Beatles, The - Mother Nature's Son Lyrics

Born a poor young country boy, Mother Nature's son
All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone

Sit beside a mountain stream, see her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo

Find me in my field of grass, Mother Nature's son
Swaying daisies sing a lazy song beneath the sun

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo doo
Yeah yeah yeah

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm, ooh ooh ooh
Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Mm mm mm mm, wah wah wah

Wah, Mother Nature's son

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Beatles, The Mother Nature's Son Comments
  1. ebVoice: covers in the cloud

    I play this as my White Album chill song (although Blackbird and Dear Prudence are close second/third). Happy to hear thoughts on my cover:

  2. Marcin Wielbiński

    You can hear the cheeks clap.

  3. Henry Jasons

    These guys are ok, not heard of them before. Keep it up guys, I think you might go far, just keep persevering!

  4. Nothing is Real

    This what they call great lyrics.

  5. Jocelyn Giaconna

    Now, this is genius, definitely one of my favorite songs of all time!

  6. TheRoadDawg

    Paul...a psychopathic schizophrenic with an outlet, genius.

  7. Juan F.

    McCartney plays every instrument in this song includes vocals. he composed arrangements for the brass with George Martin- The musical Figure done by the Brass at 0.58 is a typical figure done by McCartney when he plays bass.

  8. Robert O'Brien

    These songs get better with age. And they were exceptional when they were released in the sixties.

  9. Max Cooper

    Anyone who is a Beatles fan and does not pick the white album as the best should be ashamed. Case and point - there is more Beatles music on the white album than any other. Point made abundantly clear and case closed.

    Luis Rodrigo Barrera

    fair point

  10. MichaelaFoktova

    This is what Paul took from Maharishi's lectures in Rishikesh :) Sad to think about the really tense studio atmosphere at the time when this was being recorded :( As Wiki says: When John Lennon (who hated it whenever McCartney recorded without the rest of the band) and Ringo Starr walked into the studio after McCartney had finished, „you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife“, recalled engineer Ken Scott.

  11. lazyla27

    This song reminds me of my husband. He was raised on a farm and was very poor for much of his upbringing. He tells me stories about how much he loved it there - how he would take off all day, play and felt so happy and free. Much like the sweet innocence that this song reflects to me. I always say that he is "Mother Nature's Son".

  12. james pinnock

    I'm a Beatles fan, but also like Rap, a few months ago I found the grey album, produced by the same guy who produced the gorillaz demon days, but the album is a mix between the Beatles and jay z, this is mixed with a song called December 4th, so if your ever after something Beatles gone rap look up 'grey album December 4th'

  13. Dr. Catz

    Billy Sheperd truly was a country boy and is a genius

  14. SuperStar Swadloon

    and this is is *one of them*

  15. movie maker 2.0

    I was Neily crying 😭

  16. Camilla Rodriguez

    I fell asleep to this song on more than one occasion.

  17. Bingham Guevara

    I wonder if the title was an influence for Destiny’s Child’s band name?

  18. this shit is retarted

    999k views. uhhhh we're close

  19. CDM192

    Mesmerizing, elliptic and gives me goosebumps.

  20. Jorge Rosas

    El sonido beatle en su máximo esplendor....quien en 2020

  21. Just4Me2000

    Had the white album on cassette tape, maybe 40 or so years ago..this particular song takes me back to a moment in time. Me and my girlfriend smoking homegrown and making out in a grassy field on a beautiful day.

  22. Kinga Pierzchała

    why this is so underrated wtffff

  23. Crankle Scaraab

    Its great but its not 'long Long Long'

  24. apgvideo samples

    Paul absolutely nailing it

  25. Jason Van Buskirk

    And to think this album was one of the most difficult for the Beatles to make; all 4 members only played on about 50% of the tracks. They were starting to Break-Up, and STILL, they produce this Masterpiece.

  26. Sean Newhouse

    I have had orgasms so severe before that I I have had this almost weird overlaps of other guys understanding me before not in the gay way but just in an overall way eff to hell all the gayness whatever floats your boat!!!!!!!!

  27. Natalie Atwood

    I love this song, it reminds me of my dad. My dad will always be like: do do do do do do do (He'll do that because he never knows words to any song). He's an amazing dad though and I love him very much.

  28. the diamond kid

    Paul's such a good artist, he can make him fapping sound absolutely beautiful

  29. Davidnumber23

    Blackbird better

  30. drew

    The Paul's voice 😍😍

  31. Harrambou

    Born a poor young country boy,
    Mother Nature’s Son.
    All day long,
    I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.

    Sit beside a mountain stream
    See her waters rise;
    Listen to...
    the pretty sound of she flies..

    Find me in my field of grass,
    Mother Nature’s son...
    Swaying daisies
    Sing a lazy song beneath the sun.

  32. Lennard Böhnke

    And if you think this is cool, you need to listen to the King's Singers version!

  33. Carol Parks

    Love this song, love McCartney, but I think this one belongs to John Denver

  34. Guillermo Ortega


  35. No wankers allowed

    Mother nature intervened I said meaning my periods came early as in menstrual cycle. Just like when I started getting two a month and was being drained of energy really fast. Deprovera is dangerous the benefits of not having a period for months is great !! But catch up cycles not so great. Yet people were somehow passing things on to free themselves this the dangers of the spiritual realm when they are misused or people place curses upon another's life. So it was a combination of the two because someone had issues if I was sexual in any manner and wanted to know who I was talking with. There's a clue to who had issues with me which is quite interesting considering the realities of how many people were doing the same things and I was told Australians are racist.. no we just get sick of being told we have to bow to other nations. So fuck you 🖕 to those who can't handle being rejected and it had nothing initially to do with skin colour but being or feeling forced to accept someone/s I didn't want to be sexual with. I don't like the reverse racist.. who because they despise themselves so much want to blame everyone else. Why should I be ashamed to say I'm not black.. I'm not. So all this we respect the elders in the indigenous communities... Respect goes both ways. I don't have to fuck a black person or indian or Muslim or Asian to prove I'm not racist. So any defamatory words that spew from my mouth are because I'm fucking over having to be silenced for fear of being judged or arrested or face court on issues that you yourselves caused. I'm fucking over it. You all want to beautiful.. well I don't I want to be ugly.. because all I see is a whole heap of people that are nothing but polished up terds.

    GSR 01

    Damn you're bat shit crazy holy shit

  36. Bill Child

    I remember wanting to be real close to Nature (still do) and when this song came out I thought of it as my anthem !! Thanks for writing and performing it so well and for keeping it alive in our hearts.

  37. luis marcelo inostroza bidart

    A typical song from this "country boy"....So tender and introspective...

  38. Mauritz Svalander

    A nice song, I always thought it was hard to rlay guitar the way Paul did, just cant do that with my pcking finger, maybe its something wrong wiht me, the same with Yesterday

  39. Hannah Perry

    I am 14 and Love the Beatles. Thanks to my Uncle Tom.

  40. Roberto Diestra estrada

    Genios genios, genios, hermosa musica

  41. Mauro Pietro Contini

    Fantastico song

  42. bassandguitarguy

    The double White Album came out 11-25-68 on Thanksgiving - 90 minutes of new music from the fab four! An amazing time! We waited nearly a year and a half for another Beatles LP after Sgt Pepper - wow!

  43. I, Jupiter

    I will always love their music, in 7 short years they evolved more than any rock band has before or since....and they always sounded like......The Beatles......and that rings eternal!

  44. David Palmisano

    I don't hink..Faul has one good song on the white album....they needed to have more George's stuff on here. Mother nature son,Rocky racoon bungalow bill bullcrap ...put Georgie on!

  45. super trooper aspie ?

    This is warm and tender Like a sweet dream.

  46. jorge agusto orejuela carruitero

    El mejor album

  47. Pamela Alsop

    Still listening...2019...2020! And....always!


    It sounds like Simon and Garfunkel

  49. Richo-senpai

    whenever i think about Beatles and relaxing, this song came into my mind

  50. Todd Baker

    this song is me

  51. alex

    ✨im sitting writing songs for everyone!✨

    _and this is one of them._

  52. Mauricio Antonio Ramirez Gomez

    Es una excelente canción para la madre naturaleza como siempre un genio paul mccartney

  53. Robert Davidson

    One my fave Mcartney songs!

  54. Unski Tunkio

    God, this so a beautiful song, Macca is a genius.

  55. Bianca connelly

    It's hard to believe the man singing this song also sang Helter Skelter

  56. Sean R

    A simple yet lovely song to play on the guitar.  I wish I could carry a tune in a bucket though, or I'd sing along to it as well!

  57. Ralph Santiago

    Seriously. Did Paul ever , ever , EVER write a bad one ? Love you Paul !!!

  58. Ralph Santiago

    Youtube. Why is song playing slower then it's supposed to be. I know why , but come on man !!!

  59. LBow

    For everyone that disliked this video explain why.

    Valeria Contreras

    They are bots

  60. John T

    mccartneys voice '68-'69 was insane ,he could switch between genres at will and was perfect in all of them ....untouchable


    McCartney was pretty good in 71 too. If you remember his "Ram" album was a showcase for McCartney's phenomenal singing voice.


    I like it too, but his voice in songs like oh darling and back in the USSR about me a bit

  61. Shannon Cassidy

    John Denver's version is also AWESOME!!!

  62. Matt Lawrence

    The chords make this song ...

  63. Mary K

    Great article on the making of this song

  64. Pamela Alsop

    Saw them Shea Stadium....still in love.....all their music made my life beautiful. Ty from someone you'll never know! ❤❤❤

  65. chatham43 the discordant note at the end....


    Disonante cord

  66. David Keller

    Another song I love. We were lucky!


    okay ngl i thought up until this very moment that john denver wrote this

  68. Sky King

    This man sung Helter Skelter, remember


    Skippy Bean lol Helier Skelter is about coming down a slide if you listen to the lyrics

  69. Sky King

    This is definitely my favorite song. You can just emerse yourself in nature and your passing thoughts. The gentleness of this song is everything. It's filled with so much emotion. Anyone can connect.

  70. Stardust

    Paul, I Love you man. Thank you.

  71. sophie parrocha

    Born a poor young country boy
    Mother Nature's son
    All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone.
    Sit beside a mountain stream
    See her waters rise
    Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.
    Find me in my field of grass
    Mother Nature's son
    Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
    Mother Nature's son.

  72. Andrew Wian

    Gorgeous song. Makes you feel like you are actually there in the countryside with him as he plays.

  73. Kim Senior

    116 brain deads don't like this, Happiness is a warm gun!

    Darien E

    fuck em. haters gonna hate

  74. Stu Mas

    Is it just these uploads or, are some instruments/voices levels overloaded, causing distortion?
    Or is it just my ears?....

    GSR 01

    You're probably just on that audiophile status. Maybe listen to the 2018 remastered and see what you think.

  75. L O V E, V E N U S

    hank miller :)

  76. mauricio ortega


  77. Alex Curioso

    And after comes me and my monkee, it´s registered in my brain.

  78. joe47771

    mother nature's son!

  79. Babe Root

    Stripped down folk track. Lovely, brilliant tune.

  80. steve fraser27

    F+uck that is beautiful!

  81. Alexandre D'ARPA

    0:40 Paul often compose after searching and discovering new interesting chords suits on which he finds the melody to put on.
    Now i said it i know i can go back die as YouTube want.

  82. Brian Conaty

    Paul is really the Mozart of rock music. The master of melody.


    The man was made of music. I heard Paul say that about Stevie Wonder. Hee he..

  83. AeroDynamic

    I remember this great album came out about 2 months before I went to Nam, along with so much quality classic Rock , and it was this music that we took with us into war, and the party rocked on, in the darkest places.

    Jean Anderson

    Good to hear music helped you through that hard time. I was in the Army at that time too.


    Thank you for your service 💜

  84. v-town1980

    109 dislikes? LOL! It must suck to have AIDS in your ears.

  85. Pericolosospore Jerzy

    Absolute musical perfection

  86. soxwina

    ! of their Very BEST!

  87. Anuj Aryal

    Paul is one of the best composers to ever live. Ranks up there with Beethoven and Mozart.

  88. maria cecilia peláez

    The BEST of año!!!!

  89. Eric Beaulieu

    A beauTifuL sonG.

  90. Bluegum

    Marcia , ditto

  91. marvinc999

    The Beatles have become Spiritual Oxygen for our poor old benighted, befouled Planet................................

  92. John Grant

    sweet how lovely xxxx

  93. Jim Cartwright

    love it

  94. Scott Williams

    The mark of a great composition is to relate to it as a listener, I always felt they wrote this for me as it reminds me of childhood thinking of this song while exploring the woods and water around me feeling one with nature. I tear up every time I hear this, true songwriting and composing.

  95. czarpoesia

    This song still gives me goosebumps just as it did the first time I’d ever heard it & that was when I was a little child. 💛

  96. luis marcelo inostroza bidart

    Born in the English champain... A tribute to where he comes from...