Beatles, The - Sweet Little Sixteen Lyrics

They're really rocking in Boston
Philadelphia, PA
Deep in the heart of Texas
On down in Frisco Bay
All over Saint Louis
On down to New Orleans
All the cats want to dance with
Sweet little sixteen

Sweet little sixteen
She just got to have
About half a million
Framed autographs
Her wallet is filled with pictures
She get 'em one by one
Becomes so excited
Watch and look at her run boy who
Mommy mommy
Please may I go
It's such a sight to see
Somebody steal the show
Oh daddy daddy
I beg of you
Well please say it to mommy
It's all right with you

Sweet little sixteen
She's got the grown-up blues
Tight dresses and lipstick
She's blowing high healed shoes
Well by tomorrow morning
She'll have to change her train
Become sweet sixteen
A back in class again

Yea cos they're really rocking in Boston
Philadelphia, PA
Deep in the heart of Texas
On down in Frisco Bay
All over Saint Louis
On down to New Orleans
All the cats want to dance with
Sweet little sixteen

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Beatles, The Sweet Little Sixteen Comments
  1. Michael Sorrells

    The Beatles did 15 Chuck Berry song

  2. Michael Carlon

    Too bad John still didn't possess this voice when he did his Rock and Roll album. Too high (vocally) in the 70s.

  3. Distance Shooter

    Nothing like the original. Horrible

    piet van breemen

    AW COM'ON NOW! Its the Beatles!

    Distance Shooter

    @piet van breemen I know. but it just is not up to the original.


    Its much better than original

    Distance Shooter

    @MarianoBeatlero Really. Actually the Beatles disagreed with you. This is before rock and roll.

  4. Robert Blakemore

    When my older sister played the original by Chuck Berry- I told her it sounds like the Beatles. her response was"The Beatles sound like Chuck Berry" RIP Barbara.

  5. Dino Carlucci

    Watched them live in the cavern doing all these numbers. Awesome

    Call_Me_Raven_ King

    Oh my you are so incredibly lucky

  6. Luca Gattullo

    *The Beach Boys want to know your location*

  7. GH Ramsey

    I wonder what guitars were being used here? Usual lineup in 1963 was Rickenbacker 325(John) and Gretsch Duojet (George), but that solo doesn't sound like the duojet. It's not twangy enough. Possible I wonder that John played this solo on the rickenbacker?

    Dominic Rossi

    GHR 1227 John on the Gibson j160!

    GH Ramsey

    @Dominic Rossi You think it's the J160E ? How interesting I had not considered that but you are right. It is the right era for him to be using it even on stage.

    sin sarcasmo

    @Dominic Rossi that can't be a gibson, his gibson is acoustic, *that* sound is very much electric

    Atlantic Coast Railfanner

    sin sarcasmo It is. The J-160 is plugged into the amp, you can hear that acoustic clunky sound that they produce on here. Pictures show on the BBC John using the J-160E and George on the Country Gentleman. Is John used his Rick 325, it would sound much cleaner than how it does in this. Like I said, the J-160 had a clunky sound when it’s plugged into an amp.


    This definitely inspired Ballad if John and Yoko

  9. lobofan22

    Better than the original....and I love Chuck Berry. The Beatles had a remarkable way of taking something good and making it better.

    Joy Stinson

    lobofan22 , experts at covers from club days

    Beepbeep Lettuce

    Taking a sad song and making it better?

  10. Hhh Ggg

    First time hearing this and I already love it!

  11. Nathaniel Baker

    This sounds like Surfin" USA by The Beach Boys and maybe a little like Roger Miller's chugalug chugalug

  12. Kaitlyn Reynolds

    This sounds a bit like Surfin USA

    Amadeus Alberto

    It's a cover of the Chuck Berry song, and surfing usa by beach boys is similar and based in sweet little sixteen.

    Franco Giacchė

    Surfin usa is a copy of sweet little sixteen

    Helio dos Anjos

    Many people say it was plagiarism from the Beach Boys, who disrespected Chuck Barry.

  13. SuperMarioStar10

    ROCKIN cover! You gotta love John's vocals

  14. Angelo Cecchini

    They could cover like no one before or after...super sound

  15. jerome3004

    three words John's Guitar solo.


    How you know its John and not George?

    hiranmayi suresh

    That's George, from what I've found out. John's playing the rhythm in the background and George is on lead.

    Dominic Rossi

    darkhorse60 no way!
    That guitar playing is WAAAAY too sloppy to be George 😂
    Not to mention the signature sound of the Gibson j160 that John used extensively through the BBC recording

    W _ L80488

    That’d be mr Harrison

  16. Bradley Parker

    That Rhythm Guitar..

    Hiroki Mamine

    That solo by Lennon..

    Virginia Machinery

    The early Beatles had much more impressive rhythm guitar in my opinion. It is especially noticeable in the cavern club version of one after 909 compared to the later released version

  17. Draco Malfoy Fan

    Who doesn't love the Beatles? I'll tell ya who. Weirdos that's who!


    Thats saying something coming from Draco Malfoy!

  18. Anthoni Machado

    sweet little sixteen is the marie evelyn marques

  19. Brian Morgenstern

    Amazing how great they were