Beatles, The - The Word Lyrics

Say the word and you'll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love

In the beginning I misunderstood
But now I've got it, the word is good

Spread the word and you'll be free
Spread the word and be like me
Spread the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love

Everywhere I go I hear it said
In the good and bad books that I have read

Say the word and you'll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love

Now that I know what I feel must be right
I'm here to show everybody the light

Give the word a chance to say
That the word is just the way
It's the word I'm thinking of
And the only word is love
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love

Say the word, love
Say the word, love
Say the word, love
Say the word, love

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Beatles, The The Word Comments
  1. Hayden Hansen

    The word

  2. aleonardoartz

    i used to not like this song when i was kid, but now i find myself going "SAY THE WORD AND YOU'LL BE FREe-"

  3. Jonny ogy

    Beatles are so awesome!!!

  4. 개비정한세상

    Say the word and you'll be free
    Say the word and be like me
    Say the word I'm thinking of
    Have you heard the word is love?
    It's so fine, it's sunshine
    It's the word, love

    In the beginning I misunderstood
    But now I've got it, the word is good

    Everywhere I go I hear it said
    In the good and bad books that I have read

    Now that I know what I feel must be right
    I'm here to show everybody the light

    Give the word a chance to say
    That the word is just the way
    It's the word I'm thinking of
    And the only word is love
    It's so fine, it's sunshine
    It's the word, love

    Say the word, love

  5. straycatttt

    They were a big influence in the early years of Yes. I believe this song influenced the Yes song “Time and a Word.”

  6. Donde Merlin

    For those of you who know the Firesign Theatre......when I hear this song, I cannot help but hearing the lines in "W.C. Fields Forever" at the end where they all chant ""

  7. jcee

    I'm in two minds whether this track fades out too quick or is just perfect the way it is!:-)


    Keep it as is

  8. Norm guerrero

    Still unchallenged to this day

  9. Patrick Corlay

    In my opinion their best song ever. It sums them up. LOVE!

  10. SonesLixo

    Almost the credits about the bassline goes to George Martin, congratulations George

  11. Pete Gilgan

    What bass playing! The greatest band, their greatest album - Rubber Soul.

  12. Douglas Newbury

    Paul was a good bassist before this released but this album, this track specifically, is where I think he really came into his own and started creating some insanely creative basslines.

  13. Martin Aracon

    say one word: Hope! It`s so fine - the sunshine!

  14. Akuma


  15. Avery Holmes

    Just Everything In This Song Is Pleasing the bassline the guitar the drums all of it just great😁

  16. Mike Taylor

    listen to the lyrics and you understand why Islam will disappear !

    Javier Gil Vidal

    Everything will disappear one time or another. The big question is whether England won´t disappear first. I just wonder......

  17. witherblaze

    Love spoiled me.

  18. Marcus Bradley

    This song is shit. It is the worst on the album. No disrespect to anyone who likes it btw.

    Arnold Amaral

    Marcus Bradley Go away troll. Arnold Bourbon Amaral

  19. Arnaud FAUCHERE

    Thanks for the video !


    "The Word" as a whole isn't that great....but I keep coming back to hear that base line. You go Paul!

  21. Thomas Timlin

    Beatles were already top song writers, performers when they first came to USA. People like to rewrite history and dismiss their early songs as inferior before Rubber Soul. Ridiculous. Based on their own musical preference instead of fact. Beatles were writing better lyrics and chord patterns and melodies than most long before Rubber Soul. Bands like the Dave Clark Five came in on the first wave after them, had some noisy pop hits for about 3 years, then disappeared. And I like the Dave Clark Five but get real. The number one hit before I Wanna Hold Your Hand in January 1964 was Bobby Vinton's remake of a big band era song, There I've Said It Again (yawn). That speaks volumes about the change they caused. The Beatles harmonies on This Boy were not new to adults but superior to most, except for a band like the Beach Boys or the Motown machine. The Aeolean cadence used in Not a Second time, no one was doing that. George Harrison started using a 12 string Rickenbacher starting with Hard Days Night recording sessions in early 1964. Everyone else followed. Lennon wrote an intro on If I Fell in Db, (who the hell in pop music at the time wrote in Db?) using an unusual modulation to the key of D. No one was doing that. Lennon later used feed back on the intro to I Feel Fine before Jimi Hendrix ever thought of feedback. From Me to You used a "jazz" turn around chord pattern of Gmin7 into C7 into F - no band was doing that, most were stuck on I-IV-V or I-vi-IV-V. The music they wrote for those earlier years were superior to most at the time and busted down the doors for others to follow. No, the Beatles were not the sole reason for musical changes at the time, but they were the guiding light and force. They were already untouchable before Rubber Soul or they would have never made it to the Rubber Soul point. Don't get me started on how people diss Ringo's drumming. or George's lead guitar playing. saying the Bealtes were untouchable from Rubber Soul on is like saying Hayden and Mozart were no good just because they came before Beethoven. The Beatles were already untouchable or they never would have gotten to the point of Rubber Soul. Ask Dave Clark.

  22. Miroslav Hokeš

    It's been about 25 years, when this song inspired me to 500pgs long science fiction novel. Now the novel is going to be published and today it's the first time I have heard the song...:-D

  23. InfinityCov UK

    Beatles were creative titans!

    so versatile

  24. me & you

    Just think, they say The Beatles MASTERED the art of songwriting at this point, if so Bob Dylan must have been GOD !!!!!!

    sin sarcasmo

    I just think you are a stupid deaf hater being annoying in many videos like every brainless hater, just a stupid like you would "study guitar" in 8 years real masters learn on their own. Just a stupid like you wouldn't recognize the Beatles are the greatest revolutionary music

  25. SonesLixo

    Best albums are Revolver and Rubber Soul, in my opinion

    IAm TheLight

    SonesLixo White Album is #1, but otherwise I agree.


    Magical Mistery Tour is great too


    @KowT meh

    Mitch Feder

    @KowT MMT is towards the bottom...

  26. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Satan is very proud of his stunning beauty, the reason Pope Snake made pride on the top 10 worst sins of all time, list. Satan is often heard complaining throughout the halls of congress about how he is cursed, due to his beauty, and he is right. And he makes sure all politicians know it, as they instantly get pissey about it, especially Lucifer ,yet Lucifer makes sure he spies on Satan all day and night, along with his partner on and off, the rapper that goes by "Biggie Smalls", a totally mismatched pair, that go very well together.

  27. Joey Ranno

    I love the piano

  28. PallyPowerXIX

    George Martin: The greatest rock keyboardist everyone forgets about.

    Johnny Munz The Moistman

    yeah ;(

  29. Nᴏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ Mᴀɴ

    Za warudo!!!

  30. Jerry Mammoser can one devise, come up with these vocal harmonies? Just amazing. Boggling! And they command that you play it again. It’s THAT good.

    Donde Merlin

    Two words....George Martin.

  31. Lionheart Roar

    Great song. Bravo Beatles

  32. Kezzaboy

    The Beatles were true visionaries.

  33. Canal do Tom

    Música que inspirou All you need is love

  34. Matroxix M

    Esperava mas

  35. Steven G George McCartney

    Za Warudo

  36. Sean R

    The FIRST Beatles tune I have thumbs downed.  I have never liked this song.  There, I said it...

    Paul West

    @Sean R This song is a waste of vinyl? Literal crap? LOL I know taste is subjective but c'mon. Seek help my friend.

    Sean R

    Friend, I am hardly alone on this.  It is one of the least liked songs in their canon.  By their own admission, they tried to write a song as close to a single note as possible.  They succeeded.  BLECH!


    ... one of the best tracks on the album....DMC that is.....the word I can take or leave...

    Mauro Gajardo

    No bad tunes on Rubber Soul...even the nasty Run For Your Life is great...

  37. Joey Ranno

    The baselines definitely funky

  38. Sammy Vaghela

    Brilliant ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. David M

    The Word: Iron Soul

    Rit Swain

    Iron Soul- Yes, I like that!

  40. Mauro Gajardo

    Rubber Soul
    Pet Sounds
    Fifth Dimension
    The Village Green Preservation Society
    The White Album
    Abbey Road
    The Velvet Underground
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    All Things Must Pass
    What's Going On
    Hunky Dory
    #1 Record
    Inner Visions
    Court And Spark
    Let's Get It On
    Songs In The Key Of Life
    Paralell Lines

  41. Daniel Cardi

    Rubber Soul ... Let's do an album ... and call it Rubber Soul ... Why ? ... because we cannot play Soul music like afro-americans ... so we're gonna play Rubber (cheap) Soul

  42. Nikki

    Holy jeez, that heart beat sounding bass in my left ear is awesome

  43. Lord Garmadon259

    Did you know that the word is bird.

  44. Realism I


    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

    The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.

    In Him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    And the Light shines in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

    Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, God in human form and is truly the answer.

    Yes, God is love...For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God is the Word, and the Light of the world. The only truth and way to the kingdom of heaven and eternal life.

    The Son created the sun, and all the stars in the sky, and everything else. He is the Son King. He is the Lord.

    There is no greater love than God, the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ.

  45. Low xang yen


  46. Phoebe FP

    This is the song we're all gonna sing when we take communion in the New Church According to the Gospel of The Beatles

    (Bigger than Jesus CONFIRMED)

  47. Bill Fletcher

    Ringo's drumming is great on this track

  48. dippidy dooda98

    Are those pot leaves in the background?

  49. Daniel Mouradian

    How do you create this??

  50. palitobcn

    Great bass line. Growing every second

  51. Adela M. Yepes

    Such a nasty song!

  52. Jordi Pujades Girona

    It's ridiculous how good is all this whole album...


    Yea, it's ridiculous how good is this band

    Hogans Dubs


  53. José Candal

    - Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: John Lennon
    - Bass, Piano & Backing Vocal: Paul McCartney
    - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocal: George Harrison
    - Drums & Maracas: Ringo Starr
    - Harmonium: George Martin

  54. Osvaldo Menezes

    Very good

  55. Sailor Capricorn _

    toki wo tomare

  56. боруля мартин

    Шедевр 👍💖💖💖💖💖

  57. Thomas Becker

    At this years thy were full of new songs, that was the reason why every song was around 2 minutes

  58. walter

    Left ear: Isolated backing vocals, lead guitar, piano, and drums.

    Right ear: Isolated vocals, bass, maracas, organ, rhythm guitar.

    Edit : If you want to fix this, set your device to mono, the way The Beatles wanted us to hear their music.

  59. Dusty Nathan

    Let's hear the word!

  60. roy levanony

    "Now that I know what I feel must be right
    I'm here to show everybody the light"
    Damn, amazing song.

  61. bot team

    Think about music prior to this album, even the Beatles own catalogue at this time, and truly how ground breaking it was. Possibly the single largest step by a band ever, pushing nearly every genre completely foward.

  62. chubbles the snowman

    why are there only 4.9k likes? there should be millions.

  63. John Allen

    This was the days when the word was love. It was all over the place. A thing they called free love, because it came from the soul. I saw a girl with a T shirt on that read, "Free Love, Inquire Within" and that's the way it was. All the new music and the love ins and demonstrations and everything was based on that feeling for one another. It was a brief period, from about 66 to 70. Women had the pill now and they could be free to make love to anyone they felt like, period. It was really a liberating and eye opening time to go through. I can't really explain it totally.


    Favourite track on this album.

  65. Robert N.

    the word= THE BEATLES

  66. Robert N.

    Unprecedented and unparalleled back then~~ pure Genius!! Iove it !!

  67. El BlitzKrieg Gonzaléz

    Because of this they were more famous than Jesus

  68. Heldeni DA SILVA CANEDA

    I LOVE BEATLES ....!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  69. WAYCNF

    i'm going to say the n word

    pubes in your chocomilk


  70. Kooper Knebel

    George's favorite Beatle album. My favorite Beatle album. They totally broke free from the boy/girl relationship songs that dominated their earlier work. Yes those themes were still present, as in You Won't See Me. But this song and Nowhere Man were among the first that wasn't about relationships.

  71. izmangr

    this is my best Go-Go song.
    playing with max volume would be perfect

  72. Gregory Edwards

    Absolutely one of the very best bass lines known to modern man. ;-)

  73. Mike Taylor

    like John , i misundertood for a long time Love, and now i got it and i am free !!!

  74. Andrew p

    The word is GOOD!

  75. Andrew p

    And youll be free...

  76. PC Fry

    Very funny to me that "Think for Yourself" is followed up by a song that says "Say the word and be like me."


    I don't care, I can't hear the one song without hearing the one song after it and then the next... and the next...

  77. Jafet Puebla

    Que buena cumbia 😁

  78. 8:16 am

    Music will save people from themselves

  79. Ashish Panwar

    Everybody's talking about bass and drums. But listen to those harmonies. INCREDIBLE!

  80. Rockin Roll

    McCartney's bass is thumping!

  81. Ricardo Lkhz

    A palavra dos Beatles... de John Lennon... fantástica!


    Dios the world was a music reference

  83. T Beau

    Love this track

  84. MORGAN5005

    Great t job of Ringo in this album ! And John , Paul and George, of course . Bessst bannnd inn the worrrlllldddd !!!!!!

  85. David Roth

    Although your mind's opaque
    Try thinking more if just for your own sake

  86. Ian Crockert

    Have You Heard The Word Is Love?

  87. Guajolote Gonzales


  88. Marcin Jaskolski

    Actually, I'm pretty sure that the bird is the word. Have you heard about the bird? Cause everybody knows that the bird is the word.

  89. 민기

    john lennon said the n word

  90. Miguel Osvaldo Flores Dominguez

    One of the greatest albums ever!

  91. Sans Moran

    Hi paul😆😸👍😀😡😤☕️

  92. Jim Adams

    Paul was awesome and he had a great stage presence

  93. Robert Gosselin

    The harmony on this song is masterful.

  94. Kooper Knebel

    John and Paul wrote this together when they were stoned. Which is something they rarely did.

  95. Jua Rever

    there are no jojo references here. that's just amazing to me.

  96. H V

    Rubber Soul is in Brown gold on the US version.