Beatles, The - Don't Pass Me By Lyrics

I listen for your footsteps
Coming up the drive
Listen for your footsteps
But they don't arrive
Waiting for your knock, dear
On my old front door
I don't hear it
Does it mean you don't love me any more?

I hear the clock are ticking
On the mantel shelf
See the hands are moving
But I'm by myself
I wonder where you are tonight
And why I'm by myself
I don't see you
Does it mean you don't love me any more?

Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue
Cause you know darling I love only you
You'll never know it hurt me so
How I hate to see you go
Don't pass me by, don't make me cry

I'm sorry that I doubted you
I was so unfair
You were in a car crash
And you lost your hair
You said that you would be late
About an hour or two
I said that's alright I'm waiting here
Just waiting to hear from you

Don't pass me by, don't make me cry, don't make me blue
Cause you know darling I love only you
You'll never know it hurt me so
How I hate to see you go
Don't pass me by, don't make me cry

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Beatles, The Don't Pass Me By Comments
  1. Otis Driftwoodd

    Man this album helps 👍😎

  2. Guilherme Rosa Faria Mendonça Freire

    Man ringo may be a great drummer (among the best of all time), but he sure as hell isnt a good song writer.

  3. Sanmaritanou

    400th comment

  4. CW Blackistonio


  5. Lee Parker


  6. Alice Yobby

    This sounds like SQUEEZE jeez..

  7. Cocoabean Gamer

    Me realizing I only had 1 earbud in for half of the song: Nooo!😱

  8. Cocoabean Gamer

    I will not pass Ringo by

  9. John Shupe

    Who is playing fiddle?

  10. RSA Animations

    Cool song

  11. Samira C.

    Awesome song. Love you, Ringo 💓💓💓

  12. Juan V

    British tunes turning country.

  13. Paul Stringfield

    Where was the weird microwave beep?

  14. Ruan Machado

    Exu caveirinha venha trabalhar.
    Levanta dessa tumba, faz pedra rolar
    Na mão esquenta foice, na cinta o punhal

  15. Thiago Silva

    Exu caveirinha, venha trabalhar, levanta dessa tumba! Faz pedra rolar...

  16. John Clark

    I Still Love The Line, "You Were In A Car Crash, And You Lost Your Hair!"
    ( I Was Just Like, "What Did He Just Say?)🙄😂🤓😎

  17. 330capt

    Luckiest human being ever born: Richard Starkey. Educated only through the 8th grade. Nearly died of disease in Jr. HIgh. As a lad, had to walk to the end of his street to go to the loo. Worked the docks as a teen and...... played the drums. When picked by John to join the beatles he wasn't good enough to play on their first recording. Most of his days with the Beatles he was drunk. Couldn't write a song or sing for s**t. Toured the world with the Historical Beatles.....who changed music and blessed humanity forever... married a Bond girl and retired to Beverly Hills with guaranteed royalties of over $20 Million a year. All because he could keep a beat! God Bless Richard Starkey... the luckiest man in the world.

    Michael Kucinski

    Good for him!!! I hope he lives for a long time and has a happy life!!

    Some John Doe

    And we were lucky to have a gent like him in the public eye for all those years.

  18. Oscar Marinez Diaz

    La mejor rola del strakey

  19. Kevin 1967

    Es mi canción favorita de los bichos;)))

  20. Luis Díaz

    I'm living in hope...

  21. WAYCNF

    in my top 2.58 songs of course by ringo

  22. barry Delisle

    Why was this not number one? Its one of the best

  23. Thiago Espindola

    i love this song

  24. L&R II

    Was this the inspiration for Peter Serafinowicz's Goldfinger?

  25. Kenny Whitney

    "You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair." Paul is dead.

    Sean Morris

    Kenny Whitney Then why was Ringo just waiting to hear from him?

  26. noob muito noob mesmo

    Exu caveirinha
    Venha trabalhar

  27. Anna Vasquez

    Gringo starr

  28. Anna Vasquez

    Oooh richard starkey....

  29. Katharine Ho

    I always think this is don't let me down😡

  30. Gaming king

    The carcrash was when paul dead.

  31. LD Schultz

    hot damn i love me some ringo

  32. Sebastian Richards Vieiría

    Doesn't mean you don't love me anymooooo

  33. Dog 51

    I like this....much

  34. Derek M. Theriault


    Said "that's alright, I'm waiting here just waiting to hear from you!"

    The song was released as a single in Scandinavia and peaked at number one in Denmark in April 1969.

  35. Matt Gales

    This reminds me of country roads

  36. Konstantin Vodopjanov

    Very Niiiice

  37. Greg Banner

    Originally wrote for the film goldfinger

  38. teddibearsworld

    This was the first tune written by Ringo, and he actually started writing it while they were recording their first album, Please Please Me. Took him 5 years to write it, and with substantial help from Paul, John and George . Although he ultimately discarded 90 percent of his band mates contributions, their help DID help him decide the structure and lyrics to the song .

  39. Dan & the Dogs Adventures

    All 4 of em were mint

  40. Juan V

    Sounds like country. Good song.

  41. Cliffspringer

    Man i wish ringo got more time to shine, hes got his own uniqueness to his songs.

  42. Andrew Corbett

    Don't pass me by on the way to the octopuses garden

  43. k4tsumi f

    Ringo my love💗

  44. ifarias2000

    Sometimes i ask to myself: How would be this world without the Beatles ?????????


    Might I reccomend, "Yesterday" which has that exact premise.

  45. Tim Hancock

    Ringo's vocal range is limited as is his timbre, but on the right song he does just fine and his contributions add colour and variety to the Beatles output. He is absolutely a key part of what made The Beatles so good, and as my dear old mum used to say "Such fun" to listen to.

  46. Mike V

    A fifty year old throw away song by the Beatles that is better than anything on the radio today

  47. Tommy LaVilla


  48. Library Pervert

    At this point the Beatles and their producers likely realized that Ringo hadn't had enough opportunity. The group would have been fuller and may have lasted longer if such wasn't the case.

  49. Beverly

    thanks for this song ringooo

  50. DPS1216789

    ringo is great idky they treated him like shit (paul and john) not George


    It is Paul who looks down on Ringo, John appreciated him but John was so wrapped up in his head and ego that he didn't notice Ringo's growth as a musician.

  51. Berealzalot Dosays

    Every time I hear this song I think about Family Guy. Who else knows what I'm talking about? Lol

  52. MarganaSkye

    I remember being a kid and moving the needle back on the record player over and over and over. I just could not get enough of this song. I'm now 50 and it still pops into my head and I smile. Love you Ringo.

  53. Kimberly M.

    I love this song

  54. Comandos Batalhando

    Exu caveirinhaaaaa

  55. Judy Ledbetter

    💘 Ringo 😀 God Bless.

  56. Dio Zetein

    what just happened, a car crash outta nowhere

  57. Oscar Jimenez

    Ringo, the less talented beatle... making a master piece....

  58. Green Morning Dragon Productions

    First time I've heard this. Big thumbs up - good job, Ringo!


    2019 alguem ? Eu amoooo essa musica.


    Eu aqui

    Sillas Dias

    é nois

  60. The Big Sad Boi

    One of the most underrated songs by the Beatles. I hekin ❤️Ringo

  61. Paul Ainsile

    Name another musician who won the success lottery more than him...yeesh

    Gacha Brim \ Star DC

    Paul Ainsile James Paul McCartney, John Ono Lennon, George Harrison

  62. Enzo Hernán Quispe

    No me hagas llorar !!

  63. Julien Cali

    Ringo rules

  64. gupsnot

    I remember walking into the record shop to buy Ringo's first album and thinking "is this a good move?"

    Not only was it a good move, that album became my scrapbook of all stuff 'post-Beatle' era and also, unfortunately, including the news clipping of John's assassination. I bought 'Goodbye Vienna' but his first was my favourite.

  65. ornitorrinc999

    00:34-00:39 Master Frown from Unikitty cartoon show copies this fragment at the end of his song “Snow Day”

  66. Eye Zodiotic

    this has been stuck in me head

    i love this sm

  67. AJ Cure

    Only 2 songs they allowed him 2 write (the other Octopus’s Garden) pretty sad 2 me but it’s better than nothing

  68. noriemeha

    Good fiddling...shame about the song. This is worse than Paul's worst.... Maxwell's Hammer is great against this.

  69. Rémy Macca

    You were in a car crash and you lost your hair...phew the worst has been avoided:)

  70. edward stevens

    That's John with the hurley gurley sound.

  71. luigiymariobrothers

    This sounds like it belongs in Music From Big Pink

  72. Nenis Guevara Gómez

    Our good old Ringo!

  73. rcv12

    Exu caveirinha

  74. Jose Mendizabal

    Incredible song

  75. Derek Jones

    Listening to thos totally plastered!!! This song is so $$$.

  76. Maliceuk

    Love the piano.

  77. rollingstone80

    No se porque pero, algo me dice que está canción fue escrita por George y se la regalo a Ringo... espero no ofender a nadie, solo es una percepción

  78. Emily Noir

    My uncle just sang this song to me last night. I cried like a baby. As a gypsy girl I forget who I hurt when I'm off tumbling through life. I'm now reminded and I won't forget again xoxo

  79. Tadhg Seachnasaigh-Santillan

    love that Appalachian fiddle work

  80. 696evolve

    Accordion Boots, Violin, Love only You never know , hurts me Sorry I doubted you An hour That’s you Know darling Hurts me So don’t make me cry tick tick tick Cause you know Darling hurt mes so I Hate to see you go...

  81. The Tom

    This song and many other non-single Beatles songs show that they could have been hits for other bands

  82. Ben Fabrizius

    Ringo just has one of those voices

  83. centralparocker 888

    Jack Fallon played fiddle on this....RIP....


    A good old Canadian session player

  84. Charlie Day

    I understand I sound like a hater.. But wtf? Ringo literally wrote 2 songs out of 213 original songs the Beatles did. I appreciate Ringo, but I always thought he could have contributed more than he did. Unpopular opinion, but still my opinion.

  85. Galactic Fantastic

    I played the violin on this track. JK i wasnt even born yet.

  86. Essie Nelson

    This song will forever be one of my favorites! 🎶☺️

  87. Lord Garmadon259

    Upload the mono mix.

  88. Chris Corman

    Respect Ringo or else

  89. John Lennon

    Paul and John : “We’re the best songwriters ever”

    Ringo : “Hold my beer”


    John Lennon George: *cries because hes never mentioned*

    Daniel Miksa

    Just Ringo and Paul... Haha The White Album is amazing because it was 4 individual albums and if you didn't write the song you said eff that noise. Haha



    Jsizzle3 -



    Happy 79th Ringo! My favorite Beatle!

  91. Núcleo Radio Uno

    Happy 79th, Ringo!

  92. PugglBoy

    Happy 79th birthday ringo!

  93. bunny fish

    Happy Birthday Ringo Starr [07/07/19]...anyone else here today ?

  94. Craig Allen

    My absolute favorite Beatles song.
    Happy Birthday,Ringo! Your the reason I'm a drummer, thanks mate!

    bunny fish

    He's the reason I took drum lessons

  95. The Playlist Guru

    Could be a status quo song

  96. ThE J MaN

    This song is kinda sad. The protagonist thinks her wife left her, but it was just that she was in a car crash.

  97. Agustin Nahuel Matera

    Un capo Ringo

  98. blazeandcyrus

    Really good song.

  99. DoesNotExist305

    Bless you Ringo. My favorite Beatle.

  100. Oliver Lambkin

    Ringo has a good singing voice!