Bebe Rexha - F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) Lyrics

G, Bebe I got ya

[Bebe Rexha:]
Friends come and go, friends come and go
Go like the seasons
I never know, I never know what to believe in
And it's getting old, it's getting old
But no hard feelings
'Cause friends come and go, friends come and go without a reason
And I, I've been in L.A. for way too long
Can't get this air inside my lungs
It feels like I'm suffocatin' from all the lack of the realness here

Is there anybody real out here?
Got my middle, middle up while I'm singing

Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
I've had it up to the ceiling
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
I'll say it to your face, fuck fake friends

And lately I've been dealin' with mad stress
Comes with the territory of a Hollywood address
Is anybody real here?
I need some fact checks
I need more realness, need you to act less
'Cause they deserve Oscars, so many imposters
What's up with guest lists?
Can I come to your concerts?
We all got demons, I'm dealin' with monsters
I've taken every picture, signed titties and signed shirts
But at the same time I know I'm blessed to be here
So let's just be clear, how many kids wish they had this spot
I got success, it's not a sandy beach chair
Be careful with the people you meet here, I'm sayin'
Uh, yeah

[Bebe Rexha (G-Eazy):]
Is there anybody real out here? (G)
Got my middle, middle up while I'm singing (Uh)

Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
I've had it up to the ceiling
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
I'll say it to your face, fuck fake friends
(Yeah) We don't need 'em
(Bebe, you know I feel you)

And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
Say it to my face, don't pretend
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
I'll say it to your face, fuck fake friends
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
Say it to my face, don't pretend
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
I'll say it to your face, fuck fake friends

Is there anybody real out here?
Got my middle, middle up while I'm singing

Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
I've had it up to the ceiling
Fuck fake friends, we don't need 'em
Only thing they're good for is leaving
And I ain't got the time, money on my mind
I'll say it to your face, fuck fake friends

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Bebe Rexha F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) Comments
  1. Shirlyn K.

    im here because my bestfriend leaved me for her other friend wich is wrong :'(

  2. Roman Chelson

    Middle finger to my Friend Shit


    Basically i'm 12 rn and ive met my ''friends'' for 6 years now, and all of them have turned to be FAKE!
    like if this has also happened to u

  4. Norma Rodriguez

    I got called a name I'll reply and say what they called me and my best friend

  5. Ahmed ouerghemmi

    Im gonna sing It to my fake Friend!!!

  6. AngeloMHD

    I dont have friends. So this song is useless to me.

  7. Honey Bear


    (Pick freinds right I new mine for 2. Years and she turned out to be a bitch )

  8. LexusLoves Art

    I just had to deal with a real fake ass friend

  9. Abigail Ho

    ""F*ck Fake Friends I don't 'em only things they're good for is LEAVING"" that is what my BFF did to me when she said "we will be friends forever and she was the only person I trusted until she left me behind.

  10. EXO KPOP


  11. Maria M.S

    She is my childhood friend, she said we will always have each others backs...
    *But she was the first one to blame me for something I haven't done*

  12. Keyanna MacKenzie-Kruk

    i have so many fake friends so i told them to fuck off and i feel so good.


    My friend that i knew since 2nd grade she used me for my money and she ended up dating my boyfriend and i was sad for like 1 year cause i thought she was my friend but turns out i was wrong and this song reminds me of my friend and my boyfriend and yeh.

  14. Raccoon Rules

    Well one of my childhood friend left me in the dust and said “I don’t want you to talk to me anymore”, I’ll because I’m weird and awkward 😂 well this song is cheering me up

  15. Liv & Cara

    I used to listen to this with my ex. We broke up because he moved and we didn't want a long distance relationship. I really miss him... I hope we meet up sometime soon.

  16. Tarrin Turner

    I was broken

  17. Tarrin Turner

    My friends are fake there was just useing me they was always asking me for money but as I moved on my one friend always was there she didn't bully me so I made New friends with her then one of them had a fight with her boyfriend she got dumped and lived on the streets and the over one was poor and had to work as a maid for a rich person I have a lovely life now I wish everyone the best future

  18. giota fotopoulou

    I'm allergic to fake friends I tired of this

  19. ꜱᴏꜰᴛ ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ

    I was betrayed by my bestfriend who i trusted her with literally everything now she is bullying me and spreading rumors about meee 😢

  20. soldier535 human

    My friend betrayed me by approaching my crush

  21. Cess The frin

    Gosh I love Bebe Rexha

  22. Lm24you

    Fake Friends - Would knock on your front door😔 😁Real Friends - Walk right in and say "IM HOME!😁 ☹️Fake Friends - Will help you up when you fall over☹️ 😇Real Friends - Will jump on top of you and shout "PILE!!"😇 😒Fake Friends - Are for a while.😒 😍Real Friends - Are for life.😍 😧Fake Friends - Will read this.😧 🤗Real Friends - Will steal this.🤗

  23. Wiz Khalifa

    Dedikeret til fenk

  24. Coconut Cat

    Added this to my song list including Selena Gomez people you know and Camila Cabello real friends

  25. My Pet Cheetah Jason

    I decided to stop making friends because they’re all fake, nobody ever stays with you and anyone you have will always leave you or hurt you one way or another

  26. Yankess00 79

    Love this song

  27. yuli lopez

    I'm a fake friend only bc I don't know how to say no to them when they ask me to be my friend (I have other friend ok and they don't like them, so fuck them I'm sorry but I stick with my real friends even if they don't like them)

  28. Pancakes Syrup

    I’ve been fighting on and off with my “BFF” of 6 FUCKING YEARS! AND MY FRIEND OF 4 YEARS! THEY TREAT ME LIKE GARBAGE

  29. Mega lol

    I was just betrayed by my friends just now 😣😣💔💔why meeee

  30. Newton m

    Season aren't fake only friends,they'll get all they warrant

  31. MxybeLivia

    this song hits so hard

  32. Antonia Bernal

    I have a friend that she is a faker she always screams at me

  33. Brady The Music Dude

    Who else is listening to this song because all of the people that you feel like are your friends just ignore you, never accept your opinions,blame you for there mistakes and this is the only thing you can cling onto..

  34. Adaline Lawton

    All I have to say is....


  35. Helen Dench

    I'm dealing with fake friends right now

    1like = 100 slaps please help

  36. Harry Potter

    Whoever is hurting just know that you are loved ❤️ and it can be hard sometimes to stay friends with some people but as you get older you realise you don’t need them because you could have taken the bullet but the they could have been the one with the gun I have been through the pain and I want you to be brave and know you don’t need them❤️

  37. Victoria Muniz Sanchez

    fff good job

  38. uroosa mohd ebees

    Really!!! F***** fake friends😞😞😞😞 make one friend but the best one!

  39. Hilary Asong

    i just came here because of Carly

  40. Winston Fortnite

    I’m sorry to tell all of you but friends aren’t a thing everbodies out for themselves and their own all we have is family.

  41. Mr. Clean

    I wanna scream at my old friends

  42. xSoft Dreamsx

    I had a best friend and he's been with me since I was kid til highschool, then all of a sudden he started ignoring, I shouldn't care anymore but that shit was the biggest betrayal I've ever experienced..I still have real friends who got my back, so screw him😌🤙

  43. Cielo Virginia

    bebe rexha your voice is so good 🥰😘😍💕

  44. Ebony 24

    I love the background image

  45. Jasmyn Sturgeon

    Im saying this just because people need to understand i had this best friend and she litterally was the most amazing real honest person i knew and she was hella smart just saying but she had this light brown hair the most beautiful brown eyes and short hair we knew so much about each other and were so incredibly similar we called ourselves mindtwins we were so alike and beleive it or not my ex is her cousin idk if thats bad but its true and i was so happy i had the perfect life i felt until the one day i broke up with him the following year the year after that (my sixth grade year) she said she wasn't comfortable being my friend and she started hanging out with this other girl and she was most definitly not the best influence and lets just say my "friend'' changed and when i say changed i mean she got more detention she stopped wearing her glasses she got different styled clothes and she dyed her hair black and now she is just the backstabbing bitch that i have memories with now 😥 if you took time to read through this thank you so so much you truly are a good person and just know you dont have to change a single thing about you for any reason other than for yourself 💓

  46. Emma Adair

    2-3 years of being my bff then bf cheats on me with her.

    Like if something like this happened to you.

  47. xiAmethyst

    Eh i had a “friend” who was popular, she misunderstood everything i once told her and currently am somebody with no friends, and is known as “mean” but im the one being bullied 😒

  48. Madi Lilly

    To Jessica cater 🖕🖕🖕

  49. Biddy Bridges


  50. Jeff Smith

    I’ve had two friends that left me because they wanted me to get them in relationships

  51. Lexicon

    So True

  52. Lavern King

    Fuck fake friends yeah

  53. SKarïna

    Este es el comentario en español, que estabas buscando.

  54. Mom Angella Dad

    I have 2 fake friends..

    Mom Angella Dad

    And its really true

  55. Lauren Whelan ;D

    My "friend" left me to die

  56. EDMAR Channel

    Just like ma friends

    Friends come and go!!!

  57. Karissa Neeley

    I just got betrayed by my bestest friend in the while world 😭

  58. Rebeca Ponce

    I have fake friends I really don’t like them

  59. Shweta Veda

    Is the beginning percussion the North-Indian instrument tabla?

  60. Nyyanah Ellis


  61. Iemand -

    For my ex bestfriend who left me when i needed her the most 🖕🏽

  62. Swaminathan 7344

    Fuck fake friends!!!

  63. Annabella Ali

    This is for my ex friends THE FUCK FACES

  64. Bridget Sanroman

    I love this song is so BEAUTIFUL
    One love

  65. Cookiegalaxygamergirl Find. Me. On roblox

    My friend say I’m using him but no he is using my song money

  66. Vildan Kutlu

    Stop using me. Go ahead left me alone.

  67. elle rose

    i accidentally found messages from a while ago on my friend's phone shit-talking me w/ my kind of friend & now im overthinking stuff she said recently based on the things she said about me to the kind of friend. i cant tell if we're actually friends now and i cant confront her bc then she'll turn it around on me.

  68. Amber Harrison


  69. Lilly Rosalie

    Im just now hearing this song...i wish i knew about it last year. I was betrayes by my best friend. She beat me up. I dont know why. She hates me and wouldnt tell me why. She started becoming violent. Her mom thought i started it and had me sent to court where they lied and said a bunch of fake things...she even cried. I been there for her for years...i was there for her when her own mother made her cry. I was there for her when she had her accident and ended up in the hospital. But she still turned her back on me and beat me up and tried to arrest me. Joke on her...i had proof of what she did and so i didnt get in trouble. Idc what happened to her...i just wish she knew how bad she hurt me. I wish she could understand how much i hurted and how i still hurt. I forgive her but i cant forget what she did. We were like sisters that couldnt be seperated and i moved and we cant see each other or talk to each other ever again or we will end up in jail. If she ever reads sorry for whatever i did. I miss u. You were everything to were my bestest friend. You saved me through so much hurt only to hurt me worse. I hope u forgive me for whatever i did. I hope Jesus forgives u too. I know you have problems your self. I hope your future is better than mine. I hope your pain goes away. I hope you find the love of your life. Please, dont end up like me, hurting yourself just to feel something. I wish i was brave enough to end it. To end my suffering. I never stop thinking about you. I have nightmares at night. I have flashbacks of what happened. All i want is for the pain to end. While you were beating me and i was on the ground i was hoping i was gonna die. I was praying that life would end. Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by a friend...especially one who was there for years.

  70. Wolfalynn

    Just ended things with a toxic friend. Glad their gone tbh.

  71. Zukrix

    i wanna beat the shit out of them

  72. Yes Sis

    Here’s this for the bitch who pretends to be all innocent and then begs me to still be her friend 🤑

  73. BTS army black pink Youngblood. Haha

    My “best friend” left me for her popular “boyfriend “ and his friends

    Btw we “were “ the shy kids but yeahhhh

  74. Gacha Angel Queen

    Fuck f
    Fuck fa
    Fuck fak
    Fuck fake
    Fuck fake f
    Fuck fake fr
    Fuck fake fri
    Fuck fake frie
    Fuck fake frien
    Fuck fake friend
    Fuck fake friends😑😐

  75. Retrebution

    I hate toxic and fake friends they need u if they need something or else

  76. Julian25614

    Just left a fake bitch now I’m blasting this 🤗

  77. Emilce Diaz

    I only have 3 real friends, but in the bottom of myself I don't believe in friendship.

  78. Phoua Yang

    I’m here because my “best friend” left me for her ex. 😂

  79. Rupesh Dey

    Best song

  80. Michelle Itkin

    Currently taking best friends applications... I’ll wait

  81. Peter Sosefo


  82. Peter Sosefo

    sociaL media

  83. Indira Solis

    just got rid of a toxic friend on insta. I dedicate this song to them. I'm done with toxic friendships. I just want a real friendship.

  84. donna hookem

    God somebody understands !!!

  85. Luis Candell

    I Bearly got a BFF Necles
    Shes a fake friend
    She dosent wana be my friend cause i didint defender her🙄but i have more friends😎👍

  86. Rosalinda A

    too all you snakes keep a circle small

  87. Puppylover

    If you keep going further down you’ll see depressing comments

  88. hello


  89. Kaydence Poppy Gray


  90. Aaliyah Morris

    I can’t believe how much I can relate to this song!! I love it!!

  91. Andrea Bell

    I had two friends that meant everything to me and for one I was there even when there family wasn’t and the other friend I stuck by her side when the group we had in high school left her and they both get boyfriends and stoped talking to me and were mean they cared more about some boy then a friend they new for years that had there back..... Fuck Fake Friends I don’t need them

  92. Taz Network

    Where are you listening this insane track by Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy from? 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇧🇷🇻🇬🇳🇱🇿🇦🇵🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧 😅🙃

    Ellie Cassidy

    England!!!!! <3

    Hugh Broadway IV


    Sotiria P.