Beautiful South, The - Everybody's Talkin' Lyrics

Everybody's talkin' at me.
I can't hear a word they're sayin',
Only the echoes of my mind.

People stoppin' starin'
I can't see their faces,
Only the shadows of their eyes.

I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
Thru the pourin' rain,
Goin' where the weather suits my clothes.

Backin' off the northeast wind and,
Sailin' on a summer breeze,
Trippin' over the ocean like a stone.

Woh Woh Woh

I'm goin' where the sun keeps shinin'
Thru the pourin' rain,
Goin' where the weather suits my clothes.

Backin' off the northeast wind,
Sailin' on a summer breeze,
Trippin' over the ocean like a stone,
Like a stone

Everybody's talkin' at me.

Woh Woh Woh

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Beautiful South, The Everybody's Talkin' Comments
  1. Stacey Haynes

    Brilliant song so simple

  2. Stacey Haynes

    Class pure class

  3. Kristijan Ahčin

    my favourite feel good song ever. I just love these lyrics =) <3 <3 <3

  4. Acceptable and Born InD80s

    Jolly Boys outing

    michael Longford

    On a beano to Margate.

  5. Acceptable and Born InD80s

    This would have been better in only Fools and horses this version

  6. karmoogum

    Timeless. This will still be popular in 2050.

  7. Nick Ling

    Ofah jolly boys outing .

    Acceptable and Born InD80s

    Just what I was thinking. This version I prefer abit more upbeat than the other one

  8. alex tilson

    I love this song, it takes me right back to when I was 17 years old, and just starting out in life, and it brings back some lovely memories

  9. Roger Powell

    She didn't half put on weight.

  10. pizzaDhut

    She was so gorgeous back then

  11. cat120977

    Everybody's talking at me......

  12. santos susui

    This is a very fine addaptin of t his song
    Dont Know enough about the ghostwriter of t his beautiful song ,but i fisrt heard
    It from Ronnie Butler and the Ramblers ( Bahamian Soca Stinger )

  13. Martina Murray

    The beautiful south love them

  14. Vicky Williams

    Takes ye back 😊

  15. Vanessa H

    Reminds me of a simple time, being a kid , no worries or troubles.

  16. Derek Neave

    She has got the most amazing lips

  17. Amanda N.

    Those amazing lips. Women pay a lot for those today

  18. Yawn Guy

    I would love to fuck her

  19. Archie Birch

    When I hear this song I want to go on holiday


    Love 💖

  21. Amanda Phillipson

    Jacqui Abbot has the most amazing voice.

  22. Antu Muntada

    Genial 💙💙💙

  23. Scott Soencer-rowell

    not as good as the original the late harry RIP


    which song is the original?

    Scott Soencer-rowell

    @DDner harry nilson 1969

    Propero zez

    Fred Neil

  24. Nige Brook

    Absolutely fantastic... Who's with me on that?

  25. Longi1974

    Such a great song. Beautiful South's version is wonderful.

  26. who are ya who are ya

    Very under ratted band i love em and i love her

  27. V Alaudae

    I know it’s subjective but I’ll say it anyway. This is the best ever version of the song.

    Scott Soencer-rowell

    original is the best nothing can beat harry

    Martina Murray

    Bring them back the 80 s good time s listening to the beautiful south

  28. Jude Ruddock

    Housemartins beautiful south Paul heaton underrated


    1994! Feels like yesterday when I first heard this wonderful track.. Memorys

  30. Boutros boutros ghali Boutros boutros ghali

    She's so beautiful. so is the song..

  31. michael Longford

    Loved being a nineties kid, this song takes me back.

  32. Steve66

    Classic song, ruined


    Potato tomato.

    Ben Young

    😂ruined... Behave yourself.

    Nick Ling

    Bollocks Steve. Classic song sang beautifully. My advice is get your ears tested.

    Jamie Griffiths

    you cultural and musical philistine, kindly move along.

  33. morg ala

    lovely stuff

  34. chris close

    such a great track my all time favourite

    david wacko

    who as the origanal singer to this


    The original singer was a guy called Fred Neil who wrote and recorded it in 1966 but the song became a big hit in 1969 for Harry Nilsson after it featured in the movie Midnight Cowboy and won a Grammy.

  35. Will B

    Just a random observation but the kid at 1-43 is wearing a Gladiators t-shirt . Too 90's :)

    That Guy

    Will B lets be honest we all had dreams of jet from gladiators

    Ashok Rajaratnam

    Best version of this beautiful trsck

    Fingers Titan

    @That Guy Had? She is still stunning.. A natural beauty.

  36. A. J. R. Wilde

    what a weird video

    Bibibo Bobobo

    A. J. R. Wilde weird? Why? Nothing weird about it.

    Ady Watts

    @Bibibo Bobobo

    It's just a bit different :-)

    Michael Gibbs

    Makes sense with the lyrics' themes of getting away from it all, just executed in a rather surreal way.

  37. Adam Gill

    Why the heckin' heck has this not been uploaded to Vevo before...? grrrrrrr¬!

    Stuart Lee

    I've been looking for this version for ages. beautiful song and a beautiful woman.

  38. King Jeremy

    Love Jacqui

    Boutros boutros ghali Boutros boutros ghali

    Was the singer in this video, the woman singing. was she a child actress? I thought I saw her in the TV series Londons burning. ..


    No she came to the band late and had no previous showbiz experience
    Paul had met her at a party and remembered her after the other female singer left the band
    She actually worked in a shoe shop prior to joining the band

    Fingers Titan

    @ScotsLyon Did he write a song with her in mind before she joined? I'm sure I heard him talk about their meeting.


    I honestly don't know but I think she's worth a song or two.
    What I do know is Paul goes to Holland to write songs.
    He has wrote over a dozen albums there.

    david wacko

    who as the origanal singer to this