Beatles, The - Slow Down Lyrics

Well, come on pretty baby, won't you walk with me?
Come on, pretty baby, won't you talk with me?
Come on pretty baby, give me one more chance
Try to save our romance!

Slow down, baby, now you're movin' way too fast
You gotta gimme little lovin', gimme little lovin'
Ow! If you want our love to last

Well, I used to walk you home, baby, after school
Carry your books home, too
But now you got a boyfriend down the street
Baby what you're tryin' to do?

You better slow down!
Baby, now you're movin' way too fast
You gotta gimme little lovin', gimme little lovin'
Bbbbb! If you want our love to last

Well you know that I love you, tell the world I do
Come on, pretty baby, why can't you be true?
I need your lovin' baby, oh so bad
The best little woman I ever had

Slow down, baby, now you're movin' way too fast
You gotta gimme little lovin', gimme little lovin'
Ow! If you want our love to last

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Beatles, The Slow Down Comments
  1. Nino Boccanfuso

    A great cover which the Beatles always produced the goods - this is one of the best covers the Beatles did. ALL CLASS

  2. old guy

    Love me some Beatles, but the Young Rascals knocked this song out of the park!

  3. Chris. Vervloet

    Well Aloysius Manuel : Graduated in Classical Music AND Intergalactic Music from the Constellations of Universal Eternity .
    That of course goes beyond my understanding ! (Broad grin ). Maybe you should have examined you intergallactical brain...and of course don't forget to see the last Star Wars ...

  4. Rubbersoul

    Well, come on pretty baby won't you walk with me
    Come on pretty baby won't you talk with me
    Come on pretty baby give me one more chance
    Try and save our romance
    Slow down

    Baby, now you're moving way too fast
    You gotta gimme little loving
    Gimme little loving
    Ow, if you want our love to last

    Well, I used to walk you home, baby, after school
    Carry your books home, too
    But now you got a boyfriend down the street
    Baby what're you trying to do
    You better slow down

    Baby, now you're moving way too fast
    You gotta gimme little loving
    Gimme little loving
    Brrr, if you want our love to last

    Well, you know that I love you, tell the world I do
    Come on pretty baby, why can't you be true
    I need you badly, baby, oh so bad
    The best little woman I ever had
    Slow down

    Baby, now you're moving way too fast
    You gotta gimme little loving
    Gimme little loving
    Ow, if you want our love to last

  5. Luciano Woiski

    Hello my friends this music very beatifuly

  6. Timothy Yee

    that " brrrrrrrrrr " really touched my heart LOL

    Amanda Nichols

    You mean “blblblblblllllll

  7. Timothy Yee

    that " brrrrrrrrrr " really touched my heart LOL

  8. catirerubio

    A six pac, dance floor, pretty girl and the Beatles singing Slow Down. All you need.

  9. Jerry Mammoser

    I wanna tell you this. Because I need to tell this. The last break, that final break, when Ringo comes back in on that snare drum with those delayed triplets...delayed then rushed...there are only 10 stokes, and the way he played them, grabbed me as a kid and just shook me to my core.
    I had never heard such phrasing and power and invention in such a short space that totally rocked me whacky. After that, at the tender age of 9, I figured I’d play the drums.

    Darwin Minnis

    And boy do you play.

  10. Reidy E

    Hands down best version of this song

  11. the cool dude •16 years ago

    Kids at school make fun of me for listening to beatles and yes im a kid 6th grade

  12. Mlchael Wray


  13. Wil Robles

    Yesterday I was driving down the road. Suddenly a thought came to mind. Slow down. I was doing the speed limit, so that wasn’ it. Then, I remembered a song from long ago, Slow Down. I then summoned my telephone through my maps app to play Slow Down. I then went rocking down the road. I finished my trip on a high note. 🚙 🎸

  14. José Candal

    - Vocals & Lead Guitar: John Lennon
    - Bass: Paul McCartney
    - Rhythm Guitar: George Harrison
    - Drums: Ringo Starr
    - Piano: George Martin

  15. emma ev

    1:34 - a motorboat and a slap

  16. Alex Takacs

    OKE this is the best song ever written what an irony a fast song for SLOW DOWN wow must be John Lennon

    Mariya Charuta

    yeah the thing is that it's not a beatles song, it's a cover

  17. Alex Takacs

    The Beatles achived more in just 8 years than most band or artists in a lifetime and changed the World for a better place healed all the pain the Nazis forced on us all subjected us to... ITS ALL FORGIVEN

    Thomas Timlin

    You're certainly right. Except remember they had about 8 years of haphazard hard work from childhood on before all that "success" started. It really took 15-16 ears to get 8 years of success and lots of help and luck...

  18. Armand Tatevossian

    At 1:13, John's double-tracked vocal is in error. One one vocal track, John sings an incorrect line, "now you don't care a dime for me"; on the second, which is more pronounced, he is singing the correct line, "now you got a boyfriend down the street".

  19. Thomas Timlin

    Don't like the remix. Not enough bass and drums,way too much piano. Piano was meant ot be an addition to the recording, not the main focus as it is presented here. Where's the rhythm guitar? Not the whole Beatles sound in this. Original mono mix, even stereo, was fine. Ringo's drums kicked ass, the ride cymbal and snare was prominent. It is nice that Harrison's guitar solo is turned up here. Go back and listen to the original mono mix, it had more punch to it. That back beat and bass should be heard, not in the background like here...I am a veteran Beatles fan and a musician.

    Armand Tatevossian

    At 1:13, John's double-tracked vocal is in error. One one vocal track, John sings the line "now you don't care a dime for me" correctly; on the second, he seems to be singing "now you got a boyfriend down the street".

    Armand Tatevossian

    George Martin added his piano overdub, in the Beatles' absence, onto the open fourth track. He also made both the mono and the stereo remixes during that session.

    Armand Tatevossian

    The drums, bass and rhythm guitar went on track one. John's vocal went on track two. John's double-track vocal, along with George's lead guitar, went on track three. Seems like George Martin turned-down track one and turned-up track four!!

    Armand Tatevossian

    This is a just a remastering of the original 1964 stereo mix, which was taken from Take 6. This is not a re-mix.

  20. Theoretical Magician

    0:59 when you shut your finger in the door by accident

    emma ev

    When you accidentally touch the burner

  21. Alejandro pinto gutierrez

    the voice

  22. Daniel Mughal

    Lennon rocking the lead strings...

  23. Juan Baldovino

    Los BEATLES jamás pasarán de moda;marcaron una época inolvidable:gracias John Paul George años RINGO muchísimas gracias

  24. CHRIS Campanozzi

    John Winston Lennon

  25. Salvador Castro

    Amazing! Great Voice By John, George's Guitar, Bass And Drums &^#%%[email protected] I Not Have Words!!!! Rock And Roll

  26. GenevivePrudence

    Elvis' influence on this one.

  27. Bill Mitchell

    Friggin raw rock and roll - Lennon’s a master!

  28. Ed Arcuri

    Well, Lennon is no Larry Williams, but the song is good and he does it well. This song defines Rock and Roll. Williams has it right.

  29. Marcus Morales

    I wish Lennon knew Yolo before Yoko

  30. Dennis Dixon

    Loved this song. Played the single over and over until lost some fidelity. Learned to play it on guitar and I would play along and sing as much of the lyrics as I could make out !

  31. jjs490

    In the Early days John had That voice. So rockin ! ! !

  32. subg88

    Slow Down and Dizzy Miss Lizzy were two sides of the same original single by Larry Williams. Talk about a monster! Up there with Get Back/Don't Let Me Down


    Larry Williams also recorded Boney Maronie which John later recorded on solo album Rock N Roll but at a slower speed than Larry's original but still did an outstanding job.

  33. Randyrocker

    George is just fantastic on this, they are all accelerating on it.

  34. juan gonzales

    Súper disco de vinilo que ha dado la vuelta al mundo
    con su música alegre y contagioso para todos nosotros
    que nos encanta este tipo de música para nuestro sentir
    dan ganas de ponerlo a gran volumen en nuestros hogares
    para que se contagien todos los que oyen estos grandes éxitos.
    Arriba THE BEATLES que siguen conquistando a jóvenes mundiales.

  35. Walt Williams

    "like flesh tearing"-george martin

  36. Mick Hernandez

    This is rock and roll period!! Love Lennons vocals and screams!

    Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.

    ....and his "WOO" at the very end isn't shabby at all!

  37. Rosemarie Tinsley

    The one and only voice woo

  38. Francisco Walker

    OK we all recognize that this is very old stuff but sung by the Beatles I can imagine that will make EVERYONE to move the bones in a party...great music, great band!!

  39. Russell Pesaturo

    There's only a handful or two of truly great musicians who are influential, revolutionary and geniuses. They are measured by having caused a movement during their time, and more importantly, continue to impact later generations. Besides, how many of you can listen to this song and not move some body part? Lol

  40. Nicktendo 69 lmao


  41. Fafar Cop

    Плохой звук, здесь лучше

  42. j s

    Listen to the left track only....sounds somewhat hypnotic.

    Lennon Hall

    j s I think you have ur headphones the wrong way around my friend but I see what u mean :)

    j s

    @Lennon Hall I'm using desktop speakers, maybe they're hooked up wrong! LOL

    j s

    @Lennon Hall By golly you were right, they are backwards!

    Lennon Hall

    j s hahaha well at least they are correct now :)

    Armand Tatevossian

    The drums, bass and rhythm guitar went on track one. John's vocal went on track two. John's double-track vocal, along with George's lead guitar, went on track three. George Martin added his piano overdub, in the Beatles' absence, onto the open fourth track. He also made both the mono and the stereo remixes during that session.

  43. Aloysius Emanuel

    "First The Beatles, then the rest!"

  44. Mike Walsh

    john really knew how and when to scream, his timing was impeccable. mccartney was another one, they both had incredible range.

    james knight

    both of them screamed their ass off..........

    Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.

    @james knight Lol!!!😂

    Jerry Mammoser

    Mike Walsh well said....they played this tune with a great regard to Larry Williams, not changing it all around, yet putting their own Beatles Touch on it, with Ringo, the real Star here. The phrasing he does, kills me to this day...then they end it on a 9th chord!!! God, if that doesn’t just chill your soul!

  45. Frank Winmar

    Lennon voice again

  46. John Bryant


  47. PJ Koene

    The voice of John is the most recognisable voice of The Beatles!

  48. Francisco Walker


  49. Anastasia Chickering

    Love this Beatles Song too!

  50. Stanley Burke

    Great tune buuut The Jams version makes this seem pretty juvenile


    Stanley Burke I love The Jam, and “In The City” is their best album. But claiming their version is better than this?
    NO CHANCE! If anything The Jam’s version is WAAY more juvenile than The Beatles majestic version!
    It’s like the difference between a beginners version and a seasoned musician’s version!

  51. Miguel Vallejos

    Remasterisados?? Su3na komo elmorto la bateria no existe tiene volumen bajo..

  52. Chris Rednour

    1:18 Ringo's drum fill is great!

  53. Teleman1958

    Nobody screamed like Lennon.


    @Mike Walsh Me too, My favourite!

    Paul Bergeron

    Lol good one...

    joe smith_axe

    Ringo at the end of helter skelter more like

    Golden Carmichael

    How the hell do you scream like that



    Victor Cifuentes

    Titan!!!!!el más capo!!!!!sólo McCartney a su nivel en la historia de la musica

  55. Jeff Delaney

    Anyone care to comment on who does the "whoo" at the close of the song? Some say it's Paul not John. It does sound like him and it's something he would do to add his stamp to the recording. You really need to listen to it a few times before you decide.

    Chris Rednour

    Jeff Delaney I just listened to it 3 or 4 times in a row and I'm like 99% sure that's John. But, I agree, that's something Paul would do, just to make you think. lol

    Armand Tatevossian

    Paul's vocal does not appear on this song.

  56. Victor Hugo Flores Villacorta


  57. Andy Rock

    This is a fun song especially Rngos drumming but what happened to the sound? The original is better.

    Thomas Timlin

    That's what I wrote, exactly. The remix is all wrong. I remember the drums sounding up front and the ride cymbal ringing very loud and clear on this, the piano was not so loud, it was in the mix with the bass (same riff) to enhance the sound, not be a damned solo through the whole thing lol. It is nice you can hear George's guitar solo more clearly though.

  58. D Heller

    There’s a rock n rollin dance hall band they call Beatles

  59. HasinaiMan

    I needed this this morning to pull me out of the doldrums (in this time of "abby someone" reality, i.e. Samantha Josephson, Mueller, senseless shootings, etc.). Lennon and the Lads really could rock-'n'-roll with the best of them. Lennon's "Woo" at the end of the song is such an appropriate exclamation point to this tight little performance.

  60. Format Jelly

    Butternut squash! The world moving in its strangest of directions EVER. This is one of an abundance of beautiful Beatles melodies, which drives humans to their most basic, rawest, loving form. A picture which I'm sure anyone - including YOU - would like to experience at least ONCE in their lives.

  61. Jim's Words N' Chords

    I much prefer the BBC version. No piano. Drums and bass up in the mix. George kills the solo. Just the fab 4 doin' what they do best. John makes it his own.

  62. Mike Dole

    have always loved this recording. but i'm curious why george martin cut back the drums and bass so much

    Brian Parker

    Probs because this was originally an E.P. release - E.M.l. engineers were paranoid about the needle jumping out of microgrooves.

    Jeff Delaney

    Brian Parker - It was also released in North America on the album Something New and also as a single paired with Matchbox . It was the first picture sleeve 45 I ever bought. Although the single only reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, it reached number 6 on the Canadian CHUM Hit Parade chart crammed in with other Beatle singles from A Hard Days Night period. We considered it a Double A sided single as both songs received heavy rotation.

  63. cremetangerine82

    Surprise bisexuality from 1:14 to 1:19!


    mark cornish
    My comment was based on the fact that both “boyfriend” and “girl” gets mentioned in two different vocal tracks, implying that the female character is bi.

  64. Reid Edelman

    Underrated great

  65. Victor Hugo Flores Villacorta


  66. Jiruko Sanchez

    John Lennon lo máximo.

  67. joao vilela

    E viva o rock´n roll de raíz!

  68. Paul von Helger

    Even the primal screams are great ...


    Especially the primal screams!

  69. Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.

    I would have to say that this is one of their more underrated songs.

    Rich Butcher

    Well, they didn't write it so if it's underrated, blame Larry Williams!

    Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.

    @Rich Butcher actually, I did not know it was a cover of a Larry Williams song!

  70. Bruno Navi Filho

    De tanto ouvir Beartles , fiquei com o raciocínio rápido, kkkkkkk Mais ligeiro , meu coração vai na onda do som KKKKKK Beatles =Magia KKKK

    Aloysius Emanuel

    Eu não costumo gostar de versões ou de "covers", mas essa versão de "Slow Down" com The Beatles é melhor que a original com Larry Williams, cuja voz não me agrada muito. Há quem prefira a versão original, mas John Lennon interpretou-a como se a música fosse dele!


    Beatles são top

    Vitor Leone

    @Aloysius Emanuel Cara, na minha opinião não existe voz melhor pra cantar rock 'n' roll do que a de Lennon, timbre maravilhoso, rasgado, o cara tinha uma guitarra na garganta.

  71. Pat Petrelli

    Lennon ,one of the great rock singers

    james knight

    he tears it up!


    @obbor4 Totally agree!!

    Hodgie Nelson

    THE Best I think.

    john wedgbury

    pat, *the *greatest


    Lennon is benchmark others are compared to

  72. Robert Bond

    George Martin playing a rocking piano......


    To look at George Martin, you would never think he could rock out like he did! But man he could tickle the ivories!!

    Elaine Bennes

    Really? Wow, learn something new everyday. 😘

  73. Lisa Fury


  74. Tim Cantrell

    Larry Williams is one unfairly forgotten talent. He wrote some of the most important rock & roll standards.

    Format Jelly

    Larry gave us this. Without Larry, we wouldn't be listening to this now. Larry, thank you so very very much. And thank too John for relaying this to us. You were brilliant as can be also.


    Bony maroni

    city zen

    @subg88 Bonie Maronie, SHORT FAT FANNIE, bad boy,etc.

  75. Tarcisio Goes

    Such a nice thing....................

  76. Danilo Antunes de oliveira

    Essa música me dá muita energia: nunca me enjoo disso!!!



  78. Cristian QuitoRockyRoll

    Beatles por siempre;Amo este album Recopilatorio;Viva El Rock;Vivan Mis Beatles

  79. Aaron Davis

    A beatles song I had never heard and that says alot...

    Barni Jones

    It's a cover Aaron. Barni (16)


    One of the first I ever heard. Had Rock N Roll music LP when I was a kid. Great Beatles compilation from '76

  80. Angela Allen

    Yesssss....slow down.........

  81. atong Feliciano

    Thank you John..

  82. randall scott burress

    If you think I'm giving him the words to say I'm sorri ? well you might be wrong????????????

  83. Umagon

    This song reminds of Toy Story for SNES.

  84. Phoebe FP

    baby now you're moving way too fast


    you gotta give me little lovin give me little lovin, *OW!* if you want our love to lassttt..

  85. the searching wind

    This remaster sucks. Bring back the original recording.

    Landon Cooper

    The remaster doesn't suck. The original stereo master is what sucks.

    the searching wind

    @Landon Cooper Your opinion and mine.

    German Deth

    Mono is better

  86. Oskar Randall

    1:38 "You say you want a Revolution..."

    Bernard Cioffoletti, Jr.

    Lol! Very good! I got it!

  87. goldberg oro

    grande lennon



  88. Lance Hall

    I love the song but the mastering is awful.


    4 track recording isn't sufficient for stereo. The Beatles didn't actually record in stereo first until Abbey Road, where they had an 8-track recording. The 4-track originals were just remastered for stereo afterwards.
    Even psychedelic-era tracks such as Tomorrow Never Knows, Strawberry Fields and A Day in the Life, which demanded a stereo 8-track original, were first recorded in 4-track mono then double-tracked and remastered. The earlier albums and singles, pre Rubber Soul/ Rain-Paperback Writer, have very ropey stereo versions- I would stick to the mono originals as stereo was definitely an afterthought until they got equipment designed for a decent stereo recording, or were at least able to produce a sufficiently good stereo version.
    Stereo wasn't really ready until 1967 or so, just as colour TV wasn't really perfected (under the PAL system) until ten years later and never under NTSC. It was the commercial interests that pushed for early adoption before all the teething issues were ironed out.

  89. Rob Arnum

    The Beatles we're all Larry Williams fans ESPECIALLY John !so this song and bad boy and dizzy miss Lizzie are the results!

    Format Jelly

    To tell you the truth I may have never have never heard of Larry Williams if it wasn't for the Beatles. The Beatles gave him the ultimate compliment one artist could ever give to another. A bit like Albert Einstein popping his head over your shoulder to copy your maths homework......Larry, The Beatles, I salute you guys. Always!!

  90. jolson

    this is legendary

  91. beatone2000

    Nothing better than The Beatles!

    Aloysius Emanuel

    @Vitor Leone - você está correto, estava irritado quando fiz o comentário!

    joe smith_axe

    @Stanley Burke no one's ever heard of them

    Stanley Burke

    @joe smith_axe Are you dumb nearly everyone born in the latter part of the 20th century will have least heard of The Jam/Weller even if they don't like/know the music. Im 18 ffs and nearly everyone I know at least knows the name

    David Pinchard

    @Chris. Vervloet opinion only not fact.

    Mike Mat

    @Chris. Vervloet No way dude,,,Your just getting nostalgic or somethin

  92. yackle dackle

    Best non composed Beatles' release.

    Linda Lesabre

    besides Matchbox, Kansas City, Chains, Mr Postman, Roll Over Beethoven, Act Naturally, Kansas City, Honey Dont, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, A Taste Of Honey, You Really Got A Hold On Me, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean, or some others I cant remember ? Yeah, just may be.

    Alex Llöyd

    @Linda Lesabre and "Words of Love", their cover of a Buddy Holly Song... there's also a lot of good stuff on Live at the BBC.

    lance jensen

    Bad Boy


    I'm partial to Anna and Devil in Her Heart


    Beatles were probably the best cover band of all time really

  93. dontzenyourselfout

    ...what a voice

  94. Tyrone G.

    This version is better than the Live at the BBC, in my book, because the BBC version was a start up and this one adds the raspberry John did in the song for their "Past Master's Vol. 1 Compilation.

    Michael Gonzalez

    Plus the piano adds to this version.


    I respectfully disagree. The BBC version swings hard this one drags. Thank you Ringo.

  95. Angelique Collins

    a cool groove song

  96. Jim Cushman

    Released by Larry Williams in March 1958...Recorded by The Beatles on June 1, 1964...

    denis fossett



    Larry Williams said he cried tears of joy when he first heard the Beatles cover his song.

  97. Isak Larsson

    This song could've been awesome, but it's way too sloppy, and the guitar solo sucks. They did it really well on the Live at the BBC album though!

    Jeff Delaney

    The Mean Mister Mustard - you're not playing it loud enough. I always thought the guitar solo rocked out but I first heard it in 1964 so that's the context I judge it by.

    Chris Rednour

    Jeff Delaney I love the guitar solo, too. I've always thought George was an incredibly underrated guitarist.


    @Chris Rednour How is it possible to be the lead guitarist of the most famous, most influential rock band in history... and be underrated?

    In fact, in all comments I've seen on YouTube, the majority of people are showering George with praise. George is rated according to his abilities and accomplishments, and he was a fine musician. I think his problem in The Beatles was that he was always one of three guitarists, and one of them (Paul) was equally capable musically as well as technically, and I think that when you're fighting for the spotlight next to John and Paul, it's harder to stand out.

    But let's not view the past with rose tinted goggles. George didn't always shine, and many of his leads, including this one in "Slow Down", were kind of stumbling, especially over such an energetic beat. But the way some people worship every note someone played has become symptomatic of YouTube comments; it's that fear of not being seen as a true fan, so people overcompensate. Not saying you do this, but I'm speaking more as a general observation.

    Chris Rednour

    YngtchieMusic I get what you're saying. I just think a lot of other guitarists of that era tend to get more praise than George. John even used to tell George they would "get Eric" to play his parts if he couldn't do it the way he wanted it. I think George maybe wasn't as flashy in his playing style as many of his contemporaries but, for me, he plays with more emotion than any of them, regardless of who was "technically" as good or better. That's just my opinion, though.


    @Chris Rednour George's slide playing always knocks me out.

  98. Landon Cooper

    Easily their worst song. Yet, it's still better than a lot of other songs.


    @Yolanda Jones
    Worst? Don't Pass Me By.
    Runners-up: Your Mother Should Know. Mr Moonlight. The Long and Winding Road. Obladi- oblada. Revolution 9 and Wild Honey Pie.

    Tere Ferrell

    Oh, please... how old are you any way??!

    Thomas Timlin

    @anonUK Don't Pass Me By for sure. Revolution NO.9, yuck, not even a song, they should have put Hey Jude on in it's place hahaha. but John insisted he and Yoko's crap be on the album. I bet producer George Martin was probably pretty much disgusted lol. Well it's all history now