Bebe Rexha - I Can't Stop Drinking About You Lyrics

No ones gonna love you like I do.
No ones gonna care like I do.
And I can feel it in the way that you breathe.
I know you dream of her while you sleep next to me.

I can't stop drinking about you.
I gotta numb the pain.
I can't stop drinking about you.
Without you I ain't the same.
So pour a shot in my glass and I'll forget forever!
So pour a shot in my glass cause it makes everything better!

Darlin tell me what more can I do?
Don't you know that I was meant for you?
You say I feel like heaven on earth,
But You'd never know what heaven was if it wasn't for... her.

I can't stop drinking about you.
I gotta numb the pain.
I can't stop drinking about you.
Without you I ain't the same.
So pour a shot in my glass and I'll forget forever!
So pour a shot in my glass cause it makes everything better!

I can't stop drinking about you.
I can't stop drinking about you.

No ones gonna love you like I do.

I can't stop drinking about you.
I can't stop drinking about you.

So pour a shot in my glass and I'll forget forever!
So pour a shot in my glass cause it makes everything better!

No ones gonna love you like I do.

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Bebe Rexha I Can't Stop Drinking About You Comments
  1. King TravisSearles

    You were getting double the views and subscribers when i was promoting your work! Dm me again and ill start it back up!✌

  2. Nunya Business

    I'm pretty surprised it only has 21 million views

  3. black wolf sido 1989

    This is a hole world She desservs to be a queen more than everyone . I will listen to her music during my hole life 💘 ( i mean forever ...)

  4. Victoria Perez

    me when my crush rejects me

  5. Jamie Olivarez

    Bebe hmu 9728250146 love u I'm ur biggest fan

  6. Yes Cee

    I hope one day he will read this......

  7. Camila and Bebe fan

    🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤sooooo talented and gorgeous, this song deserved awards

  8. алекс ролекс

    B. lack B. rilliant . .

  9. Kristen Ahanotu

    l like this song and bebe rexha

  10. Hiu Choi

    Bebe Rexha I love you

  11. Johnny Lariat

    When me and my ex broke up id get so tanked and loaded on coke to this..

  12. Shivam Hindia

    this is so fuckin one of the best song I love you there is c--g bc

  13. nicole polizzi

    Oh addicative and broken give her just time to take shower

  14. Miss Phoenix

    I can’t stop sleeping about you

  15. black wolf sido 1989

    This song desservs more 😭😭😭😭😭😭🥰

  16. FortheFirst Time

    find somene else

  17. Miguel Nuñez

    I love you su much bebe rexha 💔

  18. Tetex7 Tete

    is that vodka from the motherland

  19. Lone Forest

    she was so beautiful...much better than now

  20. DarkPeppi

    fucking Autotune^^

  21. Dheeraj Thakur

    Her voice calms down my tiredness...she is just like painkiller to my pain😍😘🤗🤗

  22. Marco Aurélio Maiorini

    Não tem como não se apaixonar por Bebe Rexha.
    Loira ou morena.
    Essa mulher é linda demais.
    E com uma voz surpreendente.

    Larissa Fernandes

    sim, eu também acho

  23. Marco Aurélio Maiorini

    Dezembro de 2019 eu aqui ouvindo essa linda música.

  24. Jj Jj

    Shit this song is so relatable to me

  25. John Ling

    John ling

  26. robbie ransom

    Knees is good by her

  27. black wolf sido 1989

    Who has been her fan for 8 years😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ she is part of my life💘💘💘💘💘

  28. Lewis Twigg

    Back when I played gta 5 in 2014 😫

  29. M _

    Will always think of Witt when listening to this 💜 #TeamWitt

  30. khodor mhmf

    Back to when bebe rexha had beautiful lyrics and music. Back to when she was actually beautiful with a normal body. Now her music actually sucks and she looks ugly with her fake fat ass and ugly blonde hairstyle and music.

  31. Cesar Kazadi

    Mustafa bin daud

  32. Miguel Nuñez

    The artist more pretty of the world

  33. Princess Emily

    She is gorgeous now, but her brown hair.... 😍

  34. Eevee Star

    That man that yells at her sort of looks like G-easy from 3:00-3:10 does anyone else agree

    Just Me

    Idk who that is lol

  35. shazk21

    We only dream together

  36. King TravisSearles

    300k views in past 4 months when you had 400k views in the previous 60 days! Ive again proven I get music popular and I want paid for it!

  37. Larissa Fernandes

    Bebe Rexha eu te amo muito, amo suas musicas

  38. King TravisSearles

    Everybody has used me and abused me by giving nothing in return for what I've done for them! It's stolen my lust for life and I no longer have hope or any happiness! I don't want to live anymore and will be going away soon! For good,!😢

  39. Vikram Sharma


  40. Lissette Minchala

    Bring this Bebe Rexha back.

  41. Gopireddy Donthireddy

    No one will love like you ..... That’s my therapy say 🤣

  42. Hugo Sarmento

    great song !! i love you so much, Bebe Rexha!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  43. James Daniels

    who could hurt a girl this pretty

  44. motorized lifting

    So gorgeous!

  45. Andrew Loucks

    I can't stop drinking about you by Bebe Rexha.

  46. zL Webb

    Witt lowery - like i do


  47. PatronusKnight13

    The beat drop reminds me of a Marshmello mix

  48. 庚夕子

    Fans: "Why did she change her style so suddenly...", "I like her old style better..." etc etc etc

    Bebe Rexha: *Noooo I'm not 20 anymoreeee*

  49. Shiv narayan Tripathi

    I like that life

  50. cici M


  51. Omega Redd

    She's still a goddess👌👌👌

  52. Daniel Diab

    I am a proud old fan since Bebe had 2m sub in her channel 😍😍😍

  53. Natividad Colque

    Nao tem brasileiros aqui não

  54. Serene Liew

    She did not skin lighting. The lighting in this video was dark. She also probably doesn’t get tans anymore.

  55. iVesperX

    The remakes were honestly better

    Alaina G

    iVesperX what remakes?

  56. JP Slayer Racing

    I miss my Babies. Love ya forever!

  57. Jordin Sherman

    It looks like you turned mental.

  58. Lansky LIPA LA

    Bleta.. Very good song. It is hot maybe because.. Albanian ?

  59. bebe billie rexha eilish

    #rexhar 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  60. Samuel Heavener

    Who's here from Witt Lowry?

  61. Chocolate_Fox_ _Youtube_Gamer

    why did you change yourself to a white-head? YOU WERE SO PRETTY

  62. Baby Kay

    I love how thin she was here!!!! Beautiful ❣️

  63. Joe Doveran 3rd

    I got a question is that water or real achol

  64. Enkelejda Laze

    Bebe is prettier in black hair!

  65. Mimapova

    The first song i heard from Bebe Rexha

  66. robbie ransom

    Love this song

  67. Uni Unicorn

    I love this song so much.. im back here after 2 years i forgot the song title.. lol.. ❤💋

  68. RCPMusic

    Still love this 😭💜

  69. Mike Horner

    This video/song is like a bad dream. If this is the kind of noise that America's youth identify with, no wonder there are so many suicides and school shootings!

  70. Mike Horner

    These millennials are using vocal fry even when they sing. They sound like a bunch of croaking frogs.

  71. Nur ein Name

    She actually manages to look hot in any hairstyle + great music

    Dávid Holczer

    This one fits her more

  72. champagneonice collabs

    still relevant, and was necessary for me to listen to my favorite song by you! I will never get enough of your music. keep shining <3

  73. Matty Matt

    this song still its like a brick everytime i hear it.

  74. Foxi Foxy

    Brilliantly , what else can I say..

  75. Shyam Rajput

    Good actress👯

  76. Halle Mae

    Bebe : "I can't stop drinking about you"
    **Drinks tea**
    **Drinks bottle with water**
    LOL 😂😂

  77. Let's Hung Up.

    true fans are from the very beginnings of her career

  78. wrenpark

    Still my favorite song

  79. Gadgets Tuber

    I can't stop listening about you.

  80. SimplegamerMLG

    when im drunk i get sooooo sentimental and emotional with bebes music!!!!!!!!?????

  81. Lojeen Luno72

    I love this song😭!

  82. Dajia Jones

    I was addicted to this song 5 years ago!!

  83. Oliver Ford

    This song has the best "woah oh" I've ever heard in a song. It actually sounds angry, and coming from real pain. Not heard that before.

    Alaina G

    Oliver Ford the part where she sings “you say I feel like heaven on earth but you wouldn’t know what heaven was if it wasn’t for her” that part breaks my heart

  84. The Dragon Lady

    So hot 😍. Like her hair like this instead of the blonde.

  85. bawabhan

    I love how real the lyrics of this song are. Love it thank you.

  86. Martyna Kwiatkowska

    She reminds me Rachel from glee

  87. Yaboonz 209

    *5 YEARS* 😍🔥❤️

  88. 1000 subs with no video


  89. Sinister -Laugh-

    I love her hair when it wasn't blonde hair but Still love her and she can do whatever she loves💖

  90. Ruben Deleon

    Hook me up! <3

  91. Yes Cee

    2019 summer?? Anyone else?

  92. Music Lover

    Excuse me, miss Bebe can u change your hairstyle to black ples.