes me feel like I have a chance. All the new songs nowadays are crappy. The only thing the songs r about are breakups, sex, drugs, raps, and pretty much stuff that never get to your heart.

  77. N0W T0N!GHT

    yo meet me at the A1 for pow powder

  78. N0W T0N!GHT




  79. greasy boy

    I got hooooooooooooooooope

  80. CoolGal81



    Thank you, i appreciate it ;)

    Ehab A.

    +CoolGal81 shut the fuck up you're like a 12 year old fuck off


    @Ehab Asali I wasn't even being mean to you.😃


    @UndermostFiber3 :3


    Mate chill she was messing around, anyway anyone is entitled to their opinion.

  81. Cal Wright

    Im still here from the ginger kid singing at the red light


    Same 😂

  82. alexdkk57

    This nigga

  83. TheWhisperrKid

    This song is under appreciated! Love it.

  84. Phantom R

    she dereves a lot more than this...

  85. solange sand

    I wish she made more songs

  86. Alejandro Espinosa

    love it

  87. Tony Hyon


  88. Starry&Bohemian

    Brits...yes again... Pop , Rock and even modern Soul music (etc,etc...) We would be lost without them...

  89. Steve Eidem

    Is it just be, or are a lot of famous 00s artists making charity singles? Avril Lavigne made that song for special Olympics.Lady Gaga made that anti-rape song.And this, too.

  90. Isa Savian


  91. DreamInRhythm

    Why isn't she on the TOP 40?! C'mon society.. You're THAAAT DUMB?!?

  92. Muhmet Saad

    I got hope ... Nothing over... till i say its over .... This darkness im in right now ..will end soon or later

  93. Iaques Immanuelle Illa

    I always Support and like Artist who are aware and help those less fortunate than them, Natasha is Awesome inspiring ;-p

  94. nabilinho

    Beautiful track Natasha! Love you and your bro Dan, always using your talents for good! <3

  95. Jaylin Arnold

    I really like this song