Beatles, The - I Will Lyrics

Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to, I will

For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
Oh, you know I will
I will

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Da da da da da da da

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Beatles, The I Will Comments
  1. krishna leone

    im here because of billie song this on carpool 😂🌈

  2. Chicken Head Faerie

    Something about this song always makes me cry

  3. Thais Santos

    The only problem I have with this song is that it isn’t longer.

  4. 익순

    노래 개띵곡이네.....

  5. Ronald de Mesa

    Feb.07,2020 07:34am (Philippine Time)

  6. Prime Productionz

    Paul is playing bass with his mouth here. Seriously, he is.



  7. Patrice S

    Short and sweet

  8. Cocepcion Lasaca

    *Im here because of billlie*


    “The only way love can last a lifetime is if it's unconditional. The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved but rather by the one choosing to love.”
    Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare
    Boop, Thank You, for loving me. Will

  10. cool music

    The only thing wrong with this song, it's not long enough. 👍

  11. dwAYne jOhnSOn

    Who knows how long I've loved you
    You know I love you still
    Will I wait a lonely lifetime
    If you want me to, I will
    For if I ever saw you
    I didn't catch your name
    But it never really mattered
    I will always feel the same
    Love you forever and forever
    Love you with all my heart
    Love you whenever we're together
    Love you when we're apart
    And when at last I find you
    Your song will fill the air
    Sing it loud so I can hear you
    Make it easy to be near you
    For the things you do endear you to me
    You know I will
    I will

  12. Beth Snyder

    Can someone just get Paul and Billie together for a collab. This sweetness is what we need to hear right now

  13. Nathan Ellis

    me to :-)

  14. Jonathan Mckernan

    I think it is ridiculous that the Beatles broke up and John was selfishly murdered before I was even born. Wish I could have seen them steer music for at least another ten albums. Miss you John, miss you George, miss you Paul...Keep going Ringo. We all love you.

  15. Record lover Ortiz

    Damm paul McCartney lol I really wish this song was longer like at least 3 minutes whose with me.

  16. CamiloR95

    Billie made this song even more beautiful!!!!


    Nah Paul Mcartney made it the most beautiful.

  17. Arji Rantow

    yg dislike tolol

  18. JOK E RICA

    Thank you, Paul.

  19. 김예찬


  20. Air Espenilla

    Mccartney > Billie

  21. DragonGirl DIYs

    Goes from Why Don’t We Do It In The Road to this.

    *wait thats illegal*

  22. steve fraser

    Billie who?

  23. bonzo 123

    Who the fuck is Billie ellish

  24. Rob Sol

    Possibly the greatest song of all time for me x

  25. Isabella Osmond

    My mom love’s the Beatles she has this huge thing with a bunch of photos of them

  26. Niral Verma

    Ofc Billie Ellish made this famous :D

    Bruno T

    It's from the white album, it was alredy famous

    Aldo Ortiz

    @Bruno T it's called sarcasm, bruno

  27. Yoosung Choi

    Imagine being here Bc of Billie-🤢

  28. Lazy Rabbit

    This song too sweet for us

  29. ImJustSomeDude

    Lol didn’t even know Billie made her own cover until I came here

  30. x tonib x

    A lot of people are here from Billie Eilish and that is great.
    Artists introducing people to other great music is beautiful.

  31. Bing Bong

    Can you guys stop making comments bashing Billie, like seriously. It doesn’t matter if someone came from her carpool karaoke, like fr.

  32. mccvtv

    Puta la weá, ahora todos por Billie, yo fui donde Billie por esto ctmre KSKDKSKSMS disfruten

  33. Andrea Masini Luccetti

    Gli unici brani musicali che avevo apprezzato all'uscita dell'album in Italia erano :Dear Prudence, Cry Baby Cry, Martha My Dear, Rocky Raccoon, Julia, Blackbird, Good night, I Will , Mother Nature's Son e li ascoltavo continuamente ogni sera.Da questo album si capisce e si intuisce che i Beatles si erano disuniti. Rimaneva solamente l'ispirazione musicale dei singoli componenti e l'entusiasmo,il ritmo, la coralità del gruppo più famoso era sparito.

  34. Wolf_At_The_Door

    Who is Billie Eilish?

  35. Green Prime

    yall here cuz of billie ellish but IM here because of Billy BOB, The Rockafire baby

  36. Josefine Sørensen

    Er der nogen her fra Spektrum Geminiderne? Er det kun mig? 😂

  37. Noah LaCombe

    Whenever I hear this song I have to listen to the full thing.

  38. chad windham

    paul on bass with his voice

  39. simon soy dios

    Se que a lo mejor nadie entiende esto pero me pueden decir que tiene de malo que gracias a billie esta canción sea más conocida? Yo siento que eso estás bien saben.

  40. Marc Palban

    who is actually here not because of billie eilish? nope, only me I guess

  41. nadisa wiasqi f

    well, i'm not here bcs billie



  43. Woody1832 and Samuel

    i was going to sing this to my crush but my friend told her that i like her she i was heartbroken Edit: I got one

  44. ツMrRedPlaying

    Its good and bad the fact that Billie Ellish make this video have more views

  45. 3 1 / 0 3

    *public announcement*
    can all the billie eilish fans fuck off out the exits located at the back
    beatles fans stay in your seats and enjoy yourselves

  46. Wayne Morris

    I here because The Beatles, not some billie eyelash.

  47. Alex Moore™

    I'm not here for or because of Billie, I'm just here via Billie.

  48. Norah Guevara

    0:40 al 0:58

  49. Cilantro uwu

    For billie ❤️❤️❤️

  50. the snacc that smiles bacc

    who's here because they love the beatles and this song, and not here because of billie eyelash

  51. Laura Elina

    Why is everyone so mad ad the people who came here from billie ? it’s a lovely song and it’s good that they come to explore.

  52. mulderandscully

    Who is Billie ellish?

  53. Nandania Safitri

    After Pee Wee Gaskins cover it like 8 years ago

  54. A 2 A

    Damn wtf happen.. why the comment section full with cringeyass billie fans?

  55. 坂巻洋


  56. jane smart

    Who came here because of Billie Eilish

  57. Dong mancao

    I'm here before billie Eilish born

  58. lilsayo

    I’m here cuz my dad likes this song and I wanted to make him happy, but Billie is cool.

  59. Ummisan Kivvisam

    When I was younger I REALLY loved the Beatles! They where like my everything. (STILL LOVE THEM) But life goes on and now I am REALLY obsessed with Billie Eilish. I am very happy that Billie have a good taste! I just wanted to say that the Beatles is very special for me but if I’m being honest it was Billie who brought me here☺️ and I’m pretty sure that if I saw this video in my “recommended list” I would click!
    I love the Beatles but I guess I love Billie more! 💖 Thank you for have read all this text! Love you 😘 (DONT BLAME ME FOR MY ENGLISH PLEASE) 💖💕 BYE!

  60. whitey g

    Paul McCartney, "Yesterday", "Hey Jude", "Let it Be" and of course "I Will". Let see anyone do better than that.

    Henrique Gonçalves

    Here there and everywhere, the long and winding road, maybe i'm amazed

    Nathan does stuff #2

    Black bird, she's leaving home

  61. Artem Degtyarev

    This song reminds me of some their early songs like "And I Love Her" or "Till There Was You".

  62. Jack Bennett

    This was the last song I ever played for my Mom, and the song my Dad played before his proposal

  63. Hilarion Montiel

    Who's not here for Billie but still love her 😳♥️


    no, i don't love her

  64. Chidera

    I'm a fan of this old granny shit

  65. MrPuggyWins

    The white album is possibly the most beautiful mess ever made.

  66. bill hader

    the thing that is the most disappointing about this video is the comments, most of them are about billie eilish and i understand that she is a big artist and all but if you didn’t know about this song before her you have really been sleeping on the beatles, she has a wonderful voice and is a very kind person, but the fan base is just trash

  67. GabzitoHD

    Who else came here just to see if it would be flooded with Billie comments

    Gonzalo Beron

    Your a legend man.

  68. Paulie

    Pretty sure Paul sang the bass part for this song!

  69. annarks

    My love

  70. dav vad

    Billie's version sounded better tbh

    Donald Zuchowski

    dav vad apparently being brain dead doesn’t

    dav vad

    @Donald Zuchowski Truth hurts


    This version is way better.


    @dav vad Paul Mcartney vocals are way better honestly.

  71. 정코니

    who knows how long I`ve loved you
    you know I love you still
    will I wait a lonely lifetime
    if you want me to I will

    for if I ever saw you
    I didn`t catch your name
    but it never really mattered
    I will always feel the same

    love you forever and forever
    love you with all my heart
    love you whenever we`re together
    love you when we`re apart

    and when at last I find you
    your song will fill the air
    sing it loud so I can hear you
    make it easy to be near you
    for the things you do endear you to me
    you know I will I will

  72. Shoshanna

    I see James Paul McCartney, dressed in medieval balladeer clothing, strumming a guitar in his left hand, and gazing at the heather on the hills. And, he doesn't have to look down at his fret board every ten seconds!

  73. Gamer Guitarist

    Be glad Billie Eilish has good taste. She loves The Beatles. The Beatles are classic and you did yourself a good thing by discovering this song!


    @Shoshanna rip paul


    Gamer Guitarist can u recommend some other beatles songs that are like this one?


    @hiplikekinchan This song is very similar to this,one of my favs from the Beatles.

    Woody1832 and Samuel

    @Sneed you are 5


    @floofa obviously he's talking to the people who discovered the song via her

  74. NotLime

    It’s sad that a lot of people are here because of Billie Eillish.


    That’s not sad. She sings it really well.


    Mardyfella I heard it and yeah she sings it well, it’s just that Billie’s fan base is mostly a bunch of teenage girls who sadly most haven’t listened to or been exposed to other great classic songs like this.


    NotLime I’m 56 and male


    Mardyfella I’m 13 and male


    NotLime Lol

  75. Monique Esquivel

    Who is here just because they love the Beatles and not cause of Billie? (I still love Billie)

  76. taylor ferrari

    who’s here because they LIKE THE BEATLES

  77. taylor ferrari


    Martin 4DmR7

    taylor ferrari because she’s famous

    taylor ferrari

    Martin 4DmR7 that’s not what i meant..........

    Martin 4DmR7

    Well you asked

    taylor ferrari

    Martin 4DmR7 i was wondering what she had to do with the beatles, obviously i know she’s famous?

  78. Bob The Brick Man

    No one cares that you came from Billie Eilish

  79. Brian A. C

    Such a gorgeous classic.

  80. truly laur

    bruh billie exposed one of my favorite songs

  81. JabbaFett

    Everyone saying they discovered this because of Billie,

    *I discovered Billie Eilish because of this song.*


    exactly 😂😂


    That’s cool too.

  82. lidslominski

    paul: and if you want me to
    *i w o n t*
    john: *YES YOU WILL*


    lidslominski nice

  83. Alanna Reinstedler


  84. Qwer Weinstein

    You know I'm just glad someone brought these fans back to this great band cheers

  85. itsarzaaq

    nice to see the younger generation appreciating old tunes. thanks billie

  86. Alba Nielsen

    Please don’t turn this masterpiece into a Billie Eilish thing

  87. Kayla J

    My mom would sing this to me every night before bed🥰💗

  88. GoodGuyCzy

    Who's here becausw of the carpool of billie eilish with james


    That wasn't James. That is a double. FAUL


    stop we get it

  89. Dulce Conde

    As it is possible that some only come by Billie Eilish, I mean The Beatles are the best 🙄

  90. Kousei Arima

    love billie eilish because of this and dang she's pretty

  91. Amit Patel

    How the fuck is this billie ellish ?

  92. Язвительная Я

    Ok , Who is here NOT because of Billie ?


    @Язвительная Я I'm here because the Jojo stand White Album

    mark medina

    Whos Billie??????

    Aaron Bornstein

    its the beatles. the world has been here WAYYYY before billie

    Hogans Dubs

    Who's Billy

  93. sof gsh

    i feel like he wrote this for martha

  94. MemeGuy 1992

    I hope I'm not the only one here beacause of Billie Eilish Karaoke

    Alba Nielsen

    You’re not, don’t worry.


    don't be such a pedant

  95. wholesome

    I Will
    all in one album
    Speaking about variation..

    padfoot 12

    FlameKiller and revolution 9

  96. Gavin Anderson

    We get it, you came here from Billie Eilish. Stfu and enjoy the Beatles!

  97. Laura Tafine


    Luis Henrique Oliveira Moreira

    Concordo 😍

  98. Churro Kookie

    “wHO’s HeRe AfTeR BiLLie’S cArPoOL kArAOkE” shut up 🙄