Beatles, The - It's Only Love Lyrics

I get high when I see you go by
My oh my
When you sigh, my, my inside just flies
Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?

It's only love and that is all
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all
But it's so hard loving you

Is it right that you and I should fight
Every night?
Just the sight of you makes nighttime bright
Very bright
Haven't I the right to make it up girl?

It's only love and that is all
Why should I feel the way I do?
It's only love, and that is all
But it's so hard loving you
Yes it's so hard loving you, loving you

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Beatles, The It's Only Love Comments
  1. Liza Perez

    Si es original.✌️💃

  2. Don Weigel

    Very under rated song

  3. julio césar flores

    Qué alma tenías John. Se tenía que ser John Lennon y, nadie más, para alguien ser capaz de crear una belleza tan sublime.

  4. Graham Fell

    Timeless classics from the greatest bank in history

  5. colin knight

    This is better than the shite we get now day's

  6. Dennis Scott


  7. chris escriva

    My oh my

  8. Geraldo Xavier

    Lembra muitas músicas do Legião Urbana. Acho que Renato Russo bebeu dessa fonte.

  9. Vicho Pelotas

    I Understad reference !!

  10. Erin Armelle

    This song is so perfect.

  11. Sameoldfitup 2008

    "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."
    Jane Austen
    English novelist.

  12. Cesar Mendez

    The most beautiful song during only 2 minutes 😩

  13. alan errington

    always loved this song

  14. Odilia Camargo

    Fantastic song of The Beatles!

  15. Mario Rui Martins

    agora ao ouvi-los recuo mais de 50 anos, tudo era belo mesmo tendo passado por varias aflições...

  16. jennifur sun

    finally found out what the guy were playing, the guitars just make this song for me, even though John hated the song-1964 Framus Hootenanny 5/024 acoustic 12 string a 1964 325 Rick, 1963 Gretch 6119 Tennessean , 1962 Gibson J 760 E. George played with his tremalo and it was played through a Leslie speaker to help get the effect here

  17. Juan antonio juarez

    So perfect and clear just a beautiful song

  18. Leder Hernández

    1 de Enero 2020

  19. Auriel Whitehawk

    Woke up at 4AM with this song playing in my mind! The voice, the words, and that guitar! 'My oh my!' Now it's 5AM, here I am on youtube playing it repeatedly, and crying. Why oh why? John is The One.

  20. Karla Hdz

    Fue tan difícil amarlo :')

  21. Vincent James

    I was just a we lad..saw the beatles at the cavern club in Germany and the place was packed...

  22. robin malone


  23. MAR Bre13

    1:07 I dont care where I'm at, but this part always had me singed aloud, whether they (people) like it or not it's one of the greatest songs, I can't hold it in

  24. Zoe TheCat

    John absolutely HATED his own voice...and we'll never understand that.

  25. Captain Berkamp

    235 people with no soul

  26. Vincent James

    I get high when i c u go by...truly a great song..

  27. Blue Damil

    One of my all time favorites

  28. Joey Benoit

    i know god!

  29. Joey Benoit

    i met g. harrison !

  30. Joey Benoit

    i met sal valentino 11

  31. Joey Benoit

    san leandro ca!

  32. Joey Benoit

    iam 64 from sf i bought this album for a girl! wow i was 9 she 15! she had a twin! what a fox! i danced with her 1966! xmas!

  33. Guillaume Pelletier

    Go see Marc Hamilton !!!

  34. Jan Bartolome

    😥 I remember my uncle!!! He died 3yrs ago, he lent me his Beatle's the best album, I fell in love with this song!!!

  35. Steve Strickland

    Is there another band?

  36. Robert Clark

    So good!! Too bad it's so short

  37. Blue Damil

    One of my all time favorite Beatles songs

  38. Johan Cavalli

    It is a masterpiece. The descending melody, ending with a + chord behind "...just fly..." and the desperation in the chorus. And the marvellous voice, tender and screaming. I have always thought this ssong is better than Yesterday.

  39. Al Kelly - Jersey Boy

    I absolutely love this song.

  40. chris buncall

    i love the fact it has roy orbison going through it like a stick of rock.

  41. José Candal

    - Lead Vocals & 12-String Acoustic Guitar: John Lennon
    - Bass: Paul McCartney
    - Acoustic & Electric Guitars: George Harrison
    - Drums & Tambourine: Ringo Starr

  42. Jassen Summogum

    Cannot understand how John would dislike this one..I love the cutting simple nature of its anguish and the beautiful mersy guitar sounds. Guess you will never truly understand the interpration from the artist, but for me it's a masterpiece.

  43. Fátima Buller

    Okey el fi al fue raro

  44. Nikki Miranda

    Me encanta muchisimo❤😍

  45. VIMrussia

    Одна из моих любимых песен. Пою её всегда во весь голос.

  46. kleptomancy okay

    gta san andreas
    it's only love
    = nostalgia

  47. MojoMusicFilter

    Which Beatles song is it.. it’s off help right?

  48. jorge cisternas

    Todavía me la repito como ayer

  49. Antonio Pereira

    For forte years i know and Love rios Song. Forever Song, forever singer, forever john! Beatles Forever!

  50. George Perione

    All yor dreams comes true when you listen to The did..
    Yours..? Like if Yes

  51. George Perione


    George Perione

    All your dreams comes true when you listen to the did....yours..? like if yes

  52. Suchi Gada

    ¿Who in February, 31, 2022?

  53. Scott Davis

    I maybe mistaken but isn't this off of Rubber Soul? I have listened to it so much that the song "Girl" is next. Or am I losing my memory?

  54. marcoantonio alvarado


  55. SkinnySweatyMan

    Big fave. Beatles forever. God bless those boys xxxx

  56. Laurilla Laurilla

    225 idiotas sin sensibilidad musical

    United Alligators

    If you have a very good song, 3 percent is negative. Here it is just over 2 percent.

  57. Johnyrem

    What video? It’s the Beatle’s song ...

  58. Hector Castañeda

    Es tan difícil amarte María Rodriguez, es tan difícil..... Y sin embargo, te amo.

  59. Michael Gordon

    I think the only time Capitol records in the USA did something interesting was making this the first song on Side Two of Rubber Soul...this song and I've just Seen a Face transformed Rubber Soul into a folk rock album

  60. United Alligators


  61. carloaz

    Love is all

  62. ronny raygunz

    I think lennon was a fickle dude and his opinions went back and forth a lot. Plus, sometimes he would just say shit just because.

  63. Daniia Mex

    John dijo que odiaba esta canción porque a pesar del tiempo se sentía resentido con Cynthia, solo hay que ver que las canciónes que dijo que odiaba en su mayoria fueron sus canciones de amor cuando estaba con cyn

  64. Haeleth 72

    Ohne Zweifel einer der besten und schönsten Songs von John Lennon. Er war der talentierteste der Beatles und hatte die beste Stimme. Er hat einen großen Fehler gemacht, als er Cynthia für Yoko Ono verlassen hat.

  65. Petra Kuglerova

    Love of my life song... Beatles forever... :-*

  66. darrenjray

    When I bought this album, I was obsessed with this song. John's voice, the melody, the riff. The start of it is so scratchy on the LP from plonking the needle down on the second track on Side Two continually.

  67. Eric Stewart

    If John actually hated this song he wouldn't have put it on a Beatles album. He must have known it was delicious. Imagine the melody being put to a classical arrangement in the style of a slow movent in a Chopin piano concerto. So romantic. Perhaps that's why it embarrassed him (?).
    He liked his "tough" image. He had similar reservations about including his song "Julia" on the White Album. Too exposing and vulnerable.

  68. Xx_ NowhereMan.2005 _xX

    Is this in mono?

  69. enjoythesilence169

    It's only love and that is all, why should I feel the way I do?

  70. Donald Francis

    Sucha beautiful song n I sometimes feel hurt seeing John sing to this day...

  71. Phil UK Net

    Two minutes of heaven. Will we be saying the same thing about today's music in the year 2070? Will people even remember music from now in the year 2070? I doubt it somehow. I sometimes can't remember why I went upstairs, and then I find that I can't get a 50+ year old song that I haven't heard for years out of my head. The brain works in strange ways as you start to get older, but one thing is assured. Any song you want to hear will be on YouTube.

  72. Jayson Fuentes

    Very bright!

  73. Вадим Маракулин

    всё окей, только вот не хватает рядом дружка на постели, вот и пью с вечера до утра!

  74. Mommy Garcia

    Omg that voice !! It's a beautiful song !!

  75. Alex La Rosa

    Mono, sweet! Thanks

  76. Jesusito Rayala

    Still I'm playing my guitar, it's Only Love n That's it All @06-08-2019 🎸🎸🎸😁😁😇😇

  77. Anita Shaw

    I love a cowboy hat but Georgey your better than that.

  78. Joel Weiner

    May 2019...still listening at 70 yrs of age..


    I'm very old, but you can still see my light

  79. obbor4

    I've been listening the Beatles catalog, once again, for what may be the millionth time, over the past few days. Two things are reaffirmed and readily apparent: No musical entity will ever come close to matching the work that these fours guys did together, and, John Lennon was, and will always remain, the straw that stirred the drink. His voice, and spirit, will never be forgotten. I thank whatever is responsible for my existence that I was here to live my time during the period that he, and the world's greatest musical entity existed.

  80. Paul William

    Amo essa música e convido a todos para conhecerem eu a tocando no meu canal no YouTube : A CASA DOS LORDS .

  81. Pam Salyer

    No matter what. They are my number one go to thank you

  82. Steve Moppett

    As a die-hard Beatles fan, I can say that this is truly dreadful.

  83. Rickey Engle

    yeah,,the world full of it,,

  84. Lisa Borsella

    Thank You for posting this gem, and holy moly its actually The Beatles!! lol

  85. Daniel Gonzales

    This was best time in my life then you where there and I Fall in Love and then my 💓 was broken.... And now lost without you ok so now I'm should trust . I me mine.i told you .it was love at first sight I hate myself and want to die.danny Gonzales LoL grass is greener over here . your fog here . But I'm a chicken in love with you....

  86. geo linkin

    John, John, John!!!!!   Maybe my favorite singer/songwriter/musician of all time. Ok, not maybe!

  87. marvin copla

    "its only love and that is all" we need!!

  88. Mr. Mattis

    I would not take whatever John Lennon said about the song too seriously ! , A great song and John knew it ! , John said stuff without realizing what he was saying sometimes. No man can tame the tounge. We all say crazy stuff without realizing it sometimes. John was an expert at it ! . Consider the circumstances he lived in ? John just wanted to live a normal life towards the end. He would not have been able to really think about the song or what his life was like then, he was not looking back at the time, he was trying to look forward . His Beatles life had ended. He also said he really liked Help and that good words in a song had become more important than the melody to him. That is a amazing statement coming from the king of melody and rythum guitar ! , This song had a great melody and words ! , I just think John had become more of a fan of rock than pop in his music . Most of us like both of them. John was twist and shout one day and imagine on another day ! . As a guitar player and singer/Songwriter I can relate to that ! Everyone and everything around you can have a impact. Every musician who is any good is trying to find himself musically and a few actually find it !

  89. Hennis the Siamese

    Yeah, I was lookin for a way to say to my WWII Navy dad, you were cooler than Cary Grant.

  90. Francisco Puga

    Does somebody knows when was this song recorded?

    rolf ingo

    Sometime in 1965.

  91. Alex Plumb

    I really like this album track John said it was one of the worst songs he did with the Beatles. The lyrics are simple working around the melody nothing wrong with that though.

  92. Denise Waghorn


  93. MisterNewOutlook

    Short and sweet.

  94. Orde Wingate

    These are good lyrics.

  95. claudia brando freitas

    Johnw as handsome i love his voice was sweet and perfec Mark chappman man fucking in hell Pierce of shit!!!!!



  97. In Between

    When I released this video I never thought it would reach 1M views, thanks for all the views and appreciation for this Beatles gem.

    Spike Spiegel

    It's the fuckin Beatles, what do you expect?

    EJ Strait

    It is in mono!

    Super Intelligent Ape From The Future

    We love these dirty cunts.

    Sandy Sandy

    @Spike Spiegel
    You tell it !!!

    Enrico Sanchez

    Did you get to make a few quid off it?