Beatles, The - That Means A Lot Lyrics

A friend says that your love
Won't mean a lot
And you know that your love
Is all you've got
At times things are so fine
And at times they're not
But when she says she loves you
That means a lot

A friend says that a love
Is never true
And you know that this
Don't apply on you
A touch can mean so much
When it's all you've got
When she says she loves you
That means a lot

Love can be deep inside
Love can be suicide
Can't you see you can't hide
What you feel when it's real

A friend says that your love
Won't mean a lot
And you know that your love
Is all you've got
A touch can mean so much
When it's all you've got
But when she says she loves you
That means a lot

Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah
Can't you see, yeah (fade out)

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Beatles, The That Means A Lot Comments
  1. jennifur sun

    Thank you George and those who gave us these LPs

  2. DuelingBongos

    Wow! A Beatles song I have never heard before that is really good.

  3. Stu

    Woke up this morning and this song was in my head all day. Hadn't heard it in years

  4. Jesse

    My Beatle Valentine - _All You Need is Loveless_ (1961)

  5. Rick Mark

    This is the best 6 cd set of The Beatles! Anthology!

  6. Garrett Smith

    For some reason I thought this was recorded in late 1964 it sounds like it should be on Help! Or Beatles For Sale

  7. Astrosynical

    I’m pretty sure this was a backup melody for Ticket to ride

  8. Jaime Tabilo

    Best "new" song in Anthology 2 easily!

  9. Luke Skywalker

  10. David B

    The complicated, thick harmonies are superb, but way ahead of the rest of the song and it's rather plain formulaic arrangement. Paul should have got more "John" input like they did on "Two of Us." John would have "rocked" it up a bit harder with a perfect added ingredient.

  11. Rich Bailey

    I always liked this song...its the end of the bridge.that's weak which kills it

  12. Sub Zero Gamer

    A friend says that your love won't mean a lot
    And you know that your love is all you've got
    At times things are so fine and at times they're not
    But when she says she loves you, that means a lot

    A friend says that a love is never true
    But you know that this don't apply to you
    A touch can mean so much when it's all you've got
    And when she says she loves you that means a lot

    Love can be deep inside, love can be suicide
    Can't you see, you can't hide what you feel, when it's real
    A friend says that your love won't mean a lot
    But you know that your love is all you've got

    A touch can mean so much when it's all you've got
    But when she says she loves you that means a lot
    Can't you see, yeah, can't you see, yeah
    Can't you see, yeah, can't you see, yeah
    Can't you see, yeah, can't you see, yeah
    Can't you see, yeah, can't you see, yeah


    terrible middle eight! John should have written it Paul!!!

  14. WesternCaves

    Surprised this didn't make Help! over Tell Me What You See

  15. Brian Jones

    I feel little sad to think that this song did not come out in HELP !, in some studio album or as a Single, but at least it came to light and it did not end up being a song either demo, or take, or one of many final versions that they never made themselves known (I mean, if they came to play it in the studio or rehearsing it somewhere but they decided not to record it). Still love it. It reminds me of Ticket to Ride!
    Excelente Band The Beatles

  16. Gringo

    Almost a great song.

  17. Mochrie99

    Love the song, but this mix is awful. I can see they're kind of going for a wall-of-sound thing, but everything just gets swamped in the reverb. I'd love to hear a new stereo mix of this.

  18. Robert Blakemore

    A classic that cries out to be remixed. Vocals are pitch perfect but washed out.

  19. Les Spaine

  20. raul macias

    In this day and age, you would think EMI/CAPITOL would taken the time to go find a clean "Mono" version of this song for this Anthology 2 release! Instead, they put out a version that is simulated stereo with echo! It's reminiscent of the dreadful "I Feel Fine" mix on the stereo Capitol Records concoction "Beatles '65". By the way, those lazy people at EMI/CAPITOL did the same thing to Paul's demo of "Come And Get It" for Anthology 3! You know, McCartney has been going around complaining that his "Yesterday", Eleanor Rigby etc... are credited Lennon/McCartney! Paul's demo of "Come And Get It" was recorded whilst he was a member of The Beatles and he didn't credit the song Lennon/McCartney but just Paul McCartney thus violating his agreement with John Lennon that all songs composed as Beatles would be credited Lennon/McCartney! Paul can so damned petty! John on the other hand, credited his "Give Peace A Chance" Lennon/McCartney when Paul had nothing to do with the track!

  21. Preacher At Arrakeen

    I find this cringeworthy. I can hear why it never made the cut. Paul's lyrics blow, lol.

  22. raul macias

    I dig Paul's heartfelt Lead Vocal and George Harrison's cool Harmony Vocal! I can't believe The Beatles gave up on this great song! It would've made a better "B" Side to "Ticket To Ride" than "Yes It Is".

    Glenn Rice

    It's a good tune with lots of nice things going on and I like it, but the lyric is pretty half-arsed and the whole thing feels almost-but-not-quite there, which I guess is why it didn't make the cut back in 1965. It's not in the same class as 'Yes It Is', which tells a much more interesting story and benefits from Lennon's most alluring vocal ever + the most gorgeous harmonies the band ever sang.

  23. Luis Enrique Aranda Alvarez

    En Help! , hay como 4 temas bien flojitos para mi gusto: Another girl, Act Naturally, You like me to much y Tell me what you see. Cualquier de ellas pudo haber sido reemplazadas por That means as lot


    Another girl, you like me to much , flojitos? lo que hay que leer Dios mío.


    Yo creo que You Like Me Too Much estuvo buena y Another Girl tambien. Pero concuerdo contigo Tell Me What You See, aunque me gusta (Todas las canciones de los Beatles) creo que si estuvo un poco floja.

  24. T Beau

    Could've been so good if they's persevered in developing the song. Fit's in well with their early '65 material.

  25. rawleypoint

    It suspiciously has the same rhythm and dynamics as “Ticket To Ride”, less the lyrics.

  26. Joy Stinson

    The others didn’t like it...couldn’t work song out

  27. Gabriel A Oliveira

    Uma música maravilhosa, pena que não foi para o Help!

  28. Zachary Dodsworth

    Ticket to Ride vs That Means a Lot


    Alvarotega wow

  29. ZurdoSeguidor de Olmedo

    Im the only one who dislikes the song but gives a like to the vid?

  30. Purva Gharat

    This song was recorded on 20 February.
    That's my birthday.

  31. jimmy armstrong

    if recorded in early 65 as it was it should of been on any album that year ..i loved rubber soul .and to me 'run for your life',think for yourself' or 'wait' could have been removed for this song. or most definitely for any cover song on beatles albums that someone mentioned ''act naturally'' had the beatles only realized the royalties they would of got in the future im sure j and p would of came up with a song for ringo to sing on back of yesterday...beatles had so many singles with great songs on both sides up to that point and after ''act naturally'' ..i think elanor rigby and yellow submarine is one of the greatest singles ever....want sad? play elanor..[mostexcellent song] want happy? submarine baby ..act naturally ...blah ...that means alot yes

  32. PogieJoe

    I don't know why, but I think about this song a lot.

  33. debdulal pahari

    Who is after the beatoons?

  34. Isak Larsson

    This song should have replaced Dizzy Miss Lizzie or Tell Me What You See on Help.

  35. Timothy Ross

    They sound like the Dave Clark Five. Maybe that's why they didn't release this.

  36. rodrigo castillo

    que frase " but when she says she loves you, that means a lot"

  37. Diego Campos

    I think it sounds like I'll Be Back more than Ticket To Ride

  38. Evan Lanctot

    Mono, with a lot of reverb added; The sry stereo version is better.

  39. Germán Ugo

    Is this mono??

  40. SuperMarioStar10

    "Love can be deep inside. Love can be suicide" Damn what a lyric. My gut feeling tells me they didn't release this song on 'Help' because of the word suicide. I think it should've been on the 'Help' album.

    BowTwo HD

    I'd argue with you considering Yer Blues, but to be fair, they didn't give a shit about 'vulgar' lyrics by 1968. This was likely a bigger deal in 65 than it was in 68.

    Scott FoxL

    Yes, amazing lyrics, especially for a 19 year old!

  41. ricky martinez

    Yo vine por beatoons XD y si suena a ticket to ride.

    Mauricio Antonio Ramirez Gomez

    Yo vine por un top de 100 mejores canciones de the beatles

  42. g e

    like the riff and the rolling snare? the rolling snares...mmmm George cARLIN..

  43. g e

    --three times and

  44. g e

    this is it

  45. Airyanem Vaejah

    Такая сложная мелодия сочинена человеком, не имевшим музыкального образования. Вот что достойно удивления.

    Павел Самойлов

    Как ни странно, у всех великих музыкантов нашего времени не было музыкального образования...

  46. Fluttershy The Cute Pony

    If you agree with me this song should’ve been on help replacing ticket to ride with it being a single


    No way is this song better than ATR but it should never have been a throwaway, better than many songs that they released on albums and the lyrics "love can be suicide" are wonderful.

  47. John Galligan

    a touch of The Beach Boys maybe?

  48. M Dub_Dub

    If it was on Help, where would it be on the album?


    After Act Naturally

    M Dub_Dub

    @bluepeng889 I'd say That Means A Lot starts off the B sdie then Act Naturally

  49. Kain 128

    This should've been on Help! instead of Act Naturally.

    Jordi Pujades Girona

    @Eric Rodríguez calm down guys... What about if both had been released as a single?

    Eric Rodríguez

    @Jordi Pujades Girona it would've reached #1 surely, but the beatles had released two singles already in 1965 and if they didn't think the songs were good enough for the album no way they would've released them as singles, maybe for an EP


    @côme heuzet ...fuck Ringo!!!

    Vagner Oficial

    Ringo deserved a song. You should choose other one to replace.

    Polter Guy


  50. James Byron Dean

    Does sound like an outtake from HELP long player! :)

  51. raul macias

    I much prefer this "Mono" mix! The "Stereo" version is weaker but interesting since you can more clearly hear the Piano.

  52. Pamela Mays

    Love this song. Beautiful harmonies.

  53. raul macias

    Recorded during the sessions for the "Help!" album, this should have been released as a "B" side to "Ticket To Ride." Ringo Starr's Drum pattern is similar to Ticket To Ride!!! A very melodic track with those wonderful Beatles Vocal Harmonies!!!

  54. côme heuzet

    I love this song !

  55. Jose Alberto Tonkovitch Junior

    I quite simple lyrics and so touchy!

  56. Moisés Cáceres

    Moisés Cáceres
    Eu fico impressionado como os Beatles tinham tanta qualidade musical, que continua nos surpreendendo.

  57. Tyson Williams

    A catchy beatles track that sadly never got a spot on an album.

  58. Larry Fulmer

    I like the effect where it sounds like the rhythm and drumming sound like they're in the background and has some reverb.
    With the 50 th anniversary of the White Album and its different configurations and takes, all Beatles music, especially the anthologies suddenly have a resurgence
    in relevance and popularity.
    The Beatles are back on top 10 of Billboard again! How COOL!
    And right up there with Sir Paul's latest- "Egypt Station"!

    Is it future, or is it past?
    No its current!

    M Dub_Dub

    I'd like someone to get take out most of the reverb. There's too much


    @M Dub_Dub I definitely agree. Everything gets swamped in the reverb. This is crying out for a new and cleaner (and stereo!) mix

  59. ScappahNikolai

    I really love the chord from Major to Minor at 0:25. G F# B7

  60. annabelleshaus

    I think it needs a touch more reverb, boys!


    Phil Spector !




    a "touch" can mean so much. . .

    Christian Peck

    "Keep your "Wall of Sound" away from my songs!"

    Jeff Kahl

    senormedia beat me to it! Lol

  61. Jess Herrera

    AÑOS que no escuchaba esta canción y hace años que no la veía en Youtube, mi corazón revolotea de felicidad pura por volverla a ver ;;<3

  62. luis Bazan

    It has the 'Wall of sound' kind of approach, or even Motown.

  63. Matheus Lamha

    Sounds like Ticket To Ride

    Andrew Ribaudo

    Matheus Lamha it does and that’s why John Lennon disliked the song

  64. Carter Carlson


  65. Source Potato

    What's that weird echo thing? It's also on the Anthology versions of Tomorrow Never Knows and Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da.
    I love the song too, just kinda ruins it for me. By the way, why it sounds so similar to Ticket to Ride, is because Paul wanted to rewrite the song.


    It's plate/room reverb added thru mixing, very commonplace back in those early days

  66. Jim Cushman

    Feb.20, 1965 at Abbey Road Studios...

    Purva Gharat

    My Birthday!!!!!!!

  67. T Dunph

    This is pretty good. Great lyrics too. Should it have made it into the Help film??? One never knows but I'd say yes.  The song structure is pretty similar to Ticket to Ride.

  68. Aaron Stark

    For any other band this would have been their big hit. Goes to show just how great of songwriters the Beatles were if this song was not worthy of making it onto an album.

    Toxic creeper

    The beatles only use the best.


    I can't really picture any other band doing this song.

    Austin Molitor

    I thought it was a hit for PJ Proby.

    M Dub_Dub

    @Austin Molitor It wasn't


    @M Dub_Dub I'd never heard of PJ Proby. I looked him up. What a cornhole. Disgusting, actually.

  69. Duru Poyraz

    I love it forever ♡♡♡♡

  70. Smooci

    This song should’ve never ever been thrown away


    @Mitchel Garcianetti I can sing over it just fine. Not the same chords, progression, tempo, or any of that. Just the drum beat and the fact it's based on E. That's it.

    NotJoe Galvez

    I found the original mix if you want it, theres no reverb and its stereo


    @NotJoe Galvez Sure.

    NotJoe Galvez

    Skip a little.

    NotJoe Galvez

    @what? you're welcome, I made it public now.

  71. Andrew Hunt

    Sounds like Ticket to Ride

    Ashish Panwar

    @Smash Runner You can't hear two songs in the same album which sound familiar. That's what made them the best ever.

    Trisha Connolly

    omg it does in face there was a paridy of that. thats how i found this song lol

    Gutto Bispo

    That's why they didn't put this song in "Help".


    This is Paul Lycry for Ticket To Ride

    Melissa Gerber

    There’s a Beatoons episode, addressing that.

  72. Hare Georgeson

    This would be a hit even nowadays. They were magic

    A Bird

    Hare Georgeson Listen to what is at number 1 right now in the US and UK and you’ll see that it definitely wouldn’t

    Hare Georgeson

    @A Bird : Sorry. "Egypt Station", maybe?

  73. Nick Tay

    I have the bootleg that this came off of, bought it specifically for this song! Should have been released.

  74. thecountofbasie

    They really missed the boat not releasing this one...and P.J. Proby took all the life and spirit out of it with his version...well, even the legends made mistakes someone who's always preferred the pre-Rubber Soul era, this is a gem that should have made it out in the first place


    I love the whole beatles era quite equally. I resent hearing people talking about them "learning" and "advancing" because it undermines their earlier stuff

    Beatlemaniac Nintendofan

    Damn ignorant People there's no such thing as "pre rubber soul" *EARLY BEATLES 1962-1966!* *Rubber soul Revolver Beatlemania Moptop touring Beatles EARLY BEATLES* stupid!


    While I had to debate responding to incoherency, my comment essentially referred to the group experimenting and evolving in the studio (most of Rubber Soul and what followed could not be reproduced live)...once that shift occurred, quite a bit of the fun and energy was, to be kind, sacrificed, though the music is still and always classic...I won't pour gasoline on a bonfire with additional comments, though

    Joy Stinson

    taliwakka27 , I appreciate early stuff older I get

  75. Isa Harrison Lennon

    I love this song, i should have been on the album help!

    Andrew Ribaudo

    This song and If You’ve Got Trouble was not included on Help because they were considered too week

    Zachary Dodsworth

    The issue seems to be that it was either this song or Ticket to Ride, from what I can tell they both use the same melody and it was between John or Paul's lyrics as to which song would be used.

    Zachary Dodsworth

    @Beatlemaniac Nintendofan nah man that song stays XD


    There are four tracks i never liked from Help! I replaced by this one , Bad Boy, She's A Woman and I'm Down.
    But even you ad them to it, I think they all would still fit on a single vinyl LP.

    jennifur sun

    me to i understand they hated the reverb on it but that is the part i like the most

  76. Isak Larsson

    This should've been on Help! Better than most songs on that album IMO

    Beatlemaniac Nintendofan

    No not most but i sorta agree


    It certainly deserved to be released...easily the equal of most of the Help album

    Eli Cruz

    Yeah, act naturally instead

    Toxic creeper

    But it does have some bangers