Beatles, The - Penny Lane Lyrics

In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to have known
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello

On the corner is a banker with a motorcar
The little children laugh at him behind his back
And the banker never wears a mac
In the pouring rain, very strange

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back

In Penny Lane there is a fireman with an hourglass
And in his pocket is a portrait of the queen
He likes to keep his fire engine clean
It's a clean machine

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes
A four of fish and finger pies
In summer, meanwhile back

Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray
And though she feels as if she's in a play
She is anyway

In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer
We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim
And then the fireman rushes in
From the pouring rain, very strange

Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
I sit, and meanwhile back
Penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes
There beneath the blue suburban skies
Penny Lane

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Beatles, The Penny Lane Comments
  1. KTS

    The Beatles really do make me feel so proud to be English 🇬🇧😁☺️😊


    you're right about that


    @Bella At least the Americans can't try and claim them lol 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. evan vs games 111

    *gets 90000 alt accounts to like this video*

  3. Pokemon master

    The tea was not sweet enough

  4. Good Old Fashioned Killer Queen

    I feel bad for laughing at Ringo for not being able to get off the horse. 😂

  5. Акакий Назарыч

    Русские привет!!!🐺🐺🐺

  6. daddy longlegs

    we did this song for my 5th grade choir and now it just reminds me of that time in my life and i don’t know what to do with those emotions

  7. Eduardo Buquich

    Preston Girl lives in Lancashire,when she was born she was a Manchester Flower her band was called creek then she called it Pale Waves because she is a Pale Girl who can save me from myself and I fell in love with her beautiful green eyes,her dark hair and her lips and her British teeth and even though it was a rainy day I felt happy eating chips on old newspapers with my beautiful and beloved English Princess Heather Baron Gracie

  8. Bill Pao

    I just wonder how film crew are able keep the fans from stroming the whole group?

  9. Gaiaphage

    Is it just me or does John look like hes saying 'help me' at 1:45

  10. Pietro Moroni

    Please someoene told me that somebody here isn't a old man remembering his Gold Age.

  11. joseph agosto

    Fun fact: penny lane and strawberry fields Forever are both a grave for Lennon.

  12. tahutoa

    Beatles: _are in a music video_
    _See platforms with their instruments on_
    Beatles: ngehhh...
    _See table with tea and wine_
    Beatles: awright

  13. Drumer to the max

    this song is the best

  14. Izzy H

    Watching Ringo struggling to get off the horse kills me😂😂

  15. LetsLuki

    this song makes me happy :) <3

  16. Anthony Brady

    They can make music but they don’t know how to ride the horsey

  17. Ravenplays

    John you never told me you can ride a horse!???

  18. Kyle Klabunde

    John lennon is rocking the porn 'stache

  19. Brooke Perkins

    i say if Youtube existed when this was made it would have at least 15 to 20 billion views (thats at least one view for every person that lived between 1968 and 2020

  20. Whistfull Westerner

    Check out how Faul almost puts the guitar on right handed @2:38.

  21. Jordyn K

    My friends: Hey you like the beatles? That's wierd haha. Here, listen to this new song!

    Me: 2:29 *zones out*

  22. Kelleymarie Jones

    I cannot help myself, this song makes me grin from ear to ear! Just love to be there!

  23. callum McDonald

    Really want to walk down penny lane listening to this song

    Isobel Bushell

    callum McDonald I’ve done it many times! I listen to it whilst I’m shopping there!

    callum McDonald

    @Isobel Bushell it does seem like the ultimate experience, my grandparents go to Liverpool alot and go to all the big beatle spots

  24. Rob Robi

    Paul's a genius But you already knew that

  25. Phong Thanh Luu


  26. netrosauce

    I really want the glasses at 0:31 those look so badass

  27. Lynyx

    0% Cringe
    0% Autotune
    100% pure legendary talent

  28. Manuel Avendaño

    2020 👍

  29. Bondy

    My grandma went to school 🏫 with George and Paul in Liverpool I still live there ☮️✌️


    can you tell us something about them then?

  30. Shannon Ingrid

    I love all the songs of the Beatles I love the Beatles and that my dad made them listen to me since I was little, and now I am 16 years old and until now I listen to them with my dad and I will make them listen

  31. Ronald de Mesa

    Feb.12,2020 08:10am (Philippine Time)

  32. maclean5000

    Super bad editing, lol

    Isobel Bushell

    maclean5000 ok

  33. Sarah Garrod

    Knowing that Ringo is terrified of horses makes this video infinitely better

  34. um cara qualquer

    What is your favourite band?

    Me: mustache bois

  35. Matt David Photography

    The intro and other parts where John Lennon is walking down the street were actually filmed on the King's Road in Chelsea at its junction with Markham Square. The building on the right at 0:44 now has the Carphone Warehouse at street level but the upper floor windows are the same and easily identifiable :)
    Building on the right at 1:35 unchanged and houses the French Connection shop.

  36. Pipsta

    Why does this sound like a Christmas song in some bits?

  37. hippydippy

    Those were the DAZE.

  38. kyle sprague

    Imagine seeing John Lennon walking down the street

  39. Sarah Jasper

    I'm 12 and i abousloTly love The Beatles

  40. Tony Mate Generation 60's

    A very short lane an' such a long story of life an' love...✌️🏻

  41. Antonia Kuntz

    Alle mal ein like geben also dem Song

  42. Luis Betanzo

    2:09 OMG



  44. Alexandros Deligiorgis

    My favourite Beatles song. Innovative, fresh, original and timeless.


    Ringo bopping is head 😂

  46. Christian Mathison

    0:26 instantly every girl in the rooms panties drop

  47. Guilherme Gorinelli

    0:12 "Grove Street, home"

  48. Steve Baker

    Great video but they can't ride lol

  49. Tha Nerrd

    Kid’s nowadays only talk about Queen and can’t seem to mention the Beatles without talking about Queen, because of the recent movie. We need a legit Beatles movie. Not “Yesterday.”

    Ellie Fuller

    @Tha Nerrd Nostalgia is a very powerful thing indeed. I'm 27, not too much of an age difference, most of their songs get me feeling very nostalgic. Specifically Blackbird, Here Comes The Sun and Hey Jude. Those were the 3 most common me and my dad listened to during my childhood. We still love listening and singing it with each other all the time.

    Tha Nerrd

    Ellie Fuller My parents come from a different background so music is kinda foreign to them especially western music. I play the acoustic guitar and the only songs they seem to enjoy listening to me play are beatles songs and that warms the heart haha. I’d suggest listening to In My Life and Across The Universe if you haven’t already those songs really get to me.

    Joe Taylor

    I have heard they're making a new edit of "Let it Be". But you're right they do need a new Beatles film, I'd pay for a biopic in a similar vein to "Saving Mr. Banks" or "An Adventure in Time and Space". Showing the ups and downs of Pepper, Showing their ideas for Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane, Paul bringing an "alter ego" band idea to the table, George Martin dismissing "Only a Northern Song" for inclusion on Pepper, John meeting Yoko for the first time, and finding inspiration in the world around him like son Julian's school picture and a Circus Poster for Pablo Fanque's Circus Royale, George finding passion for Indian culture and making "Within You Without You".

    mccartni hale

    Exactly Wtf

    Lara Carlos

    I think both of them are amazing band but we do need a proper Beatles movie

  50. David Cleaves

    This, my favorite Beatles song, came out when i was just starting to become aware there was a world outside of my small existence,and elephant bell bottoms,hippies pot and Viet Nam war were the big topics.Up beat for me,i think i was about 9.

  51. In Your Face, Guitar !

    The Beatles finished filming the promo for Penny Lane on 7 February 1967.

    The shoot took place at Knole Park in Sevenoaks, Kent, where they had made the Strawberry Fields Forever promo in January.
    (Feb. 7, 2020)

  52. Esraa Aymn

    Feb.07,2020 09:22am (Egypt Time)

  53. Ronald de Mesa

    Feb.07,2020 08:22am (Philippine Time)

  54. Andrew Hunt

    The Beatles are strange and unique in a perfect way

  55. ken carr

    Round abouts Came from Britian ?? I HATE YOU

  56. desoxido

    It is incredible that these guys were able to pull out songs like this one at that age. They were so young, but still this song is nostalgic, like coming up from an old person trying to go back in time and preserve a moment of happiness in his life. Simply magical.

  57. MarianoBeatlero

    Penny lane and Killer queen from queen.
    The best british song

  58. Lucas Rudge

    2:46 Paul struggles to hold on to his bass

  59. Handono Sutjipto

    England guys ... proud had this band ... 🇮🇩

  60. Ziachei Ziachei

    I kann leider kein Englisch, doch die Melodien von den Beatles sind klasse 🎶👍

  61. Jayden Snell

    It’s ironic how George is on the “dark horse”

  62. DahonGone

    The British have given their beautiful country away and it breaks my heart

  63. prikov1

    I always wondered why John flipped the table at the end of the video.. Beatles made everything look cool...

  64. Legowizard

    Penny lane lalalala... Its permanently stuck in my head
    Which is very 👍 good

    Mitch Feder

    Penny Lane is in your ears and in your head?


    @Mitch Feder yes

  65. ρєηηу lαηє

    I live in Liverpool and I walk down penny lane when I always get home from school then I walk to Strawberry Fields:)❤️

  66. Tink’s Nightcore

    We are sining this in choir

  67. Aldrin Montecillo

    Nice song

  68. Robert Smith

    My favorite

  69. TheHutchy01

    There's something oddly beautiful about those green buses

  70. A Neglected Stranger

    Ringo : Dancing to the rhythm
    George : Pretend to sing the song
    Paul : Also tries to pretend
    John : 😁😁

  71. Nanookextraplanar

    I can't find the video of the literal version!

  72. Grand Duchess Maria Nickolovina Romanov

    I miss you George.

  73. Axel Axelsson

    Bass line is sick

  74. remate editorial

    00:10 Grove street

  75. 최창락

    😀😀😀😀thaks Beatles

  76. Mary Clyde Bridgers

    Not going to make it. Out of money. In Woodland California broke. Mary.Page. 2020 Feb.

  77. GamerIsHereToday Is me

    2:44 George is like what are you doing?

  78. Bods

    Based on the thumbs down I'm guessing at least 8.8K people react badly to sunshine and general happiness also.

  79. Laura vanesa Jimenez


  80. Marcos 7

    Dude in those days u needed talent to make it big

    These days u just need a buncha twerking chicks

    Kremeľ Štrkovisko

    Or be one

  81. Francis Reyes

  82. Um filho de Deus, totalmente amado.

    It looks like with Asa Norte- Brasília.

  83. Dragon Energy

    England 1960s. It’s not English anymore.

  84. Weirdo Reborn

    I want John's glasses!!!!!

  85. Bryan Machin

    A Masterpiece!

  86. ArzufBKZ

    ini lagu iklan apa si gw lupa anjirrr... di tv indonesia ada yang pas bagian "penny lane is in my ears and in my eyes teterettet"

  87. Amy Stant

    I love John

  88. Evelyne Leturgeon

    c'était des bijoux dans l'écrin européen.............

  89. Leon Verhoeven

    My cat's name is Penny, i named her after the song 😊

  90. Melvin Medici

    That guy on the right at 0:04 is so funny lmao if you watch through hes behind John and staring into the camera the whole time

  91. John Martin

    Our family
    Your family

  92. Richie201311

    Poor Ringo had a bit of trouble dismounting his horse, LOL.

  93. Martha Davis

    My best friend played this song for me and I can't stop listening to it, I don't know the Beatles very well but this song just has something

  94. Andrey Kirienko

    For us, whose youth in Russia was in the seventies, the Beatles was and will always be number 1

  95. Jefferson Martin

    This songs is very sunny and

  96. Marty Price

    Sad thing I lived by penny Lane there is nothing say the beatles were ever there sad

  97. Beatle Stories

    *Name a better band.........*

    I'll wait.