Beatles, The - Blackbird Lyrics

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Black bird fly, black bird fly
Into the light of the dark black night

Black bird fly, black bird fly
Into the light of the dark black night

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

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Beatles, The Blackbird Comments
  1. Itemtotem

    the beatles were helping to summon the god of chaos into the world
    'come together' is about The Four Horsemen Ritual
    blackbird is also music/magick ritual
    blackbird is a raven and the harbinger of death
    they were summoning the spirit of the night into the world through their lyrics (fly into the 'line' of a dark black knight)

    Tygjvjhg Xurdytyr

    Itemtotem light not line


    @Tygjvjhg Xurdytyr even better
    The Lightbringer

  2. shower thoughts

    Im the only one who remembers this from boss baby

  3. 鋼の無神論者:The Fullmetal Atheist

    This is a masterpiece right there

  4. Master_Keeper

    My new favourite song

    I can already play it on the guitar

  5. september quest

    Wow listening to this on a Sunday morning..sounds more beautiful and meaningful now than when I was a kid in the 70s.. amazing.

  6. Crxnkz

    I love you Edgar~

    - Pewds

  7. Charlotte Cerutti

    Hey, I covered this song, could you please go check out my account? Let me know what you think! I upload a cover every week :)

  8. Carson Givens

    Poor Ringo gets to hold the umbrella or clap whenever there’s no drums in a song

  9. Egg Noodles

    Me at night listing to this 😌

  10. Physical Hardware

    Boss Baby

  11. Amir Hoseyn Mohamadi Sadeg

    Before lsd this song after lsd helter skelter

  12. Joshua Booyens

    That foot tapping isn’t actually foot tapping, it’s actually a metronome


    An example of why Northern England is the better part of England. This group couldn’t have been formed by a committee of suits, like all these one-hit-wonder boy bands

  14. Zack Zallie

    RIP Kobe Bryant you are the blackbird set free flying

  15. Ninjartistic

    I REFUSE to believe this was in the same album as Revolution 9.

  16. David Cortes

    first song i learn to play on guitar! probably shouldve chosen an easier one

  17. JOK E RICA

    Thank you, Paul.

  18. sorel edwin suarez

    Less is more!

  19. jose alonso juarez toro

    As a teenager, I always remembered this song while playing Blackwing in Arenales, Lima Perú.

  20. Jaguarr

    Haha *boos babby* (i spelt it like that intentionally lol)

  21. SHADE

    All metal fans unite. This is the band it all started with.

  22. M.Hifzhil Aulia

    Simple but is great golden memories from paul mccartney i love this song when first time listened the song

  23. Terry Tyler

    When one cannot redeem personally because of corrupt and slow system, the whole system must be removed.

  24. Oof-asourus Rex

    I'm not crying ok I got something In my eye!😂

  25. maggie shuman


    Kyra Qualey

    its the official page

  26. Djanira Lila

    One of my favorite Beatles song.

  27. HotWeeb

    I appreciate the Beatles so much. This song was my grandma's favorite song, and it was played at her funeral last year. She raised me and my brother like a second mom and I love her so much for that. Every time I listen to this I can't help but cry. I know its weird to be sharing this to a YouTube comment, but I guess I felt like sharing today. I hope more bands come out with masterpieces like this. Thanks for reading this comment and have a good day everyone. And make sure to appreciate every moment with your family before its too late, because I really regret a lot that I didn't tell her.

  28. Kobe Heck

    When you remember this song came from them fiddling with a Bach song

  29. Tieg Johnson


    Reviewing Racoon


  30. Bulle Sage

    La vie dma mère s'est tros dla merde aller plutôt écouter koba la D 😁😁

  31. MS Gamer

    Boss baby

  32. just rally

    Not embarrassed to say the boss baby brought me here c love this song🌻

  33. Richard.

    I'm Here because of jaco

  34. Pedro Nardelli

    0:47 The drum solo in this part is amazing!

  35. why qu

    My class sang this for a school concert, this is a great song but we fucking sucked

  36. made in まねまねJAPAN

    blackbird in my mind forever

  37. Gabriel Neri

    Quando ouço Blackbird sempre choro lembrando de tudo que ja passei na minha vida

  38. Grace Terry

    This song stops me from relapsing on self harm and just generally calms me down if I get anxious or angry

  39. Potato I_I

    *I'm not crying, YOUR crying!*

  40. Renata Moreira

    Simplesmente magnifco

  41. Julio Cabrera

    Hypnosis is real

  42. Row4 Channel

    the genius of Paul...

  43. Free Jullian Assange Dmtwillsetyoufree

    Wanna hear this song partially played with 16th century instruments? Yeah me neither until I heard it haha

  44. The Cook

    The perfect song doesn't exi...

    Brb copy pasting this on all beatles songs

  45. Lone alpha 123

    Got me crying
    My grandad sung me that song all the time.
    He's having fun up in the clouds

  46. J Ward

    Quite possibly Paul’s best.

  47. David Coomber

    Could write a song not bad on bass, unusually voice and a complete arsehole in ever other aspect of his liife

  48. haha yes my good sir

    this is how long the song is?? and who thought that was okay???

  49. Itz_ Galaxia_Angie!

    And they used this for boss baby. Wow.

  50. David Hargreaves

    where the hell did this song come from in this album?......truly the greatest thing McCartney wrote in his life..............

  51. SF - 06KB - David Leeder MS (1544)

    this song was used at my public school graduation

  52. John Dickerdown

    The fuckin logo isn't square

  53. Jim Scott

    This was a great theme song for the Mach 3.4 SR-71 Blackbird as it's altimeter passes through 84,000' climbing like a the dead of night...over the Soviet Union.

  54. Nick Lewandowski

    Chorus sounds like wings

  55. Joe Crockrell

    This song makes me cry more than anything. Paul is a legend!

  56. B Hitt

    I once met Paul while standing in line at a Taco Bell in N.Augusta during Master's week, I stood there thinking to myself ...Is this really him? He smiled as if he knew what was going on in my head,lol there I was a 17yr old chap standing with a legend,he looks over and says "Do you know you look like Mel Gibson?....we had a good laugh,this was a common response I received from people those days....I look at him with a deep stare and ask him if he knows who he looks like? SMILING! He replies Paul McCartney? We laughed once more and said goodbye...such a cool man,God bless you Paul


    One of my lifetime dreams is to meet him when his feet is still touching the earth

  57. louth1770

    I didn't know reading comments from listeners, especially those youngsters or imbeciles who know nothing of music, make comments here. Believe me it's hilarious. 😁 gosh, darned hilarious

  58. melanie avendano

    I wanna sing this at my graduation so bad now.

  59. Purple Night

    This is so Emotional my mom used to sing this to me when I was a baby now I'm 10

  60. Yuli Muñoz

    like si te encanta esta cancion

  61. Southernbaked page

    Apparently this was written about Black women fighting Segregation

  62. Lorena medina

    Here after The Two Popes

  63. Diary of a Fat Guy

    At the end of this song is a backmasked section my dad showed me and played it backwards.

  64. Omar Luna Alvarez

    Me recuerda a la película jefe en pañales

    Only Sleeping

    No me jodas, jjajajaj!

  65. Sofia Ballester

    I remember the first time I properly heard this song was in music class during a hard time of my life and a classmate performed this. I remember thinking it was an amazing song and it lifted me up

  66. Kalani Carn-Williams

    I’m sorry John but fuck this Paul McCarthy write this song before it was a poem of his so it should be Paul McCarthy and John Lennon and no I don’t hate John Lennon I think he’s Was a good performer and was a great songwriter it just get on my nerves that half of the songs Paul McCarthy writes Sean get first credit like hey Jude for a sample like why in the hell John will write a whole damn song about his son don’t fear The man your father become because not everybody turned out to be their parents like hey son cheer up kid don’t be afraid you’re not gonna be like me of course I did cheated on your mother and I’m going to leave ya and we’re not gonna have a amazing relationship and one day you’ll be in your 50s and still not married or had children for a lot of reasons and one of them is me PS it’s nothing wrong if you don’t have children and are in your 50s so here Julian A whole freaking song to make you feel better about yourself take a sad song and make it better the hell it was Paul not John once again it should be Paul McCartney and John Lennon Oh yeah fuck Yoko

  67. Lorena Ribeiro

    Corujas.... pássaros.... sabem onde e como. Não te culpo,cada um tem seu tempo pra enxergar.

  68. KittyStar4949

    i have to do half of the Beatles songs for my school choir ;-;

  69. gabriel vieira

    Alguém 2020?? Like kk

  70. One Funny Boy

    My dad loves this song, he plays it on his guitar a lot.

    I already know this is going to be an emotional nostalgic song when I’m 40

  71. Matheus Goulart

    There is a Blackbird in my heart that wants to get out

  72. Dr. Ness

    God i absolutely love how this comment section is so positive, caring and loving. Goes to show that the Beatles brings out the best in people.

  73. Samuel Latrikov

    Why does this video have 3.5 k dislikes?!

  74. David Rodriguez

    wtf is it with people saying the songs 2:19min long and you have 2:00 min to live, and they say "thats ok". its fucking annoying, everyone posts it for every song and where the fuck is it from?

    Only Sleeping

    They're called "jokes".
    Calm down

    David Rodriguez

    @Only Sleeping but where is it from?

    Only Sleeping

    @David Rodriguez i don't really know, it's just one of that jokes that becomes very popular

    David Rodriguez

    @Only Sleepingdamn, i thought today would be the day...

  75. Fds A Motorola

    I prefer the real Paul McCartney

    Only Sleeping

    This is the real Paul

  76. Jäääys Briefkasten

    L O V E
    Wish you all a good new year!

  77. MrPoog

    Damn boss baby got so popular that beatles made a cover of the main song

  78. guillermo carci

    Soy el comentario en español que buscan
    Hermosa canción

  79. JP joj

    Red McCartney: BlackBird! Used Fly!

    BlackBird: *Brrip Brip*

    (I'm Brazilian)

  80. This Filth

    Cool song, but I can't believe I got demonetized for playing a, "copyrighted" song that Windows even says is public domain. The song is Luckybirds by Marcus Ulger, btw.

  81. xV13TCONGx

    The movie "Boss Baby" brought me here. As I expected, I once again have to tell my 2 year old daughter that this song is shit

  82. imaya Girardeau

    I'm sorry but I prefer the interpretation of Chris Colfer..

  83. HanGi Ludwig


  84. Pedro Dr. Periko

    Clau 💖✨

  85. Alba Casals

    This song is like SO underrated😢

    Irish Anne Niñal

    Cristine the holo queen


    I get chills listening to this song, it was played at my Uncles funeral. And I almost ugly cry every time I listen.

    Chralamahal Or something

    I don't think it's overrated persé. It's quite popular actually. That still doesn't make the worse. It's still a fantastic song.

  86. Saiyam

    My left ear just NUTTED🥜

    Elaine S


  87. Donald Espitia

    black guy fly.

  88. Dato Goto

    Best song Of Beatles

  89. Josefina Vallejos

    you were only waiting for this moment to be free🖤

  90. Manolito Corpuz

    "The Two Popes" brought me here.

  91. Hogwarts Honey

    Missing you at Christmas Maddy.

  92. Jesse Pike

    One of the best Beatles songs

  93. drno

    McCartney GEM

  94. Pietresite gameplays


  95. Fiona Animates

    Why was this in Boss Baby

  96. Crow Moon

    At 28, I remember as a kid my dad playing this on his guitar, and just sitting nearby to listen. The Beatles has so much nostalgia even for me.

  97. JabbaFett

    Hello I’m from the future. Billie Eilish will cover this song so be prepared for this comment section to be flocked

    Gabriel Andrés Erazo Quintero

    Oh no oh fuck

  98. Dexter the cat

    the boss baby