BeBe Winans - All Of Me Lyrics

Red was the sky in the flame
Burned alight calling me
To your side and require all of me

Blue like the sea tears have flown
So deep through me
Sweet release precious peace
You have seen all of me

Love of my life
Carry me to Your light
Every breath that I breathe
All of me

Time leading on through the storm
Ragging strong say I am weak
But You heal and You shield
All of me yes, You did

Light of my life
Carry me to Your light
Every breath that I breathe
All of me

Snow falling by tumbling down
Soft and white it's so clear
Such a sweet rhapsody

All of me, said You wanted all of me
Help me give all
All of me gave me all of me
All of me, all of me

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BeBe Winans All Of Me Comments
  1. Tara Michele Manning

    I absolutely LOVE this song so much...rediscovered it after finding my "Utmost For His Highest, The Covenant" album recently. BeBe's soothing voice brings such peace to my weary heart and mind...

    Music by the one and only Michael W. Smith, (who I just saw again in concert on 10-18-19 in Austin, Texas.)

    Words by the wonderfully talented Cindy Morgan.

  2. tehou timoteo

    Thank you for posting this beautiful song ..All of me...been too long since I heard this our younger sister walked down the aisle to this 2003 ...Glory to God !!!

  3. Courtney Clarke

    Love this song. It has really ministered to me wish I had the track to sing from.

  4. Treeva Roaf

    this song is under the album called My Utmost for His Highest

  5. Alice Gabriel

    Glory be to the blood of jesus, praise god thank you bebe for this song, first time hearing it and it is a lovely song, i love it, lord i give you all of me,this has been my prayer from the first day i was born again.Wow what a song i can relate to every word of this may this song rise again in jesus name amen

  6. Christopher Valdés

    Do you know if there are any live version?

  7. Marsha Lewis

    Omg... this song is so amazing...i love it..sigh.

  8. Shay

    This song always makes me cry when I hear and sing it......just amazing....Christ's love is so precious

  9. Team_Boyce

    I fell in love with this song when i first heard it.  So uplifting.  So nice to hear it again after a decade or so.  :)

  10. Mlulu77

    One of my Favorite songs by Bebe love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. cpetrocchi

    I can't believe I finally found this song! The first and only time I heard it was from a fried who put it on tape and brought it to me in the hospital when I was struggling for my life. I got out of the hospital in 2000 and I have looked in vain for this song....until now. Thank you very much!!

  12. Tetelestai17

    Absolutely love this song...really brings back good times.

  13. Alecia Sawyers

    Thank you so much for uploading.

  14. Alecia Sawyers

    Like everyone else, I have been searching for years for this song, to the point where I wondered if hearing it on the radio twice before was a figment of my imagination! Amazingly soothing. The song I will walk down the isle to, though I don't yet know the groom. Bebe Winans is nothing short of amazing. I just found out he was born one day before my birthday. Bebe, if you aren't busy, you could be that waiting groom singing to me as I walk down the isle. Seriously.

  15. mandantaray

    Thank you for uploading this! Brings back memories!

  16. Mary Ann Long

    thank you so so so much. i've been searching for this song for yearssssss!

  17. TTundragrizzly

    Listening to this song forces me to look above to the Heavens and just cry , longing for Christ. Inhaling the love of Jesus and exhaling all the evil that lurks about from the culprit, satan. Help us be ready for your return Lord.

  18. TTundragrizzly

    me too. God Bless.

  19. Elizer Erpilla

    thank you for posting this

  20. Sviel Cardona

    it seems that we all have been searching the same for years...

  21. Vanessa Flowers-Noville

    FINALLY! I have been looking for this song for so long. Thanks for posting.

  22. andrew parsons

    welcume anytime

  23. andrew parsons

    u welcume anytime

  24. P. Gabriel Ford

    I BEEN FOR SONG FOR YEARS ALSO!!!!thank u so much :) this was the perfect time to find it cuz my grandmas funeral is tomorrow and this is calming for my sooooul....thanks a MILLION...

  25. Pearl Segi

    Thank you for this song, I've been looking for it for years...woop woop...blessings