Beatles, The - Good Morning, Good Morning Lyrics

Good morning, good morning
Good morning, good morning
Good morning ah

Nothing to do to save his life call his wife in
Nothing to say but what a day how's your boy been
Nothing to do it's up to you
I've got nothing to say but it's OK

Good morning, good morning
Good morning ah

Going to work don't want to go feeling low down
Heading for home you start to roam then you're in town
Everybody knows there's nothing doing
Everything is closed it's like a ruin
Everyone you see is half asleep
And you're on your own you're in the street

After a while you start to smile now you feel cool
Then you decide to take a walk by the old school
Nothing is changed it's still the same
I've got nothing to say but it's OK

Good morning, good morning
Good morning ah

People running round it's five o'clock
Everywhere in town is getting dark
Everyone you see is full of life
It's time for tea and meet the wife

Somebody needs to know the time, glad that I'm here
Watching the skirts you start to flirt now you're in gear
Go to a show you hope she goes
I've got nothing to say but it's OK

Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good
Good morning, good morning, good

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Beatles, The Good Morning, Good Morning Comments
  1. Carolyn Zaremba

    George kills the guitar on this one.

  2. Setebos

    That's what I need first thing in the morning: to have fox hunters and their hounds galloping by. Go to it, Lads!

  3. Crimson Kng

    It's Sunday morning. I had to hear this song.

  4. Program & Chill

    Soooooo does anyone not realize what John did with the English language?
    "Somebody needs to know the time, glad that *ti'me* here"

    Beepbeep Lettuce

    Holy shit

    Stephen Kamps

    i will second the "holy shit"

  5. Eric K

    They always talk about Ring'o's drumming on Rain, but this is right up there.

  6. John Norman

    Based on a Kellog's cornflake commercial

  7. genegeneish

    Im 61. Im still watching the skirts and startin to flirt!!!

  8. Red stoong

    Lets take this song and put it in magical mystery tour...

    See? No one sees a difference

    Zack Zallie

    Imagine putting songs from Beatles for Sale into Sgt. Peppers. LOL

  9. Jack Sprat

    Love this one! Good morning, good morning, good morning -a!

  10. Good Old Fashioned Killer Queen

    Nah, good night.

  11. baggrat

    Now does he have nothing to say except "its O.K." or is it O.K. that he has nothing to say? It troubles Me....

    The High Paladin In Nirvana

    I think it is okay that he has nothing to say

  12. wcnmvp

    Paul McCartney did the guitar solo on this song, and man is he overshadowed!

  13. Daniel Accorsi


  14. Paul Shotter

    The Beatles st pepper song good morning good morning great song and very loud for a change classic song

  15. Måns Petter

    The drumming in this song is why Ringo Starr is Sir.

  16. gerald 413

    At 1:20 George cranks his guitar up he was a great musician. Luv to hear his guitar 🎸.


    That was Pauls solo not George

  17. Glorified Truth

    Little known fact: This song is by the Beatles. Thumbs up, please.

  18. Michael Sorrells

    I never the Beatles singer that song clubs

  19. MR. Nesto



    Miguel Neis


    JP joj

    Odeio esse meme

    MR. Nesto

    @JP joj eu também kkkkkk

    JP joj

    @MR. Nesto lol

  20. SamuraiIsEpic

    First day of 2020, I consider midnight morning since it is before sunset in the 24 hours of day so Good Morning, Good Morning 2020!

  21. Mariella Zobeida Mucha Meza

    Good morning
    Good morning


  22. Michael Cartwright

    From Rubber Soul onwards, The Beatles basically created a new genre every 3 songs.

  23. Doctor who in the hell

    Um, think it’s my phone but it’s like you’re wearing headphones with only one in

  24. RobbHahn

    Certainly the silliest part of the album.

  25. CMario210

    Radionica pone este tema todas las mañanas xd

  26. Miriam Mars

    Goog morninga!!!

  27. i miss george harrison

    this song is hilarious listening to at night lolololol

  28. Tim Tremblay

    Happy Thanksgiving 2019.

  29. II. Gyula

    Weirdo 😂

  30. ribble simpkin

    You gotta wonder what kind of drugs these guys tried. Look at the difference between early Beatles and psychedelic Beatles. At first they were writing for the public, trying to get top 40 songs on the radio. Then once they got big enough, they started writing for themselves: and the pubic snapped it up anyway

  31. Zach Pfeiffer

    They say that you should never set your favorite song to your alarm tone because you'll learn to hate it. This song breaks that rule every morning for me.

  32. Тимофей Воронов

    1963: She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah...




    This song just like a mexican song 🌮

  34. redeemer l

    Always feel like a good march up and down the house when i put this on 🤣🤣

  35. Paula Calderón

    This is kind of trash but luxury trash

  36. russ7510

    I walked past my old school today, and it certainly has changed it’s now a bloody housing estate


    I walked past my old school the other day - it's still Paul and Georges old school.

  37. José Candal

    - Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar: John Lennon
    - Bass, Lead Guitar, Bass Drum & Backing Vocal: Paul McCartney
    - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocal: George Harrison
    - Drums & Tambourine: Ringo Starr
    - Saxophone: Barrie Cameron, David Glyde & Alan Holmes
    - Trombone: John Lee
    - Brass: Sounds Incorporated

  38. Wesley Mitchell

    Like getting robbed for your kids randsom money

  39. Greg Dahlen

    gotta find a way to not be bored

  40. kIrtS PloT

    Best alarm to wake up in the morning.

  41. Alexander Rojas

    Did anybody notice the picture of this album. It's a picture of a funeral because look how the people gathered around the grave (The Beatles). Anybody

  42. Joseph Cavanagh

    Uncle Grandpa's favorite Beatles song.

  43. Ram Lathers

    Those big fat 'n brassy horns make me want to leg it around the house with baton in hand like the leader of a marching band kicking shit over and waking everyone up! In fact I think I'll trade the baton for a nice big crashing pair of cymbals! Wake up ya bastards!

  44. Seraph909

    I'm so tired , I'm only sleeping.

  45. J T

    This song just doesn't have enough horns and barn animals.....

  46. Marc Bell

    One of the best under 3 minute songs ever.

  47. B.D. Copper

    Good 3:00 a.m

  48. Math Person

    Without the horns, we'd only have half a song. A friend pointed out the similarity of the guitar break here to the one in Taxman played by Paul. I wonder if the break here is also Paul? I just checked on Beatlesebooks........YES, that's Paul doing the guitar solo on a 1964 Fender Esquire. Scintillating solo for sure!

  49. Philip Gomez

    I can't believe people praising this song. I thought everybody will take the chance of saying how stupid the song is. It completely destroys Sgt Pepper. Necessity is the mother of inventions and skills. Back in the 60s and 70s I learned how to lift the needle before this horror began and being able to insert it back precisely just when 'A day in the life' began. It took me sometime to learn the skill and do it with precision. How... how... could George Martin have allowed this rubbish in the album?

  50. Brad Rainwater

    Paul McCartney give a check out on YouTube under Brad Rainwater/ drummer or / Gibson guitar or keyboards. 62 is John Paul is 64 George is 65 and Ringo is 63 in the picture. Love you guys.forever I thank you Peace and love and kindness and a little help from our friends. I’m getting better since losing my wife daughter brother cousin and life long friend bad shape from a wreck and the loss of my furry babies. Music helps I play by ear- never took a lesson. Have a great day thank you so much!!! 💜🌹💚😎✌️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸☮️🇺🇸💖❤️🌹🌹

  51. Donnie Eubank

    George shreds it on this song with his fuzz tone.


    from wiki: "The guitar solo was played by Paul McCartney on a Fender Esquire"

  52. Judy Ledbetter

    The Beatles Are 😎! God Bless.

  53. Orange Habanero

    Good bass

  54. Heorge Garrison

    One night I accidentally slept with the beatles on (surprisingly I didnt wake up during the night) and when i woke up in the morning this song played, and I was confused as.

  55. SuperMarioStar10

    Love this song. Most people won't say this, but it's in my Top 5 all-time favorite Beatles songs

  56. marc layne

    Edgar Allan Poe made top row.....Britain since 1945, has been, 'The Fall Of The House of Usher'....

  57. tim marks

    The masters of music......

  58. Jeremy Shirland

    Never liked this song. I dig the rooster at the beginning.

  59. boxingking !

    Paul on lead guitar :)

  60. Milkman Christian

    Didn't Sounds Incorporated help make the song with them?

  61. Mariko Kawaguchi

    u don't have to repeat it

  62. Yourlocallordandsavior


    Also.. if you remove the pop and glamour from this song (the Anthology version does a bit better with this), you can almost mark a clear line from this to the White Album and later Beatles albums.

  63. Jacob Spenadel

    Beatles Top Favorite Songs
    of all time

  64. As Pacino

    Perfection! 👌

  65. Joy Stinson

    This was well done beatles use of plain things that they all did so well, average people and situations and love all the animal sounds, great stuff...the ONLY group who would do all of that and do so yel sub...only Beatles did a cartoon for kids and older hippie stoners..

  66. Peter Badore

    I defy anyone who listens to this or has this in their heads to resist crashing that air cymbal when it happens!

  67. Eijk de Mol van Otterloo

    This is a great show...if you know what I mean

  68. Mentta

    1,25x speed :)

  69. Trev0r98

    it's a minor tragedy that Paul ends his guitar solo with a long, high string bend that ends up flat. Damn.


    The whole solo is out of tune, but it's still wondrous.


    @Watts true dat

  70. juan gacibal

    Paul in the solo..great!

  71. Fritz Idler

    Got Cornflakes?

  72. J Anthony

    How about that lead guitar? 🧨


    How about it?

  73. Richard Brafford

    Inspiration for the song came to Lennon from a television commercial jingle for Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

    John Smith

    Sure is..I remember that commercial...Christopher Columbus sailed the west. What do you think he found the best? CORN FLAKES!

  74. Odair Marley

    The best alarm, of course.

  75. joseph lemko

    Hearing this song always makes me enjoy life a bit more. I will always be indebted to John for this.🤗✌

  76. Enes

    this remaster SUCKS! worst version so far.

  77. Franco Martinez

    that guitar solo

  78. Angela Wildman

    Enjoying this song with my second cup of coffee :) I love the animal sounds at the end of this song, and I also love how the cat's meows turn into trumpets or some other kind of horns blasting!

  79. Michael wood

    John positioned the animals at the end of the song in order of strength (food chain),,,

    Gerhard Hoffmann

    Oh, no, ts ts ts,... there`s no Food chain inside af a song, especially not in theese or that Song. It`s a remastered Beatles` song, okay ?

  80. Rémy Macca

    "I got nothing to say but it's okay" seems to be the official social media policy:)

    Gerhard Hoffmann

    the Kind of decision makes the spoken and written words go further in any Kind.

  81. Bob Reilly

    This mix sucks

    Gerhard Hoffmann

  82. Être Fictif

    The whole purpose of this song is the building towards the reprise, putting an ad at the end is a crime towards humanity

    Gerhard Hoffmann

    Find the greetings to Mr Bob Reilly J. S.

  83. ricardo gabriel roque morales

    Chinga tu madre Karen Monserrat Mayorga Munguía la güera del tianguis del jueves vete a la verga .l.

  84. Willis Smith

    Apparently sir paul McCartney played the they say👍

    Norm Appleton

    Fuck off, that's George


    @Norm Appleton Not George - Paul plays the solo. This is a known fact.


    Yes, Paul played lead on his Fender Esquire.

  85. Traynor Band

    Very nice guitar solo by Sir Paul McCartney!

    Owen Gamer OMG

    @BraiinTramma Sir Paul do that solo ? 😮

    Traynor Band

    @Owen Gamer OMG Yup. Of course I read that from Wikipedia I think so it could be wrong.

  86. Hugo Casas

    Una de mis canciones favoritas. La tengo en mi mente casi todo el tiempo.

  87. Stubby1085

    I’ve got nothing to say but it’s ok.

  88. Theweirdperson 14

    Good Night

  89. Harry Casper

    Perfect example of what Philadelphia 76ers announcer Marc Zumoff calls, "Turning garbage into gold."

  90. Rosemarie Tinsley

    Like the raw anthology version , a little more basic

  91. Hans Staden

  92. subg88

    Somebody needs to know the time, glad that I'm here. Lol

  93. Brandon Gee

    1:16 Paul McCartney guitar solo. Rock and roll!

  94. Sonya Kastratovic

    Good moorning good morning good morning ah

    Sonya Kastratovic


    Sonya Kastratovic

    Moderbike sounds

    Sonya Kastratovic

    Beep horns

  95. Sonya Kastratovic

    This best part to wake up 2:22

  96. Lookit Demskies

    YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!! The sun is up, birds are chirping, yeah!!!

  97. jackos

    Sounds like a Paul guitar solo

  98. Paul A

    Always loved this Pepper track. A real slice of life. Lennon didn't rate it but I think it's genius.

  99. earl grey tea

    I send this to my groupchat in the mornings. They tell me to stop