Beathard, Tucker - God And My Guitar Lyrics

Time keeps ticking and hearts get broken
Hope goes missing and doors keep closing in on you
Ain’t that the truth? Ain’t that the way it goes some times?
The rug keeps pulling out from underneath you
Ships coming in and then it starts to leave
There ain’t no silver left in them clouds
And then the sky comes crashing down
I got something to lean on when times get hard
It’s God and my guitar.

There was something about Katie that felt like forever
She made tattoos and red lipstick look good together
I guess you could say I was swept away
But she wasn’t rolling like that
I could still hear the sound of the car door slamming
The gone in the gravel
The feeling of damn it I want her back
But I guess that that’s the way it goes sometimes
So I sat there and poured out my heart
To God and my guitar.

I’ve prayed and played ‘em in the ground
But they ain’t ever let me down so far
And they’ve seen the crazy I can be
They take the best and worst of me
They’re the only ones that see beyond my scars
It’s God and my guitar.

I’ve prayed and played ‘em in the ground
But they ain’t ever let me down so far
And they’ve seen the crazy I can be
They take the best and worst of me
They’re the only ones that see beyond my scars
It’s God and my guitar.
It’s God and my guitar.

I’ve prayed and played ‘em in the ground
But they ain’t ever let me down.

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Beathard, Tucker God And My Guitar Comments
  1. BVL

    Pour a beer for Clay. NFL and Hawk Fam. Go Hawks. RIP Clay

  2. Lillan Thompson

    If a movie was about Layne in alice in chain this guy could play him

  3. Karla Munoz

    In love 💕

  4. liz kimble


  5. Missy Fowler

    I love him

  6. catchinbass86

    Great stuff keep it up!!!

  7. Teresa Sarah Stutler


  8. Khousley Blair

    Swept away under a rug if he cleaned lol

  9. Khousley Blair

    No guitar

  10. Thurston Stout

    I still love u Rachel Smith 😢

  11. Wayne Coleman

    best one he has

  12. Candiace conner

    I fuckin love u marry me lol

  13. Candiace conner

    I fuckin love u marry me lol

  14. Jessica Ramey

    This dude is incredible!! I just wanna sit and listen to him sing in person! No concert I want the rusticness of what he's doing now! 😍😍 damn his voice! ❤❤

  15. Amanda Colvin

    I just heard this song for the first time tonight and it has touched so much words couldn't begin to describe. When I was at my worst I found a guitar In a dumpster while looking for boxes to pack up my home and I started playing it. And haven't stopped. I started goin to church And playing and singing in church. God and my Guitar saved my life. Thank u Tucker!!!!

    lyricman nixon

    thats awesome ! i stare at mu guitars everyday . i hate getting older . keep playing and singing ! never give up on dreams .....

  16. Bradley S.

    incredible writing... dont ever let a label change or influence your writing and take christ with you always

  17. Jay Weekes

    keep up the good job, guy.

  18. Lisa Yocum

    So n luv wth evrythng bout u Tuker... Amazingly beautiful voice, lyrics & music

  19. Kevin R

    Wow! I'm so much surprised to hear my story as a song!😌 love you brother for this!😘😍

  20. natron sinister 1

    They're the only ones that see beyond my scars God and my guitar.....the lyrics on this one really hit home I can relate this kids got some serious talent.

  21. Southern Born Northern Raised

    Saw him live at Winstock last summer. He sounds just as good live. His brother played collage football at Iowa was drafted by the 49rs. Tuckers dad also is a song writer. Wrote Eric Churches "homeboy".

  22. T DAWG


  23. David W

    God and my guitar have seen me thru the best and worst times of my life. Love the song

  24. Elisa Sandoval

    12 15 17 Thank you God! X

  25. Rebecca Locklar

    Amazing -beautiful-always delivers❤

  26. Josh Jones

    Let trucker put out an album! He's the best guitar player in country music

  27. tenejia white

    I love him

  28. Serial Killa

    Is he singing his own songs? That won't get him on country radio.

  29. emily nardone

    I love you

  30. Lisa Stucky

    This kid is truly gifted

  31. brigette Kucherry

    Tucker! You need to do a duet with Eric Church.

  32. Julian Cobb

    good job young man.... I come across ur music on utube just a lil bit ago... looking forward to new stuff to drop. 👍🤘💯

  33. emily nardone

    Write some more songs please

  34. Mason Geter

    why isn't he on the radio I sing myself and play a little bit and this guy should be somewhere

  35. Adrian Garnes

    I. Am. A. Fan. Of. You. Music. Ther. All. So ok

  36. Johnny Strickland

    Love Love it👍💞😊

  37. The Godfather

    nice guitar work at the start.


    your voice is great

  39. Raymond Richards

    good song reminds me of a missed opportunity. And a time I got cheated out of my chance.

  40. lyric man

    why did you not release this song tucker ? its great !!!!!!!!!!!! it is

  41. Johnny Strickland

    You are good 😊

  42. Gino Gagliardi

    Sound like a country version of the singer of the Maine....great sound

  43. Amanda Tuggle

    Love this.

  44. normiebaby yup


  45. Megan Ashley

    ugh this is soon good! Love this guy!

    lyricman nixon

    i wish he would have put this song ¨ fight like hell ¨ ! hes great to be only 21 years old !

  46. Alex V

    good song

  47. Daniel Esquivel

    Its like Shaggy from scooby doo

    Jessie Jane

    that's orignal🙄 hush, listen

  48. Thomas Cleveland

    now this is a breathe of fresh air!

  49. Cheryl Currier

    I should of wrote this song when I was his age. female version.
    He must be an INTJ.

  50. Cpf 17

    You are proof that real music exists. So raw and authentic. I haven't been disappointed by one song. Please keep playing and put all your songs out. This one, thank a soilder, and he was are some of my favorites

  51. Cpf 17

    You are honestly one of the best artists out there today.

  52. lyric man

    amazing kid . this gives me hope that real music is still alive . rock on tucker


    he has a tom petty thing going for him rock on

  54. Chuck Ernst

    I'm 998, were did he come from? WOW! Blown away!

  55. Carol Laxton

    Im lovin this kid, it pours out from his heart....I wish we could get some more of this

    Nicholas McIlwain

    Carol Laxton

    Steve Anderson

    Carol Laxton good song

  56. Marlee Perry

    your so good , such a great song! ❤

    Donnie Satterfield

    Marlee Perry thanks it is

  57. Tatiana lucas


  58. J-swizzle 19

    Really impressed! Can't wait for more music!

  59. Rod Dagnan

    Awesome !!! Love this sound, Refresing not hearing the same ole commercialized branded sound. Stay True to yourself and play what's in your heart and the world will listen..

  60. elle Pacheco

    the feeling this songs gives me, I want to run back to the country even more now

  61. Bennett Hale

    this guy is gonna be really big really soon he's got such a unique voice I'm surprised not to many people don't know about him

    Terry Horner

    My girlfriend an I came across him on a mix!! Kids good

    Travis Gumm

    Bennett Hale those of ya that matter, true musicians,, we know who he is and what he brings. I’m a total fan. He had a pro baseball career and decided to do this instead. I adore beathard. He is a real musician!

  62. Anna Lynch

    AND this kid not only sings well, he plays guitar….waiting for his first album. iTunes only has 'rock on' to buy, which I did in a hot second!

  63. Mz Meeno

    loooooove this song

  64. Kendra Osborne

    Love your voice

  65. rainwolf034

    Reminds me of a young Steve Earle >;)...

  66. Cherity Ross

    love love it...his voice is timeless

  67. Until Tomorrow

    I have a new favorite song!!!! Honestly you are amazing! I love your voice and so far all the songs I've heard by you are awesome!

  68. melanie owen

    this dude is @ prodigy. tht [email protected] voice is epic. so good wow. [email protected] in the mking.


    I agree. His voice is so unique and he really has a sound like no other.

  69. normiebaby yup

    seen you in Glasgow - you are headed for the very top

  70. Chelsea L

    I'm number 537 before you become famous!

  71. Felisha Starnes

    You sound great! I was at your show in Chicago last weekend and loved it! Looking forward to hearing more music from ya :)

  72. Josh Bowling

    Hey man this sounds great! Me and some buddies met you in Springfield MO and we talked for quite awhile but I'm glad some of your music has made it to youtube! Can't wait to hear more from you man!!